Great Loop Ch. 16A


This set of stories are meant to be read as chapters in a book. If you haven’t read the previous chapters of the Great Loop, I recommend you do to better understand the characters.

All characters are fictional. Obviously, many of the place locations are real.


For all of you that have been following this story, I apologize for the long wait between Chapter 15 and this one. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws curve balls that take a while to clean up and get your mind set back into the story. I hope to finish this series in another chapter or two at most. Thank you for staying with me. I hope you enjoy the final chapters as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Creekman


After saying good bye to George and Alice, I pointed the boat north. The morning was cold so I ran the boat from the inside bridge. Since I was by myself and there wasn’t much boat traffic, my mind tended to wander. I guess maybe I was bored, no one to talk to, trees losing leaves, the sky overcast and gray, and the wind putting a light chop on the lake.

I started thinking about my ‘friends’. I know, that could be dangerous and very distracting. They each seemed to have some quality that I was attracted to, but couldn’t figure it out. I quickly eliminated hair color, height, boob size, and body shape because they were all different. They all seemed to really enjoy sex, but that usually occurred after the attraction had all ready formed. Since I use my computer for navigation sometimes, it was on the console and in screen saver mode. I watched as the screen saver switched every 15 seconds to another picture. It finally dawned on me, it was the smile. Each one had a different smile, but when they smiled, their whole face lite up and their eyes seemed to sparkle. In each case, they made me feel like I was the most special man in their life and had made their day just by being with them. Wow, that is so cool. I wondered if I made them feel the same way when I smiled. Probably not, I was probably to busy checking them out! I was going to have to pay more attention to that when I took their pictures to try and capture that smile or look.

I found an anchorage for the night and started thinking about the holidays with Jill and BJ. I’d need to find a place for the boat, then find an airport, and a way to get to the airport. After studying maps, charts and looking at marina’s, I figured my best bet was to fly out of Clarksville, Tennessee. Trying to get a flight out at Thanksgiving at this late date was impossible, so I booked a flight mid-week of the week before Thanksgiving with an open return flight. I tried several marina’s before I found one that would let me leave my boat for an extended time without having to rent a slip for the entire year and could get me to the airport.

Chicago was cold and windy, but the reception by Jill and BJ was HOT. It was good to have their arms around me and to have them in my arms. The kisses were very spicy. Back at their house, we barely made it in the door before clothes started coming off. This was the I haven’t had sex in way to long and I want it now sex. It was raw and wild, crazy and fast. All of us came with very little effort. Finally, we moved on to the bedroom where we became much more loving. The kissing, caressing, and snuggling was a prelude to a long evening. Jill and I shared our tongues, explored each others body as if it were our first time together while BJ caressed my back and teased my ass. When I mounted Jill, BJ lined us up and proceeded to excite my balls as I pumped in Jill. Jill and I came together with her screaming and me groaning. All three of us were laughing. BJ was next but I needed a little time to recover, so she cleaned up Jill and when she finished, she cleaned up me. That got me ready for her. Jill returned the favor and as BJ started to sit down on my cock, Jill lined us up and BJ slid down my pole. Both Jill and I teased BJ’s tits and nipples and she had a glorious orgasm while I dribbled some cum in her. It was great to be together again.

Nights we were together in Jill’s bed. Days, they both worked, but I seemed to have inherited a ‘Honey Do List’ as I had chores to do while they were working in anticipation of the holidays. I even had to do the grocery shopping. There was going to be 10-12 people over for Thanksgiving. So I had to find a big bird and all the trimmings. The night before Thanksgiving, the girls were busy baking pies. Others were bringing salads, home made bread, wine, and other goodies.

Thanksgiving we were all up early, but the girls did get their creamy delight and I got my morning juice. It was going to be a great day. As the morning progressed, Jill’s mom showed up. She was gaunt and thin from weight loss, most of her hair was gone, but she was in good spirits, smiled and laughed easily. BJ’s parents arrived from Wisconsin and BJ gave them a warm reception and introduced me. I was already aware that they didn’t approve of BJ’s life style, but they were friendly and ankara moldovyalı escortlar sociable towards me. Other friends arrived and the house became full of laughter and the smell of dinner in the oven.

When dinner was ready, the wine was poured, and BJ’s father cut the turkey. It was one big happy family around the table. I was happy to be part of it. Jill’s mom ate little and tired quickly, so after dinner Jill took her home. BJ’s parents left to get home before the snow got too bad and by 10:00 everyone was gone, the dishes done, the food put away, and the quiet was wonderful. I sat on the sofa, one girl on each side of me. Both had their feet tucked under them and their head on my shoulders. I pulled them close and gave each a kiss. We fell asleep that way only to wake a few hours later to go to bed.

Both girls continued to work as Christmas got closer. I did chores around the house, got a tree and decorated it. I also went shopping and got both Jill and BJ a diamond necklace with a gold chain.

Christmas eve evening was filled with a lot of bare skin as we lay in front of a fire making love. All three of us made love to each other. It started with BJ and Jill pleasuring each other and then I made love to both of them. I was one very happy man, but even more important, I was realizing that I was falling in love with them both. A new experience for me.

The next morning we woke to our usual morning pleasures and then learned that we had gotten 6 inches of snow over night. Jill left to get her mother while BJ and I made love. We finished just in time. Gifts were opened, both the girls loved their necklace, Jill and BJ gave Jill’s mother sweaters to help her stay warm during the winter. Jill gave me another book on Frank Lloyd Wright and BJ gave me a gift certificate to a huge used book store. Dinner was served and then Jill took her mother home while I shoveled snow. Good exercise, but not any fun. The rest of the day was quiet. We ate, drank and had some wildly fun sex. I especially enjoyed watching Jill and BJ together. It was really beautiful and kept me hard.

New Years eve was also quiet. Jill’s mother didn’t want to do anything, so she stayed home and went to bed at her usual time. The three of us had a repeat of Christmas day except we were naked more than we were dressed. BJ lived up to her name, I ate pussy several times during the day and it seemed that I had one or more tits in my hands all day long. Talk about a perpetual smile on your face. At one point, Jill started stroking my cock and I came on her tits for BJ to clean off. Later, BJ stroked my cock and I came on her face and Jill lovingly cleaned her off. Another time, Jill rode my cock while BJ sat on my face and they played with each others tits then BJ cleaned Jill while Jill cleaned my cock. We all laughingly came together at the stroke of mid-night.

January brought more cold and snow. Jill was busy at the club trying to help people lose the weight they had gained over the holidays and working part time as a physical therapist. BJ was at the start of tax season. I was pretty free to do what I wanted. Mostly I stayed home and started planning the years cruising.

Jill’s mom had to go in for another chemo session and Jill wasn’t available, so I stepped in to help. It was a real eye opener. The cancer center was bright, warm and airy. Everyone was upbeat and positive. Even Jill’s mom seemed happy to be there and see all the people she had made friends with. She was more talkative than I had ever known her to be. The treatment room was like a hair salon or barbershop. Everyone was sitting or laying there with an IV in them, talking, joking and laughing. All this despite the fact that for most of them, they were going to feel like shit for the next week or two, be weak, vomit, not hungry and all the other side effects that chemo can have. I admired all of them for their determination and up beat spirit. Jill’s mom took almost a whole month to restore her energy and appetite back to something close to normal. When I called her a tough old broad, she hugged me, laughed and said thank you.

When I first started planning for the loop, I didn’t realize just how many side trips were available. Louisville and Nashville were a couple I took, but I could have gone to Pittsburg. I could go to Chattanooga and Knoxville. This was going to be my third summer on the loop and I probably would not have to take another winter break. Jill was planning to join me at the end of May and stay with me to the end of September if her mom was doing better. BJ was joining us for the month of June. She couldn’t get away any longer than that. I planned to be back on the water in early April.

The three of us spent evenings talking about what we wanted to see and do. I enjoyed the time together and we seemed to bond even more. It may also have had something to do with wandering feet!

One evening one of the girls was intent on giving me a toe job when my phone rang. It’s very unusual for me to get a phone call, but when I looked, sincan ukraynalı escortlar it was Ben.

“Hey, Ben, how are you?”

“Cold and up to my ass in snow! How are you?”

“Cold, but I have better things between my legs!”

“You lucky dog. Say, how bout you and the girls come out and we go skiing. Big Sky is just south of us and we can also go to the slopes around Missoula. You can stay on the ranch with Shirley and I. We’ll put you up in the bunkhouse.”

“Just a minute, I’ll ask BJ and Jill.”

Their scream of excitement almost deafened me.

“I guess we’re coming. They both ski, but I’ve never tried it. Maybe I’ll sit at the bar and watch all the snow bunnies.”

“Like hell you will. You’re going to learn. We got lots of bunny slopes for wimps like you!”

“Ok, I’ll call you and let you know the dates. We’ll probably try for the first week in February.”

“Great, thanks. Talk to you soon.”

The girls immediately started talking about new ski clothes and other things. I pulled up the computer to check flights and make travel arrangements. The girls would have to confirm that they could get the week off. Jill wasn’t going to have a problem because she’s an independent contractor, but BJ would have to make arrangements.

The flight to Bozeman was uneventful. Ben and Jill had met, so I introduced BJ to Ben. He gave me a wink. Back at the ranch, Shirley was busy baking and took to both girls right away. Ben and I put the luggage in the bunk house. The bunk house was not at all as I had imagined. It had a common area, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a hot tub out back. Two bedrooms had king size beds and the other two had bunk beds. He had converted the building so when his daughters and grandkids visited, they had a place to stay.

“The girls and I’ll use one of the rooms with a king in it.”

“Shirley and I figured that’s what you’d do. You’ve come a long way from the fat guy that didn’t have a sex life to the fit guy you are today. I can’t even imagine your sex life. Reading between the lines of your blog, you must have had sex with every woman you met on your trip. When do you go back on the boat? Are Jill and BJ going with you this year?”

I laughed.

“I’ll probably get back on the boat in late March or early April. We’re planning this years cruise now, but Jill will probably join me at the end of May for a few months. Her mom has cancer and her treatments are scheduled to end with the May treatment. BJ will probably join us for a month, probably June or July, but we’re still planning. I’ve met a lot of women, but no, I haven’t had sex with all of them, but some of them were really fun. I’m kinda falling in love with Jill and BJ, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

“We better get back in the house and see what plans the ladies have hatched for the rest of the week.”

The next morning, we were off to Big Sky. Jill and BJ were excited to be skiing some big mountains. This was their first trip to the Rockies. I was amazed at all the condos and hotel space that is around big ski areas. I got outfitted with ski’s and boots and Ben set me up with a cute little instructor to teach me to ski. I spent the better part of the morning on my ass and standing up just to fall back down. Dawn (the instructor) was laughing so hard she fell. Ben and the girls showed up in mid-afternoon and decided I should graduate from the bunny slope, Dawn agreed. I made it down a bigger slope with the help of Jill and BJ, but it was obvious that I was not the athlete that Jill was. She was the best skier in our group, followed by BJ, then Ben and Shirley. I didn’t consider myself a skier yet.

Back at Ben’s ranch we retired to the Bunkhouse. I was tired and sore. Jill ordered BJ and me to undress so she could give BJ and I a massage. Soon we were all naked and I was on my belly. Jill was working on my shoulders and back and her bare pussy was rubbing my ass. Soon she turned around to work the back of my legs and her pussy was on the back of my head. When she told me to roll over, I came nose to pussy. I knew what to do, so did BJ as she promptly sat on my stiff cock. After we had all come, we lay on the bed laughing at my antics on the ski hill and Jill’s great massage technique.

The rest of the week, we skied different resorts in the area. My skiing improved, but I couldn’t keep up with the others. In the evenings, Jill, BJ and I took turns getting a massage from the others. We also used the hot tub and I ate both pussies as they sat on the edge kissing and BJ lived up to her name by giving me a great blow job and then sharing my cum with Jill. We thought the term snowballing was appropriate given that it was snowing.

Back in Chicago, Jill and BJ returned to work. For BJ, the longer hours were beginning as the tax season got going. I continued to look at options to try and decide what side trips I wanted to take and what Jill and BJ would want to see and do when they were with me. Frequently, the planning sessions turned into sex sessions and one night as elvankent minyon tipli escortlar we were laying in bed after a round of sex, with me in the middle, I realized I was as happy or happier than I’d ever been. As a smile grew on my face, BJ asked, “What are you smiling about? As if I didn’t know.”

“Actually, the sex is great, but I’m really smiling because ………………..I love you both!”

There I said it. Both yelled, “and we love you too!”

Then the kissing, hugging and loving started again. When we finished, we showered together and went to bed with me in the middle again. We gave each other good night kisses, I put my an arm around each and sleep came quickly.

Time seemed to go by fast. Jill’s mother kept going for her treatments, BJ was working all kinds of crazy hours, Jill would stop by her mothers on her way home from work each day, so we didn’t get together until after 7:00 most days. I spent several days at the used book store with my gift card from BJ and ended up using it all and adding to it as I found a variety of books that looked interesting. I ended up with 2 dozen books.

April came and the air was full of spring. I was getting an itch to get back on the boat. I didn’t know what work it was going to need and I wanted the time to do it. It was decided that I would leave on the 23’d and meet Jill in Knoxville Memorial Day weekend.

The night before I was to leave, the three of us stayed in, got naked and made love. I took my time, played with their erogenous zones, kissed, fondled, and teased them until they begged me to fuck them. As I was eating one’s pussy, I was fingering the others. I teased their asses and threatened to explore that entrance, but both were adamant that would never happen. Finally, I placed them side by side and took turns with each. They played with each others clits as I stroked in them. My first load of come came in Jill and I quickly moved to BJ for the second load. More was coming, so I pulled out and sprayed both of their bellies. They immediately started cleaning each other up. It was sensuous, erotic and exciting to watch.

The next morning started with creamy delights and pussy juice. I also told them again that I loved them. We had shipped my books and other stuff to the marina so I was traveling light. Jill dropped me off at departures and hurried off to work. She had tears in her eyes.

Back at the marina, it was good to be back on Second Chance. I had a mechanic check things over and we decided not to pull the boat and clean the bottom. He thought it could go another year. We changed the oil, the filters, found a leak on the AC and fixed that, some lights needed new bulbs, a battery was corroded so was replaced, and a seal around a window had leaked so we replaced that. A good general cleaning and she was ready for the journey. I took it out on the lake for a test run and it didn’t run well, so back at the marina we found a bad injector on one of the engine cylinders and replaced that. The boat ran much better.

I needed to get going. Nashville to Knoxville is 10 days and I was two days out of Nashville so I still had eight days to go. I motored north towards the Barkley Canal that would take me from the Cumberland River to Kentucky Lake on the Tennessee River. The canal is a mile long traverse of the ‘Land Between The Lakes’. It is one of Kentucky’s most visited recreational areas and if you can dream up an outdoor sport, it probably already exist in this 170,000 acre play ground. The canal is also large enough that most any recreational boat can use it without difficulty.

It was a long day, but I made it to the canal in one day, found an anchorage and prepared to traverse the canal first thing in the morning. That night Jill and I texted. I missed both Jill and BJ. Running the boat is so much easier with someone to help. We were both counting the days.

The next morning, I transited the canal and entered Kentucky Lake or also the Tennessee River. This would take me south to the Alabama boarder, west to Huntsville, and then north and back into Tennessee at Chattanooga and then to Knoxville. After meeting Jill, we would turn around, take the route in the reverse direction all the way to the Alabama Mississippi border where we would enter theTennessee Tombigbee Waterway or Tenn-Tom as it’s often referred to.

As I motored along I started noticing all the great places to anchor up for a night or more. I thought it would be fun to spend more nights at anchorage instead of finding a marina every night. It would also be cheaper. I would need to find a marina that had a good store so I could get supplies and then the only time I would need a marina was for fuel, tank pump out, fresh water and more food. Two nights later, I stopped at an anchorage location, got the boat anchored, broke out the grill, poured myself a drink and settled in for a quiet evening. Within the next 30 minutes, two more boats were anchored in my little cove and before the evening was done, two more were there. All the boats had groups of people on them. One was an elderly couple from Pittsburg with their daughter and her husband, another was a father/son pair seeing how fast they could do the loop, another was a couple that had just retired and were using a rented boat to see if they would like it, and the last boat were newly weds on their honey moon. We didn’t see much of them.

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