High School French Teacher


High School French Teacher(This story is part fact, and part fiction. I won’t tell you what is what, you’ll have to figure it out on your own…Sorry, I guess it’s a little long, but I hope you enjoy it.)I was a highly under-sexed, but extremely horny high school student. This was back in the big-hair days of the ‘80s. I still think some of the best porn came from those days. Beating the cum out of my cock watching a young Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Taija Rae, Barbara Dare (a secret crush of mine back on the day) Christy Canyon, Tori Welles, Racquel Darrian, Hyapatia Lee…sorry, my mind’s running wild now thinking back to my bevy of fantasy babes.Many a long (or sometimes short) masturbation session came from them. Who knows how much cum got balled up in tissue or toilet paper and then thrown in the trash back then (even now)! I probably could’ve filled one of those large oil tanks you see in docks or port terminals (ha ha!). Also, many a masturbatory fantasy came from some of the teachers in my school. Not a lot of the teachers, but some; because even then, there was something sexually intoxicating about an older woman. Hell, all the teachers were older than me, but even the prettier middle-aged ones got me going. I had a science teacher in who made me cum at night while I fantasized picturing her going down on me, or fucking my brains out. Not a fantastic face or body, but she could still cause that stirring in my balls,aching to release another torrent of sperm. Puberty is a bitch!In my youth, I could probably jack off 15 times a day without breaking too much of a sweat. Like I said, I was a horny walking erection just about all the time, and my favorite release buddy was my right hand (preferably lubed with some Vaseline).I took French in high school. Even though many k**s took Spanish or Italian, those female teachers were frumpy-looking, in my opinion, and caused virtually no stirring in my loins. Ms. Wint, the French teacher – now that was a goddess in my book. She literally had an angelic face. Wide, beautiful, bright, blue eyes, a petite cute nose, and full, luscious lips that looked like they only had one purpose in this life, and it wasn’t to talk – if you get my drift. I thought her body was perfect, although she was somewhat of a “carpenter’s dream”. She was about 5’5” with a slender build, and small perky fits (at least what I could tell through her outfits – which were always tastefully done, many times including high leather boots with stockings – wow!). I know she was only about 25, and this was her first teaching gig. I forgot how I found that out, perhaps it was through the rumor mill – but since one of my classmates was the c***d of the school superintendent, it was probably the case. Being only 25, the thing that really put the cherry-on-top for me, was the fact that her hair was naturally salt and pepper. Dark, with some gray streaks. Almost as if, she was older but still very much young in age. You could tell this by her youthful enthusiasm in class, especially having to deal with young dicks like me. One of my favorite things to try to tell her in French was “donnez-moi bien tete” getting a good laugh from the other boys in the class. After all, telling your French teacher “give me good head” probably didn’t endear me in her heart. She actually was pretty good about it, telling me that wasn’t exactly the proper way to say it in French. I wasn’t fluent, otherwise I would’ve figured out a way to tell her to get down on her knees, wrap those sultry, big lips around my fat cock, and give me a wet, sloppy blowjob until shoot my spunk down her throat. But it was the best I could do with my limited knowledge of the language.But, oh, how I wanted her. I wanted to lick every inch of her, and put my dick in every one of her holes. I would even cum in her ear if she wanted me to. But, alas, class would end, I was still an u******e, immature boy with fantasies gone wild in my head, and away I would go to my next class.After school, I had a rather large paper route that I inherited after my brother went to college. It was pretty good money and I would be done early enough to still have time before dinner, then have the rest of the evening for homework or friends. As I said earlier, I was under-sexed because I didn’t have a regular girlfriend and was still a virgin. But boy, did my hormones rage! So when I received a new customer notice with my daily papers, I didn’t think anything of it. I made my deliveries for the week, and Friday arrived – which was the day I had to collect $1 from each customer for the five weekday papers (there were no weekend papers). 20 cents for a newspaper – can you believe it!?!? Actually, it was a small city, so that was probably too much even for the early 1980’s! Guess who answered the door at my new customer’s apartment? Yes – it was Ms. Wint, and I think my dick got instantly hard along with a lump in my throat. She acted and treated me, as usual, too nice, as she always is. She paid her dollar, and off I went. I was so involved with my lustful thoughts I almost walked right out in front of an oncoming car. Holy shit! That knocked me back to reality.Then I heard the object of my lustful fantasies call out to me:“JJ….JJ! Are you OK?”I thought she went back into her apartment and was extremely embarrassed that she saw my clumsy stunt.“Yeah, I think so. Thanks!” I replied.“Can you come back here, please?” she called out.“Sure”I felt lightheaded as I approached her. It was late güvenilir bahis fall, so it was getting cold up here in the northeast. I saw her shivering slightly as she waited on her porch, and I wanted to wrap my arms around her body forever to keep her warm.“Yes, ma’am?” I asked.“We’re not in school, so you can call me Deanna. You know I’m new here, and I just moved into this apartment last week. Can I have you help me with some things inside? I can’t reach too high, so I could really use your height…” (I was about 6’3″ at this point in school).“It shouldn’t take too long, and I’ll gladly pay you for anything you can help me with.” she said.“Yes, m… Deanna. If you don’t mind, can I finish delivering these papers? I should be done in an hour or so.”“That would be great! Thank you so much, JJ – and please be careful out there in the street, now that I have you to help me, I don’t want you getting hurt!” and with a wicked (I think) smile, and a wink she was back inside to the warmth of her apartment.I swear I thought I came in my jeans right there!!! I actually looked down to check, and things seemed okay. Whew…Away I went to finish my route in record time.I finished around 5 o’clock, ran in the house quick to drop off my route bag. My parents were still working and wouldn’t be home until later. This was the regular routine on weekdays, so dinners were at my discretion and usually consisted of something frozen going into the microwave or oven.I decided to forego dinner until after I finished helping my wet dream girl. She needed my help and I wasn’t going to let her down. Man, I was a hopeless love-nerd for her.She answered the door in the same outfit she was in earlier – used (but still tight) Sassoon jeans and a sweatshirt. Oh well, so much for my thoughts of her meeting me in a lacy bra, panties, garter with fishnet stockings, and 5- inch “fuck me” heels…She had obviously been working around her new apartment, and quickly let me in.“Thanks so much for coming over, JJ! I feel like I’m really over my head with some things I need to do. I guess you could say that “literally” because I’m not tall enough!!” and she started laughing as if I were one of her old friends. I really felt better as she laughed and made me feel more at ease, even though I kept thinking – this is one of my high school teachers!?!? And I’ve been a pretty-good asshole to her at times…With that I felt shitty…The work she needed me for wasn’t anything difficult. Placing things up on shelves for storage, some bulbs for light fixtures, etc. But, as you can guess, I did my scout’s-honor-best to help her and show her what I could do. Within an hour we were done, and she was so glad when we were done that she gave me a big “thank you” and hug. Her head only came up to my chest, but she wrapped her arms tightly around me below my arms.Do I need to say what that did to me? I instantly started to grow, and not in overall height. My cock started to strain against my jeans, and although I wanted to hug her forever, I told her “no problem” while trying to get away before she noticed my growing problem. She looked up at me as I drew away and told me thanks, again. She threw herself down on her couch and told me to relax and have a seat. I eased into a easy chair/recliner across from her.“JJ, thanks for your help, because I really needed it… Look, I know I’m new at your school and all, but what is up with some of those teachers there. They’re definitely a pretty close-knit group, and they pretty much treated me like an a-hole outsider. I couldn’t get anyone to give me a hand. So you were like my knight in shining armor showing up! And I can’t keep telling you how much I appreciate that! With that, she kind of furrowed her brow, narrowed her eyes, pursed and her lips and said: “You seem really nice…” She continued pursing her lips and said “So why do you do some of the things you do at school? Is it the school?”Before I could answer, she was starting, then stopping, then starting again…I know she had something to say, and I think she was trying to find the right way to say it…“I know growing up is hard, but you don’t need to act like like someone you aren’t to think you’re impressing your friends. I think I’ve seen the real you in class, and I definitely have here tonight. You’ll have your real friends, and others who’ll want you to use you to do stupid things so they don’t have to. They’re users, and I know you’re smarter than that…”She had moved from the couch over to my chair, and was sitting on the armrest. She had an arm laid out across the top of the chair, and had begun softly stroking my cheek with her other hand. I almost couldn’t believe how much I just wanted to hold her sitting there, as cozy sweet and comforting as she was.She paused….”And, there are other teachers who probably wouldn’t be as lenient as me. I think I know you’re not really that other person I sometimes see in class.”“I don’t know, Ms. W…Deanna…I don’t really act that way in other classes, so I guess you’re right…I just sometimes only do it in your class, and I’m almost afraid to admit why…” I stammered, and trailed off.“JJ….what then? What is it? It’s okay, I won’t be upset… I hope…” and she nervously giggled, breaking up the moment allowing me to regain some composure. “Because… I know I’m new, and don’t want to be thought of as a joke…by anyone…”She softly continued, then she seemed to frown and retreat. She pulled her arms together clasping her hands türkçe bahis between her legs. I thought I heard a slight whimper and knew, even though she was a lot older than me (at 25!!!), she was still vulnerable. She may be strong and confident in class, but, perhaps like me, she sheds the facade – her mask of invincibility while in school – when she gets home; replacing it instead with a simple cloak of apprehension and insecurity at home.Now, I think I knew. We were both going into unknown territories, and it excited me me to be going there with her…I was really falling for her, hard! I felt my heart tug down in my chest – I needed to do something now to help her.“No, no, NO!!! NO, it’s not that at all…everyone’s cool with you, it’s just me…” I blurted out.“I act funny around you because of how you make me feel when I’m near you…like now!” I hesitated, searching for the words; “I just get a funny feeling when you’re close to me, like when you’re walking around handing our papers back to us and you get to my seat…I’m sorry, that’s pretty corny – but, I guess I am corny at heart!”“I….I…” I couldn’t even speak now! I was really nervous and anxious…”I should probably go now.” and I began to stand to leave.“No, stay, please…just so I can say what I think needs to be said… please…” she pleaded, putting her right hand on my chest, softly coaxing me back into the chair’s embrace. Then she softly said “It’s okay…really!!! Just a while longer, if you can…I think we’re both kinda letting some things out that will be good for us!” She trailed off, clasping her hands together again and pushing them between her legs. She stared down at them, apparently deep in thought – occasionally closing her eyes. I waited as she gathered her thoughts. I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t know what I should say. I’d never felt such and awkwardly intense, emotional moment in my young life.She slowly raised her head… “You’re not corny. I may not be the wisest, most-experienced woman in the world…but I trust you…and I think you’re actually sweet – and I haven’t seen that in a man in as long as I can remember” she said.(Wait!!! What!?!? Did she just call me a MAN??? I still felt like a lanky k**!!!)Now I was really at a loss…Mentally, my head was spinning…I wasn’t exactly a man of the world at this point (nowhere close!!), but I really felt that I had to do or say something…“Ms. W…Deanna – I…”She pulled her hand up and put her index finger to my lips with a “shush…”“JJ, I’m not done…saying what I think needs to be said.” “Thank you for saying those sweet things. I guess I never thought I could do that, or I should say – have that effect – on someone…” she said slowly. I just listened to her quiet, quivering voice as she lowered her finger while looking into my eyes, periodically averting her gaze abruptly – as if she was doing something wrong…“…and…that’s why I think I may have to leave.”“What?” I said incredulously… “Whoa! What happened here??? Wasn’t expecting that? I…I never thought you would say that.” My mind was racing – I was losing her – right before my eyes!!!“My God, Deanna! The way you were talking earlier, I was going to, you know, I thought we were going to talk. I started feeling really good, like I was going to open up my heart to you tonight, because I thought you were going to open yours to me!?!? I have so much I want and need to tell you!” I said in voice that (I thought) quivered with emotion… She was looking at me intently, and she gingerly grabbed my head with both her hands. She held me for a few seconds, then slightly strengthened her hold while sternly saying:“Do you know what you want? Do you? Don’t you want to be with a girl closer to your age? I’m seven years older than you. I’m your teacher!!! Your teacher!!! People won’t understand!”She paused a few seconds before continuing…“I’ve…felt the same way about you in class, I know it is wrong!!! It has to be!!! I’m your teacher, and you’re my student! It cannot, and should never be, anything more than that!”Her eyes welled with tears and were darting about as she looked at my face and into my eyes. I gently cupped her delicate face in my hands and stared back. A single tear streamed down from each of her beautiful eyes…Emotionally, I was done. I didn’t know what I should do, I just wanted her to know me, my feelings, and I wasn’t holding back… “I’ve been going to school with basically the same girls for almost 12 years in some cases. I haven’t been on dates with any of them, although I’m friends with a lot of them…but that’s it! You…you make me feel like a little k**. Giddy, I guess you could call it…But I really get strange feelings, like a fire in my belly.” I was stammering a bit, because I’ve never talked to someone like this before. I was so close to her, and almost whispering to her face (I hope my breath didn’t stink). She looked so beautifully breathtaking to me.“Please…don’t leave….” I breathed out…Our faces were only inches apart, and the only sounds now were our panting breaths on each other. There was definitely a tension of some type going on… I felt something I’ve never felt before. I felt weird, maybe sick, but in a funny way…I suddenly wanted to yank her to me and shove my tongue down into her stomach. I wanted to do all kinds of things to her…But, mainly, I yearned for her, I needed her!The sexual tension, or intensity, or whatever it may be called, kept building and was güvenilir bahis siteleri probably boundless and inexhaustible. I know she felt it, too, because her tear-filled eyes closed, her mouth was open but panting more steady and heavy…and we kept drawing nearer. Then our lips touched, ever so slightly, almost as if we were gauging what might happen when they come together. Ever closer, then they came together, and it was electric!!! It was as if some monumental albatross was released from her shoulders. Her body relaxed, and she let herself go. Suddenly our tongues danced inside each other’s mouths like two crazed Mambo dancers! Both our hands seemed to move on their own caressing each other’s head and neck. Old cliché, but our first kiss seemed to last forever, although it was probably only a few minutes. Then we finally let go of each other’s heads and let our hands travel elsewhere…Deanna broke free rubbing her cheek against mine as she whispered into my ear:“Oh my God! What are we doing?!?!? I feel soooo bad, soooo naughty!!! I shouldn’t do this – but it feels so….crazy, so hot!! I’ve never felt like this before! I feel so damn horny – ohhhh, I want you…” as she climbed onto me while still in the easy chair.We slobbered our tongues all over our faces again as Deanna began gyrating her hips on my lap and crotch. Holy shit – that was too fucking much, I thought in my sexually-crazed mind! My hands grew a mind of their own as they pawed and groped at her sweatshirt, ripping it off over her head, then working their way to her jeans.She had already started unbuckling my jeans, and started pulling them away. I had her down to her panties and bra in no time, and helped her yank up my hoodie and undershirt in one fell swoop. My cock was looked like the Washington Monument tenting in my underwear. She yanked them down along with her own, and triumphantly perched herself just above my raging dick. She stared at me for a moment, as my hands ran up and down her torso pushing her bra up. Then she grasped the swollen head of my cock and guided me into a tight, warm, moist pocket of the most indescribable decadent flesh no man has ever known! This pocket of wetness and warmth enveloped the length of my rod until she settled down at its base with a soft moaning :Oooohhh – ooohhh my aaagghh…” collapsing forward onto my chest. I grabbed her head, looked into her eyes, and they appeared glazed over – or out of it. I kissed her, hard – due to the feeling she just caused on my dick. Her eyes widened and refocused on me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her back and started humping – like an a****l.That’s what this was, human lust! She forced herself up into the cowgirl position and began riding her bucking bronco, as my hips pistoned my raging hard-on in and almost out of her warm, wet pussy. Slurping wet sloshing sounds were the only only other things you could hear apart from my grunts, and her moans and squeals. I knew this first round wouldn’t last long for me! I wanted her to get off, but I also wanted to make sure I enjoyed it, because she sure looked to be getting off. She was squeaking and squealing between her grunts, and they were getting louder. I grabbed her hips in my hands for leverage and to guide her pumping snatch up and down. I then felt something, and knew it wouldn’t be long.I started bucking my hips up, straining as far as I could go, pushing my fat, swollen cock as far up her love channel as it could go. Each time she let out a louder yelp or squeal. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper I went. I was pistoning my hips up and down and slamming her frail body down to my rhythms like a jackhammer. It was a****l-like! My eyes clenched, my muscles tightened. She bolted up straight, pushed down hard on my cock, slammed her fists down on my chest, opened them and began kneading my chest and nipples hard. She was tensing up, too. She wasn’t vocal anymore, just breathing and panting loudly. I started my last pumps, then she started panting “Aahh, aahh, aagghh, aahh, aahh…Ohhhhh, myyy, Gaaawww”I erupted. Spasm after spasm of cum shot into her sweet pussy. Her body was spasming now, too. She was bolt-upright holding onto my chest and her body convulsed to the rhythms of her orgasm. Waves of intense pleasure cascaded over both of us. My brain felt overloaded by intense sexual bliss. After a brief time, we both seemed to come back to our senses after our escapade. We laid next to each other cuddling.“Ohhh, wow…I, I think I love you…” I heard myself say.What!?!?! Did I really just say that?????“Mmmmmm, JJ, I think I do too… But we have to be discreet…”“Did she really say, that?” I thought to myself!!!“JJ, I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. I guess I was kinda sheltered – I don’t even swear!” she laughed…“But I’ve NEVER done something like this! I’ve had one mistakenly bad attempt at sex when I was 19….and now I run into you. You do this to me, and oh, it was fantastic!!!” “We will still need to talk about things, but I think I’m seeing things a little clearer now…” she said smiling at me (or was she smirking?)“Je pense que nous pourrions être très bien ensemble – si vous voyez ce que je veux dire …” she said in French – and damned if I knew what it was!!!“What??? I don’t know?” I sheepishly admitted.“It means we could possibly be very good together…Roughly translated.” She chuckled.“Also, I don’t know about you? But we may want to add a little foreplay. I’ve never done it, but maybe we could try different things, and I could try and give you a blowjob?” she said staring into my eyes…Did I just die and go to Heaven? I silently thought to myself…To be continued…(?)

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