Got a quick blow and with no words out the door I


Got a quick blow and with no words out the door IThis is also a true story and I admit when I was a little younger I was by far no saint but the truth is that the story I am about to tell you was not intentional. I had meet a young red headed girl who worked at a dollar general store. Now she was actually a pretty girl with a nice body but she had a look about her with the way she dressed and cheap jewelry(I mean a blind man could tell it was fake gold) but like I say trim is trim so I got her number and called her up and this was like a what they call a situation(on a gravy train with biscuit wills) because I never spent one dime on this girl and she had her own apartment and lived alone. She was only 19 years old and her Mother must have been a bitch and she never knew who her dad even was but where now I would feel sympathy for the poor girl but I grew up with asshole friends and they must have influenced me. So I could call this girl up anytime I wanted and if she was not working it was always come on over. Well one night me and those same bad influential friends were canlı bahis hitting the clubs but nothing was going on because it was a week night and I was buzzing a good bit after a few drinks so it was maybe about 1am and we were about to split up and head to our different homes but I still had that itch that I could not scratch myself and guys know what I mean so I call her and wake her up because she had to work the next day and be there at 7am but like I said I was little intoxicated so I asked to come over and like always she didn’t even hesitate and said come on. When I got to her apartment her door was half way open because it was summer time and she had no air conditioning. I just opened the door and she was just setting on her sofa with the T.V. on and all she had on was a t-shirt and pink panties and the shirt was pulled up so much you could see the top of her panties where the little elastic ring was to hold them on and with out saying a word I closed the door walked over to the couch and stood in front of her. I then started undoing my pants and pulled down my boxers bahis siteleri and held my dick which was not fully erect because of the alcohol consumption earlier and I put it about half an inch from her lips and she looked up at me and said please don’t cum in my mouth this time(I had done it before lol) so I nodded my head up and down giving the no word ok gesture like I would not do it again. So she with no hands opened her mouth and just swallowed it all the way down to the end of the shaft and I have to admit only one other woman in my life could equal her in the blow job department so I got hard like a rock instantly inside her mouth and she had to move back a little but never took it completely out of her mouth and started doing what I call a head bop which was sucking it back and forth real fast to where her head reminded me of one of those bobble head toys you get for free at baseball games and she was slurping and before I knew I blew a big load of cum right into little red riding hoods mouth and she jumped up from the sofa as if she had got stung by a bee and ran güvenilir bahis to her kitchen sink to spit it all out and by the time she had done that she looked back over to where I was standing and I was gone and she could hear my car pulling out. Now Iot was a little drunk but I was not so bad I could not remember her blowing me and how it went down so the next day she calls me and is upset and crying and honestly I had no clue until she started telling me why she was so upset and it started coming back to my memory. I had walked into her apartment got my dick sucked and blew my load in her mouth and then left with out saying one word like even high or bye and she felt used. I swear I did not mean to do that at least the not talking part and I knew then I did have some kind of a conscience so I told her some of the truth about drinking and not realizing what I had done but did lie and say I felt so bad after I realized it I talked to one of my friends about it because I felt so guilty and did not realize what I did till I got home. She was young and naïve and believed me so she forgave me but when on occasions when me and my old friends get together that story always came up by one of my friends and yes I laughed with them. I am guilty of that. lol. I swear this is 100% true.

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