HIS WOMENJust a fiction story…………..Ken had three women he got from a mail order site. They cleaned and cooked for him and supplied him with all the sex he wanted. The girls were twenty, twenty one and twenty four. He was forty five. He had a high sex drive that was hard to satisfy so he bought all three girls to live with him. Each night he chose a different girl to share his bed but during the day he enjoyed who was closest to him. Mia was a petite Swedish girl with big tits and a great ass. Kim was oriental and used many sex lotions and d**gs from the Orient to make the sex intense and erotic. Olga was from Russia and she loved rough wild sex and was into bondage and pain. Tonight he chose Kim to join him in his bed. She came naked to his room and he stared at her beauty and sexy body. He laid on his back as she bound his hands and feet then began to rub his cock with a special lotion. He felt his cock get cold then tingle as it also got hard. She then put a pill on his tongue to melt and as it melted his cock began to jerk and he knew he would be able to fuck this girl all night. She rubbed his balls with a lotion and then injected a cream in his asshole. He felt the heat in his ass and then Kim shoved two fingers in his ass and began to stroke his hard cock. Ken was full sized with nine thick inches and he had a nice set of balls that he loved played with and Kim knew just how to turn him on. He felt his cock get harder and harder and she kept rubbing the hot lotion on it and then she pulled her fingers out of his ass and pushed in a thick and long plug. She then took a syringe with a short needle on the tip and pushed it just in the slit güvenilir bahis şirketleri of his hard throbbing cock. She emptied the syringe and watched his cock get even bigger and thicker. She loved this potion as she had once turned a short six inch cock to eight thick hard inches and it stayed hard all night. Tonight Ken would fuck all night and be impossible to satisfy.She loved a man that could fuck all night and loved how the lotions made them as horny as an a****l in heat.She grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard and also his balls. She sat on his face and rubbed her pussy all over his face and then on his mouth as his tongue came out to lick her and he so wanted to tongue fuck her cunt. She sat with her clit over his mouth and he began to suck on it as she came several times covering his mouth. He was a great pussy licker and she loved her pussy licked and sucked. She grabbed his head and pulled it tight to her cunt and felt him suck her harder as she came faster for him. His cock was sticking straight up and cum was leaking out his slit as she rode his face. She then moved her fuck hole over his nose and rubbed her pussy juice on him. She knew he loved the smell of her pussy and she covered him so he could smell her as she moved her cunt to his big thick hard cock that was so ready for pussy fucking. His cock was now close to ten or eleven inches and thick and hard as she slid her cunt over him and took him deep and then began fucking him hard. She felt every inch of his big thick rod go deep in her wet hole and she moved her hips in a circle to ride him hard as he thrust his hips to her. He fucked her thirty minutes then youwin güvenilir mi filled her cunt with his warm cum. She bent forward and tongue kissed him then slid her cunt back to his mouth and let him suck the cum out of her well fucked hole. He was sucking and licking her to get the taste of their cum and clean every drop out of her.She then slid back to his cock and did this same thing two more times. She then put another tablet on his tongue to melt and filled her syringe again and injected the liquid in to his slit on the head of his cock. She watched his cock swell and get hard again and as she let the potion work on his cock she gave him a nipple to suck. When his cock was big and hard once more she then shoved it in her asshole this time. When he felt her tight ass he went crazy. He loved a tight ass and his swollen cock felt so good inside her. He fucked her hard ramming every inch of the cock into her ass. As he ass fucked her she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. When he filled her ass with cum she slid to his mouth to suck the cum out of her hole. She also loved to feel his tongue in her ass as he cleaned her for more fucking. She rode his ass one more time and let him suck it clean. She got out the syringe again and filled it and this time she did not inject the liquid in his slit but at the base of his cock on both sides. The double injection made his cock swell even bigger and this is why she loved her american man that she could give an enormous cock for her cunt to fuck and he also could fuck all night after this last two injections. She then untied him and his cock was now about twelve perabet inches and thick as a fist. Soon as he was freed he grabbed her and threw her on her back and spread her legs and with no mercy shoved his monster cock deep in her cunt and began fucking her like a wild man. He fucked her cunt for almost two hours not caring of any harm he was doing to her cunt. He knew she loved a huge cock and he was fucking her with a monster. As he fucked her cunt hard and deep he grabbed a nipple and pulled and twisted it making sure he used both fat nipples the same. The harder he fucked her the wilder she got and she was bucking and humping him wanting every inch of the hard cock she had created for him. He took turns fucking her cunt and ass with his big cock and he knew it would take a few hours for the cock to return to its normal nine inches. He always fucked her so hard that she always left his bed hardly able to walk with her sore raw cunt from the hard all night fucking. Her ass was in bad shape too from being fucked so many times. In the morning he pulled his cock out of her and swatted her ass and let her hobble back to her own bed. She was sore and abused from all the fucking. He had fucked her all night and punished her with his over sized cock. He would pick a different girl as he let her heal till he took her to his room again for more of her potions and hard fucking. He loved the oriental d**gs she brought to their bed each time. He showered and went to find which girl he was going to gag with his enormous cock this morning. He might even fuck them too. He heard two of them in the kitchen and he walked in with his super big and hard cock and grabbed a tit and fingered the cunt of Mia. He pulled Olga to his cock and she began to suck him as he ate the cunt of Mia. He was going to have a great day with a lot of ass and pussy as Kim laid in bed letting her cunt and ass heal for the next time.NEXT HE ENJOYS MIA……………

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