His wife’s fishing luck changes


His wife’s fishing luck changesMy wife and I have been happily married for over a dozen years, we enjoy sex but with k**s around its hard to find time or energy for wild sex. But finally we had a day with someone at the house to stay with the k**s. We could have some time to ourselves if we could find somewhere to go. No chance at an overnight but a few hours are better than nothing. It was a beautiful warm sunny day so I suggested that I take my wife fishing. I was only half-way serious, since fishing is always what I want to do when I have some time.To my surprise she agreed. Ever since we were dating my wife has given up on fishing because whenever she comes along we don’t catch fish. But I thought that I new a lake that could over come her bad luck, and besides it wouldn’t be so bad if the fish weren’t biting, we could have some fun with each other. I loaded the boat and we headed to the lake. On the way I stopped for bait. The lake I chose had some nice big northern and I figured we might have our best luck with big minnows and bobbers. That way if the fish weren’t biting we could just ignore our rods and get otherwise distracted.The lake was one of my “secret places” a secluded lake which most people ignored because it was hard to get to and it didn’t look big enough to have any good sized northern. We arrived to an empty lake and I launched the boat and headed out to a good spot and let down the anchor. I gave her a fishing rod and set it up with one of the big sucker minnows on a hook. The minnows were about six inches long and when my wife saw them she remarked “they are sure big.”I answered back, “mines bigger…” An corny line but she rewarded me with a leer instead of a groan. At least she was thinking about sex too. I was unsure whether being outdoors with the possibility of being seen might bother her, but at least she had sex on her mind. If I could avoid spooking her until she got sexually aroused I figured we could have some fun on the boat.I set her bobber to the right depth let her cast her line out and then I set up my rod. Indeed, my minnow was bigger by an inch, but it wasn’t the biggest in the bait bucket. I had purchased a dozen minnows and the biggest must have been close to 8 inches. Much larger than ideal size but even small northern pile will attempt to eat fish that size. You just have to let them take the bait for a good long while. I explained to my wife that when the bobber went under she would have to wait at least five minutes or she would pull the bait away from the fish. “Ok” she agreed, “what do we do now?””kick back and relax, and hope the fish are hungry.” I said.She leaned back on the side of the boat facing one side, and I leaned back facing the other side. We were comfortable and warm lying in the sun. She had on a skirt which she usually wore which was tented up over her knees. We reclined in the sun and talked without the interruption of k**s. But as time went on she began to get impatient with fishing. “I’m tired of holding this rod, can’t I lean it on the boat?” she asked.”Better not,” I cautioned, “a big fish could pull it away quicker than you realize. Just hold it in place with you leg or foot or something.”She stuck the pole between her legs and holding it in her crotch she leaned it against her knees. As we continued to talk however she continued to play with the rod, she Kept pushing in against her crotch and trying to squeeze it. Her gentle squirming was arousing me, but I continued visiting, as if I didn’t notice because tuzla escort I was too interested in fishing. My cock would soon give away that charade but she seemed not to be noticing me. She was actively rubbing the handle of the rod up and down her crotch. Stopping even few strokes to push with the end against her pussy.With a sexy smile she looked up at me and said, “I guess I could get to like fishing.”I thought that was maybe my invitation to get involved but just then her bobber went under. “Hey, I got something,” she said “what do I do?”Just hold the tip up and wait, I answered, make sure the fish can take plenty of line. She watched and waited and after 30 seconds said “should I reel now” “No,” I said, “you have to be patient or we’ll lose the fish.”Finally I told her to start reeling and after a short struggle she landed a nice 3-4 pound northern pike. I baited her hook, hoping she would again start to get distracted. I was in luck. After admiring her fish she leaned back to relax. She was holding her pole and was obviously excited about having caught something which seemed to her so large. But as time went on and she couldn’t make the bobber go down again by staring, her interest in fishing ebbed and again she held the pole between her legs. She was squeezing the handle then rubbing up and down her crotch, then squeezing again. She leaned her head back and began moaning softly. She was still fully clothed but her playing with herself was keeping me hard. I hoped that soon she would invite me to participate, but unless she was really aroused I didn’t dare make the first move. Even on a deserted lake I knew she wasn’t into have sex in the open. But, there might be a first time I thought. I admit I was squirming just watching her squirm when she surprised me and lifted up her skirt to have better access to her pussy. She put the pole between her legs and squeezed it and began fingering herself at the top of her slit, rubbing her little clit gently. I think I was holding my breath watching my wife put on a show like this in the open air and beautiful sunshine. I was waiting to see what would happen next.What happened next is that her bobber went under again. She sat up quickly letting her skirt fall back modestly in place and for the next 10 minutes all her attention was on landing another northern. This one even a little bigger than the last. “what’s my limit of northern,” she asked as I put the fish away. “Three fish apiece,” I answered”Well you better hurry up and catch something,” she said gloating. She was enjoying the fishing particularly since I was not catching anything. I baited her hook again and she cast out to the same spot. Again she took a few minutes settling down, then she remembered that she was in the middle of a great tease. She got that sly sexy smile and said, “I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait for the next fish.”She reached into her pocket a pulled out something, then lifted her skirt and stuck her pole between her legs and began exploring her lips with her fingers. Her excitement and the interruption had made her unusually wet I could see moisture collection on her lips. I was hoping soon she would invite me to do more than watch, but watching was so exciting I didn’t want to do anything to risk it stopping. All Of the sudden she stopped what she was doing picked up the rod and picked up what she had had in her pocket. It was a condom just like the one I had brought along in case I got lucky. So she had been in the mood all along. tuzla escort bayan I was already reaching to unzip my pants when I realized it wasn’t for me. She was sliding the condom over the end of the fishing rod. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. My cock was about to tear the material in the front of my jeans but I sat entranced and watched her begin to probe her self with the fishing rod handle. She slid the lubricated condom covered rod along her slit squeezing the pole, then she pushed the end against her lips. Reaching down with her left hand she spread her lips wide and eased the rod into her cunt. I could have ejaculated just watching her. She slid the rod in and out moaning and squeezing. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, it was so erotic. She kept the pole pumping in and out and began working her clit with her fingers. My eyes were glued to the show. Anything could have happen then and I wouldn’t have noticed. My wife was getting ready to climax with my fishing rod giving her a fuck. It was the best show I could imagine. Suddenly she stopped and we both realized that for some time now line had been stripping off the reel. The fish had gone unnoticed in the heat of the moment. Not wanting to let herself down from the edge she never took the handle out of her pussy but began reeling where it was. It took only moments to reel in the slack and suddenly she could feel the fish tugging against the fishing rod. And she like the feel. She hung onto the rod about a foot above the reel and just let the fish fight. It lunged against the spring of the rod causing moans that were quickly becoming screams from my wife. Would lean back panting and then the fish would lunge again. The vibration of the shaking pole would again send her to the edge.About the third or fourth lunge she came. She arched her back up high her whole body shaking then lay back exhausted. The fish was still tugging at the pole as she came back to her sense. I reached over to take the pole thinking I would have to reel it in.”No way,” she said “You’ll have to catch your own fish.”And with that she reeled the already worn out fish to the boat. It wasn’t huge but it was a nice fish. After I landed it, my cock was still standing up stiff. I still could hardly believe what I’d seen. But she was full of how many fish she caught. And she couldn’t wait to rub it in. “So how many fish are the limit?” and “How many have you caught?” “If you’re going to give me a hard time I’ll just let you bait your own hook,” I said.”It’s a good thing I don’t need to catch anymore fish, cause I’m not touching that minnow.””Why not?”Cause there wet and slimy.””And you don’t like to touch anything wet and slimy right?,” I asked with my eyebrow upraised. “I bet you’re just scared.” “No, I’m not.””Then pick up your own minnow.” I don’t know why I was arguing except that I was frustrated and since she had had an orgasm I didn’t think she’d get back into the mood. I was just going to have to wait. And I wanted some sort of revenge. So Ignored her un-baited hook and acted like I was really not going to do it. She sat looking at the minnows for a while. Eventually, she got the nerve to try to catch one. Easier said than done the minnows s**ttered as she fished around in the bucket with her hand. Finally she trapped one against the side of the bucket she lifted it out of the bucket and it started flopping around so it fell out of her hand.I was proud of her for trying so I offered to bait her hook. “No thanks” she retorted “I escort tuzla decided I like wet slimy things.”She caught the minnow again and held on tightly , but it thrashed so vigorously she dropped it again. It lay for a moment of the floor of the boat wildly wiggling and my wife reached over to grab her fishing pole, but instead of reaching for the hook, she grabbed the handle and slipped the condom off of it.Reaching down she took the minnow and slid it into the condom. She grabbed an empty pop can nearby dipped some water from the lake and poured it into the condom. The minnow thrashed with delight at being back in the water. My wife tied the end of the condom and held up her creation for closer inspection. She liked what she saw. The minnow would lie still but anytime it was touched it would flop around wildly.She held her new dildo in her hands for a few moments then to my delight she picked up her skirt again. She laid the fish along her slit and felt it wiggling and I could tell by her movements she was getting heated up again. Needless to say I was rock hard again in moments. She rubbed herself all around her crotch and then it was time for the fish to dive in. She held her self open and began sliding the condom into her pussy head first. She slowly eased it deeper and deeper in until only the tail was still emerging flapping back and forth. The fish wasn’t so active until the first time my wife squeeze her pussy. The fish almost exploded trying to wriggle free and my wife let out a squeal, and so did I.My ignored bobber had gone under the water and was speeding away from the boat. I knew it had to be a big fish to pull this hard. Again my wife moaned and my attention was back to her. She was thrashing about almost as much as the fish inside her. I could hardly pull my eyes away but my line was caught and I had to quickly untangle it. The fish pulled hard and I set the hook it was a big one by the way it stripped line off the reel. My wife screamed and I looked back to her to see her legs squeezed together her back arched. The fish tugged hard and dove under the boat trying to break the line off. I held the tip high and tried to pull it back.My wife moaned and I saw that she had undone her blouse to get at her breasts one hand was pulling at her nipple, one hand was touching her clit and the fish was still trying to swim deeper into her pussy. The fish broke the surface of the water and swam towards the patch of weeds we were fishing near. The glimpse told me it would weight at least 20 lbs. If I let it go it would dive into the weeds and I’d lose it. I reeled hard trying to get it closer to the boat when my wife absolutely shrieked.She was coming more violently than I’d ever seen her body was rigid and shuddering. The convulsions of her pussy were causing the fish to wriggling extending the orgasm. The line gave a final mighty tug and the rod went limp. The fish had broke the line. My wife lay there panting and I sat there half wanting to cry and half wanting to yell. She opened her eyes and said, “Oh did you lose your fish.”I was speechless, she was still mocking me. She pulled the minnow out of her pussy stood up and came over to where I stood.She knelt down and reached to unzip my pants. “Maybe I can console you.”She held my engorged cock in her hands and gave it a big kiss, then slid her lips slowly down my cock. As excited as I had been for so long I didn’t last long. The second trip her lips made down my shaft was it. I started cumming she pulled her mouth off my cock letting the semen drip from my cock and from her mouth. She looked up and smiled. “To bad about the fish, I hope it wasn’t big. Now lets go home I’ve had enough fishing. Besides I already have my limit.”

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