Her Mind Wanders…


This story is actually a follow-up to ‘Struggling to Sleep’ which I posted recently. I wasn’t sure how to change the title of that story to say that it was Part One (if anyone could help, that would be very much appreciated…I’m new to this and easily confused!) so this will have to suffice. It’s not necessary to read them in order, but it might be nice to get the full effect. Happy reading 😉


Nearly a month has passed since Alice had found herself furiously masturbating in the same room as her sleeping roommate, and she sometimes found her mind floating back to it. Particularly fun to remember were the little noises Laura had made, totally asleep and unaware of what was happening but apparently having some kind of erotic dream if her moans and whimpers were anything to go by. It had never been discussed – she’d decided it was best to keep Laura in the dark as to her involvement in that particular evening – but Alice had treated her roommate to an unprompted breakfast the next day which Laura had seemed surprised and pleased to accept. Since then, Alice had tried to forget about it but she just couldn’t. Maybe it was just that she’d been pretty desperate and horny, but it was one of the hottest evenings she could remember having and she couldn’t deny that Laura’s presence hadn’t helped. A lot.

The two girls never spent much time sleeping the same room when Alice’s boyfriend James was around. Out of respect for Laura’s privacy, Alice tended to sleep at his house where they could have sex all they wanted without disturbing anyone. James had the top floor of the house to himself so there was no worrying about someone in the room next door, let alone the next bed. Alice preferred it that way. It was easier for her to ignore the memories of Laura’s heavy breathing only feet away as she rubbed herself into oblivion. However, she found her mind wandering back to that night sometimes when she was with James. It’s not like she was attracted to Laura, she constantly berated herself. She wasn’t that way inclined (other than a couple of drunken incidents that were mostly just showing off to impress guys). But there had been something…exciting about knowing that she could have been caught at any point. And sexy noises are basically arousing whether you like it or not. She kept trying to push the incident kaynarca escort from her head but when she was nearing orgasm, riding James hard or with his tongue against her clit, she occasionally heard Laura purring in her head. It was very confusing. And a certain incident that had happened last week hadn’t helped…

Laura, however, was oblivious to all this. She was perfectly happy to have Alice out of their room so much. She had a lot of work to be getting on with and she couldn’t pretend she didn’t relish the privacy it gave her. She had a habit of sleeping nude and padding around the room without a towel after a shower, and it was nice not having to worry about being seen by her roommate. It had happened once though, just last week. She’d been lying on her bed, a towel wrapped around her blonde hair and the rest of her body totally exposed. She had plenty of time before she had to be anywhere, so she was in no rush to dry her hair. There was a chill in the air and her little pink nipples were hard as she flicked over a page of the magazine she was reading. The radio was blasting a popular dance song a little too loud and she nodded her head in time with the music, not hearing the key in the door’s lock until a moment too late. Alice walked in and then froze in the doorway, getting an eyeful of pert tanned breasts before Laura covered herself with the magazine with a shriek.

“I’m so sorry, I’m…God, I am. Sorry.” Laura’s voice was a little strained as she crossed her legs tightly to try and cover the little patch of neatly trimmed hair, the magazine still clamped over her chest. Alice paused for a moment before regaining her composure and dragging her gaze away, walking purposefully to her bed with her eyes politely averted.

“Don’t worry about it.” She sounded much more casual than Laura had expected. “I was just coming to collect some clean underwear and then I’m going to meet James, so you’ll be free to…whatever you were doing.” She waved a hand, still deliberately fixing her eyes anywhere but her roommate’s side of the room. Laura blushed. Now Alice would think that she’d been about to get up to something sexual. The thought made her stomach twist and for some reason, it caused a little tingle between her thighs. She ignored this and stayed watching Alice as she moved to pull two orhanlı escort skimpy lace thongs from a drawer and stuff them into her handbag. Laura’s mind began to wander and she cursed herself for it. It was just because she was very aware of her nudity. It was nothing to do with Alice or anything really. She didn’t like girls, not like that. But she’d always been a little thrilled by the thought of being watched or caught doing something a bit naughty, so the fact that Alice might think that was a bit of a turn-on.

Laura’s cheeks were bright red and she could feel the embarrassed flush down her neck. But she appreciated how cool Alice was being and she managed a little smile as she finally caught her roommate’s eye. The pair exchanged an awkward little look and a nod before Alice left, closing the door quietly behind her and Laura flopped back onto her bed with a groan, one arm covering her closed eyes. Well that had been thoroughly mortifying. How would she look Alice in the eye, now the girl probably though she’d been about to have a post-shower session of self-pleasure? Although…as soon as that thought crossed her mind, the tingle between her legs intensified and she found herself squeezing her muscles a little, the need for release increasing. No. She couldn’t. With Alice still in mind, it seemed a bit wrong. And that wrongness was desperately arousing. She picked up her magazine and tried to focus on an article about a new fad diet, but she just couldn’t. Her mind kept wandering and the heat that was making her squirm a little refused to be ignored. The thought of Alice’s eyes resting just a little too long on her naked breasts and long bare legs, the memory of those tiny lace panties…it seemed as though her nerve endings were on fire as she shuffled her position a little.

Eventually, she surrendered herself to it. The magazine fell onto the floor and she let one hand creep slowly up her thigh. The gentle brush of her fingertips stopped just short of the tender wetness it craved and she gave a little shuddering breath, forcing herself to wait. It would be so much better if she waited. As she stroked at her already perky nipples with her other hand, she dug her fingernails into the soft sensitive skin of her inner thigh in an attempt to anchor her hand where it was. A few moments of panting tepeören escort as she tweaked roughly at her breast and she couldn’t stand it any more. Her fingers found the aching button of her clit and she emitted a moan as she began to work it hard. She couldn’t be gentle with herself any more, it had never really been her style. She tugged on her rocky nipples and gave a squeak as the fingers buried in between her thighs made the ache infinitely stronger and a little better simultaneously. Her legs spread as wide as they would go and she bucked her hips up to allow herself to slide three finger straight into her waiting pussy, still manipulating her clit roughly with her thumb with an expert movement she’d perfected over years of practise. Her front teeth bit down hard on her lower lip in an attempt to stop herself crying out and she dragged her nails over the curve of her plump round breasts, eliciting a moan that couldn’t be suppressed.

As she fucked herself hard with her hand, still roughly grabbing at her breasts and trying not to allow herself to shout as loud as she wanted to, she found herself imagining Alice sat on the other bed across the room. Part of her wanted to push the thought away but as she felt a prickle of intense satisfaction, she decided to let her mind wander. She imagined Alice looking at her the way she’d looked at her earlier, the girl’s eyes fixed on her naked body as she writhed and contorted. In her mind, Alice herself was wearing only the black lace underwear she’d packed in her bag and her big eyes were dark with lust. This thought made Laura whimper and she felt the first throes of the pleasure building inside her. Alice, with her bouncy dark hair and perfectly-formed large breasts. Alice, her breathing heavy and eyes unmoving from the hand thrusting hard into Laura’s sopping wet pussy. Alice, maybe standing to move across the room…perching on the edge of Laura’s bed…her hand creeping out to rest over the one already massaging the hard nipples…

Laura came long and hard, her fingers banging into her as she rode out the waves of electric orgasmic energy coursing through her. She couldn’t stop herself crying in ecstasy, tossing and twisting on top of her bed as she pinched hard at her breasts. Eventually, it subsided and she lay spent and panting, trying to pretend she hadn’t just had the best orgasm she’d had in a long time at the thought of being watched by her roommate. Her flushed cheeks and heaving chest might pass, but the memory of this would stay with her for a long while. But how would she look Alice in the eye?

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