Grandma Wisdom – Chapter Two


Grandma Wisdom – Chapter TwoTrace was lying in bed between his grandmother and his girlfriend, Cassie, pondering his newfound lifestyle. His grandma Bev, was napping in his arms on his right side, cum running down her thighs and Cassie was asleep under his arm on his left side with his cum drying on her tits. They had spent the entire afternoon fucking as a threesome with Bev providing instruction to Cassie on how to deep throat Trace and that large cock of his. Bev had also demonstrated how to take a cock up the ass and how best to enjoy it, although Cassie was not yet willing to try it again after her experience the night before she left Trace when he had fucked her ass without warning.But Cassie did give an excellent deep throat blow job, the first time she had gotten past just the first three or four inches of his long, thick shaft. Bev suggested that she do that while Trace was still waiting for his first cum so he would not last too long for Cassie’s level of endurance. To avoid choking her, Trace pulled out when he came and shot it on her ample tits. She was not as big breasted as Bev, and Trace didn’t think there was a woman out there who was, but hers were big enough to draw attention and he loved the way they looked covered in his cream.His second load was directed into his grandmother’s pussy. For Cassie’s benefit, he had made it a cream pie. He had made sure both women had cum at least twice before he unleashed on Cassie’s tits and then he had fucked his grandma for twenty minutes while Cassie sucked on Bev’s tits before Trace pulled out and came with his cock head right at the entrance to grandma’s pussy. Now he was going to be splitting his time splitting their pussy lips and wondered if he could keep up the pace, satisfy two women, and continue to improve his business results. While he was pondering life’s difficult questions, his grandmother came to enough to reach over and play with his balls almost absent-mindedly. Cassie was just awake enough to see what Bev was doing and and lowered herself enough to take his hardening cock into her mouth again. She could taste Bev’s juices on his cock and it got her fires burning again. Cassie leaned over Trace’s body and began licking at Bev’s thighs and juices that still trickled in a thin stream toward the mattress. Bev parted her legs so that Cassie could get to whatever she wanted and Cassie aimed her tongue at Bev’s pussy lips and went to work. She tucked Trace’s cock between her tits and began tit fucking him while she worked Bev’s cunt opening with her tongue. Trace began thrusting between Cassie’s tits and squeezing his grandma’s big tit with the nearest hand. Bev leaned in and gave him a deep kiss while thrusting her hips at Cassie’s face. Bev came hard on Cassie’s tongue and reached for the dildo when she was done. “Time to work this into your ass for another anal lesson, sweetheart.” Bev lubed the dildo again as well as Cassie’s asshole and inserted it slowly. Cassie had moved back now to slowly sucking on the first few inches of Trace’s cock. He rested his hands on her head, but not pulling her down deeper on him or thrusting up into her mouth. He just relaxed and let her have control.Bev was sliding the dildo deeper into Cassie’s ass until the flexible device was a good twelve inches deep. It was as thick as Trace was and longer, but it was a little more spongy and did not have the same invasive feel to it that his cock would have. Yet, Cassie was responding to it better now after the fourth time of being ass fucked with it by a master at anal play in Bev. As Bev continued to work that dildo in Cassie’s ass, she reached up and under Cassie and played with her tits, one and then the other. Then she began to finger fuck Cassie until Cassie bucked in orgasm. The vibrations of her verbal response to the orgasm sent Trace over the edge and he flooded her mouth with cum. Cassie worked hard to swallow her first load of cum to the mouth and managed to take almost all of it.Bev got out of bed and headed for the shower. She said that she had a dinner date with Penny finally after nearly a month of false starts and cancellations. Trace considered how this might go and if Bev could possibly reconnect with his mother after years of a strained relationship. Time would tell. As Bev dressed and left, Trace and Cassie settled into a mix of tender love making and serious conversation about their future together, the concept of another woman and whether that would include his grandmother, another woman or both. The thought of having some variety continued to fuel Trace’s sexual passion and fucked several more times until Bev got home several hours later.Penny waited patiently at the restaurant until her mother showed up, about 10 minutes late. “Sorry I am late, dear.” said Bev. “I was detained by Trace and Cassie longer than expected.””Wait…what? Cassie came back to Trace? That is good news! Are they getting along okay?” Penny had given up her annoyance with her mother in favor of the relief that Trace had worked things out with his girlfriend.”They were doing just fine when I left,” said Bev with a sly smile. “Now, let’s talk about us. I have never been very satisfied with our relationship and I take my share of the blame,” Bev continued. “but it is a two way street. What can we do to make something better of it? I’m not getting any younger, although I feel younger after a month with your son than I have felt in years.”Penny gave her a sideways glance with a hint of suspicion in it. “Mom, I know we have had our differences. I don’t really want you to change. In fact, I wish I could be more like you. But you intimidate me with your outgoing, very direct personality and I don’t know that I am strong enough to meet you on a level of equals.””Penny, you are stronger than you think. Just in a different way. I don’t think you are really that honest with yourself about what you want out of life, out of your marriage, or out of me. I think when you reach the point that you can be honest with yourself, we can have a great relationship. I would do just about anything to see you happier than I have seen you over the last twenty years. Now, tell me something. What is the one thing you would change more than any other. Take your time and think about it while we eat. I am not afraid of a quiet dinner with no talking if it will help you open up and be honest with me and yourself.”Penny stared at her plate and picked at her food. Bev was hungry from all of the calorie burn off fucking Trace and Cassie senseless all afternoon. Bev paid the bill when dinner was done and Penny was still silent. Bev thought she had maybe pushed her daughter too far and lost her opportunity, but when they got in the car, Penny opened up and began to cry as she talked.”What I would change more than anything else is to have a more free wheeling sex life. I don’t remember the last time I had a really good, toe curling orgasm from anything other than my fingers. Joel goes through the motions, shoots his wad and rolls over and goes to sleep. It is always the same thing for us. I have guys still look me over and make passes at me, but I know I shouldn’t take them up on their moves and it can get dangerous. I just wish Joel would act like a man and care about my needs and not some teenage boy who thinks the world revolves around squirting his cum everywhere. I want a real sex life and I am beginning to think it won’t happen with Joel and may never happen at all. In fact, I am beginning to think the safe way is to try out women. I have always had some interest in them, but never acted on them.”There you have it, mom. Sorry you asked? Your forty two year old daughter may want to play with women and isn’t getting what she needs at home. A real success story, wouldn’t you say?”Bev was brought to tears with her daughter and they cried together for several minutes in the parking garage. They finally pulled themselves together and Bev pulled Penny close to her in the middle seat of their SUV. She put her arm around her and stroked her fingers through Penny’s hair like she did when she was a c***d. “Will you open your mind to some possibilities and not push me away? I think I can be part of your solution if you will allow me to try. You don’t have to take unnecessary risks with strange men or expose yourself to a sexual lifestyle that may haunt you later in public. We can work on Joel’s issues later, but let’s start with you and let’s start now. All I ask is that you give me an hour and give me your full surrender before you make any decisions or judgments. Now, first of all, where is Joel?””He is at a seminar in New York for another two days. Why?””That means we can go back to your place. You didn’t answer my questions. Are you willing to surrender to me for an hour and not push me away?””Sure, mom. I have no idea what you are talking about, but for all of our issues over the years, trust has never been one of them. Let’s go home and I will give you an hour.”Bev was tingling all over. For all of the differences they had had over the years, she never lost sight of how beautiful her daughter was. She was shapely, raven dark hair, always well dressed and an expert with the makeup. She was not surprised that one of the battles her daughter was facing was other men hitting on her while she wanted to remain loyal to her husband. They arrived at Penny’s house and walked inside. Penny poured themselves a glass of scotch and water and they sat on the couch and continued their conversation. Penny also confided that when she and Joel did have sex, he needed the aid of an ED pill to get hard. He was too young for those problems so she blamed herself for his lack of a sex drive and ability to get hard without help. She admitted that she wasn’t willing to give him head or do anything special to help him. She was too annoyed with him and disliked herself too much to care anymore.Her mother took all of this in and asked if she thought Joel might be having an affair and shooting his wad somewhere else, having nothing left for her when he got home. Penny was reasonably sure that was not the case. She had gone to doctors with him and he was clearly too lacking in confidence in his ability to get an erection to chance the humiliation with another woman. Yet the doctors could not find a physical reason for his problem.They finished their scotch and Penny looked at her watch. “Okay, mom, your hour starts now. What did you have in mind?” They were both a little foggy headed from the scotch, but Bev was still tingling at the prospect of what she had in mind. It was all or nothing for their relationship with Bev’s next move. She slid over on the couch, nestled up against her daughter, and put her arm around her. Penny looked her in the eyes with questions and interest all over her face. Bev canlı bahis şirketleri leaned in and gave her daughter a deep kiss, gradually forcing her tongue into Penny’s mouth. Penny did not resist. Bev started fondling Penny’s large, firm breasts through her blouse and bra. Again, Penny did not resist. Instead her breathing became heavy and she began kissing her mother back. Bev broke the kiss and began unbuttoning Penny’s blouse and pulling the tails of it from the waistband of her skirt. Bev noticed that this bra hooked in front between her tits, so she unhooked it and spread it open as well, revealing two very beautiful, firm and large tits. Penny’s nipples were already hard from the earlier stimulation and Bev leaned over and started sucking on them, one and then the other. While she sucked, she squeezed the globes and really focused her entire attention on just Penny’s tits. For the moment, Penny was content to just enjoy having someone play with them and make them feel so good. The tingling between her legs was intensifying and she was gradually wanting more.Her daughter moved to Bev’s blouse and began to return the favor. It was a pullover top and Penny carefully lifted it up over her mother’s head. She knew her mother had huge tits, but she had never seen them up close and bare. She unhooked her mom’s bra in back and removed it to reveal them in all of their full beauty and fullness. For thirty minutes, they just enjoyed tit play. Kissing, sucking, squeezing and rubbing them against one another. Bev moved her hand up Penny’s skirt and began fingering her through her panties. Penny was overcome with passion and got up and rapidly stripped completely and nearly tore the rest of her mother’s clothes off. Neither could wait any longer, so they settled into the 69 position and began to eagerly give each other the oral treatment both were panting for. Each drove their tongues deep into the other’s pussy, sucking on the prominent, hard clits of the other until each exploded in orgasm, one shortly after the other. Once they caught their breath, they repeated with the same results. They finally turned to face each other and kissed passionately while finger fucking each other to more climaxes until they had worn each other out and worn off the scotch. Bev looked her daughter in the eyes and said, “I have used more than my hour. Thank you for giving me a chance.””Mom, thank YOU! And you can have much, much more than an hour. I am hoping this is just the beginning. You have no idea how badly I needed that and how much more I want.””I am all yours, dear. Well, almost all yours.” Bev said, as she thought about her grandson. They agreed to meet again the next day to continue their endeavors and to plot out their next steps. Bev headed home to see how Cassie and Trace were doing. She began to plot how to bring Joel into the picture and to continue building her new relationship with Penny.She arrived at Trace’s house and walked in to find them still in bed, Cassie on top, and riding him for all she was worth. By the time Bev got undressed, Trace was pumping his load deep into Cassie’s pussy and she was shaking from her own orgasm.”Looks like I missed out on some of the fun.” Bev said, getting cozy with them both. “Don’t worry, grandma, there is more where that came from,” said Cassie with a big grin. “He has a never-ending fountain of cum. And stick around. I am building up my courage to take him up my ass – this time with plans to enjoy it!””I can’t wait to watch! Mind if I prepare your ass a little for it?” was Bev’s response.”Not at all. Help yourself.” Cassie grinned. Bev grabbed her toy and her lube and worked it into Cassie’s ass like she had several times before and while she was slowly and casually working with her toy, she leaned over and began to suck Trace’s cock to get him hard and ready. Cassie was now fingering her pussy and groaning over the ass play taking place out of her line of sight, but not out of sense of pleasure. Trace got in position with his new erection and Bev withdrew the dildo. Trace began pushing his cock in place slowly, giving Cassie time to adjust to the real thing. Bev made it easier for her by getting under her and starting to lick her clit. Trace finally found himself balls deep in Cassie’s ass and then slowly started the fucking motions of moving in and out. Cassie came on Bev’s face from her work on Cassie’s clit and her orgasm caused her to tighten down on Trace’s cock. He had to stop his motion until her cum subsided and her grip loosened. Once she relaxed, he was able to continue stroking in and out of her. Bev maintained her activity on Cassie’s clit and Cassie maneuvered slowly to begin returning the favor to Bev. Both women came nearly at the same time and Cassie signaled that she needed Trace to finish. He let himself go and within a few more thrusts, he came deep in her ass. He pulled his cock out of her and they all had a cheerful celebration at Cassie’s newfound love of being ass fucked. They decided to all shower together, which gave them all a new sense of invigoration and desire for another sexual romp together. Trace was glad at this point that he had installed a larger shower with multiple shower heads for what he had hoped would be at least a couples shower at some point in his life. Now it was paying off in spades!As they were drying off, Trace asked his grandma how her dinner had gone with his mom. She was very encouraging about it and decided to broach the subject of introducing Penny as “another woman” to the mix. Trace was shocked at the idea because he knew his mother was pretty uptight and not likely to embrace the idea of group sex, let alone having that involve her own son and his girlfriend. He had to admit that after his experience with his grandmother, he was open to the idea and admitted that he thought his mother was very attractive. Cassie was immediately open to the idea and Trace suddenly realized that the events of the past couple of days was bringing out the kinky side in her. He liked what he had seen and experienced. They all agreed that it was a go if Penny could be convinced. Bev said she would take it slow and maybe start with just the girls. Trace was fine with the plan and would patiently wait until Bev gave him the green light.As they were all playing in bed, not really going for orgasms, but just enjoying the pleasure of one another’s touch and the stimulation, Bev asked Trevor if he was at all interested in having his ass played with and maybe a dildo inserted so he would better understand what his women go through to get used to anal sex. She was surprised to find that he was completely open to the idea and eager to try it. So she lubed up her toy and his ass and suggested to Cassie that she suck his cock while Bev introduced her toy to Trace’s ass. Cassie placed herself in the 69 position so she could watch the hot action while she sucked his dick and also so he could lick her pussy at the same time.Bev slowly made the dildo work it’s way into Trevor’s asshole and began moving it in and out. They worked into a rhythm of him sliding his cock deeper into Cassie’s mouth as the dildo went deeper and he would pull back as Bev did the same with the toy. Trace found that he actually liked it and Cassie was getting pretty worked up at the sight and came on his tongue just watching the toy move in and out of his backside. Trace was even more aroused and did not last as long as usual, pulling out and coating Cassie’s face. Bev laughed at Trace’s response. “Maybe you should try a cock up your ass, Trace. Seems like you really enjoyed that.”Cassie chimed in, “That would be so hot!”Trace thought about it and remembered that he was actually tempted to at least reach out and touch one of the guy’s cocks that joined him and his grandmother for a group fuck. He had to admit to himself that he found the thought somewhat arousing. “Maybe I should sometime,” he chuckled. “We will see.”The wheels started turning in Bev’s head. She remembered back to a couple of experiences she and her husband had in their younger days…Over the next few days, Bev spent more time with Penny. They spent plenty of time engaged in their sexual pursuits, talking about their past and working out some differences. They were closer now than ever and Penny had really opened up emotionally and sexually with her mother. They were having a great time together. It was time, in Bev’s mind to bring up the subject of broadening Penny’s sexual world – with or without Joel’s participation.”I’ve been thinking,” started Bev carefully, “about how you should proceed next with regard to the sex life you would like to have. I don’t think it can just be adjusted to include sex with your mother. I think you need to consider expanding that somewhat. How do you want to approach Joel and do you want to explore sex with other women or other men?”Penny said that she would like to get the fire reignited with Joel, but she was afraid it was going to require something more drastic than her sucking his cock to get him started again. Bev agreed. Penny was concerned that it might require bringing another woman into the picture and she wasn’t sure she could handle that unless it was someone really special to both of them and that would be fraught with all kinds of risks, including their marriage.”What if it was someone close to both of you with no risk of busting up your marriage?” asked Bev.”Well, that would be great, but I have no idea who he would be interested in that we could both agree on and contain the relationship to just occasional sex and be someone we could both enjoy. I would also ideally like to keep it short term so that we could slowly move into just he and I enjoying great sex together. And don’t forget, he is having a difficult time just getting it up without the ‘blue pill’.””I actually have a couple of suggestions – one for you and one for him. Trace is actually open-minded to Cassie’s interest in women and I heard him say that he would be fine sharing her with another woman. Why not you?” Bev studied Penny as she spoke and was surprised that Penny actually seemed to like the idea.”But would she be interested in me? I mean, I am 20 years older than she is and I am his mother.” she countered.”First, Cassie thinks you are a wonderful woman and admires you very much and even commented on your beauty. I don’t think that would be an issue. And I think they would both be relieved that it is someone they both know and trust so it cuts the risk for them the same as it does for you. If you are willing to consider it, I think I have an idea of how to bring up the subject so as not to create misunderstandings or embarrassment. Want to see where it goes?””What the hell!” Penny said with a laugh. “I am already fucking my own mother. Why not throw canlı kaçak iddaa my son’s girlfriend into the mix as well!” Bev laughed and thought to herself ‘If only she knew where all of this would lead.'”But what do we do about Joel? I still want to have a man in me more than a woman between my legs most of the time. Both are great, but nothing substitutes for a good hard dick when you want to actually fuck.” Penny thought about her words and could still not believe she was talking to her mother like this – and fucking her mother as well.”You said it needed to be a woman you both trust and someone who would not ultimately be a threat to your marriage. Would you consider allowing me to seduce him and see where it goes? I think his ED is all in his head. I certainly don’t want another husband, so if I can coax a fuck out of him without his little blue pills, we know we can get him started and then it is only a matter of getting him to see that you have opened up and really want a good sex life as well. Besides, I taught your dad how to really fuck a woman and he became very good at it. I won’t let him get away with jumping on, grunting, cumming and rolling off.”Penny surprised herself by getting a wet crotch at the thought of him fucking her mother. It turned her on even more to think of the three of them getting it on together. “But how will I know that you are not just trying to make me feel better by telling me he is okay and wants me if he can get it up for you and still shows no interest in me?”Bev said that she had already considered that and thought of how she would get Joel over to Trace’s house on a ruse and then “Trace would leave me alone with his dad so I can seduce him. I can already have you there and hiding in the coat closet, the one with the louvers, so you can see and hear everything. Trace won’t have to know what I am doing. We just have to have the timing right.They put their plans together and both were feeling horny at the thought of their scheme and what all would be taking place. They set it up for Monday evening when both would be home from work. Penny would already be there and hiding in the closet. Cassie would be working that evening, so there would be no risk of her walking in on anything. Trace usually leaves by 6:30 to meet Cassie on her dinner break and is gone for a couple of hours. Bev would be ready for whatever eventuality the conversation would take.Monday evening rolled around and Bev had Penny hidden in the coat closet about 5 minutes before Trevor was to arrive home. Penny had emptied her bladder and kept a water bottle handy in case this lasted a couple of hours or went nowhere. Bev had emptied the closet so Penny didn’t inadvertently bump into anything and have one of the guys figure out something strange was going on. Right on schedule, Trace arrived home. Ten minutes after that, his dad showed up to chat. “Hi dad. What brings you over here tonight?””Your mom is out for awhile and she suggested I stop by and see how it is going with you and your grandmother since I hadn’t talked to you in awhile.” Bev walked in from the kitchen wearing a very tight sweater and leggings and made sure Joel saw her. She made a little small talk and went back into the kitchen.”Boy, there have been times when I wish I could get a piece of that ass.” said Joel quietly watching her as she walked away. Trace laughed and told him he ought to go for it. Joel shook his head. “Ignore me. That was a crude and inappropriate thing to say, but she is just about as sexy as your mom. And she comes across as if she would actually enjoy it.” He stopped short of finishing his thought because he did not want Trace to get the idea that he was not happy with his mother.Penny heard the entire conversation and her heart melted at his comment about her looks, and her heart broke at the thought he believed she didn’t want him. Where had they gone wrong? Trace told his dad that he was going to meet Cassie on her dinner break but that he could stay and visit with grandma as long as he wanted to. Trace got up and left, leaving Bev and Joel alone, other than Penny hiding in the closet. “So, you have always secretly wanted me, huh? Yeah, I heard every word. It carries something awful in this house.” Bev had him right where she wanted him. “I am sorry Bev. That was a terrible thing to say and a worse thought.””Don’t be silly, Joel. Even gentlemen get horny and want to fuck. I’ll bet even you get an erection now and then.” Penny nearly fell off her seat listening to her mother working Joel so hard.Joel began to stutter around and Bev pounced again. “I would like to try you on for size as much as you want to take shot at me, so since we are alone, why don’t you show me yours and I will show you mine and we will take it from there.”Joel shook his head. “That would be wrong on so many levels, Bev. I would really like to just imagine and then try to get Penny in the mood.””Do you have trouble getting her in the mood, Joel?””I shouldn’t even be talking with you about this stuff, but yes, and I am having trouble getting in the mood too.””I don’t know about that. Looking at the tent in your dress slacks, it looks like you are in the mood now. Drop your pants and let’s take a look. I’ll show you my big tits if you will show me your cock. Deal?”Joel swallowed hard and stood up and undid his pants. “Just show each other, nothing more.””Whatever you say, Joel.” Bev teased. She wasn’t about to stop at show and tell. She pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra quickly and bared her massive tits for him. He dropped his pants to reveal a hard cock that was somewhat smaller than Trace’s but still more than enough to please a woman if used properly. Bev guessed him to have about seven inches to Trace’s 9 or 10. “Doesn’t look like you have a problem getting hard to me or for me. What is the issue with Penny and your cock?””I have never been able to give her the satisfaction she wants and I am worn out with trying. I don’t know what to do. I have been to counselors and doctors and nothing to show for it. So she is kind enough to fuck me now and then, but I just can’t face it anymore.”Penny started to cry softly as she realized that it wasn’t about her as much as it was about himself. She was really hoping her mother would break through.”Joel, I can help you. Men are not born knowing how to please a woman. Now I can show you directly or I can join you and Penny and give you instruction. Which way do you want to go about it?” “I don’t think Penny would go for having you in our bedroom helping us fuck.””You might be surprised. Want me to ask her?””Are you out of your mind?” he stammered. “She’d kill both of us, slowly with lots of pain if she knew I had this conversation with you.””Joel, you are in for one helluva surprise.”Bev walked over to the closet and opened it to reveal Penny sitting there in tears. She came out and Joel tried to cover himself but it was too late and she had seen it all anyway. She hugged him and suggested that the three of them work together on their problem. Joel just stood there with his mouth open, his pants down and his hard on going from a fast fade to hard as steel again as her words registered in his head.Joel kissed Penny passionately as he realized she really did want him and she returned it with a passion he had not felt from her in years. He felt a tight grip on his hard cock and realized it was Bev to was taking hold of the situation. “I think it is time we figured out what we are dealing with here,” Bev said with some desire of her own coming through in her voice. “Penny, how about you give this thing some special attention. And for God’s sake, get your clothes off. Fucking gets messy when you still have your skirt on!”Penny stripped down, dropped to her knees and studied the erection facing her that had developed all on its own with no help from medication. It was hard and proud and seeping pre-cum as she drew closer to it and began to lick the knob of his cock. Bev finished undressing and urged Joel to fondle her huge tits. He did not hesitate. He began squeezing the oversized globes and licking the now hard nipples. Penny was getting serious about sucking his cock, taking more of it deep in her mouth than he ever remembered her taking in the past. She reached up and massaged his ball sac and he knew he was not going to last long and warned her of his imminent eruption. She just picked up the pace even more. A few seconds later, Joel was emptying those balls into her mouth, sending jets of cum into her mouth in a climax he had not experienced in many years. Cum ran down Penny’s chin even as she tried to swallow it all. She had never let Joel cum in her mouth before. She had considered it nasty and something only a whore would allow. She now realized what she had been missing. She actually liked the taste and the sensation of a man shooting his cum in her mouth. She licked him clean as Bev watched and smiled and the breakthrough. Joel was not going to let one cum stop him from enjoying more of his good fortune. He helped Penny to her feet and moved her to the couch, returning the favor by burying his face between her legs, studying for a second her neatly trimmed pussy region and then sliding his tongue into her pussy. He found her clit and went to work on it, sucking and licking it. Bev moved to begin sucking Penny’s hard nipples. They moved back to the floor so that Bev could sit on Penny’s face while Joel continued to eat Penny’s love hole. He looked up to see Bev’s beautiful ass facing him, riding Penny’s face. He reached up and ran his hands over it and then slid a finger in between her cheeks, finding her asshole and slipping a finger inside causing Bev to breathe in deeply and sigh. Bev and Penny both came at the same time, Bev soaking Penny’s face and Penny squirting all over Joel’s face. He had never seen her squirt before and it sent him to a new level of sexual excitement. He was already hard again, amazing him and the women. Penny was quick to take advantage of it and rolled him over and jumped on top of him taking the length of his cock into herself in one motion. She started riding him hard and fast. Bev wasn’t about to be left out, so she sat on his face so that her asshole was nearly pressed against his nose. That allowed her and Penny to play with each other while they rode their stud underneath them. Joel, pulled Bev’s ass cheeks apart so he could breathe more easily and so he could continue finger fucking her asshole while he ate her cunt.They continued to play for some time and as Bev was sucking on Penny’s nipples, Penny found herself cumming on Joel’s cock for the first time in years. She arched her back, let out a wail of pleasure and bucked uncontrollably as wave after wave rode through her body. She slipped off of Joel and lay on canlı kaçak bahis the floor next to him as Bev took her place and sank down on Joel’s still hard cock and picked up where Penny left off. Joel began squeezing Bev’s massive tits while she rose and fell on his shaft. Penny lay next to him in the aftermath of her best ever climax and watched as her mother fucked him with all her energy. After only a few minutes, Bev climaxed as well and the shudders running through her body were obvious. Shortly after, Joel pumped his hot streaming cum into her pussy and they all found themselves lying on the floor next to each other smiling in satisfaction, pleasure and a certain amount of pride – especially in Joel’s case.The calm did not last long however, as Trace and Cassie entered to find them all spread on the floor, naked as the day they were born with cum draining from virtually everyone onto the rug under them. Penny was horrified that her son would see her in such a state, Joel frankly didn’t give a damn, and Bev found the whole situation rather amusing and full of potential. Bev was the first to break the silence as Trace and Cassie just laughed at the sight and suggested that maybe they should have arranged to join the party taking place in their own home a little sooner. “Well, k**s, the facts of life are on full display here, so I hope you all had been properly educated and this will not scar anyone’s psyche.” Bev’s sense of humor was always present and ready for anything. “Unless you k**s are totally disgusted by the older generation still fucking like a****ls, I suggest you get naked and prepare for the second act.”Cassie was already naked before Bev could finish her sentence and was headed for Penny. She knelt beside her, cupped one of Penny’s tits in her hand and gave her a welcoming kiss on the lips before sucking on a nipple. Bev joined Cassie and started on the other one, knowing Penny was going to need some special attention and a little time to adjust to the evening’s developments. Trace was naked and he and his dad sat on the couch and watched the women play with each other. Trace already had a massive erection and Joel was surprised that he was starting to get another one already. He had never, in his memory, been up for three consecutive rounds in his life, but these were certainly unusual circumstances.Both men found themselves looking at each other’s hard cocks with curiosity and fascination. Not knowing it, both were having the same thoughts. They wanted to reach out and stroke each other’s cock, but neither wanted to admit it to the other and neither wanted to be the first. As Cassie began licking Penny’s pussy, Bev noticed the men eyeing each other. She suggested that they feel each other up and stroke each other a little, convincing them there was nothing wrong with that any more than there was with the women playing with each other. Both continued to sit there, not making a move. Penny climaxed loudly as Bev was coaxing them men on and when she finally quieted down, Bev got up and instructed the men to stand up. They did and she had them face each other. She stood beside them, forming something of a triangle facing the couch. Penny and Cassie sat next to each other in a tight embrace and watched to see what Bev, the family sex educator and initiator, would have the men do next. She had each hand wrapped tightly around a cock and pulled the two of them closer together. She aimed each cock at the ceiling and had them step close enough that their cocks were now shaft to shaft. She moved her hands so that they both were wrapped around both cocks, locking their shafts together against one another. She slowly began to stroke up and down on them as if they were one cock. The men watched with additional arousal as their cock skin moved up and down over their cock heads as she stroked. Even though Trace had a longer cock than his dad’s, Bev held them in such a way that their cock heads were adjacent to each other. She did this for a couple of minutes until the men seemed to feel comfortable with having their cocks together. Then Bev tried something she had only done one other time years ago. She bent over and began to run her tongue over both cock heads at the same time, essentially giving them a simultaneous blow job of sorts. Their two cock heads were too big for her to take in her mouth, but she was giving their heads a fantastic tongue bath. Penny and Cassie were getting hot all over again watching the men in action together. Cassie leaned forward and then joined Bev by starting to lick their shafts while Bev worked their knobs. Both men were starting to groan with pleasure. Cassie looked up at Trace and suggested, “I think it would be hot if you took your dad’s cock up your ass. Willing to try it?” Joel’s face went pale. He desperately wanted to try it, but he didn’t want Penny to think he was into men necessarily and he didn’t want Trace to think less of his as his father if he agreed. Trace paid no attention to his dad’s reaction. He just looked into Cassie’s eyes, showing his desire to please her in any way he could. Penny stepped up to Joel and whispered in his ear, “I love you and if you want to try it, I agree with Cassie. It would be hot to watch. But if you don’t want to, no one is going to be upset with you.”Joel was now at ease and said he was willing to try it if Trace was open to it. Trace nodded and got down on his hands and knees. Bev retrieved the lube and oiled them both up really well since Trace’s ass was technically still virgin, having only a dildo inserted there prior to now. Cassie got down next to them as Joel went to his knees behind his son. Cassie gripped Joel’s cock and guided it to Trace’s opening and Bev instructed him on the slow , easy pace of penetration. Penny was beside herself with anticipation, raw sexual desire and a need for more. After Joel had managed to slowly work the length of his cock into his son’s ass, he started with slow, long strokes. Cassie was gently tugging on Joel’s balls from behind and between his legs trying to encourage a fairly quick cum from him. She knew Trace would not be able to do this for long on his first time and she knew this from her own experience. Bev looked at Penny and instructed her to get in position to suck her son’s cock. Penny was startled by the idea of having sex with her son, and that revelation seemed odd since they were all already having family sex and her husband had just buried his cock in her son’s ass, so she laid on the floor and scooted her head under Trace, tilted her head back and took is long shaft into her mouth. Bev reached under Trace and massaged his balls just as Cassie was doing for Joel. Both women knew Trace could not last long in his first ass fucking. Bev gave one final set of instructions. “Joel, when you cum, pull out and shoot your load on his ass for all of us to see. Trace, when you are ready to cum, pull out and cover your mother’s face with it. This is a special moment for all of us and we want to watch you guys deliver the money shot!”Between the erotic new experience for Joel, the heat and tightness of Trace’s ass, and the constant massaging of his balls in Cassie’s hands, Joel’s third cum arrived much quicker than he would have thought possible. He grunted, announced he was going to cum, pulled out and launched his load half way up Trace’s back, leaving a trail all the way down to the crack of Trace’s ass. Penny had removed herself so she could watch her husband cum yet again and took the liberty of licking his shaft clean while Cassie licked the cum off of Trace’s body. Bev took over blowing Trace. When he announced he was ready, Penny knelt in front of him. He stood up and aimed his long rod at her face and stroked the final few times necessary to bring on the eruption. His first shot nearly went over her head and landed in her hair and extended down over her right eye. The next hit her squarely in the forehead and drifted down her nose, over her lips and ended at her chin. He aimed his third shot at the left side of her face and it hit her forehead, down the outside edge of her eye and ended near her ear. His final shot missed her face entirely and landed on her left tit just above the nipple. The men received a round of applause from the ladies for their demonstration. Trace went to the kitchen and brought out a bottle of whiskey and some mixers, although most took their first couple of drinks straight. Joel was going to need some time to recover, but Trace was still hard. His first cum of the evening did not faze him in the slightest. After his mother had finished her second shot, he leaned her over the back of the couch and before she could agree or object, he slid his long, thick shaft into her pussy. She had no intention of objecting and his dad paid no attention because Cassie was sucking his cock trying to coax anther erection out of him. The effort was starting to pay off as he could feel his cock coming back to life. Bev was content at first to just watch, but she took another shot and got down behind Cassie and began eating her ass. Trace hammered his mother’s pussy relentlessly and after making sure she had a good, hard cum of her own, he flooded his mother’s pussy with a thick load of spunk. Before pulling out, he leaned over her and cupped her tits in his hands and whispered an “I love you” in her ear. She smiled back at him as he moved around to his grandmother who was still on her hands and knees eating Cassie’s ass. He leaned over his grandmother and just as he had his mother, cupped her tits, whispered “I love you” and asked if he could fuck her ass. She nodded and he quickly buried his rod as deep as it could go. Penny watched the chain develop as Cassie blew Joel, while Bev ate Cassie’s ass, while Trace fucked her mother’s ass. There was nothing Penny could do but climb onto the back of the couch and sit on her husband’s face and feed him her son’s cum while he ate her pussy.They spent the night together as one big happy family. Shortly after the chain fuck session ended they all had a few more drinks and ended up sleeping wherever they happened to be at the time. The next morning, they took turns showering in twos or threes and agreed they would go get some breakfast before taking a day of vacation for those who had to work so they could spend that day repeating the night before.Bev mentioned that she would be leaving in a couple of weeks when her house was ready. Trace suggested something different. “Grandma, how about you sell your house and move in with Cassie and me permanently? In fact, The house next door to the one I showed you is listed with me now and it is big enough that all five of us could move in together and we could have an open invitation within the family for nightly fuckfests for anyone that would like to join.”Bev looked at each family member and all of them seemed to like the whole idea – especially Penny. “Sounds like we all have a deal. I can’t wait to introduce all of you to some really interesting positions.” she said with a laugh.

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