Helping the wife recruiting new cuckolds


Helping the wife recruiting new cuckoldsAll this started when one night I shared my fantasy with my wife. Being married to a five foot four one hundred pound blonde hair and blue eyed spitfire with perfect thirty four b cup tits caused it all. I told her that I’d like to watch her have sex with a well hung guy. She always dresses to please and for years I have witnessed my friends and strangers seeking looks at her body.At first she thought I was giving her a hard time, but when I convenienced her I was serious she said she would think about it. I know she is aware of the power she holds over me but being the true sweetheart she is she never treated me badly.I was just dying to know if she had decided weather or not to go through with it. I would hint from time to time but she played her hand with grace. I wanted to just come out and ask her but for some reason I was afraid to. One Friday evening we went out for dinner and after we where having a drink. I must have been just relaxed enough to finally ask her. I said , honey have you given any thought to what I asked you about? She knew exactly what I was talking about but she loves to mess with me from time to time. She had a puzzled look on her face and as she crossed her leg she asked what was it you asked me? I looked down at her strappy high hills and nylon covered legs. The hem of her dress was high enough to show the dark band of her stocking tops.I almost chickened out. In fact at the very second if I had my life would be totally different today.I took a big gulp of my drink and swallowed, then looking down I started to talk. NO she said very firmly, you look at me in the eyes. If you want me to do something you will ask me to my face and not looking at my feet. avcilar escort Chance number two to chicken out was here. I looked up and said ummm I just wondered if you had given any thought to having sex with a guy while I watched. Her lips parted just a little and she leaned back in her chair. She was staring me dead in my eyes, yes I have thought about it she said. I sat waiting for more. I glanced down then at her and then pasted her then back to her eyes. A smile came across her face. This is killing you isn’t it she said very sheepishly. Well you know I tried to say.She took a sip of her drink and as she satbit down she told me I have decided to do it. It was quiet for a minute or two. I nervously ask what’s next? I said I think its time to pick a lucky guy. She was showing total control and said I have already picked who it will be. Again she paused, she was loving seeing me uneasy. Can I ask who it is I said. She said I’ll only give you a hint. I asked why. She said he is someone we both know and I don’t want you saying something to him and mess it up.I asked her went will I know? She said you will when he comes over the night I do it. But what if I don’t like him I asked her. She said your happiness isn’t a concern of mine right now. I was shocked at that answer, she has never been mean to me before. OH, I said. She took another sip and very matter of fact told me in a new stern voice. You have given me the OK to have sex outside our marriage and since its my body I will be in complete control of who gets to use it. Then she said if that’s a problem then we can just call the whole thing off. I said if I did want to call it off even after all the thought you put into itit, would you? şirinevler escort She smiled and said probably not. So I can wait and watch or I can say no and you will have sex without me knowing. Sounds just about right she said. The whole time her eyes never stopped burning holes in me. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be that sure of yourself. She knew she held all the cards and that power she was showing was exciting as Hell to me. I asked her if she wanted to go to a club and hang out? She said no let’s go home.I paid the tab and we went to the car. As she sat down she pulled the hem up so I could see a lot of her sexy leg. She started tell me on the ride that she wanted the first time to be private. I said I can’t watch? She told me she would be nervous and having me there would be to much. The following Friday when I got home there wasn’t any supper ready. I found my wife setting at her makeup vanity doing her eye makeup. I missed her neck and asked if I needed to shower so we could go eat. She said no , you are going to go alone tonight to eat. I asked why? She said I have a friend coming over . Oh, that’s tonight I asked. She said yes that’s tonight. Well who is it I asked. She said a regular customer that she deals with at work. She told me he will be here at eight sharp. I said when can I come home? She said I’ll call you after he is gone. I was excited but also let down that I can’t watch. I fixed myself a couple of sandwichs and left. I rode around untill almost eight, then I parked on the next street over to see who came over. Right at eight on the noise a black sedan pulled into our driveway. I watched as a tall black gentleman got out. Oh shit I said to myself. He’s taksim escort black. I picked up my cell and failed my wife’s private number. It rang once then her answering message picked up. It wasn’t her normal message. In her voice it said I’m sorry I missed your call, I’m busy enjoying my first black cock, then it said I told you I’d call you when he left. I almost laughed, she knew I’d call.I went to a movie then to a bar to have a beer. It was eleven twenty when my phone rang. I answered it, my wife said OK baby I’m all fucked out come on home. I had it whisper to keep the guy next to from hearing, I said save the creamypie for me. I raced home and when I walked in I called out her name. She said I’m in our room come on back. As I walked in she was laying in the bed her hair was slightly messed up and the covers where pulled up to her neck. There was a peaceful look on her face. Did you have a nice time I asked her? She said yes it was wonderful. I told her I had seen him when he got there. She asked if him being black was a problem? I said did he do you nice? She said yes he did a great job of stretching her pussy with his fat cock. She tossed the covers off and spread her legs. She was wearing a black garter belt and black stockings. Her smooth shaved pussy was slightly red. She bent her knees and raised her legs so I could see her freshly fuck hole. I crawled up and started licking her lips. Her hands grabbed my hair and she f o r c e d my head into her nasty vagina. I ate her as best I could until she said try and fuck me. I was able to slide in all the way to my balls in a single stroke. I came right away. The next morning I was up before her. She got up still wearing the stockings and garter. I told her she looked like a hooker. She said thank you. I said for what? She said for letting me find out what a big cock feels like. She said that’s going to become a regular thing . since then two to three times a month she has guys come over. I still have not been allowed to watch.

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