Her first time – Anal

Her first time – AnalM/FI was dating a girl, Ellie. She had jet black hair, pale white complexion, and the body of a runner. Exactly how I like them.We had been dating for a few months and moved in with each other. We were having sex weekly. She was all natural, a jet black bush. I loved that too.One night we were settling down for bed and I began putting on the moves. Playing with her hair, making out, gentle kisses, hand brushes over her. She responded well.She began to return the sentiments. Kissing me, touching me, playing with me through my boxer briefs. I slide her pajama pants down and begin fondling her through her pink lace panties. She inserts her hand, jacking aliağa escort me under the fabric. I slide them off. I slide her panties down. I run my fingers through her course black bush, making my way down. I rub her, get her going before I insert her anything. Our bodies move closer. I move my hand around her, inserting a finger through the back. She pushes me on my back and gets on. She puts me inside her. She begins riding me. She kisses me neck and she slides, easily, up and down my shaft. MY hands roam down her back, tracing her spine, down to her ass. I grab her ass cheeks, squeezing them. I slide a finger down, feeling my now soaking member as it glides in escort aliağa and out of her, then back up, The pink flower, he anus.I begin teasing and poking it. My fingers are now soaked with her fluids. I insert a finger. She sits up. “What is it you are wanting?” She asks.”Well…” I mumble.”Say it, say it and I might do it.” She teased.”Anal, I want you in the ass.” I state assuredly.She nods.She takes me out and lays on the bed next to me, spooning position, her back to me.”Go slow, I have never done it before.”I ease up to her and place the head at her entrance. I push. With some work from the both of us the head goes in. She tells me to wait, let her adjust. aliağa escort bayan Then she nods again.I ease more of myself into her. I get in to the base of my shaft. I wait a little more until given the go ahead. Then I start thrusting.I wrap my arms around her, I want her close to me I am thrusting, MY dick going in and out of her virgin asshole. She is tearing up.”Should I stop?” I ask, concerned.”No, keep going.”I slither a hand down and begin fingering her clit as I pummel her ass.I feel that familiar rising in my loins. Before I can say anything I am releasing strand after strand of semen into her anus. I look at her. She is crying. “Are you close?” She asks.”I already finished. Did it hurt? I am sorry, I didn’t meant to make you cry.” “No,” She says, “It’s my first time is all.”She then gets up, wraps a towel around her, and goes to the bathroom, most likely to relieve herself of my fluid.

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