Growing Up Ch. 04


Hearing my grandfather get up out of bed in the next room I immediately woke up. I quickly got up to make him breakfast but first I had to get out of these shorts. I had gotten quite attached to them over the week. I liked them because they fit me so well.

As I posed in front of the mirror in my room with my back turned and looking over my shoulder. I could hear Martins voice in my head, “Your ass is nicer than most girls.” Looking at how the shorts hugged my hips, they just did barely cover my smooth bubble butt. Plus if I bent over just right, the bottom of my nice curvy ass cheeks would just barely peak out.

With a sly smile I headed to the bathroom. Yeah I better not walk out in these. I don’t think I could explain them to my grandfather. Brushing my teeth and washing my face I headed to the kitchen. I was already dreading and looking forward to this day all at the same time.

“You know that you’re going to have to do the irrigation run with Martin today and tonight.” My grandfather’s voice booming at me in an even low tone just as I walked into the kitchen. I just nodded my head as he spoke. My grandfather was old but he wasn’t stupid. He knew that there was something going on between Martin and me. He just didn’t know what. As he sat there watching me start to cook his breakfast I assured him that all was well and the job would get done.

Then he reminded me that his girlfriend was having a cook out tomorrow and in order for me to be able to go I had to do the late night irrigation run by myself. “Martin did this morning’s run alone, it’s only fair,” he mumbled. Again I nodded and let him know that I understood. I really wanted to go to this cookout because I wanted to see Janie. I really needed to talk to her.

I quickly put breakfast on the table and my grandfather ate pausing in-between bites to ask me what had gotten into me. I asked him what he meant and he proceeded to tell me that my cooking was better and the house never looked better. I just shrugged and played it off. It didn’t take the old man long to finish his breakfast and after a little small talk he was out the door. Off he went to put in his Saturday half day of work before leaving for the weekend to get his groove on. I loved that crazy old man.

As soon as he was out the door I quickly went into my room and did my daily routine. After a full week I had become quite proficient at it. By this point the whole shaving, baby oil and lotion thing was a breeze. My body finally dried off allowing me to get dressed and I proceeded to clean the kitchen to start my day.

As I looked around I suddenly understood what the old man was talking about. I was proud of myself. Establishing my new routine had given me a new sense of purpose, it had carried over to all my other tasks. I was paying more attention to detail and everything was in order. The house was the cleanest I could ever remember it being. After patting myself on the back I went to my room and laid down for a minute letting time go by. But I knew that I had to eventually go see Martin.

I got up and did the final step of my routine. I had not done my cleansing yet because I kept telling myself it wasn’t going to happen. But the more I thought about it the more I came to realize that deep down inside I wanted it to happen. I knew that if Martin pushed I wouldn’t be able to say no so.

I mean who was I really trying to kid? I wanted Martin to make me his. I wanted to belong to him. But I wanted to belong to the nice Martin. The polite gentleman that made me fall for him. Not the crude pervert that almost choked me to the point of passing out. Not the Martin that made me feel violated and used. Deep down I wanted him but I was scared.

The walk to the workers quarters seemed longer than usual that day. It was a good little walk and the day was already heating up. I walked past the corral which as long as I could remember never held a cow much less a horse.

Past the repair barn which was the largest of all the buildings on the property. It was the place where all the tools were kept and space for all the equipment repairs. Next the 3 utility buildings that held everything from seed to fertilizer to equipment parts and finally the workers quarters.

Standing there in my work shirt and jeans I took a deep breath then exhaled.

Knocking on the door there was no answer at first. I knocked again. Just as I was reaching up to knock a third time the door opened. It opened so suddenly that it startled me. There in front of me in a pair of dirty jeans, his pants with the top button unfastened and the zipper pulled down stood Martin. His hair was uncombed and he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Even in that disheveled state that he was in I couldn’t help but notice how good he looked. His hair mussed up, mannish boy face and his chiseled upper body. But all that stopped as soon as I looked into his brown eyes. I couldn’t read them so I didn’t know what to think. But to this day I do know that I was aroused at that moment. I can remember that I was getting casino şirketleri that funny feeling in my balls that I knew meant only one thing. My cock was starting to dribble.

Martin took a step back and I knew that was his que for me to come in. Taking a deep breath then exhaling I stepped inside. As I looked around the room my mouth about hit the floor. Martin didn’t say a word he just went back into his room and fell on the bed. Before me was a room full of empty and half empty beer bottles. Empty and half empty food containers. There was a pungent odor everywhere.

I can’t explain why but my first reaction was sorrow. I felt so bad for Martin. In the entire time he had lived here his home was always spotless. Without hesitation I started picking up and cleaning. Gathering up all the trash then all the dirty dishes. Picking up the dirty clothes and tossing them in the laundry hamper.

After about an hour all the dishes were clean and I headed out with all the bags of trash. As I walked back inside I heard a voice call out from the kitchen. “Make me something to eat, something light.” Without even thinking and to this day I don’t know why. Two simple words came out of my mouth, “Yes sir.”

My mind was racing but I kept calm. I quickly made him some toast and coffee. Don’t laugh. I wasn’t a chef, I was eighteen and all my senses were in overdrive. I was on the brink of losing my fucking mind.

As I set the small plate with toast and his coffee mug down in front of him Martin grabbed my hand pulling me onto his lap. Now my heart was racing. I placed my left hand in my right, resting them on my lap and my feet crossed as I sat on his lap looking down as he started talking.

“Why have you been ignoring me?” he would ask. As much as I wanted to answer him nothing came out of my mouth. He repeated the question and again I sat there silent. Placing his left hand on my back he started to gently stroke my back. My eyes instantly closed at the touch of his hand. I had missed that touch all week but I was too afraid to say anything.

Then without warning he reached up with his left hand and grabbed me from the back of my hair. Jerking my hair and pulling my head back a slight gasp escaped my mouth. Martin turned my head so that I was facing him. Sitting there with my mouth slightly open he leaned in and put his mouth on mine.

Instantly I was lost in that moment. The feel of his lips on mine and the sudden intrusion of his tongue into my mouth sent me over the edge with emotion. His tongue finding mine as we did that little tongue dance, kissing passionately. Martins’ right hand was now moving up my shirt until it finally reached my breast where he immediately began fondling my nipple.

As we kissed and without hesitation I slid my right arm up under his arm that was fondling my breast. My hand sliding up and grabbing on to the back of his neck pulling us tighter together as we kissed. My left hand holding on to the arm that was up my shirt.

Then without warning he pulled back. “I’m going to shower and when I come out I want you on my bed with your clothes off,” he said very matter of fact. The sound of his voice came across as serious but not crazy. I sat there looking into his eyes, listening to his command, my mouth still slightly pouting having been just released from his kiss. Again he spoke, “Do you understand what I just said?” Again his voice speaking with authority, my mind, spinning. I nodded yes but that wouldn’t do. “No,” he paused then continued. “I want to hear you say that you understand.” I replied quickly, “Yes sir, I understand.”

Martin stood up and I was off his lap. Before walking away he pulled me to him and I instantly looked up into his eyes as he dropped his mouth on mine for one more, tender, kiss. As he pulled away from my mouth he playfully nipped at my bottom lip with his teeth while he cupped my ass. Then looking into my eyes with a stern look he said, “Thank you.”

As Martin closed the door to the bathroom I dropped to one knee. My heart and mind were racing. I instantly felt my nerves kick in. It was as if every nerve in my body was fighting for my attention. I remember thinking, be calm. Just be calm. I stood up as I heard the shower come on. I knew at that moment, this was going to happen. Even though my brain was screaming at me to get the hell out of there. I couldn’t. My body took over and I slowly started walking into his room.

I slowly started undressing. I was playing out every scenario that I could think of in my head. How was he going to fuck me? Was he going to bend me over? Was he going to lay me on my back? Had I loosened myself up enough with my toy all week and lube! Oh my god, the lube!! Of course I left it at home.

What was I going to do walk around with a tube of lube in my pocket? All these thoughts fighting each other for my attention.

But by now I had removed all my clothes. As I finished neatly folding them I placed them on the big chair in his room. After letting out a big sigh I crawled into his bed. casino firmaları Sliding under Martins single bed sheet I could smell him. Pulling the sheet over my chest and up to my face I inhaled. Matins scent hit me instantly. As I looked down at my crotch I could see the small wet stain starting to form on the thin bed sheet where my cock was. I was drooling out pre-cum.

This was going to happen. I couldn’t stop it.

The bathroom door opened and my heart dropped then bounced into my throat. Martin stepped out of the bathroom into the room. His hair damp, his body glistening and that gorgeous cock swollen and hard. Martin walked over to me with something in his hand and a towel over his shoulder.

“Pull the sheet down,” he would command. Doing as I was told. My eyes fixed on this man standing in from of me. I continued pushing the sheet down, “Stop!” Martin growled. I immediately stopped lowering the sheet. Stopping at my waist. Lying there exposed from the waist up Martin gave me that boyish grin of his. At that moment I could breath. Because at that moment I knew. This was the Martin that I had fallen for. That smile and those eyes told me that everything was going to be ok.

I was still scared because one quick glance at Martin and I knew that somehow that monster cock between his legs was going inside me. Just like that the panic was back. Suddenly all the lingering questions in my mind started going a million miles an hour in my head. How was he going to fuck me?

I started thinking to what Janie had told me the week before. Anal sex was all about that first penetration. I had to relax and breathe. Janie told me not to tense up because if I tensed up the pain would be unbearable. “The last thing you need to do is tense up just as he’s putting it in you,” I remember Janie saying. As I lay there staring at that monster cock between Martins legs all I could think of was, yeah, this is going to hurt.

Martin climbed on the bed grabbing my ankles and pulling them apart. I instantly started spreading my legs. “Put your hands over your stuff,” Martin would say. My stuff? What does he mean my stuff? Lying there looking into his eyes he would glance down at my crotch. Then it hit me. He wanted me to cover my ball sack and cock with my hands. All I could think at that moment was that he didn’t want my balls getting in his way so I did as I was told.

Reaching down with one hand covering my “stuff” I pulled my cock and balls back. “Spread your legs,” he called out. Doing as I was told I could feel the coolness on my hole as I slowly, totally exposed myself to him. My legs apart as wide as I could get them. I had my legs bent back to where my ankles were almost touching the back of my thighs.

Then he took off the top of the container that was in his hand and I watched as he scooped out some kind of goop into his three fingers. I watched as he smeared the goop onto his hard cock. Then reaching down he smeared the stuff on my hole. At the moment that he put his fingers on my hole my head automatically tilted back and my eyes closed. Sliding the sheet down over my crotch then grabbing on to my balls pulling them back. My other hand stretched out to the side holding a fist full of the fitted sheet.

I moaned, a deep full moan.

Martins’ fingers were finally on me and before I could think his middle finger slipped inside with ease. “Ohhh…” I moaned. Again. Uncontrollably. My eyes still closed I was amazed with the ease that his finger had slipped in. Whatever that lube was that he was using it was working really well plus my toy had more than prepared me for his finger.

Martin carefully worked his middle finger in and out of me as I squirmed with delight each time he pushed in and pulled out of me. Then without as much as, “here comes another one,” he slipped in his index finger. Easily. I moaned. Again. A deep moan, toes now uncontrollably curling. Then another one but this one caught my attention and without being able to stop it. I let out a high pitched squealed. A soft. Squeal. Martin now had his index, middle and ring fingers inside of me and he was working me oh so good.

I tilted my hips upwards giving him all the angle that he needed to work his fingers in and out of me. I was breathing hard and softly moaning with each penetration. There was no pain just a slight passing discomfort when he first pushed the third finger inside but that discomfort was long gone. Holding my cock and balls pulling them back each time he pushed in. At the same time I would rock my hips up to meet his fingers. Then moving my hips back down as he slid his fingers out.

Martin had me where he wanted me. I was enjoying being finger fucked. Just as I was losing myself with all the new sensations of having my ass played with Martin stopped. Martin very slowly pulled his fingers out. My mouth releasing a faint whimper of disapproval.

Wiping his hand with the towel that he had over his shoulder then tossing it down on top of my crotch. I took this as a sign to move my hand and I güvenilir casino did but I adjusted the towel and sheet over my cock and balls because I didn’t want my pre-cum drool getting on Martins stomach. As I did this I was amazed at how much I was leaking and I wasn’t even hard.

Martin moved up between my legs as he sat back to rest on his heels. Reaching under my ass he lifted me up and slid a pillow under me. Now my hole was aimed up giving him a much better angle and I would come to discover later this would also give me much more pleasure.

I reached down and put my hands on his thighs. Martins’ knees were now on either side of my hips. My legs automatically locking around his hips. I was uncontrollably pulling him into me. My heels now coming to rest on the top of his ass. Martin leaning forward pushing another pillow under me. This pillow was across under my shoulders.

At first I didn’t understand why he put that pillow there. Then looking down I realized he was giving me a perfect line a sight down to that fat cock laying on top of me.

“Just relax babe,” Martin would say in a low, deep voice. Martin placed the head of his cock on my small hole. Feeling that monster on my hole. Panic set in.

Martin leaned in and pushed, slowly. I could feel the pressure of his fat cock trying to push in. Martin paused then he pushed. Again. I felt pressure then right as I started to feel a slight, sharp pain he stopped. My head was about to explode because at the moment that he pushed I could feel every nerve around my hole scream.

Martin held his cock in that spot not giving up any ground on the slight opening that his monster had just created. Martin took aim again and would tell me to, “Relax babe, relax your pussy.” My pussy? My pussy I thought. My asshole was getting ready to scream at me because that monster was coming in. But Martin calling it his pussy sent my already scrambling thought patterns in every direction.

Reaching out to a life line in my mind I grabbed on to the one thought that I knew would tether me to my calm. Ok, remember what Janie said I thought to myself. “Relax your pussy,” Martin said in a low voice. My pus… I didn’t even finish the thought inside my mind. Instead my mouth dropped open and I cried out, “Aggggghhh…!”


Martin pushed. Again. Again, I cried out. Louder!

My hole was being stretched like it had never been stretched before. Martin pushed except this time he didn’t stop pushing. As relaxed as I tried to be the pain was unbearable. The palms of my hand were now flat on Martins thighs, trying to push him back.

My fingers bending back as I tried to keep him from moving. My legs tried to close but he slid his hands behind my knees and pinned my knees down on either side of me. Spreading my legs wider.

My knees were now touching the mattress. Martin had me folded in half and with one final push that monster of a cock head was inside of me. The moment the head of his cock pushed in I could feel my hole sealing around the head of his cock. I was in pain. A lot of pain. Then just like that Martin stopped. He was absolutely still.

“Shhh… its ok baby,” Martin kept repeating over and over. “It’s ok.” My asshole was sounding so many alarms at once that I seriously thought I was going to pass out. The pain seemed to last forever. I lay there my mind still spinning uncontrollably. What was I doing? Why did I think I would enjoy this?? My pussy??? Janie telling me to relax and breathe. All these thoughts racing in my head at the same time.

Then slowly, very slowly the pain started to go down. I still ached but the sharp pain was slowly leaving. “Your pussy is really tight baby,” Martin whispered.

Tears rolling out of corner of my eyes all I could think was, fine. Fine! “My pussy hurts,” I whimpered softly in between sniffles. “My pussy hurts,” I whispered again. It was finally happening. The moment that I had craved for and dreaded all at the same time was happening. I opened my eyes looking up at Martins face and I was falling all over again.

He smiled and leaned down ever so gently so as not to move his cock. Martin kissed my nipple. Softly. Then he kissed the other one. My puffies were swollen now as I looked down to watch him suckle them. I had never seen them this swollen. Then with one gentle, slow push Martins cock inched in.

A deep groan escaped my mouth and my head tilted back as I could feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I was no longer in control of my responses.

Martin pushed in again and I again I groaned, louder. Again he pushed, again I groaned out loud. Then slowly he pulled back. I could feel his girth in my ass, excuse me, my pussy. Then just as the head of his cock was about to pop out of my opening he would stop. Then slowly start pushing back in. As soon as he started pushing back in I was like a cat trapped by someone trying to submerge it in water.

My arms were flailing and my hands would smack against Martins thighs. My legs would straighten at the knees pointing up to the ceiling. But it didn’t matter Martin was way stronger than me and he held my knees pinned to the mattress. His feet were pushing against the foot board giving him more leverage. As if he needed it. I wasn’t going anywhere.

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