Good Girl Gone Bad Ch. 03


Arriving at the stables, Marco opened the door, stepped aside and waved his hand and did a mock bow. Binky stepped inside closing the stable door behind her and bolting it. Marco pushed her against it and pulled her denim mini skirt up to her waist and traced his fingers across the top of her knickers, moving his hands round to the back he cupped her buttocks in his hands. Hands so large they totally covered her. He pushed his hands to the side opening her bottom before kissing her, slowly at first, before becoming more urgent, his tongue finding hers and flicking his own against it. Binky felt a dam of desire explode inside her and trickle through her body making her legs feel weak as she succumbed to Marco. Her mind wandered to the pure hard sex they were going to have before she was aware that Marco had abruptly stopped kissing her and had pulled down her skirt. Binky looked at him a frown of confusion darkening her elfin features.

“Do you know what I think we should do?” Marco kissed Binky’s forehead. “I think we should completely re-enact the first time we fucked. So, we discuss the same things we did that day. Have similar conversations and do exactly what we did.”

“Surely you are not seriously expecting me to remember word for word our exact conversation?” Binky asked exasperated beyond belief that Marco had stopped just as she had just been ready to get on with giving and receiving sexual pleasure. “It was nearly eleven years ago for Gods sake.”

Marco threw back his head and laughed and if Binky hadn’t known better she would have thought he was being a tad patronising.

“I’m not asking you to remember the conversation verbatim. We can ad lib all that but you must remember how it all started and what we did?”

How could she forget? Fucking Marco had come as a complete surprise to her. She’d been studying for her A levels and had only discovered sex six months earlier in another unexpected situation. After losing her virginity, Binky had enjoyed the experience so much, she’d announced to her best friend Julia that she was going to fuck every day for the rest of her life. The fact it had been Julia’s father who Binky had slept with was a tiny piece of information Binky certainly wasn’t going to divulge to Julia. Binky’s shell had been opened and a deep, horny switch had been flicked on in her brain. She had been as true as she could be to her word ever since.

“Ok let’s do it.” Binky smiled at Marco and traced her finger across his lips. “Should be good.”

“Good girl, so go and get your riding gear back on and remember I want everything to be the same as it was that day.”

Ten minutes later, Binky walked into the stables wearing her jodhpurs’, riding shirt and riding jacket. She had put her hair in plaits, riding hat under one arm, her riding crop in the other.

Marco had his back to her and was putting hay out in Jasper’s stable. Binky went over to the fence that surrounded the stables, put on her riding hat and leant on the fence watching Marco as he worked. Already Binky was beginning to feel eighteen again and it gave her a bigger thrill then she ever could have imagined. She continued to watch Marco undetected as she had that all those years ago. She took a brief moment to admire his strong arms and broad manly shoulders before she coughed announcing her presence.

“Binky! I didn’t hear you come in, have you had a good day at school?” Marco asked, propping his hands on the top of the rake and resting his chin on them.

“I have been to college, Marco not school.” Binky admonished. “I’m not a child you know.”

Marco looked her up and down, his eyes briefly resting on her breasts before his eyes found hers; he nodded his head in approval.

“I can see you are looking more grown up Binky, it’s like it’s happened over night.”

Binky climbed onto the fence and sat down, taking off her riding hat she handed it to Marco who took it off her and hung it up with Jaspers tack. “I’m more grown up than you think Marco, believe me.” Binky casually looked at her nails before looking up at Marco and flashing him a smug, sarcastic smile.

Marco laughed. “Well who am I to argue? What time is your father home? We are meant to be taking a new horse but if your father isn’t here to sign and the damn horse will escort ataşehir have to be sent back.”

Binky shrugged and adjusted the bobble at the end of one of her plaits.

“You know my father as well as I do Marco, if he isn’t working or playing golf he’s fucking some slut, so in answer to your question, I haven’t got a clue when he will be home.”

“Binky! You shouldn’t say things like that about your father.” Marco wagged his finger at her. “That is very, very naughty.”

“It’s not naughty, it’s the truth and what isn’t nice about the comment I made? Fucking is a great thing to do isn’t it?” She looked at Marco defiantly. “I think it’s a great way to spend your time.”

Marco smiled and picked up his rake, resuming his work in the stable. “I doubt you know anything about that Binky.”

“You’d be surprised, just because I look innocent doesn’t mean I am, not by a long chalk.”

“Maybe I like you being innocent Binky. Maybe the thought that you are is what could possibly drive a man wild.”

Binky took a packet of chewing gum out of her jacket pocket and popped one in her mouth before offering one to Marco. Marco propped his rake against Jaspers stable and walked over to her. Taking the packet from her he popped one in his mouth his eyes never leaving Binky’s as she blew a bubble and popped it.

“So go on, why do you like the innocent look? Do you want me to go back inside and put my school uniform on or something?” Binky teased. “Do you think that would do it for you?”

Marco smiled. “Your little plaits are enough.” He took one in his hand and gave it a tug. “If I didn’t know any different I would think you are trying to seduce me.

Binky stroked his face. “Maybe I am.”

Marco took hold of her hand and put her fingers into his mouth, slowly sucking the tips of each one.

“Now that would be a very, very naughty thing to do Binky.”

“Maybe I should show you how naughty I can be.” Binky hit the side of Marco’s thigh with her riding crop. “Also, maybe I want you to show me how naughty you can be.”

Binky leaned forward and kissed Marco’s lips before running her tongue first across the top and then along his bottom lip. She slipped her hands under his shirt and ran her fingers down the hair that trailed from his belly button to the top of his jeans, her hands slipping beneath the waist band of his jeans before moving round to his back. Binky reached up to his shoulders, feeling his masculinity, her pussy beginning to moisten in the process. She stroked her fingers down his spine causing him to gasp.

“I don’t think we should be doing this.” Marco murmured, his warm breath whispering against her ear.

Binky undid the buckle on his belt. “Oh I think we should and I want you to do whatever you like to me, really I don’t mind and if you enjoy it well, maybe we can make this a regular arrangement, if I think you’re are good enough that is.”

Marcos pulled her to him sliding her off the fence, grabbing her pert bottom in his hands, his cock straining against the denim of his jeans and pressing harshly against Binky’s pubic bone as he kissed her. A deep kiss, his tongue running across her teeth before exploring her mouth, the minty taste of his tongue caused Binky’s insides to fizz, that fizz increasing as Marcos hands moved between her legs. Through her jodhpurs’, Marco could feel how warm and inviting she was, cupping her in his hands he started to rub her, slowly at first before gathering speed. Binky grabbed his shoulders as her legs weakened causing her to think they might buckle at any minute as the orgasm started.

“Still sure I won’t be good enough?” Marco whispered, dipping his tongue in her ear. Faster and faster he rubbed until Binky’s legs started to shake as her body climaxed and she felt like her mind and body had exploded as she came, as hard and as fast as Marco’s hand.

Stopping, Marco looked at her a slow smile spreading over his lips. He barely gave her chance to recover before he took hold of her hand and led her over to the bales of hay that were stacked against the stable wall. Pulling two away, Marco laid them side by side making a make shift bed. He took a couple of horse blankets off the pegs on the wall and tossed them over the hay. He turned to Binky, kadıköy escort bayan his face was unreadable and Binky felt slightly unnerved as to what was going to happen next. Marco and his stance smacked of pure horniness and maybe she had actually bitten off more than she could chew.

“You know Í like a challenge.” Marco told her, unzipping the flies on his jeans. “Being competitive is part of my nature, but before I show you how good I am, you have to show me what you have learnt in the last six months, after all, I need to know what my competitor is bringing to the table in order to win your affections.”

Binky felt her stomach flip and twist simultaneously, she really did feel like she had been transported exactly back to the first time Marco had uttered those words to her. Then she had been excited and almost fearful. She’d experienced the pressure of sexual excitement and had wondered exactly what Marco was expecting her to do. Of course she knew exactly what was coming and yet she still felt the same tension building inside her as if she was facing the prospect of being fucked by Marco for the first time.

Marco released his cock from his jeans; and Binky let out a small gasp.

“Sit down.” Marco ordered and Binky did as she was told, sitting down on the bales of hay in the corner of the stables. She pressed her knees together, her hands resting on the hay by her sides, a look of expectancy dominating her features.

Marco moved forward and pushed his cock against Binky’s lips before moving it up and down, stoking it gently across her cheeks before moving it back down so it was a couple of inches away from her lips. “I want you to spit on it.” He ordered.

Binky did as she was told, her spit soaking the tip, Marco’s tanned, Italian cock illuminated the whiteness of her spittle foam, before drips started to slip off the end of Marcos cock, landing on her jodhpurs’

“Now wank me.” He ordered.

Binky momentarily paused as she thought this through exactly like she had years ago. Marco grabbed hold of her hand and placed it on his cock. Inexpertly, Binky moved her hands up and down his cock before Marco took charge teaching her exactly how he liked to be masturbated. His hands moving slowly at first before moving rhythmically faster with each thrust of his cock through her fingers, Binky felt his fingers tighten over hers.

“Oh that’s right baby.” Marco groaned, aiding her a few moments longer before taking his fingers off hers and leaving her to do it alone. Binky did her best to keep up the rhythm, her eyes locked in concentration on Marco’s cock and her hand pleasuring him. Marco pushed his jeans down to his ankles and moved his body into the same rhythm she had been using before he moved his hands round to the back of her head. Gently he pushed her head forward so that with every wanking motion the tip of he cock gently pressed against her lips.

“So this guy you’ve been fucking, have you sucked his cock?”

Binky looked up at Marco and shook her head. Marco laughed to himself before biting his lip.

“Binky, you really shouldn’t lay down challenges. Are you sure you still want me to be naughty? Or, no, I will rephrase that; shall I show you how GOOD I can be? I think possibly that’s a gauntlet you have laid down without even thinking of the consequences.”

Binky smiled. This role playing was really turning her on but to be honest she was also finding it frustrating, she was in reality now an experienced twenty eight years old. Of course if she wanted to, she could take the whole of Marcos cock into her mouth in one go but doing that would definitely break the moment but she was getting a bit pissed off with the little girl lost act when she was anything but. For two pins she would ask Marco to fuck her mouth like he would her pussy. As that horny thought invaded her mind, Marco pushed his cock into her mouth.

“Lets go with the flow okay? If this all gets too much for either of us, we will fast forward time ok?” Marco murmured, sensing Binky’s frustration.

“Now I don’t want you to think that the way you stroked my cock and your little confession didn’t drive me wild it did. It drove me to distraction and for two pins we could fuck like the adults we are but I want to remember the escort bostancı girl before I fuck the woman ok?”

Binky nodded, with a mouth full of cock that was about all she could do.

“Lick it; roll your tongue all over it. Mmm that’s it.” Marco took her fingers again and placed them on his cock. “Wank me at the same time like a good girl and suck it, just like you’d suck an ice pop Binky.”

Binky closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of his cock and found herself lost in the moment. The sooner she could take him properly the better. Marco pushed his cock into her mouth further and further until he made her gag slightly, her eyes involuntarily watered causing her mascara to run down her cheeks. Hastily she used her free hand to wipe the corners of her eyes but Marco grabbed her fingers in his, stopping her. “Don’t worry Binky, as you get older you realise that running mascara is immaterial to a man. It doesn’t matter to him what you look like as long as you are sucking his cock.”

Roughly Marco wiped the tears away with his work worn thumbs, the skin slightly grazing her cheeks. Suddenly and without any warning, Marco pushed his cock further into Binky’s mouth and started to it in and out slowly at first before gathering pace, his hand tightening around her plaits as he pulled them hard, holding them like the she would hold Jaspers’ reins as she rode him hard.

Marco groaned “I have had enough now Binky lets fuck properly.”

Binky felt like a Roman candle firework had suddenly been lit inside her as Marco took himself out of her mouth, before kneeling down in front of her. Roughly he pulled down her jodhpurs’; his hands gripped each side of her knickers as he tugged at them, ripping the elastic before tearing them away from her. Her pussy was exposed to the cool July breeze as his thumbs moved down the sides of her pussy before reaching her clit. Lightly he rubbed it before pushing her on to her back. He moved her legs over his shoulders, blowing over her pussy lips before giving them tentative kisses and licks before Binky felt she was going to combust.

Gently at first he put his two fingers inside her before moving them further and further inside her until he found the spot he was looking for. As rhythmically as she had wanked his cock, Marco moved his fingers round and brought her to an easy orgasm before she felt herself building up again almost immediately with a familiar feeling, as Marco reached his goal, Binky felt her mind go totally blank as gushed all over Marco’s fingers. He moved his face and buried it into her pussy as if he didn’t want to waste a drop.

Leaning back on his heels and looked at Binky; his face was glistening with her juices.

“I don’t remember you doing that.”

Binky laughed, “It’s a skill I have acquired over time.”

Marco stood up and motioned with his finger. “Turn round, get on all fours.”

Binky did as she was told her heart banging in her chest with anticipation as she felt Marcos tongue run from her pussy right up to her arse and back again. Roughly Marco spread her cheeks wide and with no warning at all, he pushed his cock deep inside her. The slow build up was obviously too much for them as Binky pushed herself against his cock hard as he thrust himself frantically inside her, his cock was banging her so hard the pain was unbearably horny. Suddenly the rhythm increased as Marco was riding towards his climax. Suddenly he groaned and pulled himself out of her. Grabbing her hair he turned her face round and shot hot streaks of cum up her back and across her face, before rubbing the cum into her back.

“That was amazing.” Marco leant back on his haunches allowing himself to momentarily recover before standing and pulling up his jeans. He zipped himself up, watching Binky as she pushed the streaks of cum off her face with her fingers before sucking them clean of his juices.

“I couldn’t have put it any better myself, you taste amazing by the way.” Binky turned round and picked her jodhpurs up off the stable floor.

“So have I shown you how naughty I can be?” Marco asked.

Binky nodded. “Well, to be fair I think that is probably just the start of what you are capable of Marco.”

Marco buckled his belt and sat down beside her. Marco’s face suddenly became serious as he looked at her intently. “I was thinking that maybe we could make it a regular thing?”

Binky pulled on her riding boots and turned to look at him. “Do you know what Marco; I don’t think that’s a bad idea. I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all.”

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