Gods of Summer Ch. 02


He woke the next morning, his arm still around her, her hair still in front of his face, and her back still pressed against him. It was surreal at first, like something from a dream that you couldn’t truly believe because it was just too good to be actual. Hips lips kissed the back of her neck, tasting the salty smooth skin, proving the reality of her. With the back of his hand he gently caressed a breast and she stirred a bit, her ass rubbing softly against his cock, flaring those desires within him again. The hand stroking her breast turned to cup it and squeeze softly. This time her whole body moved a bit and her blue eyes fluttered open and she smiled, a chuckle making her body tremble a bit with laughter. But before she could speak he had reached over behind him into his pack and withdrew two sticks of gum and handed her one. Morning breath could be a terrible mood killer and he didn’t want that, not today, not with her.

While they chewed their gum, his hands continued their exploration of her, still gently cupping and squeezing her breasts, feeling the nipples bead to hardness at the behest of her desire. As he did so her ass pushed back and wiggled against his hardening cock, squeezing it between her muscled cheeks and eliciting a deep moan from within him. The smell of her sweat and sex intoxicated him, making him harder still which her tight buttocks only massaged and squeezed that much more.

She took the gum from her mouth and stuck it to the tent wall, turned ataşehir escort bayan his head with a hand and kissed him hard, he tongue demanding entrance to his mouth and meeting no resistance. After several extremely long moments, nearly losing herself in his kiss and warm embrace she pulled her head back slowly and removed his gum from her mouth and stuck on the tent next to hers. Reaching a hand back over him to his ass and squeezing and pulling his hips tighter to hers she grinned. “So………” Taking a deep breath and trying not to moan too wantonly. “….stud…I think I owe you for last night and…..” Turning over so she was facing him, a hand reaching down to take his cock in her grasps and slowly, but firmly, stroke it. “….I always pay my debts.” Kissing his nose with a smile, she rolled him from his side onto his back and pushed the covers back off of them.

Looking at her, she was even more gorgeous this morning than she was last night. This morning she was aglow with energy and that smile on her face was all for him and he knew it, how much more flattering could it get? “Mmm, I’m in no position to argue.”

“Pffft, like you ever are?” A grin. “But you are in a good position though.” She kissed his stomach and then each of his nipples. “So before I get started can I get a kiss?”

He looked at her with an almost puzzled look, since they’d been kissing already anyway. “Of course, why wouldn’t I….” His words were cut off almost as escort kadıköy soon as he agreed. She quickly straddled his, knees to the side of his head, hands holding the full lips of her pussy open and planting it right on top of his mouth. There was a few seconds hesitation before he eagerly slipped his tongue inside her and began to tongue fuck her.

She shook her head as she leaned back when his tongue entered her hot hole. Last night was amazing but she figured it might be a fluke, but now she was sure it wasn’t. His tongue was doing the same magic as last night, making her juices start to flow and her body heat. Her hips slowly moving on his face, grinding her pussy on his face, some slight stubble on his chin serving to excite her more. She couldn’t believe she’d known him this long but didn’t know he was good in bed, then again they never were this close exactly. “….mmmm…..yeah preppy….oh..oh fuck..” A hand reaching down to grab his hair and pull his face into her pussy. “….Oh I’m gonna fuck you so hard preppy, you have no idea.” With that she dismounted his face, despite the fact he was starting to bring her off. Slithering down his body she kissed him, loving the taste of her on his lips, it was kind of like she was marking him as hers or something. She didn’t know what she felt but she didn’t care, she only knew she wanted him a lot right now.

Grinning she looked down at him, took his belt from his pants and tied it around his wrists and placed bostancı escort them above his head, something about it made her feel very hot and made him look very sexy. She was completely naked and straddling his waist, his cock standing erect right in front of her crotch. She brushed her face back from her hair and pushed her chest out a bit so he could easily and plainly see her C cup tits. “Liking the view?” She laughed as he could only nod. “Good cause its all your gonna be seeing for awhile today.” With that she unceremoniously dropped her steaming cunt right down on his rock hard dick, slamming every inch inside of her.

His eyes closed involuntarily from pleasurable shock, he wanted so much to reach up and hold her waist tightly to him, instead she began to ride him with a powerful rhythm, rocking and grinding her hips against his. Her hands were gripping his shoulders firmly as she began to ride him fast, her hips beginning to raise up and fall back down, never letting the entirety of his shaft out of her. She had closed her eyes and he watched her breasts move with her rhythm, watched as her eyes moved beneath their lids. Her face was nothing but a large smile as she began to ride even faster, harder, slamming herself down onto him, her nails digging into his shoulders. Soon she had leaned back and put a single hand on his sternum to steady herself.

It seemed to last forever, over and over she rode him, riding higher and higher until she achieved her climax, only to do it again. But each time he seemed to hold back and at first she hadn’t minded, but now she was determined to make him cum. Now she was riding him harder and faster, trying to pleasure him more than herself.

………………….to be continued yet again?

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