Goddess made me a Christmas tree part 1


Goddess made me a Christmas tree part 1I serve Goddess willingly and to the best of my ability. Christmas is typically a special time for us, if I have been a good slave I get a toy designed only to get me off. This year was quite interesting. First she tied me with rope. This was not unusual and she was tying me so that I would remain in a standing position with my legs closed and my hands tied behind my back. Next she attached clover clamps to my nipples with a chain and tied my balls tight. Next she attached hooks to the rope, I suspected to hang weights off of. Normally this is when Goddess hangs weights on my nipples and balls, but apparently there anadolu yakası escort was an additional step this time. Goddess strung Christmas lights around my body and at parts tied it and interwove them with the ropes that she had tied me with. With the exception of my cock ring, rope, and now Christmas lights I was naked. Finally came the weights, but they weren’t just heavy pieces of metal they were ornaments that Goddess was hanging from my nipple chain and to my balls. I don’t know where Goddess found such heavy ornaments, most or the ornaments I know of are hollow balls and such, but perhaps she ataşehir escort found someway to fill them to add weight to them. Regardless this caused a great deal of pain. Finally she added some silver tinsel sprinkled around. Next I see her sipping what looked like hot chocolate just sitting there. What seemed to me to be about 30 minutes later, it was probably closer to 15, I heard a doorbell ring. It was one of Goddess’s ‘friends in kink’. I snuck a quick peek. Goddess’s black hair contrasted beautifully with the other woman’s dark red hair. Goddess had lovely medium sized firm breasts and the visitor was petite with ümraniye escort a small bust, probably a small B cup. I quickly look back down as I see them heading back. “I see your festive this year,” said the guest to Goddess, “even have your slave as a Christmas tree. Well I will just put this present under the tree.” As she place the wrapped gift at my feet she purposely tugged at my nipple clamps. The door bell rang again, this time it was a stocky, but big breasted blonde woman. Like the other guest she placed a present at the based of my feet. At this point I was wondering how long Goddess would make me stay in this position, but I was guessing at least until the presents were opened, perhaps longer. But guests kept arriving. Most were gorgeous women, but a few brought their male slaves with them. Some gossiped about how original this idea was to make a slave be a Christmas tree. Finally what seemed like several hours later they started opening presents.

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