hardcore afternoon at the crowder ave arcade pt 1

Big Tits

hardcore afternoon at the crowder ave arcade pt 1out side, a very hot, humid, new orleans summer saturday, inside, where i have been cruising the the video arcade and theater, it is comfortably cool. of course, as the silky texture of my high french cut bikini panties moves against my swelling hot clit, which is tightly cinched down with cock ring and seperator harness, and is tucked snugly back between my legs, i’ve gotten very hot, even in the loose fitting light shorts and silk hawian shirt i am wearing over my panties, training bra, canlı bahis and sexy full slip. as i round the corner n the arcade i see two men standing out side a couple of booths talking. in approaching them i remember that i had unbuttoned my shirt ealier and they can see the top of my slip and my bra under it, also, the black collar around my neck. i really wasn’t meaning to flash any one like that, so i ducked into the next open booth. although i’ve kinda scared my self with the flashing, it also makes me hotter, i have slid my street bahis siteleri shorts down and off, i’ve placed my finger tips angainst my clit, as i do i can feel it getting hotter, and swelling painfully more in the very tight harness. it is at this point i realize the two have followed me into the booth, and before i can say anything one of them pushes me agianst the wall of the booth with his body, and i feel him roughly grab my wrists as i hear the door being closed and locked by the other. what are you dong here dressed like that he whisper’s güvenilir bahis evily in my ear. as i begin to tell him about my “step dad” being mad at me for being such a bad little cock tease at home, and how he has snuck me in here as punishment for being such a bad little girl. as he pulls my other wrist through the other loop on the rope hand cuffs which he has seen that i had already started, i am now beginging to wonder what i’ve set my self up for, when he jerks hard on the loose rope ends and restrains my hands, i think i might be in trouble when he stuffs the ball gag in my mouth, and just before he lowers the blind fold i see a hot movie playing on the screen, a chair and glory hole, then wonder what they are going to do to me.

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