Growing Pains , Pleasures Ch. 03


I was now almost 25 years old, married with 3 kids, a conservative and sheltered past, and two men besides my husband under my belt so to speak. I had discovered the power of my sexuality. My husband Tom had discovered his strong passion for hearing about me being sexually involved with another man. I still wrestled with the complications this caused for me in resolving this new me with the old fashioned girl I used to be. In the eight years since my high school cheerleader days, my body had actually gotten better as I filled out a little in the right spots. My hair was long and flowing and I was very comfortable with my body and looks. I now knew that I could sway and control others with my self-confidence and sexuality. This was all still new to me and for a while I wavered between confidence and unsureness at times. But I knew that my life was changing!

Tom returned from his summer school camp for the weekend before finishing his second week away from home. I had slept with Herb, our neighbor, while Tom had been away during the week. Herb was the second man other than Tom. Tom was horny when he got home and as we made love, he wanted me to fantasize about being with another man. Because I had just been with Herb, I was hesitant to do this. Tom was really worked up and wanted it really bad. I was afraid to tell him that I had slept with Herb for real. I knew he said he wanted me to do it, but I wasn’t sure how he would handle it. To change the subject, I asked him if his horny nature had anything to do with what happened while he had been away. He confessed that he had spent time with a girl who taught at another school.

They hadn’t fucked, but they had played with each other and reached orgasms together. She was also married. This made me a little angry, because I thought he was using my body to replace this woman in his fantasies. Later that night in bed, Tom asked again if I would fantasize about fucking somebody else. I said, Who?” He answered he didn’t care, he just wanted to hear what I’d do. I said I couldn’t think of anybody, which was a lie, because I was already thinking about Herb. He actually told me I should use Herb, as he knew that we were friends. Herb and Tom only said “Hello” once in a while. Not really friends or anything. I said OK, and started.

As I thought about it, telling Tom how Herb and I had talked across the driveway, I decided to tell him what had actually happened as if it was a fantasy. I told him how Herb came over and we talked while lying on the pillows on the floor. I told him how I knew I was going to fuck him when he kissed me. Tom started moaning. I knew he was cumming escort bostancı soon so I quickly finished the story, telling him how Herb pushed my bra and tee shirt up over my breasts. I told him how excited Herb was with my tits and how he started to move down on me. As I told him how I grabbed Herb’s cock and pulled him onto and into me, Tom started to cum. He was still thrusting into me as I finished the story about Herb cumming so quickly because it had been such a long time since his wife had left him. As we lay in bed, Tom started to ask me for more details. I told him it was just a fantasy. He said he didn’t care, make them up! He wanted to do it again. I tried to give him more details, but I knew I was giving myself away.

After a few minutes, Tom looked and me and said ” Did you really do it?” I looked back and I don’t know why, but I started to cry. Tom said it was OK, he wasn’t mad. He just wanted to hear about it again. I said that what I had told him was true. I went on to give him all the details I could remember. Every little movement, sound and feeling. I could see what a powerful effect it was having on him. He was hard in minutes and fucking me so hard I could hardly talk! He fucked me every spare minute until he left for camp Sunday night. As he left, he said “Invite Herb over again, and this time, take more time and do him really good!” I laughed and said; “I don’t think so”.

That night I started think about Herb. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. He had wanted it so bad, and had been so excited over my tits. I thought about the feeling of control I felt with him. I knew I would do it again. I just didn’t know how to go about it. I had never set anything up before. I knew Herb had Mondays and Tuesdays off and would be home those nights. The kids had another ball game Tuesday, so I decided that was the night, Tom called Monday to ask if anything had happened yet. He was more excited than I was! I told Tom that I had decided to invite Herb over on Tuesday night. He said he would call Wednesday morning.

On Monday after the kids left for school, I watched for Herb to come outside. He came out about 10:00 and started to cut the grass. I put on my bikini and headed for the flowerbed between our houses. I kept track of where he was with the mower, and whenever I knew he could see, I would bend over so my ass would show. Other times I would stand and pretend to stretch so that my tits almost popped out of my top. He kept slowing down more and more when he got close to me. Finally I stood up took off my gloves and reached under my bikini top to “rearrange” my tits. I could see ümraniye escort him coming toward me with the mower from the corner of my eye, and I let the strap of the bikini top fall over my shoulder, let my gloves drop and as I grabbed for the gloves, I let one tit become exposed to his view. Acting surprised, I turned toward him as I started to reach for the strap. His jaw had dropped about a foot. He quickly looked down and pretended that he hadn’t seen my little act. When he looked up again I had turned away, readjusting my top.

A few minutes later Herb approached with a cold glass of lemonade and no lawnmower. He said I looked hot and thought I might need a cold drink. We laughed and chatted a minute. Then I asked him if he was going to the game tomorrow night. He said yes and I suggested we go together. He told me I looked really sexy and made mowing the lawn more fun than ever before. I just laughed. We agreed to meet at the game with the kids. Nothing was said about my little show.

The game was fun for all and afterwards we went for pizza with several others from the team. Herb and I didn’t get to talk much and I never had a chance to invite him over. We got home and I took a bath and put on a sexy gown that Tom had bought me for fantasies. After I got the kids in bed, I called Herb. He said his kids were sleeping too. I asked him if he wanted to come over for awhile. He just asked if he could bring a bottle of wine.

Ten minutes later he was at the door. When I greeted him with a kiss in that filmy gown, he knew we weren’t going to play video games. We had one glass of wine on the couch and kissed a little. I said, “Let’s go in the bedroom and get more comfortable.” I lit a couple candles and we kissed. I slowly undressed Herb, letting my hands run over his body, exploring what I hadn’t had time for before. When we were both naked, he laid me down on the bed. We touched and kissed. I slid down to his cock and started to lick him. I took him in my mouth and gently sucked. He was big and hard, but much calmer than the last time. After a few minutes, he said he wanted to taste me too. We sucked and played with each other for a while. I asked him if he was ready to fuck me and he turned around and pushed my legs apart a little bit more. I was wet and loose and wanted to feel him in me.

He lowered himself onto me and played with my tits as he eased himself into my cunt. He stroked me for quite a while, touching, kissing and sucking my neck, tongue and tits. Then he begged to me to let him cum! He said he knew I hadn’t cum yet, but he wanted to let loose. I said “Go for it Herb”. He did! kartal escort bayan He started banging away like a jackhammer, pounding and crying, ” Oh fuck me Annie, fuck me!” He came really hard and for a long time. I told him it was all right. I enjoyed it. We laid and talked about what we liked about it and how it felt. We both fell asleep for a little while. It was after 10 pm when he woke me with his cock at my stomach. “This time let’s get you off.” he whispered.

He played with my breasts and put his fingers in my cunt finding it very wet and ready. We kissed and he asked how I wanted to do it. I told him I could only cum riding on top. He turned over, his hard cock standing straight up! I straddled his hips and slid him into me. It was instant pleasure! I rode him fast and hard, never thinking about him, only myself! I came in minutes, throwing my head back and moaning so loud I though I’d wake the kids. Herb held my hips down tight against him as I rocked and slid back and forth on his cock. I know I came at least three times before Herb started groaning and thrusting uncontrollably. He exploded in me like an atom bomb! I could feel his cock spasming again and again inside me. I collapsed on top of him and we both just lay there.

I awoke first this time and reached down for Herb’s cock. He became aroused immediately. He lay face to face with me, fingering my cunt and sucking my tits while I played with his balls and cock. Then we started trying different positions. We didn’t talk about it, just moved each other as we wanted to, trying everything we could. I rode him again, frontward, then with my back to his face, stroking his balls as I rode. I stood beside the bed and bent over as he entered my cunt from behind, pulling my hips back hard, driving himself deep into me. Finally I got on my hands and knees, letting him take me from behind as I knelt on the bed. He pulled me back almost sitting on his cock and pounded me so hard I couldn’t believe it still felt good. I’ll never forget how it felt. He was like a mad man, pumping slamming into me and pulling me tight against him. We were both sweating and cum was running out of me all over the bed. We caught our breath, kissed a few times and he got up, dressed and went home. I fell immediately into a completely satisfied sleep.

When Tom called at about 9 the next morning. I was afraid to tell him everything. I started by telling that we did it again. He asked how Herb had cum. I stammered, as I didn’t know what to say. He had cum three times! Tom said, “Did he cum in your mouth?” I told him, ” No, but don’t get mad Tom, Herb came three times last night!” I think Tom came in his pants over the phone. He called back three more times; asking for more and more details each time. When he got back Friday night he was insatiable. I knew he was happy, I just didn’t know where we were going from here. That’s the next chapter.

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