Girl Goes to College… Without Me


My relationship with Samantha, or Sam, was pretty typical. We were both kinda late bloomers and started dating when I was a junior in high school; being each other’s first love. We had an unspoken agreement to save ourselves, maybe not until marriage, but until we knew we were going to get married. Our trust in each other was absolute; jealousy did not exist between us.

She was a bit of a guy’s girl and struggled to make friends with other girls. I knew many of the guys she was close to harbored stronger feelings but I was never worried.

In the last year of school, we were deciding on schools and could not find a school that we could both attend…so we decided to try a long distance relationship. What actually ended up happening was, I accepted an offer at a school that was relatively close to her school. Unfortunately, that school sent me a letter saying that they ran out of space in the class. They offered to put me on a waiting list which I accepted. While I was waiting to hear from them, deadlines for other schools came and went. At a certain point, I needed to do something with myself for next year, so I signed up for some courses at a local community college. I was struck with the feeling that I was truly missing out on the college experience.

Sam was accepted ankara escort at a school where I had been rejected. She was constantly talking about how excited she was to move to a new city, attend school, and mostly get out of her parents’ house. I could only echo one of her sentiments. I got the impression she was leaving me behind, but I buried the feeling.

When she received her welcome packet we opened it together. I was interested to hear who her new best friend was going to be. Knowing her track record with other girls, I doubted they would actually get very close. I read her roommate’s name: Chad? I pointed it out to her and she laughed, that’s a strange name for a girl. She actually retrieved a copy of her housing application to see if she made a mistake. At the space that asked for gender, she did not fill in anything.

I pointed it out and she said “I must have missed that question.”

I also noticed that listed her name as “Sam” which must have lead the housing coordinator to assume she was male.

She reassured me “Everything will be fine…after I go to the school I’ll let them know the situation. They’ll have to assign me to a different room. They have extra rooms just for situations like this.”

We graduated from school and began our summer escort ankara break. Our final week in the summer was sad but reassuring as well. I truly felt closer to Sam than before. I knew we would make it, especially if we could get through the long distance.

Sam packed up all of her new college gear and moved away to college. The college was only a 1-hour drive away but it was difficult to get there without a car. She promised to call me the first night after she settled in. I went to sleep with my phone next to me, but was not awoken. I was unsure if she got a new room, if she arrived there safely, or if she made any new friends.

The following morning, I had to make the call. I called and obviously awoken Sam answering very raspy said, “hello?”

“Hey, Sam, you forgot to call me last night.”

“Oops sorry. I got here safe and sound. The move in was pretty uneventful. I’ve already started making friends!”

I heard some low pitched mumbling in the background followed by Sam saying “Shh, I’m just talking to my boyfriend”

It must have been her new roommate. I asked “there were no problems with changing rooms?”

“Funny thing…So after I met Chad, he actually is a pretty cool guy. We really hit it off right away.”

“So it must have been ankara escort bayan hard going to a different room then?” I joked.

“Well the thing is…” she hesitated “…I get along better with guys than girls so I probably wouldn’t get along with a girl roommate anyway…”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I am just going to be his roommate for a while. Look, it just works better this way.” She explained.

I was dumbfounded, I probably mumbled something but I was at a loss for words.

“Listen, he is a really nice guy, very funny -although his jokes can be a bit crass- and very respectful of me and my space.” She continued to gush about his positive traits, “He is actually a very good athlete and works out all the time. I have to say that he is objectively very handsome, a real ladies man. He probably won’t even have time for me and will stay at other girl’s rooms all the time. I nearly had to beg him to stay, tonight…

“-not the only thing you had to do.” I thought I heard from the low pitched mumbling. Almost immediately I hear Sam shush him and what sound like her smacking him. “Well, honey, I gotta get something tasty for breakfast.”

“Okay, Sam, I love you” I tell her.

“I love you too,” She responded automatically.

The conversation continued before disconnecting. It was distant from the phone mic but it sounded like the man’s voice joking, “Here’s something tasty” and Sam responding “Shut up! Oh my god! You ARE so much bigge-” [Phone disconnected]

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