Good Medicine


He rubbed his neck while looking at his computer screen. He didn’t know how he would ever get all this work done if his headache wouldn’t go away. It didn’t matter what kind of headache remedy he took, the pounding only got worse.

She glanced up from her latest murder mystery novel she was engrossed in to see him trying to rub his tense neck muscles. She marked her place in the book and sat it aside. She slipped her nightgown over her head and slowly walked toward him. She put her hands on his shoulders and began to lightly massage them.

“Oh this feels so good,” he said as he leaned his head forward. She pressed her thumbs into the base of his neck and could feel the tension beneath the surface. She applied more pressure and rubbed it just right, releasing the stress built up. She ran her fingers into his short gray hair and he tilted his head backward, her tits resting beside his ears. She massaged the top of his head while he closed his brown eyes and sighed, enjoying every moment her hands were on him.

As escort ataşehir she leaned down to kiss his neck he turned to the right, catching her breast in his mouth. He sucked lightly on her nipple as she kissed his neck.

When he released her nipple from his mouth’s grasp she kissed him full on the lips. She slid her tongue through his slightly parted lips. She moved it around, caressing the inside of his mouth before gliding it in and out. She moved her arms onto his chest and massaged him even more. She rubbed her hands up and down his chest, going lower with each pass.

When she reached his jeans, she unbuttoned them. She reached inside his boxers and brought his hard cock out.

“Just lay your head back and relax,” She told him.

He did. She lowered herself to her knees and brought her mouth lightly onto his cock. She kissed the tip and then brought it into her mouth. She wrapped her lips completely around him and then slowly let her mouth go up and down him. She ran kadıköy escort bayan her fingernails lightly up and down his chest while her mouth went up and down his cock.

He began to moan and slowly move his hips upward to meet her mouth.

He threaded his fingers into her hair and gently brought her head closer to him. She responded by taking his cock all the way into her mouth slowly. When his cock reached the back of her throat she controlled her movements to keep herself from gagging. She stayed like that for almost a minute, letting him feel himself deep inside her mouth. She ever so slowly released his dick from her mouth.

She crawled up him, her tits rubbing his cock before gliding up his stomach and chest. She spread her legs and straddled him, allowing his cock to slowly enter her wet pussy. He moaned and relaxed even farther in his chair. She lowered herself and leaned forward. She began to knead his temples slowly and kissed him on the neck.

She slowly moved up and down escort bostancı on him.

He could feel the tension leaving his body with each thrust deep in her pussy. She wrapped her hands around the back of his head and brought his face to her waiting tits. He kissed the valley between the two before settling on one to devour. She continued her assault on his cock with her pussy by keeping an even rocking motion. Slowly up his cock her pussy went and just as slowly back down.

While his tongue bathed her tits, she began to massage his shoulders; her up and down motions becoming a bit more urgent and quick.

He could tell she was withholding her release to please him and it caused him to almost cum right then. He began to meet her thrust for thrust.

Both could feel their excitement building. Her pussy began to pulse lightly and when he felt it tighten on his cock as she came, he came right behind her. She held his shoulders tight and he buried his face deep inside her tits. She held him like that until she could feel him begin to relax.

She kissed him long and deep one final time before climbing off him. He reached up and pinched one nipple as she began walking away.

“That’s one way get rid of my headache,” he told her as he went back to work.

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