HER SUPPRISE 3 – MUST READ I AND 2 FIRSTCindy called around the next morning about 9am and said her parents had been picked up by another couple and wouldn’t be home until the afternoon.I asked her if she would like to go to the beach which she replied that she would love it but first of all wanted to feel my dick inside of her and fill her with cum.We went to the bedroom and stripped off. Cindy noticed that my cock was not fully erect so went down on her knees and started stroking it and licking it’s tip. It didn’t take long before it was fully grown to it’s 8 1/2in and she got up and laid on the bed.I sat along side her and bent over and kissed her as my finger rubbed her young little clit. She moaned as I slipped a finger into her getting her ready for my huge cock. Slowly I slid a second finger into her and thrusted then in and out.When she felt relaxed I moved over on top of her and pressed the head of my cock against her wet flaps and slowly pressed it in.Cindy pushed towards me forcing it deep inside her and the shook bursa escort and shuddered as she came all over my cock. I waited a second until she caught her breath and then started stroking my cock in her now wet and open cunt. She had two more orgasms the last coinciding with my orgasm which blew both our minds. I kept thrusting until my cock slowly receeded and slipped out. I rolled over onto my back and Cindy kneeled above my face and let our cum run and drip out all over my face,neck and mouth. She then proceeded to lick it all up as well as share some with me.We cleaned up and headed to the beach but the wind had come up so I told her about this little cove a little further down the coast but was sheltered from the wind. It was a nudist beach and was down a steep set of stairs. I told Cindy that we cound’t access the beach unless we were totally naked and that there may be other people there and she had to be prepared for them looking at us. She was thrilled and said she would like to see others naked – especially the bursa escort bayan guys cocks so I drove down to the carpark at the top of the track.I told her we could leave our bathers on until we got down to the beach, then we wallked over to the stairs and proceeded down. Halfway down you could see all the naked bathers on the beach. There were 3 guys by themselves, two guys together, two elderly couples and two couples together.Cindy grabbed my arm and pulled me back behind a bush.”my parents are there with another couple and that guy is rubbing sun screen on my mother’s breasts”I put my head out from behind the bush and sure enough she was enjoying it but also her father was rubbing cream on the other womans ass.Cindy peered around the bush and watched for a few minutes and said she couldn’t beleive that her parents would do this. I said that we should go but she wanted to watch a bit more and saw her parents passionately kissing the other couple. They all headed off into the water but you could see that her mother escort bursa was fondling the other guy as they stood close together face to face but her father was holding the other woman from behind with one arm around the front.I told Cindy it was i*****l to have sex at the beach but I think her parents were pushing the boundries.Cindy said she wanted to go now so we slowly climbed up the stairs, she was very quiet all the way and I could feel that she was disturbed by what she had seen.All the way back to the holiday park she kept questioning their motives but I kept saying that it is better for couples to get together for sex than one partner having an affair.We went to the bedroom when we got back and I removed her bikini and my swim shorts and we laid on the bed.I told her I thought her mother was very hot and her father was very fit but only had a small cock compared to the other guys. She laughed and said maybe she likes big cocks. Maybe she would like yours.I looked at the smerk on her face and knew she had something on her mind.The she came out with ” would you fuck my mother if we could arrange it”Yes I said but it wouldn’t be as good as you.I rolled over on top of her and we had some very hot sex.READ PART 3 FOR THE EXCITING FINISH OF THIS STORY

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