Giving into the Lust Pt. 03


I delete your latest text as my husband walks in the door. “William and Sarah have invited us over for a party tonight, why don’t you text Sarah and see what she wants us to bring.”

No. No.

I send you a text “A party at your house? Are you kidding me?”

“This obviously wasn’t my idea.” You respond.

“Rick wants me to ask Sarah what to bring.”

“I want you to bring your ass full of my cum.”

“I’m serious right now, what do you want me to bring.”

“Bring some lawn chairs, but bring them over now so I can have them set up by the time the party starts.”

I tell my husband I’m going to pick up some beer for the party and drop off the lawn chairs.

“I can do that for you.” He says.

“It’s on my way, I don’t mind.” I grab my keys and head out the door.

It’s weird to be at your house. Most of our escapades involve the backseat of the car, the woods, the motel, and on one thrilling and slightly disgusting occasion, the bathroom at the park. I had no intention of fucking you here and now but when I pull in and see your wife’s car gone, I get a little excited. You meet me at the car and grab some of the chairs and we walk to the back yard. Every time you look at me I want to tear your clothes off.

You ataşehir escort sit down on one of them and pull me over. “Sarah’s still at work.” You say answering the question I was afraid to ask. Your hands move up my bare thighs under my skirt. I didn’t wear any panties today. There’s no point when I see you because they either get soaked or torn off. You slide your finger over my pussy and I moan. “You’re so wet already. Did you get wet when you knew you were coming over here, or when you saw me?”

“Both.” I say with my hands in your hair. I notice you’re wearing sweats and your large cock is begging to be let out. “I’m going to fuck you right here, right now.” I whisper in your ear and straddle you on the lawn chair. I lower myself on your cock, my pussy lips parting willingly to take you in. Your hands are gripping my ass as I’m bouncing up and down riding your cock. I put my hands on your knees behind me and arch my back hitting all the right spots. I’m cumming so hard and I can barely hold myself up on the chair anymore.

I stand up and straighten my clothes. You haven’t gotten out of the chair yet. Breathless with your limp cock sticking out of your sweats.

“See ya at the party.” I walk away and leave kadıköy escort you with a smile.

4 hours later.

The party is in full swing when we arrive. Sarah’s a great host. You’re ignoring me. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not. It’s pissing me off that’s for sure. I see you from across the yard any you’re staring at me. At least you know I’m there. My phone dings and it’s you. “Bathroom. 5 Minutes”

I look up at you and shake my head “no.” Are you fucking crazy?

Another ding “Yes. Do it.”

4 minutes and 50 seconds later you disappear. I have no intention of going but somehow my feet move and I slowly open the bathroom door. I don’t see you, maybe you gave up. Oh well, I have to pee anyway.

I shut the door and the shower curtain flies open scaring the shit out of me.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I whisper not very quietly.

“You come to my house and fuck me in my back yard and come over in the same skirt? Are you trying to kill me? Are you even wearing panties yet?” You reach under my skirt and discover that I am not. You turn me around and I can see you behind me in the mirror, your blue eyes burning into me. “You’re such a slut.” You push me down so my face is against the counter bostancı escort and my ass is in the air. You keep one hand on my neck and lift up my skirt. I hear the drawer open. “I have something for you since you’re such a slut for my dick.” I can’t see it because my face is pressed against the counter, but you bring around a big pink dildo and push it against my lips. “Lube it up for me slut.” I open my mouth and you shove it in and out a few times, gagging me. You glide the dildo into my ass sliding it in and out slowing. I’m trying to make as little noise as possible. Then I feel the head of your dick pressing my dripping pussy lips. I realize what’s about to happen and I’m both terrified and thrilled. You enter me and fill me up completely. Your hand is still on the back of my neck. I wish I could see your eyes, but I can hear your breathing quicken. I am lucky the counter is there because my legs cannot hold me any longer as I’m cumming violently. You pull your dick out leaving the dildo deep in my ass and swing my head around. I’ve already opened my mouth, begging for you to cum in my mouth. You slam your dick into my face twice before your load fills my mouth.

“Clean up the bathroom and that dildo before you leave.” You pull up your pants and leave the bathroom, leaving me breathless and utterly satisfied.

Ten minutes later I’m standing at the bonfire and my husband joins me. “William and Sarah throw a fun party.” He says.

I smile and my eyes meet yours. “Yes, yes they do.”

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