Gay Film Production


Gay Film Production“O.K., now remember…you are performing for the camera. Exaggerate everything and look into the camera frequently.” The director instructed.I was always a bit of an exhibitionist, so when a friend asked if I wanted to become an actor in gay movies I jumped at the chance. I followed the directions to an old warehouse in West LA and was greeted by an attractive young Asian girl at the front desk of a surprisingly clean office.“We need to get you to sign some papers, and then I’ll bring you back,” she explained. “Have you ever been in a film production before?” she inquired coyly. “Be sure to follow ALL the director’s orders or you’ll never work again! His name is Big Mike and he is easy to work for, but demanding!”The lights were now on and we were ready to go. We didn’t have a script, just a scenario. I was home alone masturbating while watching gay porn on a big-screen TV. ‘Dad’ comes home and catches me in the act. Dad forces me to suck him and then he fucks me. Pretty simple scenario. Two cameramen with cameras going, the director, and Teri, the girl from the front desk. I found out later she is the assistant and much more.“All right then, ACTION!” directed Big Mike.I lay back on the oversize loveseat as the film started. A young boy was on his stomach sucking a very large cock on an older guy, while another was slowly fucking him from behind. My cock stirred and I loosened my robe. One of the cameramen moved in for a close-up.I lewdly licked my lips and proclaimed, “Oh, that’s hot!” as I began stroking my cock.The action the screen was really steamy as I slithered out of my robe and really began to work on my penis. I’m a little guy, but I’ve got a nice dick for my size. It gets a little over six inches but it’s fat and the head swells fat like a mushroom. It was hard and angry at the moment.What’s going on here?” John demanded as he strode into the room. We met earlier, though I hadn’t seen him naked yet. He was dressed in a short sleeved shirt and loose slacks as he stopped in front of me. “What ARE you watching?” he demanded as I continued to stroke my swollen pecker.“I’m just watching some porn, Dad,” I protested as he towered above me.“And this is what excited you?” he inquired referring to the screen.“Oh, yeah!” I groaned as I continued to stroke and began to gyrate my hips. The second camera was positioned behind to catch the screen of the TV as well as both actors. It now caught the tent beginning to grow in John’s pants.“You like gay porn?” John inquired as he moved closer to me. The second cameraman was getting an angle from the side as John moved toward me with a big banana straining against his pants.“Oh yes!” I hissed as the camera zoomed in and I licked my bursa escort lips wantonly.“Have you ever sucked a cock?” he inquired as he now rubbed his erect penis through his trousers.“No,” I admitted as I looked up at him now standing right next to my face.He unzipped his pants slowly and asked, “Would you like to give it a try?”“Yes, Daddy,” I whimpered as he slowly pulled the trousers down to reveal a massive pecker straining against his shorts.“Oh, it’s so BIG!” I exclaimed as I reached over and grasped the pulsing monster through the fabric. This was no exaggeration; it was easily the biggest cock I’d actually seen.He pulled down his shorts and the swollen organ burst free and slapped me against the cheek as he laughed.“Start by licking the tip,” he suggested as I reached out and grasped the huge dick. I marveled at how it pulsed to my touch and lewdly licked at the slit while looking directly into the camera now catching the action with my face and his impressive pecker.I swirled my tongue eagerly around the head eliciting and groan from John. “Oh, that feels good! Now begin stroking it and take the tip into your mouth!”I opened my mouth wide and took the head and the first couple inches of the thick-veined monster into my eager mouth. He groaned in delight as my tongue licked the underside of the head and my lips sucked at the top. He groaned in delight and croaked, “Oh, that’s good! Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”I looked up at him for the camera and mumbled, “No,” around his big dick still in my mouth.“You’re sure good at it!” he exclaimed as I took more of the erect organ into my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it.“Let me sit down and get more comfortable!” he exclaimed as he pulled back and his fat pecker popped from my mouth and swayed in front of me. “Don’t look so disappointed,” he chuckled and slapped the massive sausage against my cheeks.He removed the rest of his clothes and settled back onto the sofa and pushed me to the floor between his legs. “Now you can really get to work on it!”I crawled closer, my gaze intent on the pulsing cock standing impressively before me. He sighed as I began licking the shaft and gently stroking the quivering tool. “Don’t tease it, SUCK it!” he demanded as I continued to worship the swollen mushroom head of his pulsing pecker. Obediently I began to bob again on his turgid tool. As I began bobbing up and down on the big dick I was now taking about six fat inches of his hard penis into my mouth and could feel it bumping the back of my throat. Oh, that’s REAL good!” he croaked as I intently manipulated the delicious organ with my tongue and lips as it slid in and out of my eager mouth.“Take it all!” he demanded and began bursa escort bayan to thrust into my throat as I bobbed down on the huge tool. I felt it slide past the back of my throat several times before I choked and had to come up for air.“Just relax and let it happen!” John laughed and thrust up again as I bobbed on his pecker. After a few gasps and chokes, I found I could take all his foot long sausage and his heavy balls began to slap my chin.“You learn quickly!” John exclaimed in approval. “Time to face fuck you. Lie back down here with your head over the end of the couch.”Ever obedient, I positioned myself on my back with shoulders at the edge of the cushion with my mouth in a perfect position for him to fuck with his big cock. “Give it to me, Daddy!” I exclaimed as he positioned himself to shove his pulsing monster down my gullet.This time when I gagged he just kept fucking, and soon my face was covered with saliva. His cock slip easily in and out of my throat now, and the lewd sight of the bulge made by his pecker as it slid in and out was obvious for John and the camera to see. “You’re becoming a professional cock sucker little boy!” he exclaimed as he mercilessly humped my face.Slowly he pulled the swollen organ from my mouth and leaned down until his face was close to mine. “I’ll bet you’ve never been fucked in the ass either?” he inquired.“No, Daddy,” I whimpered.“You want me to fuck you with this big cock?” he demanded, standing again and waving the erect pole before my adoring eyes.“Yes!” I exclaimed. “Please fuck me with your huge dick, Daddy!” I groaned.“Turn around and put your ass over the edge where your head is,” he demanded, standing there stroking his prick.He laughed as I placed my ass over the edge, spreading my legs and lifting them until they were against my shoulders. “Just what I like!” he grinned as he now went to his knees between my lewdly spread legs. “My little bitch boy, eager to take my big cock in his ass!” he exclaimed as he began to massage my cheeks and spread them to expose my shaved and puckering asshole.“Look it’s winking at me!” he exclaimed as he leaned in and licked the quivering sphincter.My cock twitched and I groaned in delight. “Oh, Daddy!” I exclaimed at the exciting feeling of the tongue probing my rectum.He chuckled as he slipped a finger into my tight hole, making me gasp. “Loosen up and relax,” he suggested as he slipped another finger in.“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good!” I croaked as I began to hump to the rhythm his fingers were working in my rectum.I gasped and cried out as his fingers found my prostrate and my cock jumped. He laughed as my cock erupted on about the third stroke of the prostate. “You are such a little queer!” escort bursa John laughed as I shuddered, quaked, and erupted jet after jet of thick sperm onto my belly.John had four fingers spreading my hole now and continued to thrust in and out with me bucking to his rhythm. “Taste your own cum!” he demanded as his free hand scooped some of the sticky semen on my belly.He laughed again as I eagerly licked the jism from his finger and swirled it in my mouth for the camera. “Swallow it!” he demanded, and I looked directly into the camera and swallowed as ordered.“Do you like it?” john inquired as he continued to finger fuck me.“I LOVE it!” I exclaimed eagerly for the camera.“I think you’re about ready to find out what it’s like to take that cum in your ass!” John exclaimed as he pulled his fingers from my now gaping rectum and exposed the gaping hole for the camera.“Please fuck me with your big cock!” I begged, arms wrapped around my legs and exposed like a wanton whore.He positioned the swollen head at my gaping sphincter and grunted as he forced the massive tool past the protesting entrance.I cried out in pain as the big head thrust into me and a searing pain swept through. “Relax,” he whispered as he slowly pressed a few more inches into me. “Push back against it and it will go in easier!”I groaned and gasped, “Oh, it’s too big!” as he continued to push more and more in as he slowly began to push in and out of me.I was babbling now with the intense pain. “OH, I can’t…it’s too…I can believe…stop…please…ahhhh…ohhhh…Oh that’s good!” His swollen head was now sliding over my prostate and the pain was turning to pleasure.I began to hump back against the swollen pecker now easily sliding in and out of my quaking ass. My babbling now was about how good it feels and how I need the cock fucking me deep.“You ready to take my cum, little boy?” he gasped as the thrusts intensified and his huge cock began to swell even larger.“Please fill me with cum!” I shouted as the huge dick now pistoned lewdly deep inside, the sounds of his heavy balls slapping against my ass loudly.“Take it!” he groaned as he erupted deep inside me.“Give it to me Daddy!” I exclaimed as he pulled his pulsing cock from deep in my rectum and shoot several more thick ropes of his sperm up onto my belly and chest.“Put it back inside me!” I whimpered and he again plunged deep into my sperm filled hole.I felt his organ begin to go soft in my ass and it plopped out releasing a stream of his sticky juice from my rectum. The cameraman moved in for a close up, and John inquired, “Now wasn’t that better than some porn fantasy?”I grinned for the camera and exclaimed, “That was better than ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced!”“Cut!” Big Mike hollered and I gradually remembered where I was. Everyone had big bulges in their pants. “That was REALLY hot!” Big Mike exclaimed. “You want to do another scenario tomorrow?”“Sure!” I answered dreamily. “And the day after…and the day after…

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