Giving Her what She’d Never Had


When I was in college I had an absolutely stunning older woman walk into my bar which was on the ground floor of a hotel. She was about 5’8 wearing a tight black dress that showed off an absolute perfect body. She came in around 10pm and by midnight it was very clear that I was going to go up to her room. That was the night I found out what my god given gift of a very thick cock could do to a woman.

She asked me to grab a few bottles of champagne, gave me her room number and told me to come up when I was done and said tonight’s a celebration.

Because it was slow I got to her room less than an hour later and she had left the door unlocked. When I knocked she told me to come in. She said “I’ll be right out.” from the bathroom and told me to put the champagne on ice. When I put it on ice I turned and saw her standing in the doorway of the bathroom now wearing a short black silk night gown.

I asked her what she was celebrating and she responded by slowly walking towards me and told me the last 31 years she had a man ignore her desires, a man who was the only man to ever see her naked. A man who didn’t like to go down on her and hadn’t for over 10 years. The world of foreplay had kocaeli escort disappeared years and years ago, to her sex was the same thing every time. She described that the only sex she knew was lying back as her husband mounted her and fucked her hard and fast for 5-7 minutes with a rather small cock. Then he would be snoring within 30 seconds of cumming. She then told me she was 47 years old and as earlier today that man was now her ex-husband. So tonight she was going to celebrate how it feels when a man gives her what she’s been denied her whole life and when she saw me behind the bar she knew it was going to be me.

I wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her. She responded with literally the most passionate kiss I’d ever had before. Our hands were all over each other’s bodies and I’m not exaggerating when I say this went on for over half an hour.

I then stopped and took her arms and pinned them on the wall and described the following to her:

I’m going to take my time exploring your pussy until I have you to the point where both of your hands are on my head as you begin to slowly lose control of your body.

Because then you’ll know you’re moments away. Then kocaeli escort bayan you’re going to thrust your back in the air as your body is overcome and your pussy flooding my mouth with me making you cum for the second time tonight. At the same time I felt a pussy that was saturated and she looked at me in a way that can only be described as the most primal look I’d ever seen before. As I took my right hand and began rubbing her unbelievable swollen clit I unbuttoned my pants and took out my throbbing cock and put her hand on it. Less than a minute of me telling her how much I couldn’t wait to fuck her after making her cum more than once with my mouth she screamed as her body convulsed with her first ever orgasm.

She then dropped to her knees and looked up at me as she was slowly stroking me telling me how big I was because I have a cock that’s 7 inches long but I have a massive girth of 6.5 inches. I told her to stand up and I undressed her telling her to lie on the bed. She opened her legs for me and 10 minutes later was grabbing my head as she had her second orgasm.

When I slowly slid my cock inside her I looked her in her eyes and she was quivering. kocaeli escort She said “I’ve never felt anything like this and then she told me I could do whatever I wanted to her because she felt there’s no other man who wanted to make her feel the kind of pleasure that I was about to give her. I then slowly pulled out and told her the same thing because I’d never wanted to please a women like I wanted to please her.

I spent the first 3-5 minutes going slow listening to her describe what was happening to her. As her moans grew louder and louder I picked up my pace and the moans became screams of pure ecstasy.

For the next two and a half hours I felt her pussy clench down on my cock with each of her 4 orgasms.

I came twice that night with the first time being half way through when she sucked my cock with a ferociousness of gratitude until I pumped stream after my cum filled her very eager mouth. The second time was after her 4th orgasm when she put her face on the pillow lifted her ass up and told me to fuck her ass. I fucked her in her tight hot ass for another half an hour and then pulled out and unloaded stream after stream of cum on her chest and tits.

When I woke up the next morning she was gone but left a note saying how much she wanted to do it again. Over the next year I fucked this woman dozens of times until she moved to North Carolina. But because of her I have made every woman I’ve fucked since cum over and over again.

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