Halloween Pt1

Halloween Pt1Another damn Halloween story. Pure fiction.We were probably stoned when we came up with the idea. Todd and I had been roommates for our first two years on college, and got on well enough that we moved off campus for our junior year.Anyway, in late September we were talking about Halloween, and trying to come up with ideas. One of us, I forget whom, suggested we go on the usual pub crawl in drag. We laughed and laughed and laughed, before laughing about some doofus who fell into a swimming pool on some blooper show on TV. And then we laughed some more.A couple of days later, while sober, we remembered the conversation about dressing up like girls and laughed some more. And then it got funnier, because Todd suggested we really do it. Like, seriously. And by that I mean, not just throw on dresses and half-ass it, but really put effort into it. Hell, why not?So, over the next month we went shopping. We bought slinky dresses, wigs, undergarments, makeup, costume jewelry and shoes. And I’ll admit, it wasn’t cheap. Even though we were college students with no real sense of money, I blanched a couple of times at the cost. But, Todd suggested we could win some prize money back, and besides, it was canlı bahis şirketleri all on credit cards anyway.Two weeks before Halloween, I came home and found Todd putting makeup on, sitting in front of his laptop. He found a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do male-to-female makeup, and I gotta admit, there were some dudes who turned into good looking chicks. So, we started practicing. And we got pretty good, I think.October 30th, I started getting cold feet, but he pointed out how much we spent, and had all this crap, so we might as well use it. That evening, he spent at least an hour in the bathroom, shaving his body. Then, it was my turn. I put that goop on my legs to remove the hair, and shaved my chest. When I came out, he pointed out that my arms were still hairy, hairier than a woman’s, so back in I went. And thought, well, Hell, might as well shave my crotch. Just to see how it felt.After baby-oiling my body, I went to bed, and was more than a little turned on by how my skin felt.Halloween was on Saturday, but Friday there’d be a bunch of parties, so we decided to hit those, and kind of test-drive everything. That way, we’d get the most out of our investment.After a quick shower canlı poker oyna and a shave on my face, and a touch up of the few places I missed, I shut myself in my room and started dressing. I did the highlights under my eyes and cheekbones, just like the videos showed, before putting on the foundation. Then came the eyeshadow, big and bold, almost drag queen like, (that’s how most of the videos we saw demonstrated), false eyelashes, blush, and a dark maroon lipstick.I had a bright yellow, scoop neck dress, sleeveless, with a hem that came down to just above mid-thigh. And a curly black wig. A bangle on my left wrist, and some clip on earrings to match the dress, and black high heels. About a 3 inch heel. (Damn we had to practice walking in those.) Underneath, I was just going to wear my usual underwear, but Todd pointed out the lines really ruined the look, so I bought a matching bra and panty set. The bra was kind of flimsy, but it was only holding up some socks so it was okay. I wasn’t about to spend a couple of hundred on falsies.I grabbed my little clutch purse, threw in my ID, keys, some money, my phone, a lighter, and a pack of smokes. I took a deep breath and stepped out, into the bets10 güvenilir mi living room. Todd was already there. At least, I assumed it was him.There was a leggy redhead, in a similar dress, but in white, with matching heels. He looked hot.We stared at each other for a couple of seconds before saying simultaneously, “Damn.” He really looked good. If I didn’t know it was him, I’d have been drooling. As it was, my mouth went dry, so moot point.Todd seemed to have cleavage, and I asked about that. He said some of it was makeup and shading, and some of it was real. He’d found a video that showed how to make cleavage by taping your chest up. He also had something I was lacking. He had bright red, long fingernails. They were press on, and prepainted. And he had extra, so he helped me put them on. As we were applying the nails, I noticed he smelled nice. Perfume. Todd sighed and offered to share. “Can’t you take care of yourself, girlfriend?” he said in a girly voice. But, before spritzing me, we toked up, to take the edge off. Or put it on. Weed always made me a little horny.Buzz acquired, nails applied, perfume sprayed, and a quick touch-up of makeup, and we were ready to hit the streets. But, first, Todd insisted on taking a couple of selfies. And, he insisted we needed new names. “Hot babes like us are not named Todd and Roger. So, I shall be… Colette, and you are… Stephanie.”I liked that. I felt like a Stephanie. And he looked like a Colette…

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