Happy Holiday – Part 2


Happy Holiday – Part 2We had been in the holiday resort on a Spanish island for several days, as a sixteen year old I was hormone ridden. A ten day holiday with my Mom and sister, as Dad had to pull out at the last minute. The only female close to my age was Becky my sister, who was a little more than a year older than me. I spent the first couple of days of the holiday with a hard on, fantasising about a German woman I had seen by the pool. Things went a bit unexpectedly and I ended up having sex with Becky.The two of us had just returned to the pool, with some food and a couple of drinks, our Mom had been asleep on the sun lounger, and hadn’t missed us, both me and Becky still had the afterglow of sex on our faces. Becky shared out the food and the three of us ate and chatted for around and hour. The Mom lay back and dozed off again.Becky pulled her tee shirt over her head, revealing her gorgeous breasts, Mom was also topless. As were half the other women around the pool. I lay back, and just thought about the wonderful feeling I had a short while ago as I had made love to Becky in our apartment. Mom’s breathing had got heavier as her sleep became deeper, flat on her back, her large breasts were slightly flatter as they spilled across her 40 year old chest, Moms nipples stood semi erect as the warm breeze massaged them. Becky’s on the other hand looked more or less as full and pert lying down as when she stood up, she was fit and her gorgeous mounds rose like a pair of small hills looking over her flat stomach, her nipples were also standing to attention.Becky turned on to her stomach, “Will you rub some suntan lotion on my back? b*o”. I filled my hands with the oily lotion and began massaging the glistening oil into her shoulders and working my way down her back, as I rubbed the lotion into her side, I spent a few seconds massaging her breasts, which were crushed outwards from her side. Becky moaned slightly as I gently oiled up her breast tissue. I then moved on to her legs, starting at her feet, and working the oil up to her calves and then eventually reaching her thighs. My hands worked the oil deep into her skin, and while I thought no one was paying attention, I pressed my fingertips into Becky’s inner thighs. She parted her legs slightly, just enough so my hand would fit between her legs. I rubbed the oil all the way up her legs, and as my hand gently touched the crotch of her bikini, she moaned again. This time Mom stirred, so Becky whispered, “You’d better stop b*o, or I will cum right here,”I pulled my hands away, and realised I had a regular bulge in my swimming trunks, which meant I had to sit as I was till my erection subsided. Eventually when I thought it was safe I climbed into the water. I swam for a few minutes and then sat in my usual spot on the steps into the pool.As I sat there daydreaming, I was eventually disturbed by a pair of shapely legs, well-tanned, leading up to a small white bikini bottoms and a flat stomach. My eyes rose as I began to pay more attention to the body climbing down the steps in front of me. A small yet perfect pair of breasts, topped with dark pink nipples, slightly erect came into my vision next, as I felt my cock twitch. A hand touched my shoulder, and as the body turned, so a beautifully shaped pussy was mere inches from my face Becky spoke, “come on b*o, Mom has gone up to get ready, we are going into the town for something to eat tonight”I looked up at her and touched her hand on my shoulder, her body glistening in the hot sun, “Thanks for this afternoon Becky, I hope we can do it again sometime”. Becky just smiled and helped me to my feet. As I stood up she glanced down at my swimming togs and commented ”Looks like if you got your way, we’d do it here and now” Becky placed her lips to my cheek and kissed me, not in a brother sister way, but there was something passionate in her kiss.I went over to rinse off the chlorine from the pool, standing under one of the showers as the cold water sprayed my body. Becky stood under the shower beside me to rinse the oil from her body. As she arched her back allowing the water flow through her blonde hair she looked so sexy, the water splashing down her bronzed body.We picked up our stuff from the sun beds and headed to the lifts. As the lift door closed behind us, Becky pushed the button. I placed my hand on her shoulder and turned her towards me, I moved my head in for a kiss, her mouth opened and our tongues met. Becky pushed her body into mine pressing her hips into my groin. I could feel my cock stirring as her hand caressed my chest. The lift door opened, and we broke our kiss. A family were waiting at the lift and entered as we exited. As the doors closed I heard the wife talking to her husband, “there, that’s a romantic couple”, she had no idea we were siblings.The corridor to our room was empty so we stopped at a wall and began kissing again, our tongues teasing and tasting each other. Our hands caressing our bodies. I slipped one of Becky’s nipples into my mouth and gently sucked it as my tongue flicked over her sensitive skin. I pressed my hand between her stomach and the waistband of her bikini, Becky moaned gently as my fingers pushed through her fluffy pubic hair, towards their goal of her pussy. The tip of my finger reached her clit and another moan escaped her lips. Just then a door opened somewhere down the corridor and I pulled my hand out quickly.We made our way to our room me covering yet another erection with the towels I was holding. We passed another couple pushing a pram, and stopped at our apartment door. Becky turned and started kissing me again. The corridor was silent again, and the sounds of our mouths kissing seemed to echo through the hall. Eventually we broke the kiss and Becky put her key card into the door, a slight click and she pressed the door. A moan came from the room, then a muffled grunt. Through the crack in the izmir escort door I could see Mom sitting on my sofa bed. Her head was thrown backwards against the wall, her eyes closed and she was still topless, one of her hands pinching her large nipple. I couldn’t see her other hand, but she was definitely moaning. Becky let the door close gently, and whispered “I think we should give Mom a few more minutes” as she went back to kissing me.Through the door we could hear Mom’s moans get louder, till eventually a loud grunt and the room went silent. Becky pushed the door open again, Mom had moved from the sofa bed, but somewhere in the room we could hear heavy breathing. Becky called out “we’re back Mom”, the bathroom door closed and the shower came on. Mom called back, “I’m in the shower, I’ll be out now”. Becky and I grinned at each other, if we can get some, I’m sure Mom needs her little fun too.After only a couple of minute, the shower switched off, and Mom came out of the bathroom, her towel wrapped around her waist. Her face and her chest were flushed, her nipples were still hard, and her hair was virtually dry. She commented on how nice the shower was, then crossed the room to pick up her bikini bottoms, that still lay on the floor beside the sofa bed. “Hurry up and get showered and dressed and I’ll order a taxi, we can get something to eat in town and maybe go to a bar”Becky showered first, and by the time I was finished, she was dressed and was putting her make up on. She was wearing a figure hugging red dress, that was about mid-thigh length, the love heart neck line showed off the edge of a black lace bra. She had a pair of shiny black high heel shoes on, that made her legs look real long and gorgeously sexy. I dressed in a pair of trousers and a white tee shirt, and Mom wore a white cotton long summer dress.We got into town and found a restaurant that had been recommended by the hotel. The food was good and Mom allowed Becky have a glass of wine and I had a bottle of beer. After dinner we found a bar, with a dance floor that played all the latest music. In between dancing Becky and Mom had a cocktail while I had another beer.Becky looked hot on the dance floor as she twisted and turned in time to the music, several guys, all probably in their twenties tried to dance with her or chat her up, but every time she returned to the table, she gave me a smile and I wink. At about midnight Mom decided it was time to head back to the hotel, I could tell the music wasn’t her thing, so we jumped I a taxi. Mom sat in the front seat, so me and Becky sat in the back, for the whole twenty minute taxi ride, Becky was caressing my leg, her hand occasionally brushing against my cock. Our arrival at the hotel was a disappointment as Becky pulled her hands from inside my shorts. I hoped that Mom would go to bed and me and Becky would get some time together, but Mom decided to have another glass of wine, and Becky went to bed.A couple of hours later, I was lying by the pool, Becky’s mouth was sucking my hard cock, all the women beside the pool were sitting around watching Becky as she sucked and licked my cock. Her hand gripped the base as she slid it up and down my shaft. Her saliva dripped from her mouth lubricating my rigid cock. Her bikini bottoms lay on the ground as my hand played with her pussy, my thumb rubbed her clit while my finger pressed inside her moist vagina. Becky was moaning as her orgasm approached, several of the women on the sunbeds around us, had their hands in their swimsuits, and some of them look like they were about to cum too. Becky’s tongue was flicking the underside of my cock, the head was straining as her tongue pushed against my little pee hole, I could feel the build of my own orgasm, my stomach tensed up, as my balls hardened, Becky gripped my balls and squeezed gently. I was close to shooting my cum into her mouth, my head spun. I was awake. I was dreaming on the sofa bed, my cock was standing at ninety degrees, with my own hand masturbating it.I got out of bed, wondering if Becky would be awake. I crept up the hallway, Mom’s door was slightly ajar. I peeked in, the moonlight from the open window lit the room, she was lying on her bed, a sheet that had been pulled over her was now only covering the bottom half of her legs, as she had kicked it off in her sleep. Her nightdress had ridden up over her waist. With her back to the door, I had a clear view of her ass and her pussy pressed between her thighs. From behind she looked hot. She slept with her hand between her legs, had she been masturbating again in her sleep? Her breasts were peeking from the string top of her nightdress, my cock was twitching.I continued down to Becky’s room, her door was wide open, I slipped in and gently closed the door behind me. Becky was fast asleep on her stomach, lying on top of the sheets. She wore only a pair of pink lace panties. Her breasts were pressed into the mattress, her back and legs glistened in the moonlit room. I sat on the bed for a couple of moments, then lifted her hair from her shoulders and gently kissed her neck, just light feathery kisses. I moved down her back, gently kissing every inch of her soft skin. She moved slightly, she pulled her arms up under her head. I stopped till her breathing calmed down again. She was asleep. Her body rose gently with each inhalation and dropped again as she exhaled. I continued kissing her, working my way to the small of her back and her panties.I slowly moved down the bed and began kissing her legs, working my way up her thighs, first one leg then the second. When I eventually got to her panties and the globes of her small rounded ass, I slipped my tongue in the crevice caused between her ass and thighs. She moaned slightly and her legs parted, giving me just enough room to slide my tongue along her panties to her pussy. I deeply inhaled her scent, a sweet smell emanated from escort izmir deep between her legs. As my tongue pressed gently against her lace encased pussy another quiet moan broke the silence of the room.Becky’s body shifted again, her breathing hadn’t changed, but her bottom seemed to lift from the bed. I gripped the waist of her pink panties and very slowly I pulled them down her legs. I went back to kissing her now nude ass. My tongue slid along her ass crack. I inhaled her sweet scent as I pressed my face between her thighs, they parted a little more, and I was able to reach her pussy with my tongue. My first taste of pussy, Becky’s pussy. The sweet liquid felt good on my tongue, the warm wet juice was sweet to taste. As I pressed my tongue into her, her pussy lips seemed to open to welcome my tongue. Her juices glistened in the dimly lit room.I climbed on to the bed behind Becky, gently parting her legs, her breathing was still slow and deep in her slumber. I managed to get my head between her legs and began gently licking and sucking her warm love opening. Becky moaned, then I heard her whisper, “Oh God, Don’t stop”, she pulled her knees into her body, raising her ass and giving me more access to her pussy. My tongue pushed in deeper as her juices flowed on to my chin. In her higher position I was able to twist so I was beneath her, I flicked my tongue out at her clit, her little bud was standing erect from its hiding place, as I flicked it she moaned and dropped her body slightly. She was now close enough, that I could close my lips over her clit, I sucked gently. Becky’s hips bucked slightly, then she pressed herself onto my mouth. Her thighs gripped my head as she pushed her body against my mouth. Her legs tensed up as did her groin, a gush of her juices flowed from deep within her as my tongue pushed through her hot pussy lips, a quiet gasp, and she locked me between her legs. I could feel her pussy spasm as my mouth still pressed against her. it felt like several minutes before she released me.Becky twisted on the bed, taking my head in her hands and pressed her tongue into my mouth. She kissed me with every bit of passion she had, tasting her own cum from inside my mouth. She licked my face clean of her cum, slurping her own wetness greedily from my face.My sister pushed me back on the bed and closed her mouth over my cock. I was still rock hard, and she soaked me in her saliva. Becky climbed along my body and straddled my cock. she balanced herself on my chest with one hand as she parted her pussy lips with her other. She guided her body so my cock touched the entrance to her love hole. She looked so hot, as she slowly lowered herself on to me hard shaft. My cock disappearing inside her. Slowly she filled her pussy with my stiffness. I could feel her dampness lubricating my cock as it slid along the length of her pussy wall. Her groin reached my own groin, I was fully inside her. For a number of minutes, she just sat on top of me, tensing and relaxing her pussy muscles against the intrusion deep inside her.Becky leaned forward, changing the position of my cock deep inside her. We began kissing. Her muscles still the only movement between her legs. After several minutes she sat up again. Her body perpendicular to mine, both bodies connected by my cock. She was pinching her nipples hard, slowly she raised her hips. The sensation on my cock was bringing me close to cumming. She raised herself so the tip of my cock was just inside her entrance, and lowered herself back down slowly. Becky continued doing this for several minutes, all the time her internal muscles felt like they were milking my cock.I couldn’t last much longer. I groaned as I felt the tension in the pit of my stomach as me cum sac began to pulsate. Becky closed her hand over my mouth to keep me quite. I could feel my cum racing along my inner tubes, racing for its goal of Becky’s deep insides. It felt like a huge explosion in my groin as I shot a wad of creamy warm sperm deep into Becky, then a second. As the third and fourth wave of my cum shot into her, she collapsed on my chest panting. I felt Becky’s teeth bite down on my neck as her moan increased. The pain mixed with the pleasure of my orgasm. The room went silent.Becky lay on my chest for ages, my cock now deflating but still deep inside her. Her pussy muscles still massaging my cock. When I eventually fell out of her pussy, a flood of our mixed juices flowed onto my stomach. Far away in the night we heard a quiet moan, a gasp, neither of us dared even breathe, as we held our breath, we heard a voice grunting as an orgasm took over a body. We lay as still and as quiet as we could. The voice was using serious language, but seemed to be muffled in the distance. Becky climbed off me and slowly opened her bedroom door. The muffled noises were coming from our Mom’s room. Becky beckoned me over. From her door she could see the mirror in Mom’s room, we could clearly see Mom’s hand between her legs as she thrashed on her bed, a pillow covering her mouth. Becky kissed me hard on the mouth and pushed me back towards my bed. It was our last night in Spain, and all three of us had just cum.I fell asleep straight away, still covered in Becky’s cum, on my face and my stomach, dreaming of her pussy rising up and down on my cock. Mom woke me the following morning, I was naked under a thin white sheet, she kissed my cheek saying it was time to get up and get packed. Becky was standing behind her, in just her pink lace panties. As I looked up, I saw my sheet was tented, my cock was as hard as ever. Mom just smiled and gave me a wink,” maybe you should have a cold shower before our taxi arrives.”Dad collected us from the airport, and Becky and myself gave a little giggle when he asked were there any holiday romances.About a week after we got back, I was doing what every other sixteen year old boy does during the school holidays, izmir escort bayan I got up around midday, and just lazed around the house. Mom was cleaning around as I got some breakfast, then I headed for the shower.I hadn’t had a chance to even see Becky’s body since we got back, never mind spend any private time with her. Either she was going somewhere or one of our parents were around all the time. I turned the water on, and undressed while it warmed up. I closed the shower door and climbed into the stall. As I soaped myself, my thoughts went back to our holiday, Becky and me having the most exquisite sex, how her body felt, how her mouth felt kissing mine and mostly how her pussy felt as I fucked her. My cock was in my hand as I stroked it, the soap lubricating me. I was back by the pool, Becky’s mouth was sucking on my hard cock, her bikini lay on the ground, her saliva was lubricating my cock as her tongue flicked across my glans. I felt my orgasm building up, the usual sensation in the pit of my stomach, there were a number of women sitting on sun loungers around the pool, some of them masturbating as Becky was bringing me to orgasm. I had one hand rubbing her pussy, her moistness dripping to the ground, creating a small puddle. My other hand was pinching one of her very hard nipples. The water was splashing all over my body, as I heard a gasp.I came to my senses, my dream ended and I was in the shower. What was the noise? Through the shower screen, I could see the silhouette of a woman, her top pulled down, her nipples between her fingers. The skirt she was wearing was pulled up over her waist, and her panties were half way down her thighs, as her other hand was buried between her legs. She was gasping as she came close to orgasm. Her body was held up by the bathroom wall. I pushed the shower screen aside. Mom was cumming, her hand was blurred as she rubbed herself to orgasm. Her nipples were huge between her fingers, her face and chest were blushed, as her moans got louder. Then with an almighty “Fuck, Oh God!” she came, her legs buckling as the orgasm took hold.I watched as she eventually steadied herself, pulled her panties back up and fixed her clothes. She slipped out of the bathroom, thinking I hadn’t seen her.I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to my room. My cock was still fully erect as I passed her bedroom door. My towel was tented, in fact I’d guess from a certain angle, my cock was probably fully exposed. As I passed her room Mom called me, I turned and pushed her door open, she was standing in the middle of the room, she had taken her top off, but was still flushed from her orgasm. She looked like she wanted to say something, but her words didn’t come out. As I stood in her door way, I could see her nipples growing, her eyes kept glancing down to my towel. Eventually she found a way to speak, she asked if I’d enjoyed the holiday, she said she hoped her breasts hadn’t embarrassed me. She seemed to be trying to ask something else, but wasn’t able to. She just got more flushed.She eventually moved. It was like an uncontrolled movement, her hand reached into the waistband of her skirt, she just stood and stared at me as she pulled her skirt from her waist. She stood beside her bed wearing just her white cotton panties. A dark damp patch was visible on her panties. My cock twitched involuntarily and my towel parted. Mom let out a little gasp. She edged towards me. I stood still unable to move. She reached her hand out and took hold of my cock, which twitched again. She knelt in front of me and fed my hardness into her mouth. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat, she didn’t gag. Her tongue was all over my erection. She released my towel from around my waist and her hands met on my ass. She began pulling towards her, as if to push my cock deeper down her throat.I could feel my cock begin to twitch inside her mouth, my groan was loud as the build-up of an orgasm began. Mom, let my cock free. My orgasm subsided, she began kissing me hard. Her tongue darting into my mouth. She guided me to her bed and lay me down. She slipped her panties to the ground and climbed on top of the bed. As she kneeled beside me, she fed one of her large breasts into my mouth. I began sucking and gently biting her nipples. She was moaning in ecstasy. I reached out and touched her pussy, her pubic hair was matted with her juices, as my finger found her pussy lips, and parted them, she let out a loud moan. My hand was immediately covered in a flow of her juices. I pulled my head between her legs, and began to tongue her pussy. She was so turned on, almost immediately her body began to shake. I took her clit between my lips and sucked. She exploded in orgasm, soaking my face in her creamy cum.She climbed off me. She turned her body offering her ass to me, “Son just fuck me, I need your cock now”. I got up on my knees, my cock straining and prodded her soaking pussy. Her labia parted, my cock pressed against her welcoming opening. Her pussy was able to take me easily, as I pushed my cock in she came again. I reached out to steady her, grasping her hips. She regained her balance and I rammed my cock home. I pounded her as hard as I could as her vocal got louder, her language got worse as she begged me to fuck her hard. As I slammed her pussy, she came again. After only a couple of minutes, I felt my own cum build up. I pushed my cock in as deep as I could and as fast as I could. Her juices soaked my rigid cock, as I began to cum. I told her I was cumming, and she begged me to fill her pussy up. Her order brought me over the edge, I couldn’t hold back any more. My cock spasmed and I felt my cum shooting into my Mom.We collapsed in a pile on the bed and just lay there for a while. When my cock subsided and fell from her a large puddle of our mixed cum soaked her bed. Mom spoke first “I needed that, I haven’t been fucked in months, and seeing you horny throughout our holiday turned me on so much, then hearing you and Becky together made me promise myself I’d fuck your cock. One thing son, just make sure your Dad doesn’t find out”I definitely won’t be telling him.

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