Helping Hand Pt. 03


“Before we get started,” Alexis began. “I have some homework for you.”

Tom and Elizabeth had welcomed Alexis back into their home with more enthusiasm than she’d experienced before. They all seemed to gel last time. She was expecting it to be the same way that night. They’d already discussed that last session had been an ease in, with a slight focus on making them — especially Elizabeth — feel comfortable with Alexis. Now that their barriers were well and truly down, they were able to plan for what the evening’s session and the following one was to centre on. Elizabeth had said, right away, that she wanted Tom to take control that night. She was more than willing to be dominated by her husband. Elizabeth’s shoulders had perked up slightly as she listened to what Alexis was about to propose.

“Spanking,” She said plainly. “I have a feeling it’s something you guys might enjoy. Have you done it before?”

Tom visibly twitched in his jeans, which made Alexis touch her tongue to her teeth. “Kind of. I mean- wanted to.”

Elizabeth looked to Tom with raised eyebrows. “We’ve done it a few times, right?”

Alexis nodded as she leaned her elbow on the arm of the chair. “I want you guys to try it more often. We’re gonna try it tonight. But over the next few weeks, I want you to — spontaneously — do it. I’ll show you how to do it properly.”

“Properly?” Elizabeth repeated. “There’s a technique?”

“It’s about punishment not about pain,” Alexis said, brushing her dark hair from her face. “The palm of your hand on the fleshy part will give the right type of impact. A good smack. Take your rings off to start with at least.”

Tom seemed to think it was an order and already slid off his wedding band and the thick silver celtic ring he wore on his forefingers. Placing them on the coffee table, he glanced up at Alexis who gave a small laugh. “Done.”

“I like the enthusiasm,” She raised an eyebrow. “Afterwards, you need to take care of each other. You need to soothe the flesh with gentle rubs. The aftercare is just as good as the actual impact,” she promised. “Anyway. I want you two to try it every other day or so, until I see you again. Decide between you something that deserves punishment. Forgetting to lock the door, leaving the kitchen a mess, not doing the dishes? Anything like that. Bend them over your knee, hold onto the kitchen worktop. Whatever.”

“This sounds…” Elizabeth cleared her throat slightly with a little flush to her cheeks. “Exciting.”

“I’m going to make it a little more exciting,” Alexis tilted her head coyly. “I want you to film it.”

“I thought you said that was on the red list?” Tom questioned with a frown.

“For me, yeah. But not for you. Just use your phone. A quick video. How else am I going to know if you’ve done your homework?”

The couple shared a look, a tiny bit hesitant but then they gave nervous chuckles. “Alright,” Elizabeth grinned nervously. “We can do that.”

“Excellent,” Alexis smacked her hands on her thighs, causing her clients to jump a little. “Tom, why don’t you go up and take a quick shower? Meet me in the bedroom in five?” Tom looked to his wife, to check she was alright with this and when she nodded, he practically flew up the stairs.

“This is okay?” Alexis asked, reaching down to her bag. “I just want five or so minutes with him by himself. I have a feeling we’ll have some surprises up our sleeves for you.”

“That’s fine,” Elizabeth nodded, suddenly aware that it was just the two of them and Alexis now had a type of folder in her hand. “What’s that?”

“Um,” Alexis pursed her lips and stood up. “It’s…kind of like a book. Think of it as low pressure feedback. I know that this could be intimidating at times.” She stepped over to the sofa to drop onto the space that Tom had vacated. She was aware of Elizabeth’s eyes on her cleavage which her tight dress was amplifying. “I know that sometimes it’s a little strange to say it all out loud. So you can do this. And in here, also, there’s options.”

“Options?” She asked and Alexis laughed softly to rest her hand on Elizabeth’s thigh.

“Lots of them,” Alexis squeezed her leg. “Toys and outfits.”

“Wow,” Elizabeth muttered as Alexis rested the book on her lap.

“Just have a look through. If there’s anything you want me to use or bring. Anything you want to wear. Or what you want me to wear.” Alexis said as she stood up from her perch on the edge of the sofa. “Anything you want me to show you, make a mark on the book. Kinda like a catalogue.” She watched as Elizabeth opened up the pages and her eyes twitched slightly at the sight of all the items inside.

Leaving her to it, Alexis slunk out of the room and began up the stairs. She could hear the shower running in the hall bathroom and went to the couples’ bedroom. Like the pro that she was, she set up everything in no time, ready for Tom as he came through to the bedroom with the towel wrapped around his waist. She could tell that he’d taken a few extra minutes to roughly towel dry his hair but not much could keep him perabet any longer in the bathroom when he knew what was awaiting him.

Alexis perched on the end of the bed in the tight dress he’d admired from the second she’d walked into the house. He had been surprised that the zip from the top to the bottom of her dress had managed to stay put. It was so tightly fastened around her body. He wondered if it might snap off if she was to stretch.

“So,” Alexis said, dangling her heeled shoe from her foot. Even though she was curvy and soft, she was somewhat sculptured too, with the muscles on her calves almost carved into her legs. “It’s been two weeks. What have you been thinking about since?”

“I thought we decided what we were doing tonight,” Tom said with his lips pressed together. Under his towel, he could already feel himself stirring. “I thought you were going to show me how to…be in charge.”

“I am,” Alexis agreed. “I just wanted to know, away from Elizabeth, if there was anything else you wanted to do, that maybe you haven’t brought up with her yet.” She couldn’t tell if it was the hot shower or the tension in the air between them that was making the skin on his broad chest go a little red with flush.

“We’re still talking about things,” He said, swallowing as he stepped closer. “We’ll let you know.”

Alexis took it as a hint that he wanted focus on tonight for now. “Tonight,” She started with her seductive voice low and slow. “The thing about being the dominant for you, I think, is making it clear what you want.” She caught his full attention, even though she was still sitting on the bed. “If you feel weird about it to start, then phrase it differently. If you’re not ready to give an order, then say what you want. Instead of ‘Take off your towel’, you can try ‘I want you to take off your towel’.” She glanced down to his covered bottom half and he immediately hooked his thumbs to loosen it so that it dropped around his ankles. “See? You keep eye contact. Whisper maybe. Keep your voice steady. Don’t shout or yell. Just speak.”

“You’re so good at this,” He murmured.

“Practice,” She bit her lip, looking down to his package which was growing every second. “And don’t ask for permission to do anything. You don’t need to ask. Just take and tell. Elizabeth and I wanted you to take us. We know the safe word. Alphabet. Until you hear us say that word, then you can do whatever you want.”

With every word, more blood rushed to Tom’s crotch. How could she do this? He thought. How could she make him ache like this whilst fully clothed and with just words? It was like she was reading his mind.

“Stand up,” He said with a slight clear of his throat. Alexis obeyed him right away and moved to stand in front of him. In her heels, she was almost the same height as him. “Take off your shoes.”

Obediently, she stepped out of the heels and dropped a few inches to feel her bare feet on the soft cream carpet. They were standing so close that she could feel his cock brushing against her thigh, still covered by her dress.

“Lizzie and I have been talking about your tits,” He told Alexis, raising his hand up to touch the silver zip in the middle of the snug black dress. “We talked about them a lot. We talked about wanting to feel them, suck them, kiss them. I want to bite them. I want to fuck them. Lizzie wants to suck them to. We talked about what you mentioned the first time we met- that guy sucking on your nipples.”

“Is that something you want to do tonight?” Alexis questioned as he toyed with the zipper.

“Not so much tonight. I want to fuck them tonight. I want to mark them tonight. We’ve never seen such luscious tits, Alexis.”

“You can do whatever you want with them,” She promised him.

With that, he tugged at the zip on her dress. As he pulled it, her breasts seemed to expand now that they were no longer encapsuled by her tight dress. With a yank, they burst free. The bra she wore was dark purple and moulded with a heavy underwire. Tom admired the contraption with awe, surprised at how the material was able to hold up the heaviness of her chest so tightly. As his hand continued sliding the zip downwards to the hem, he exposed her soft stomach and curved hips to reveal her high waisted lace underwear in the matching purple shade as her bra. Without hesitation, he pushed the dress off of her to drop on the floor, joining her shoes.

“Your ass too,” Tom inhaled. “Turn around and let me see it.”

As he asked, she slowly turned to show off her back side. He stepped back a little so that he could admire the view properly: the lace underwear clung around the middle but revealed the bare, milky skin of her cheeks. Slightly dimpled, he could see how much flesh she had there, just begging to be grabbed. He was about to ask if he could grab it before he remembered what she’d said. He didn’t need to ask permission. Alexis was there to do what he wanted with. She was willing. She was his toy.

Alexis heard the sharp smack before she felt it. The sound of a palm hitting her perabet giriş ass always made her inside jump and she felt the slight sting a second later. It wasn’t sore, just a slight surprise.

“That’s what I’ve been thinking about too,” Tom said, holding his breath as he watched as the skin had already started to redden. That was the beauty of her paleness: every mark was visible in seconds. “How many of these can you take?” He asked with another spank.

With a gasp, Alexis swallowed. “As many as you think I need.”


Alexis smiled slowly at Tom’s correction and she felt weirdly proud that he was finding his way. “As many as you think I need. Sir.”

“Hold onto the bed,” He ordered with a thickness in his throat. Immediately, Alexis leaned forwards slightly to brace her hands on the edge of the mattress. His excitement took over and without even thinking of the best way to do it, he delivered short, sharp smacks.

Blow after blow, Alexis took in breaths, letting her dark hair wall around her face as she clutched her fingers into the soft comforter on the bed.

“Tell me you want it.”

“I want it, sir,” She gasped as the blows continued. “I want it. Smack my ass, sir. Smack it because I want it.”

At that he stopped and she was suddenly aware of her mouth on that reddened skin. Tom had sunk to his knees and started kissing her cheeks, feeling the warmth of her scolded skin. His hand squeezed her pliantly and dragged his tongue over her skin, overwhelmed by the primal urge to consume her. “Fuck,” He groaned, sucking on her skin, grazing his teeth along her as she immediately began to groan and push back into him to welcome his taking charge.

“Tom,” She moaned and he smacked her again before pulling back.

“Whoa,” He exhaled, feeling his legs go jelly. “Your ass. It’s intoxicating.”

Alexis smiled and reached her hand down to help him back to his feet. “I feel the same way about your dick, sir.” His eyes were glazed over slightly and he had to blink the haze away before he got too distracted.

“I want you to show me the things. The things to use tonight,” He swallowed to make sure he paid attention.

Alexis nodded and stepped away to pick up the bag to place on the mattress. “There’s a couple of things. I didn’t know what you’d want to use quite yet.” Pulling out a few items, she went to hold them up one-by-one. “Blindfold, obviously. Handcuffs with a safety release. Flexible paddle: it stings and is a bit more than just a hand but personally there’s nothing better than getting those handprints on the skin. Restraints that can hook onto the head board,” She held up the black material and ripped the fastening. “They’re Velcro. You pull and pull and they won’t come apart but the second you want them off,” She ripped the fastening again to demonstrate the beauty of Velcro over knots. “These…depending on how much you want to use toys.” She showed him the two vibrators: one that fit in the palm of a hand and the other phallic shaped one, just larger than the fist. “And you can use this,” She showed him the simple harness. “It straps the vibrator in place to force it against the pussy for as long as you want.”

Tom’s eyes had gotten wider with almost every revealed toy. “There are so many…”

“Baby,” She touched her hand to his shoulder. “I gave your wife a whole catalogue. She’s downstairs right now, choosing every toy she wants to use on you, to be used on her, on me.” Tom didn’t yet say anything in response to her, just kept his eyes wide. “These, I think you’ll like to use tonight,” She said and pulled the little box from the bag. Inside, variations of nipple clamps sat; some with chains attached and others with spikes, some rubber and some metal. “What do you think?”

“I think I want to use them on both of you,” He said with a swallow. She handed him the box for him to examine so she could go back to the bag to retrieve the last few things.

“Sir, what do you think?” She hummed innocently as she retrieved the final two items from the bag. “If I’m to be your toy for tonight. What do you want to see me in?” She held up to the two items: one, a dark red boned corset which laced in the front and had a black pattern over the front, and the other, just straps. He didn’t know which one was better. His eyes darted between them with an open mouth. “Don’t worry, what you don’t dress me in tonight, you can see me in another day.”

“How does…” He took the thick black straps from her hand and started to laugh. “How does this thing even work?”

Alexis laughed and dropped her head to the side. “Oh, I have so many magic tricks to show. I think we should save that, maybe.” She took it from his hands, meeting his blue eyes when he tugged it back but then let go with a bite of his lip.

“I like this,” He reached for the corset. “I think you would look magnificent in this.” She raised her eyebrows slightly, not moving until she heard the actual order from him and he took a second to take the hint. “Put it on.”

Alexis pursed her lips and inhaled. perabet güvenilir mi “Yes, sir.” She was able to work quickly but turned away from him to take off her bra and switch to the corset. With a look over her shoulder, she touched her tongue to her teeth. “Do you want to get Elizabeth? Or is this part just for us?”

Tom pressed his lips together, visibly hesitating before he grabbed his towel from the floor to wrap around his hips again, but it did nothing to hide the tent he’d created. Alexis laced up the corset in the front. She’d done it so many times that she could probably fasten it with her eyes closed. She knew how tightly to do it so that she could breathe easily but her waist was snatched and her breasts were pressed together and contained. She’d tied herself into it before Tom and Elizabeth had got to the bedroom.

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows as she stepped into the room, not wholly surprised at Alexis’ appearance but still taken slightly aback. Her eyes were immediately drawn to her cleavage and then down to her curved hips and the purple lace underwear. She could just about make out the red marks on her buttocks, which told her that her husband had already started up with their toy.

“Alexis, show Elizabeth what I’m gonna attach to her nipples,” Tom said straight away, not pausing to reintroduce everyone. He was too hard up for that.

“Which ones do you want, sir?” Alexis asked, picking up the box which contained the clamps she’d shown him earlier. Elizabeth raised her eyebrows slightly at hearing Alexis refer to her husband as ‘sir’ but didn’t say anything.

“Whatever you recommend,” He said, slightly dismissively as he directed his attention to Elizabeth. He slipped his hand around the front of her neck to get her attention and, when she looked up at him, he pulled her mouth in for a rough, crushing kiss. Alexis watched them with a small smirk as she took out the adjustable clamps that were perfect for a beginner. She let the chain slide between her fingers as she waited for them to separate, wanting Tom to ease in his wife. It took a few moments but Tom let go of Elizabeth’s mouth and gave a slight squeeze of her neck before stepping back. “Strip her.”

Alexis smiled and stepped forward to pull at the buttons on Elizabeth’s cornflower blue shirt as Tom spouted off his rules to Elizabeth which could basically be boiled down to one thing: do as I say. Alexis gave reassuring strokes and brushes as she undressed the blonde.

Elizabeth stood with her back straight and her body naked as Tom looked at her and took the clamps from Alexis’ hands. He stepped towards Elizabeth, holding the clamps almost threateningly but his hands were soft enough as he cupped one of his wife’s breasts and stroked his finger over her nipple to prompt it to grow erect. He watched as the nipple stuck out from the soft skin of her breast. She was breathing so deeply but he wanted to hear a gasp. He didn’t have to want for long. As soon as he had pressed the clamp to clutch her nipple, Elizabeth inhaled sharply.

Both Alexis and Tom sent their eyes to Elizabeth’s expression to watch her lips part once the initial tinge of pain subsided. There was a small smirk on Tom’s face. “What do you say?” He dared his wife.

She knew how to play along. “Thank you, sir.”

“Good girl,” Tom hummed before bringing the other clamp up to attach to her other nipple, finding her gasp just as satisfying as the first. His tug on the slim chain caused another soft moan as Elizabeth jerked forward to his touch but the clamps applied just the right amount of pressure on her nipples to provide ripples of pleasure. “Mm…something more, I think.” He turned to go to the collection of items Alexis has retrieved from the bag and picked up the silicon dildo. It was a representation of a penis, shorter and thicker than Tom’s but something Elizabeth could easily handle. “Alexis,” He said softly, gesturing for her to come towards him. “Get it wet for me.”

He held the phallus up to her, close to her mouth as Elizabeth watched. Elizabeth had a feeling that she didn’t need Alexis’ saliva to get it wet. Still, Alexis obediently opened her mouth and took the silicon into her mouth, keeping her eyes on Tom as she did so. He pulsed it through her lips, thinking back to how she had sucked him a few weeks before. The flesh coloured plastic disappeared into her mouth and she didn’t gag as he pushed it further down her throat to get it slick with her spit. He pulled it out without warning, looking satisfied with the spit around Alexis’ mouth. Quickly, Tom turned his attention to his wife. “Open.” It wasn’t her mouth that he was referring to, Elizabeth knew that. Her legs parted and Tom sunk to his haunches, nudging her thighs further apart. He felt his heart beat fast when he saw the wetness already on her lips and suppressed his grin. He hardly had to tease her slit with the head of the fake dick before her pussy seemed to swallow it up. He easily pushed it into it’s hilt, burying it in her to cause another moan. “Keep it in there,” He commanded with a tap at the thick base, making her gasp in confirmation as she clamped her thighs closed. “Don’t move.” With his order, he turned back to Alexis, who had been keeping an eye on things from a step away. “Get on the bed. I want to tie you up.”

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