His two girls.


His two girls.Nikki looked on while I undressed, I watched my wife dig through her lingerie dresser. She was obviously pulling out two outfits. As she was doing this, she started explaining. “You know hubby, I think you and I are pretty much the same size. You’re a little taller that I am but you’re also a little skinnier.” When she was done, there were two sets of lingerie laid out on the bed. She turned around. I was standing naked in front of her. My little dick was standing at attention. Nikki started to laugh. “That little pee pee of yours really is pathetic.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. “Come over here and kneel down.” My wife spread the lips of her cunt apart. “Look at my clit dickless. Look at how big it is. I suspect that’s one of the reasons that I have such a strong sex drive.” Nikki rubbed it for a second. She seemed to shiver with excitement. When I was done dressing she said, “Step back, lets have a look at you.” She surveyed me. “Oh yes. You really make a cute girl. I always thought that you might with your feminine features, and plus your ass is so round and fat like a girl, Walk over and look at yourself in the mirror.” I stood in front of the mirror. I guess I felt kind of silly at first, but after a moment I started getting used to the way I looked and started to feel sexy.She laughed. “Oh yes baby. You have a clittie. Your not a man anymore. Your cute little butt is now a pussy.” Then she sneered at me. “But dickless remember something, you might have a pussy, but I’m the only one in the house with a cunt.”It’s amazing how much life can change in a week.We had agreed to go to an afternoon party a friend from her office was hosting on Saturday. It was a pool party she wore a sexy bikini and I wore a pair of tight blue jean shorts. Surprisingly almost no one else showed up, and those who did, left after an hour or two. We were drinking and enjoying the breeze and found ourselves there in the evening with no one left but the host Chad.Chad was a very big, good-looking guy. He was recently single and told us how glad he was for our company. As he made us another round of margaritas he suggested we soak in the hot tub. We readily agreed. He and I jumped in and turned to watch Nikki as she approached, lifting her tank as she did so. It was noticeably quiet as we took in the sight before us, and suddenly there was an obvious sexual tension. Chad did not avert his eyes or attempt to break the awkward moment with small talk as another host might have done. Nikki actually seemed to like the attention, and she looked at us staring at her as she paused with the top half way up, and then she laughed and took it all the way off, wiggling her body facetiously, as if mocking our intensity.Later when Chad stood up to get out bursa escort of the tub to go get more drinks, I found myself staring at his shorts, where there was a noticeable bulge, and wondering how well endowed he was. I glanced at Nikki only to discover that she too was watching him intently. She looked at me and smiled see, you are just one of the girls now, you like that big cock man don’t you?As Chad came back the massiveness of his tool was finally apparent to me. It tented out the front of his shorts impossibly far, stretching the material taught. Both Nikki and I stared, and Chad smiled, proceeding into the house.After a few minutes, we followed and Nikki said to Chad, “I have a special surprise for you. James is going to show you just how cool and accommodating he really is to alpha males.””James, come here.” She actually commanded me!I rose. Yes, I did. Immediately. I was in a state of shock and I was vaguely put off by the tone she was using toward me, but I seemed helpless to resist.”Kneel by my feet, Jimmy.” She never called me Jimmy, no one did.”First kiss my feet and suck my toes.” Almost as if watching someone else, I marveled at how I obeyed without hesitation. But then I do love her feet. I kissed, licked, and sucked her lovely feet.”Now, show Chad some attention, too.”When I paused, she sternly said “Do as a beta bitch does.” And she pushed my face towards Chads crotch.Truth be told, I was already staring at the enormous member, and I leaned forward and took it into my mouth with hesitation (which still surprises me). It was smooth and spongy and…well odd but good.”Oh my God!” She exclaimed. “That’s fucking hot. Suck that big dick, you’re such a little slut.”I realize now that this was the point in our relationship when Nikki changed toward me completely. Somehow this simple act of sucking another man’s cock caused her to re-evaluate and re-assess her understanding of me—and her opinion changed dramatically. From that moment on, she viewed me as less of a man, I was one of the girls sucking a real mans cock.In retrospect, I can understand her psychology a bit. She had been raised in a household where her father and brothers put down and even despised “faggots,” and she had been socialized to hold those cultural views at a deep ingrained level. “Suck it. Oh you little cock slut. Suck it. That’s right. He likes it. Look at how hard his cock is just from you sucking, lick his balls sissy. Oh you love it, don’t you?”When I didn’t reply, “Answer me!””Yes.””I knew it all along. You’re pathetic.””Mmmmmmmmmm.” Why I got off on being called pathetic I didn’t know. But I liked it, and she seemed to realize it, which encouraged her.She put lotion on her finger, moved behind me, and slid it into and up my asshole. I couldn’t believe it.”That’s bursa escort bayan what faggots like, isn’t it?” I began to cum without warning.”You fucking pathetic faggot. Who said you could stop? You shouldn’t have cum, pervert. Now keep sucking.”She took Chad’s hand, put it on the back of my head, and said “Grip his hair. Make him please you. I want to see him swallow your cum.”Chad fucked my face hard, causing me to gag twice, before he finally shot his load into my mouth. God, it made me so horny I almost came again. I don’t think it was the homosexuality of it so much as the deliberate humiliation of me by Nikki, this was now my life.Another month of sissy sex with her strap on, Nikki told me on our date night, that she had found a “date”. She explained that she had found – or had been asked out on a date from a “large black guy” named Derek. I was taken back and emotionally unsure, but my wife giggled when she noticed my clit got hard. My wife explained that night that she loved me, she loved our life and she especially loved our sex life, but wanted to experiment and date a black guy. That night, as she had me on my knees sucking her black strap on, wearing stockings, panties and a new camisole, she told me she couldn’t wait to get fucked by a black guy and if I waited at home for her, she would bring me a special treat. I came in my panties when she told me that. Nikki told me in bed, that date night on Friday was for me. When I asked what she meant, she explained that both she and Derek were quite turned on by my cum eating and licking cock. She told me this Friday night “date night” was going to be a stay at home date and Derek was coming over to “date” me! I was shocked and nervous/excited at the same time. She explained. When Friday came and Derek arrived I quickly figured out what Nikki had in mind, she slapped my ass all night showing it to Derek saying “look at my sissy husbands fat ass.” She flipped up my mini skirt and pulled my thong panties aside. She then told Derek to pull his cock out, he did so and pushed me down to my knees slapping my face with his cock. As I sucked Derek’s hard cock, I felt my ass jiggle as my head moved back and forth, my wife behind me slapped my ass again I felt my wife’s soft lips plant a kiss right on my asshole. Before I could even react to how wonderful that felt, she dipped her wet, soft tongue right into my may pussy. I thought I would cum right there. My cock was leaking pre-cum and feeling Nikki begin eating my ass almost sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly around Derek’s cock. Nikki giggled and began tongue fucking my ass. I couldn’t help but wiggle my ass. I was moaning and shaking my ass as my wife flicked her tongue in my asshole. She was driving me wild. Nikki stopped and said to escort bursa Derek over my back… “Are you seeing how this slut is wiggling her hips around…she really wants to get fucked!” When she said that, she and Derek both got up and switched places. My wife was sitting on the couch right in front of me with her legs spread wide and I felt Derek putting lube on my ass. Then with my thong panties still pulled aside. I felt his giant cock begin sliding up and down the crack of my ass. As he did that, I felt Nicki’s hand on the back of my head, pulling me down to her very wet pussy. As soon as my lips touched her pussy, we both moaned. Her pussy was so wet. She was literally dripping pussy juice. I loved it as I began licking her. She was moaning immediately. Her hand never left my head as she held me down. Then I felt Derek’s huge cockhead push against my little rosebud. I groaned in pain and lust. “Fuck him, baby!” Denise moaned out as I felt his massive cock enter my ass. His cock felt so big…but he was gentle…and went very slow. When he bottomed out in my ass, I felt my wife cum against my mouth. She was holding my head and thrusting her hips against my mouth.Then Derek began fucking my ass. After the initial pain, the more he fucked me, the better it felt. Soon, he had his hands on my hips and fucked me hard. My wife continued to orgasm on my face. After what seemed like just a minutes, Derek pulled out, I couldn’t believe that all of that cock had been up my ass, Nikki laughed and said “that’s a lot of cock you took slut.” I turned around and Nikki pulled the back of my head against her wet pussy. I was sitting on the floor and as Derek approached me with his ready to erupt cock, I began stroking my throbbing cock as Derek pushed his cock into my mouth. I began sucking hard on Derek’s cock as I stroked myself. Just as I was ready to cum with Derek cock in my mouth…he pulled his cock from my mouth…and began stroking it…within seconds, Derek began launching long, thick ropes of cum. His cum began landing across my open mouth and all over my face. As I felt the first ropes of his warm cum hit my face…I erupted and began cumming all over my hand and panties.. Derek gave me a huge facial and I came all over myself. Nikki had me clean up all of his cum, my own cum and then clean his cock and balls. It took a while, but eventually, I had licked up all of Derek’s cum from my face and lips, Nikki smiled and said you are one of the girls now, she then began feeding me all of his cum and my own cum from my chest, tummy and panties. She kept feeding me my cum mixed with Derek’s. Then I eagerly licked and sucked Derek’s cock clean. As Derek, dressed and then headed for the front door, Nikki and I escorted him to the door, as we walked she stuck her finger up my ass and laughed saying “someone’s a whore.” She kissed him at the door as he patted my ass. I felt so feminine. He grinned and said, “My two cum sluts!” Nikki looked at me and winked, I knew in my heart I was a sissy for life.

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