Herbie: The Reunion (Part 1)

Herbie: The Reunion (Part 1)I hadn’t seen my best friend, Herbie, from c***dhood for close to six years when I got a call from him letting me know he would be passing through my area and wanted to know if I’d like to meet for dinner and drinks. The city he was going to be in was a 2 1/2 hour drive from me, so he suggested I stay at his hotel to avoid driving home after having a few drinks. Even though I hadn’t seen him in years, we remained in contact with each other and I was excited to see him again. I’d had many fantasies about Herb since high school.During the drive I began to reminisce about my friendship with Herb and my thoughts landed on our time in high school. While in school we were pretty much inseparable and spent a lot of time at each others homes. I knew then I had a strong attraction to cocks but also enjoyed my time with the girls, and would often jack off to girlie magazines while fantasizing about getting my first piece of pussy. So, it was a somewhat confusing time for me.One day in class Herb told me he had something to show me and asked me to come over after school. I went to his house and he took me in his bedroom and closed the door. He then reached under his mattress and pulled out a hard core porn magazine. We sat on the bed and started looking at the full page color photos of men and women having sex. I had never seen anything like it, close-up pictures of men with huge cocks fucking hairy pussies. I had seen the cocks of all the guys in my gym class and on the football team, but none like the ones in the magazine. I felt a surge in my cock when he turned the page and there was a picture of a giant cock shooting sperm all over a hairy pussy spread so wide you could see her entire vagina in detail. On the next page there were two men covering a girls face and filling her mouth with an impossible amount of sperm. I had to will myself not to cum in my underwear.It was plain to see we were both getting aroused. One could easily see our boners straining against the fabric of our trousers. Herb asked me if I had ever jacked off before. His question caught me off guard and I sheepishly told him I had.”Let’s jack off together.” he said.I quickly agreed and we both stood up to get our cocks out. I unzipped my pants and as I struggled to pull my hard cock out I could feel it was already wet and sticky with pre-cum. Herb told me to undo the button and pull my pants down. He did the same and I saw his hard cock spring out as he lowered his jeans. I had seen Herb’s cock before, but never hard. Both our cocks were about 6 1/2 ” – 7″, but his was much thicker than mine, and had a fat mushroom head. He also had a much hairier bush than me and the sight was making my cock throb involuntarily. We sat down on the bed with our backs against the wall, put the magazine between us and began to fondle and rub our cocks. At this point I was more focused on Herb’s cock than on the porn magazine.I watched as he started stroking his cock and I mirrored his actions. I was so turned on my cockhead was tingling and I knew I would be cumming soon, very soon. I didn’t last a minute before I shot my load. Spurt after spurt of cum began shooting up into my face and hair, and over my chest and stomach. This must have set Herb off as he began shooting torrents of thick cum all over himself. I was fascinated by the thickness and bolu escort bayan volume of his cum and how it clung to the hair on his chest. Some of my cum had landed on my mouth and I licked my lips and tasted cum for the first time. Herb got up and grabbed a dirty T-shirt and wiped himself clean and then tossed it to me so I could wipe up my mess. While his back was to me I put the shirt to my face and smelled his cumload and licked a glob of it and held it in my mouth a minute before swallowing it. My dick got instantly hard again and I wanted more. I turned so he wouldn’t see my rigid cock sticking straight out and pulled my pants up to conceal it.We continued to have these jack off sessions a couple of times a week until graduation. Each time I tried to work up the nerve to ask if we could jack each other off. I wanted to play with his cock and suck it in the worst way, but I was afraid it would ruin our friendship if I asked. He had a steady girlfriend and I figured our jack off sessions were the closest he would ever get to M2M cockplay. So I remained content watching him jack off and spray his thick juices all over his hairy chest and stomach while I did the same. At night I would jack off and fantasize about Herb’s fat cock pumping those thick ropes of cum over my face and into my mouth, just like the girl in the magazine. Sometimes I would shoot my load in the palm of my hand and eat it, pretending it was Herb’s.After graduation, Herb enlisted in the Air force and I went on to college. Before he left for basic training we had one last jack off session and afterwards he gave me the porn magazine which soon would find a new home under my dorm mattress. I arrived at Herb’s hotel around 3:00 in the afternoon, knocked on the door, and Herb answered greeting me with a big bear hug. We complimented each other on how well we looked and how we both hadn’t gotten fat yet. It was great to see him again. “Scotch?”, he asked.”You know it.”, I replied. “On the rocks with a splash of water.”We brought each other up to date on our lives, at which time Herb told me his wife, Ruth, had filed for divorce. I asked what was going on and he said he’d fill me in at dinner. He told me he’d made dinner reservations for 7:00 and wanted to shower and get ready. He also suggested I might want to shower after the drive. While he was in the shower I busied myself watching TV. I heard the bathroom door open and looked over and Herb came out wearing only a towel and looking hotter and hairier than ever. He dropped his towel giving me a full frontal view of his beautiful cock. He walked over to the dresser and when he bent over to get his boxers I could see his firm, hairy ass and his cock and nut sack hanging between his legs. I could feel my erection growing at the sight. “Your turn.”, he said.I got up, grabbed my toiletry bag, and headed for the shower. During my shower I started thinking about Herb’s cock and how we used to jack off together. I lathered my cock and began caressing and stroking it. Through the door I heard what sounded like someone having sex. I rinsed off, grabbed my towel and opened the door. The TV was on one of those pay-porn channels and Herb was lying on the bed with his hard cock poking through the dick hole of his boxers. My already swollen cock hardened into a full blown erection. Herb looked at my rigid escort bolu cock bulging against the towel and asked,”Remember when we used to jack off to that porn magazine?””I sure do, I still have the magazine.”, I said as I laughed.”Care to join me?”, he asked.Without a word I dropped my towel and headed towards the other bed when Herb said,”Not there, right here, next to me.”I sidled up next to him on the bed and began stroking my cock and looking down at his. He reached over and took my cock in his hand and started jacking me off. I reciprocated and began playing with his swollen mass of flesh. I could feel the engorged veins in his fuck stick as I stroked him. He stopped stroking my cock, lifted up and pulled his boxers off, then leaned over, took my cock in his mouth and began sucking me like I’ve never been sucked before. My cock was wet with his saliva as he bobbed his head up on down. I was caressing his hairy ass and reaching between his legs and playing with his balls as he deepthroated my cock. I pulled him up to straddle my face so I could finally take his tool in my mouth. Without taking his mouth off of my dick he put his knees on both sides of my head and fed me his cock. He was dripping a steady stream of pre-cum into my mouth as I sucked him. I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled him deep in my mouth and held him there with his cock down my throat and his balls laying across my nose. I was about to explode, I bent my knees, placed my feet flat on the bed and began thrusting and shooting my cum down his throat. He sucked my pulsating cock even faster and deeper taking all I had to give. My whole being went limp. He got up off of me and I got down on my knees and started sucking his rock hard cock. I asked him to stroke his cock and shoot his creamy load all over my face. I kneeled with my mouth open looking up at his veiny cock as he jacked off at a furious pace. I saw him tense up and could tell he was about to cum. I reached up and pulled on his balls and he let loose thick ropes of cum across my face and into my mouth. It felt hot on my face and tongue, I took his throbbing cock into my mouth while he was still cumming and pulled him deep into my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust deep into my mouth. He pulled me up and started kissing me and licking his cum off my face. He ran is fingers across my forehead and cheeks scooping his cum off my face and put them in my mouth so I could eat the cum off them. He looked at me and said,”I’ve wanted to do that since high school, but I was worried about what it would do to our friendship.”I could only laugh and say, “I felt the same way Herbie, I guess we valued our friendship more than our desires. Believe me, it was worth the wait.” Herb said, “We’d better get cleaned up if we don’t want to lose our reservation. Let’s jump in the shower together to save some time.”Herb took the lead in the shower and started lathering my back and deep into the crack of my ass, and then turned me around and took hold of my soapy cock and gently cupped my balls and lathered my stiffening rod.”Easy, boy.” He said. “There’s plenty of time for that later. For now, just lather me up and let’s get dressed.” He moved towards me and I took his cock and balls in my hand, poured some body wash on them, and worked up a thick lather taking care to hold his bolu escort foreskin back and work my fingers around his bulbous glans. I could feel him hardening as I washed his cock and balls. He winked, pulled away and rinsed off, got out so I could rinse, and we both toweled off and got dressed for dinner.At dinner, over a bottle of wine, he went into detail about Ruth filing for divorce. Seems she was supposed to be at a baby shower for her sister that got canceled at the last minute.”She came home unexpectedly and walked in on me and a fuck buddy with his cock buried deep in my ass. Neither of us saw her standing in the bedroom doorway and he was grunting and pumping a hot load in my ass. She screamed and we both jumped up in disbelief.”, Herbie told me. “There I was, butt naked, staring at her with a dumbfounded look on my face and a fresh cumload dripping out of my ass, and she was going on about, ‘How could you? In the bed we share together?’ “She turned and left, I heard the front door slam and she was gone. She’d gone to her mother’s and about an hour later she called and said, ‘This only confirms suspicions I’ve had about you for a long time, I want you out of the house in the next 24 hours and I want a divorce!’ “That was the last I’d seen or heard from her until divorce papers were served on me at work three days later.”I felt both horrible and embarrassed for Herb. He assured me it was OK, he only married Ruth because he had gotten he pregnant and not out of love. He was happy not having to live a double life of lies anymore. He suggested we talk about more pleasant things, finish our meal, and get back to the hotel. He also told me he was happy that we both felt the same way about each other and wanted to get back to what we had missed out on all these years. I felt the same.”I’m here for the next two days, can you stay that long?”, he asked.”That would be great! I have some sick days I need to use up, let me make a call in the morning.”, I replied.When we got back to the room, Herb fixed a couple of scotch’s and asked me if I liked amateur gay porn. When I told him that was the best kind he said he had something I might enjoy. He suggested we get naked, told me to get comfortable on the bed, and went about setting up his laptop. As he slid an SD card in the slot he told me it was his first time seeing this. When he pressed play you could see it was taken in a hotel room. There was a knock at the door and the man answering embraced another man as he entered. When the hug broke and the man entered, I was shocked to see it was me. I looked at Herb and he grinned and said,”I hope you don’t mind, this ought to be hot.”I didn’t mind. I was no stranger to posting videos of me on xhamster. He fast forwarded to where I came out of the bathroom and he had his cock out watching porn. Both of our cocks started swelling at this point and Herb reached over and started to stroke mine. I did the same as I watched our earlier encounter play out on the laptop. I was getting harder by the second as Herb played with my cock. He told me to let him know if I was going to cum so he could slow down. He didn’t want me cumming because we were going to get down and dirty after watching the video. When we got to where Herb sprayed my face and mouth with his thick wad, I had to move his hand away from my cock. I was oozing a steady stream of pre-cum and ready to explode. Herb closed up his laptop and got up to put back on the dresser. He looked hot as hell walking across the room with his fat cock sticking straight out and bouncing from side to side. END PART ONE

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