Happy Halloween


It was Halloween and I was working the haunted house for the tenth or eleventh year, the club I belong to does one every year to raise some funds to help kids and keep our programs going the rest of the year. It’s always a challenge getting a place to hold it, the props to furnish it and then finding volunteers to man it. But many of us do it every year and have become great friends through the organization.

This year I went all out designing a wall that looked as if it had fallen in on me crushing the lower half of my body, effectively killing me. I built a false wall then the “crushing ” wall was put on a pulley system so it could be raised and lowered to let me out for breaks and to go home at night. The only small problem was someone else had to let me out, from the backside of the false wall. It worked real well I would lie still as the guides walked our guests through the maze we had built as they neared me I would appear dead then reach out grabbing the leg of some poor unsuspecting young lady begging for help as I bled out.

And of course there were trinkets to buy glow sticks, scary stickers, shrunken heads, and we gave the little kids candy on their way out. Our guides each worked out their own stories to correspond with their trip through the house. Shirley was fairly new to our group and about ten years my junior good looking gal with longish black hair, and a devilish personality. She had married Larry a year ago and he had been in the group about three years and was a fun loving guy. He was the chain saw guy, and had been since he started, no imagination.

Shirley was working as a guide and she was good setting up the next scare like a pro and getting the actors out of jams if they needed. What you don’t know about Haunted houses is the characters quite often get punched, kicked or hit for their trouble and the guide sometimes has to protect them. I was particularly vulnerable lying trapped on the floor grabbing at people. We had devised a working set up where as I grabbed for them, the guide would step up kicking me across the face (missing kartal escort bayan of course) then as I lie unconscious they stood sort of over me guiding the people on to the next scare.

The witch costume Shirley wore did little to cover the well-defined body under it. The flowing black skirt parted as she walked reveling the tall lace boots she ore under it, her bodice lifted her ample breasts into a nice cleavage. This was a witch extraordinary, if the kids weren’t scared of her, their “daddy” probably was.

As the first night progressed I had gotten tagged by a couple of the guides but just grazing shots, the last group of the night was Shirley’s and she missed, or I missed, but I got tagged… hard! Next to my left eye, my head snapped and I damn near passed out. “Oh Shit!” I heard her exclaim as she pointed the people out of the room. “Mick… are you ok?” I waved her on and felt my face, knowing this was going to hurt. By the time they let me out of the wall so I could get to a mirror it was swelling up and would be black by morning.

Shirley felt bad real bad, as we had a couple drinks after closing, I told her not to worry. My wife Karen, had been taking money at the door all night, told her “don’t worry, if he doesn’t get hurt or lose his voice it wasn’t Halloween.” It helped some but she still swore she’d make it up to me someday.

Sure enough the next day I had a shiner, it looked like I had stepped in front of Mike Tyson, “Oh well” I told Karen “less makeup for the wall scene tonight.” We got to the Haunted house early and were making repairs from the night before, along with some of the others as they showed up. Larry and Shirley came in just before we started, my eye was black and 1/2 shut from the swelling nearly bring Shirley to tears. I scolded her a bit. “Hey just be careful tonight,” I hugged her reassuringly and whispered “besides you’re the best looking guide we have, and you give the best show.” She stepped back looked at me sort of funny and winked at me… I think.

The show started and once escort maltepe again I was trapped in the wall getting kicked every five minutes. Shirley led the third tour, as she kicked I turned to the side and closed my eyes, her foot traveled across my face and she put it down on the other side of my head. I suddenly realized she was standing over me with my head inside her skirt. She stepped away as I opened my eyes catching a glimpse of her thigh high boot, as she followed the group out she looked back at me and smiled.

The next time she came by I was ready, again she stopped with my head covered by her skirt, the light reflecting off the floor under that black dress was minimal. Her bare legs disappeared into the darkness; she stood over me just a bit longer this time adjusting her story as an excuse to stand there. Her white panties barely reflected any light, by the time my eyes adjusted she was gone again, smiling once more. As the night wore on she drove me wild as she teased each time waiting just a bit longer before moving on. On what would have been the fifth time she wasn’t in her usual rotation and believe me, I kept track. Two more groups and she was back this time as her skirt went across my face the darkness I saw a flash of light. She had taken a glow stick and had placed it in the top of her boot, the illuminate glow showed her beautiful thighs running up to her tight ass and that no longer was she wearing panties.

The view was magnificent, her black triangle was highlighted in a dull green glow, the shadows cast by the glow stick were erotic, and she stepped away with her crowd. I looked into her eyes, mouthing “WOW” to her.

“I’ll be back” she whispered, I was still visioning that image in my mind when the next group came in and I damn near got kicked again. Two more times she came by showing me her little patch of paradise. Then as another group came through, out of the corner of my eye I saw her slide through the secret door to the false room I had built for the rest of my body. The night before I had wore jeans pendik escort and had lain uncomfortably on the seams all night, so that night I had opted for sweat pants and had been much more comfortable.

She started by teasingly running her fingers up and down my legs, then ran her nails across my crotch getting my attention. As the next group came through and I tried to concentrate on the scare, as I reached towards them she hooked her fingers under top of my pants and pulled them down to my knees, taking my boxers with them. As the group left I found myself trapped in a wall with my pants at my knees and a hard nine inches of meat pointing at a woman I couldn’t see. I struggled to raise the wall and found that I couldn’t budge it at all. I felt her fingernails slowly tracing my genitalia, one hand tickling the hairs on my testicles the other wrapped it’s self around my shaft. From the other side I heard “don’t worry… I just want to show how you sorry I am.”

As the next group entered I could feel her hot breath on blowing on my penis. Again I tried to reach for the group, just as she took me in her mouth. I ducked just in time the performance was only half hearted, and the guide looked at me strangely as she took the group to the next room. Her tongue was a thing of magic, her mouth pure pleasure, then suddenly it was gone the cold air of a light breeze was cooling my hot wet member.

I reached for the next group scaring the hell out of some high school girls, as the group left I felt it… warm, tight and wonderful as she lowered herself on to my eager rod, slowly ever so slowly. Then she rocked her pelvis forcing me deep inside and then she rose to the point just the head was left then down again. I blew my load deep inside her as her vagina clamped hard around me and my body went limp as the next group of Halloween goblins went by, I must have looked like a sweating dead guy and I didn’t move. They went on and I was still deep inside Shirley, when the lights went turned on, “THAT’S IT! ALL DONE!” “SOMEBODY LET MICKEY OUT OF THE WALL.”

“I’LL GET HIM!” Shirley yelled, as she got off me. She pulled the rope letting me out then let the wall back down, as I pulled my pants back in place. “Am I forgiven?” she whispered as she hugged me.

I smiled “Honey, I like your apologies, you can kick me anytime!”

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