Glory Hole Conspiracy I

Glory Hole Conspiracy IConnie looked her daughter Beth while she stood next to her friend Sara as both the teen girls looked at their moms. It was embarrassing to be standing there with cum stains on her dress and probably still in her hair from her time at the glory hole. Of course Sara’s mom Lisa looked just as used since she had been in the booth just down the hall from her where she had sucked and fucked the evening away.”What’s a glory hole mom?” Beth asked as she looked at the cum stains on her mom’s dress”It is none of your business young lady!” Connie said as felt her embarrassment grow”Well it looks like our mom’s took a bunch of cum from some guys tonight!” Sara said as she giggledBoth of the moms blushed as they realized their teen daughters knew they had been acting like wanton sluts.”So how would you two know what cum stains look like?” Lisa asked trying to gain control of the conversation”Because we have both sucked cock today too!” Beth said as she giggledConnie looked at her daughter and tried to absorb that her little girl was having sex!Lisa walked over to Sara and hugged her. The mother and daughter looked at each other and smiled.”So my baby is a woman now! Have you let your boyfriend fuck you too?” Lisa asked and Sara smiled and shook her head yes”Mom I got fucked for first time today! It was so good!” Beth said as she hugged her mom”Well I’m glad it went well but I did not know that your boyfriend and you had gone that far!” Connie said as they hugged”I broke up with him! Mom I had sex with an older man that knew what to do! He is the man that drives the bus!” She saidWhile Connie and Beth talked they heard Lisa gasp in surprise. Connie looked at the other mother daughter look at each other but then they hugged again.”What is that about?” She asked Beth”I think Sara just told her mom that she fucked her daddy today!” She said”What!” Connie said”Mom, Sara and Amber are fucking their daddies! I plan on fucking them too! I love fucking older men!” Beth saidConnie was dazed by the news of all the taboo going on around her in the conservative town of Hardintown.”So mom, what’s a glory hole?” Beth asked”Down at the porn store there are booths where people can have sex without seeing the other person. Your mom and I were there tonight and ran into each other as we left. We were more than a little surprised when stepped in the hall.” Lisa said”Wow that is so cool! Did you have sex with more than one guy?” Beth asked her mom”Oh yes! It had been while since I had sex and I guess I went a little crazy!” Connie said as all of them laughed”I should say! Your mom went black tonight and fucked a black cock for first time!” Lisa added”I want to go black too! That would be so hot!” Said Sara”It figures daughter like mother!” Laughed bahis şirketleri Connie”Can we go to the Glory Hole too?” Asked Beth”I’m not sure if Jeff would let you girls in! You’re both very young!” Lisa saidConnie thought about it and decided that there was a way. She shared with the other three how they would all have fun at the Glory Hole next Friday.The next Friday night the four women drove down to porn store. Connie started to get out of the car but then looked at the teen girls in the back seat. They had dressed and did their makeup in a way to make them look a little older than they really were.”Ok, gives us about ten minutes and then come to the back door and Lisa will let you in.” Connie said as she got out with Lisa”Do you think Jeff will go for this?” Lisa asked”I hope so! I know we are being rather perverted but I really like the trust we are building with the girls. Besides we both know how much fun we have at the Glory Hole!” Connie said as she giggledThey knocked on the door and Jeff opened up and smiled as the two sexy moms stepped in.”Hi Ladies! There are a lot of horny guys waiting for a turn tonight! I only have one woman back there right now so take any open booth!” He saidLisa started back but Connie stood there with Jeff. Jeff looked at her with puzzled look in his face.”Hey Jeff, I really want to thank you for telling me about your place! I had a great time last week!” Connie said as she smiled at him”Oh my pleasure!” He said as he looked at her”How about I give you a good fucking before I go to the booth? I really would like to suck your dick!” Connie said as she reached out and stroked the bulge in his pants”Well I do get rather horny listening to everybody getting fucked and sucked all night long!” He said as he put his arm around her and pulled into a storage roomConnie pulled her dress down and showed her tits to store owner.”I do love a nice pair of tits!” Jeff said as he reached out and felt her”Well I do live next door to you and I am a very horny mom so you can come over anytime you want! Now let me see that cock!” Connie said as she removed her dressJeff grinned as he pulled off his shirt while Connie turned and showed her ass to him. He kicked off his shoes and then pulled off his pants. Connie loved his cock! It was the perfect size for sucking, fucking and even getting in her ass!Connie dropped to her knees and look up at him as her tongue began to lick the pre-cum from the tip. She loved the taste and again she realized just how much she wanted this! Then she remember that at that very moment the two girls were being shown to separate booths where they would have their first glory hole experience!Connie looked up at Jeff and opened her mouth and felt his cock fill her mouth.Jeff illegal bahis moaned as her mouth began to pump his cock. Connie wondered if her own daughter was at that very moment sucking cock down the hall. Connie relaxed her throat and was proud as she felt cock head go down her throat. She had practiced all week on a dildo that was even bigger than Jeff’s wonderful cock.”Damn that is fucking awesome! You are a great cock sucker!” Jeff said as she pumped his dick while she looked up at him with those sexy blue eyesConnie was totally into sucking her neighbor’s cock and she wondered if he would be pissed when her little deception was discovered. Her pussy was getting so wet was she pumped the cock in and out of her throat. She knew she could make him cum but she needed to fuck it first.”Please fuck me!” She said as she lay back on the desk and spread her legsJeff moved between her legs and shoved his cock deep in her hot wet pussy!Connie inhaled sharply as the cock slammed deep in her. It had been a long time since she fucked any other than the previous week through the glory hole. This was different! She loved looking at his face as he started to fuck her. She was much hotter than she had thought and her pussy was gripping the dick like velvet vice.”That’s good pussy! No wonder all those guys showed up tonight! Word is out that there was some new pussy here last week!” Jeff said as he fucked her”Oh fuck Jeff your cock feel so good! I’m so fucking horny! Let me ride your cock and I will show you how I like to cum on a dick!” Connie saidJeff pulled out and they exchanged places as they grinned at each other. Connie straddled his dick and the lowered her pussy on him.Connie loved the feeling of cock filling her and she wondered if Beth was fucking down the hall. Jeff watched as his sexy neighbor moaned as she started to fuck his cock. He had seen porno actresses’ ride like this but had never experienced a woman in personal life do it so passionately.Connie grunted as the large cock slid in and out of her. She was close to cumming. Then she could hear muffled moans and fucking noise down the hall. There was no doubt but the little sex store was now full of happy customers being serviced and at least one of them by her own daughter! It was too much and her body convulsed in an orgasm stronger than ever before!”I’m such a slut!” Connie thought as her pussy convulsed with joy on Jeff’s cockJeff watched the strongest female orgasm of his life and certainly hoped that he would get to fuck Connie again. Connie slumped against him as her body was overcome with pleasure. Jeff was still not ready to stop using her incredibly hot pussy. He rolled her off of him and then stepped behind her.Connie felt ass being lifted up and then a illegal bahis siteleri cock pushed deep in her still orgasming pussy. Jeff started to fuck with deep long strokes.”Fuck yeah Connie! Give me that pussy! Take it baby! Oh yeah!” Jeff moaned as he pumped herConnie was starting to recover after her mind numbing orgasm but the cock in her continued to feel so good! She could hear Jeff breathing hard as he used her! She was amazed at what a great fuck he was!”Ohhhh Jeff your cock is so fucking good! Give me it! Fuck me baby! That’s it fuck my pussy!” She screamedJeff felt his balls begin to tingle and he debated about cumming in the sexy mom’s pussy but then he remember seeing her face covered with cum! He pulled out and stepped back.”Need to cum!” He said and watched as Connie dropped to her kneesHe stroked furiously as she looked up at him and the first load of sperm erupted from his cock as he watched.Connie felt the first load of cum splatter on her face! She could hear him moaning as his balls emptied onto her waiting face. She suddenly felt her body convulse in a milder orgasm than before but it was coupled with the pleasure of pleasing her man!More and more cum coated her face as she opened her eyes and watched the extreme pleasure on Jeff’s face. Then he stopped cumming looked down at her face covered with his sperm.”Fuck that was fucking awesome Connie! I hope you will be interested in doing this some more!” Jeff said”Yes Jeff! You know what kind of slut I am but if you want to be my boyfriend I will take care of your needs whenever you want!” Connie said and suddenly hoped for more than an occasional fuck”I think I would like that too but I also hope you realize we will have to have an open relationship where we are free to fuck others!” He said as they hugged”Absolutely! Now that I realize how much I love the Glory Hole I have no intension of giving it up for one cock!” She said as she stepped back to get her dress”Now I better go make some of your customers happy!” Connie said as she left the storeroom and headed to the glory holeAs she walked down the hall she heard Beth say “fuck me with black cock! Yeah fuck me good!”Connie opened the next available booth and felt her pussy drip with excitement!To be continued…(A word from the author: the first of three installments where the daughters will learn the joy of glory hole sex. If you have not noticed all of the characters have been introduced in previous stories. Below you will links to the earlier stories if you had missed them. Hardintown stories to some degree will be connected but each installment is meant to enjoyable on its own. Hey if you liked the story the best way of telling me so is with a thumbs up. As always I look forward to comments and messages!)Connie’s Story’s Story’s Story’s Story

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