Gym Fantasy..

Gym Fantasy..Since it seems to be so popular, another one of my lesbian fantasies.. Going to the gym on a holiday is always a craps shoot; it will either be packed or totally empty. Luckily today it’s empty. It’s much better that way; no waiting for any of the machines, fighting for space in the change room, hunting for a locker and most of all not having to arrive super early for spin class to secure a bike. I walk into the class a couple minutes before it’s supposed to start, towel on my shoulder and water bottle in hand. I take a quick look around, a couple older women off in the corner, a middle age guy in unflattering spandex shorts front & center. I set-up shop at a bike in the middle of the room and wait for the class to start. Just as the instructor is about to start, Laura walks in hurriedly. I wave her over and she takes the spot next to me. We are what I would call “gym buddies”, who know each other enough to say “hi” and to make some small talk but that was about it. I’ve always admired her physique. She’s about my height with shoulder length blonde hair and some amazingly perky C cup breasts. We exchange quick “hellos” and get wrapped up in the class sweating away trying in vain to keep up with the instructor as she leads us in a grueling series of hills and rests. By the end of it I’m feeling pretty winded and very sweaty, my own blonde hair clinging to my face and neck. I swing myself off my bike and grab my towel to wipe my face as Laura does the same. “That was some work out, that’s it for me for today” she says “I’m going to grab a shower.” I notice her spandex capris are riding up giving a perfect outline of her pussy with just a hint of her slit to tease me – bike seats are amazing. I tell her I’m off to the showers too & that I’d walk with her. We had definitely beaten the crowds for the day, as we walked out of the bike studio we notice that the place has filled considerably. We chat all the way to the women’s change room. It too has filled up quite a bit. I make my way to my locker and pull out my bag. As it turns out, Laura’s locker is just a few down from mine. I pull my tank top up and over my head and take a peek over in Laura’s direction. She’s facing away from me but she too has taken her top off, and her sports bra. I can just imagine her türkçe bahis sweat coated tits, topped with pink nipples like gum drops……I shouldn’t stare. My sports bra closes in the front. As I start to unzip, my own large tits strain to escape from their compressed prison, pulling at the zipper to open. They burst free rather abruptly and I shrug the bra off my shoulders. It feels good to take it off, I look down at my chest and caress them briefly. I toss the bra with my top on the bench. I grab the waist of my shorts and pull them down with my panties, my pussy resists for a moment and catches them before letting go. I gently rub my bikini line, sweat, tight panties and shorts don’t mix well with my freshly shaved bits. I pull a towel out of my back to wrap around myself, looking up I see Laura, wrapped in her own towel looking at me. How long as she been watching? Admiring? I wrap my towel around me and grab my shampoo, conditioner and soap as Laura tells me that only one of the showers is free at this point. “We could just share, if you’re comfortable with that kind of thing?” she proposes. My mind races. It was just a quick trip to the gym, and now I can see her in all of her glory…. “Yes” I reply. “It’s just us girls.” She opens the door to the vacant shower, waving me in as she holds the opaque glass door open. I step through and move to the faucet to turn on the water. I stand to the side as the water pours out and I try to adjust the temperature. Laura closes the door behind her and she tosses her towel on a hook. I admire her body, it’s just as I had dreamed. Perky tits, with soft pink nipples, soft smooth skin. I’m surprised, her pussy isn’t bare but she’s sporting a fully trimmed blonde bush, most women are age are shave. I too throw my towel on one of the other hooks. I know my pussy is wet and my clit is throbbing but I can’t let her know. She motions me to the shower head first; I can’t wait to rinse my hair. I move beneath the shower head and let my head drift back enjoying the cascading water flow over me. My tits thrust out with my arms up hand running through my long hair. I almost forgot she was there….almost. “You really do have beautiful breasts”, she says, “I hope me mentioning it doesn’t weird you out.” I open my eyes. She’s right in front youwin giriş of me, closer than a friend or an acquaintance should be. We lock eyes for a split second. I look down, and without a word, cup her left breast hold it up to my mouth and begin to suck on her nipple. She lets out a long breath and steadies herself with an outstretched hand over my shoulder. She lowers her head and lets the water flow over her as she enjoys my mouth. My right hand drifts down, raking my nails slowly over her tight stomach. I reach her. I hold her for a moment savouring the anticipation……. Her muff is soft yet prickly; I haven’t experienced anything like it. I release her nipple with a flick of the tongue. I slide my middle finger inside of her. We both gasp. She reaches around behind me, her elbow locking behind my neck. Her tongue finds my mouth, our breasts pressed together in slippery lust. Totally lost in Laura, neither of us notice that the shower in the next stall shut off and a pair of shutters as a new occupant began to shower next to us. She presses me against the wall, her hands exploring my thighs, my ass, my very desperate pussy….. My one hand holding her hairs keeping our lips locked, the other pressed between us as I massage her clit, playfully sliding a finger or two inside her, enjoying stifling her moans by biting her lower lip. Christ….someone is going to hear us….. fuck it….. I don’t care.Laura breaks our kiss and grabs hold of my hips. Positioning her face between my legs I lean back against the wall as she lifts my left leg over her shoulder. And then my poor aching pussy is in paradise. She’s an expert. The things she does with her tongue I can’t put into words. With my leg over her shoulder, I’ve given her free reign to finger me, I am at her mercy. 1 then 2….then 3 fingers massaging me from the inside out. Her tongue a veritable blur on my clit. I hold the back of her head. She only stops long enough to ask if I am her bitch, to which I can’t agree fast enough. Moaning and thrusting my hips into her face. And then it happens…….. I cum. Nearly losing my footing, she braces me. My passionate cry is merely a squeak. I’ve never been pleasured like this.When my shuttering subsides she stands and kisses me once more. I know my turn has come. youwin güvenilir mi I grab her hands and hold them above her head, spinning her around against the other wall. Her stretched breasts heaving in anticipation. Her eyes close, she licks her lips and I nibble on her nipples. They’re exquisite and hard in my mouth. She comes back around and tells me that she likes to be figured from behind. I release her and she takes up position facing the wall. I couch down, facing her arched back. Her ass and puffy pussy looking right at me. I spread her ass cheeks with my right hand and begin to lick her ass, my left hand reaching between her legs holding her stomach, so close to her pussy she whimpers. I lick circles around her tight little asshole, occasionally probing her slightly with my tongue. I easily slip two fingers in her pussy as I do so. My thumb working her clit. I catch glimpses of her writhing body against the cool glass, her hands grasping at nothing but it’s cool smoothness. I break from her ass and hold my face against the small of her back, focusing on her pussy. Enjoying the softness of her muff and the warmth of her lips. I can feel her breathing hasten. Her pussy grips grinding on my fingers and her abs tighten. She lets out a loud groan and an “aww fuck” as she cums. I stand as she turns to face me. We kiss again as we move back under the shower head. We explore and massage each other’s bodies with lathered goodness. As we turn off the water and grab our towels, we hear a grunt from the next stall and hand shoot up against the glass. We look at each other, not wanting to make a sound. Even though the glass is opaque and cloudy, Laura’s body would have been largely visible pressed directly against the glass…. shit. As we walk out of the stall, to our surprise the spin class instructor emerges from the stall next to ours. She looks us both up & down and then with an authority to her voice said that should would expect us at class tomorrow before grabbing her stuff and heading to the staff area. Laura & I look at each other and giggle. Who are we to turn down what will surely be both an excellent and a long class…. No one else in the bustling change room had noticed anything. We get dressed and head out. I give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow!” She smiles and grabs me for a quick peck on the lips before vanishing into the parking lot. When I get home, hubby asks how everything went. I tell him that it was about how he would expect, but that tomorrow’s class may run late…..

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