He says/ She says.


He says/ She says.H…”Mmm oh yesss baby”. Look at the size of that pussy!How can she fit her whole fist inside from that angle?”Oh shit!” , lynnes home!I was in the middle of a good porn pulling session when my wife walks in the front door.What the hell is she doing coming home at 10am? She must have come home earlier and gone out again?”Arumm, hi lynne , have you been out?”. It was a stupid question but I was caught with my cock out and hard while looking at porn , so I had to fill the awkward silence!Lynne…Holy crap! What a night!…. I better get in and changed before I get caught..I was trying to sneak in without being seen but dam! ,howard has seen me , “oh! , uh hello. Umm yesss”. I will let him think I had been home but is he going to realise I’m wearing the same clothes as last night?Hang on , what has he been doing? Is that his cock poking out of his shorts?H…Lynne works in the theatre so she normally gets home around 2am except for nights when she goes for drinks after work with the gang. Those nights she gets in about 5 or 6am.She then sleeps till 12pm so I am about to ask why she had been out already when I realised she was still in her ‘blacks’. The clothes she wears backstage.She would never go out the next day in her work clothes? So does that mean…?So I ask…” but hang on? , are you just coming home now?”L…Uh oh , he’s worked it out! What can I do to distract him? Ohh EASY , he already has a hard on sooo…I’ll just undo a few buttons and…H…Oops shit, now she’s coming closer! If she gets too close she will freak out at me watching porn again. She’s such a prude!Lynne hates that I still get horny all the time when she doesn’t like anything to do with sex.It’s been years since we had sex last and even then she hated doing anything appart from the most basic things. No oral , no anal , no slapping , no talking etc. Where as I want everything!L..I’ll hang my breasts in his face that’ll get his mind off asking where I have been.”So I have been out all night is that okay?”…”sorry I should have called you but I didn’t think you’d be still home”I say.Why are my tits swinging so much…oops where is my bra? .. oh well , now howard really is distracted ha ha! I should swing them a bit so he completely forgets heh heh.H..Fuck me, look at her tits! Why the hell is she letting me see them? Oooaaahh now she’s swinging her massive jugs! WHO CARES bahis firmaları WHY! Well she started it! I’m going to grope them and see what happens? My cocks already hard but now lynne has spread her legs over mine with hands against the wall behind me with her tits almost spilling out of her blouse right in my face!I mean she can see the porn on my laptop but it hasn’t fased her at all?L…Howard thinks I’m such a straight woman with no sexual desires but wouldn’t he be shocked if he knew why I was so late getting home. I can’t even remember half the night. We had gone to bronnies room as usual. Lately two bi guys have been my sex partners.It began a couple of years ago when I began going to the naughty parties bronnie hosted. At first I was just there to be social with friends. I was aware others were doing things in the bedroom but I turned a blind eye. Then this one young guy half my age asked me to join him. I said no , of course , but he explained he didn’t need me for sex but would like it if I watched him with someone.If I knew it was a guy I may not have gone , but after that night I was hooked.Soon I was joining in by getting undressed while watching. Then holding stiff young cocks!That was a year ago. It got more and more naughty till last night!My two bi guys fucked me for so long I was exhausted when they were finnished with me. We had done things I wouldn’t have drempt of even a year ago.But that wasn’t all! After I had passed out I don’t even remember what or who did whatever with my body. All I know is I woke up naked on the couch around 9am with maids poking me.Look at him watching my tits swing. If only he knew that porn he’s watching is tame in comparison ha ha.H…I only need to undo one more button and her huge heavy hangers will flop out by themselves.I don’t know why she’s letting me see this but who cares! I just want to fuck her tits!”Oohh lynnie baby , you look amazing!”She looked terrible actually but her tits were amazing , that’s all I cared about right now!Well here goes!… one more button..and yes! Her heavy udders drop and wobble just inches from my face. Her 6 inch diametre dark nipples are erect and excited , just begging to be sucked.I’m past caring ‘why’ this is going so well , I’m just going to make the most of it!Mmmm her nipples are so tasty today mmm.L…Hmmm that’s not too bad , he’s been practiceing on someone. kaçak iddaa I wonder who?He hasn’t seemed to notice that I haven’t washed all the dried cum off yet.Though I better not let him near my poor worn out pussy before I clean that up!H..Lynne seems up for it. I should go for it! My cock is already hard so it would be just a matter of lifting her skirt up like this… hey! Where’s her panties? Her ass is bare , that means her bare cunt is hovering over my dick. I could pull out my cock and be fucking her in a minute.L…I have no idea where my panties are but now howard has seen that they are missing he will probably wonder where they are. I need to take the next step to distract him more… time to go all out and blow his tiny mind.”Ooohh mmm howie honey , why don’t we take this into the shower? I promise you will like it”H..HUH? “Oh sure!” This is going to be intresting! Lynne has left her tits out. Just as well for her she’s holding my hand because otherwise I’d be grabbing her massive swaying breasts.L..I better get in quick and wash my pussy out. Ha ha , howard’s cock is so hard it’s pointing straight up heh heh. I guess I should fuck him more often. I just don’t need him anymore. I get more than I could wish for from my young studs.I feel a bit sorry that I have never done the things he wished I would. Maybe I should suprise him.H…Oooh nice! Lynnes slapping her tits against the glass mmm. Look at those dark nipples pressed firmly. Her erect nipples are bent over. “Wow nice.. so how would you like me?”L..”How about you get behind me big boy…” lets see what he does when I do this with his hand..H…God! She’s pushing my fingers into her cunt! Her fingers are joining mine inside her pussy! That’s new! Oooh now she’s bending over as if she wants to be fucked right now!Look at this slut! Swinging her boobs and spreading her legs. Her hairy vagina is pulseing , asking for a fucking!What’s she doing? Oh my god! Lynnes got hold of my dick and backing herself onto my pole.I’m not needing to budge as she’s slideing herself up and down my erection.I’m going to grab her hips and pull her onto me…but who needs to. Now she’s gripping the base of my cock again… hopefully she’s not finnished!She rests my cock between her big round white ass cheeks , bends a bit more… , now she’s reaching back to…omg! Lynne’s pulling her ass appart , opening her anus!She’s kaçak bahis backing onto me! My cock’s really hard but her asshole is so tiny that my dick bends under the pressure before popping inside.I can’t believe she is assfucking! She has never done this ever! She seems to know exactly what she’s doing.L…I couldn’t count the number of times my lovers double fucked me.They both have much bigger dicks than howie so this is easy.Look at his shocked face! It ‘s so funny to think how I have been such a slut lately when he has been home masterbateing over porn videos doing what I was doing for real.H…Wow I can’t believe lynnes doing this! Twerking on me like a pro! Hang on… I can cum in her ass without impregnateing her..oooh yes! “I’m cumming”L..What already? Oh well… ” ooh baby , yes cum in me howie!” Yep here he cum’s.H..Wooo hooo , ass fucking! That was amazing! Lynne seems happy enough? She must be sore from her first anal sex though.We head to the bedroom to cuddle.Now that my erection has gone I begin to think??”Um lynne…. why didn’t you have any underware?” She has told me of the party’s the others have but I couldn’t imagine prudish lynne at one so I asked… expecting a ‘no’. ha ha.L…Look at his smug face! Wouldn’t it be great to rub his fucking nose in it!” So what would you say if I said I had spent the night at one of those parties”H..She was joking of course…she is so pathetic trying to pretend she is so worldly.”Oh so you had sex with someone?” AS IF. Ha ha.L.. oh my god! The prick is laughing at me!”Actually it was two guys , muliple times. And that wasn’t the first time either!” H..She seemed to be serious? ” Arrr..you umm , you seem like you want me to believe what your saying?” Come to think of it , it would explain what has happened today…, what if she’s not lying?Oh how great would that be? I always wanted to watch men fuck my wife.”Sooo , could I watch next time?”L…Hah he doesn’t really believe me yet! Wait till he see’s me bounceing around with a cock up my ass and another in my cunt. I might even let him join the cue when I suck off whoever wants it.Look at his dick! He has got hard again thinking about me being fucked by others.”Okay well I see you want to fuck me more but I’m so exhausted from last night .” He looked sad but was happier when I said , ” I’m going to take a nap so if you want me , you will have to fuck me while I sleep.” H…Lynne lay on her front but spread her legs , her pussy available for my cock.I began fucking her with an erection I got from thinking of all the others who had cum in my wife before me that day.

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