Holding Detention


It was Friday afternoon and school was due to finish. About time. I was so out of there once it was time to go. I was duty teacher for the day and I’d had it. Sometimes students are nothing but trouble, and those are the good days.

My final duty of the day would be sitting in the detention room giving the evil eye to whichever miscreants had earned the wrath of a teacher. Seeing it was a Friday I confidently expected there to be a grand total of zero detainees. It’s not considered nice by other teachers to lumber the duty teacher with detainees on a Friday so, as you can imagine, I was rather annoyed to find that there were two detainees to watch over.

What puzzled me was that the two detainees were a couple of the senior students. Marcia and Yvonne were two of the smarter students in the place and they rarely got into trouble. At least, not the sort of trouble that involved detention. They were usually clever enough to avoid that sort of thing and to earn one on a Friday? That took determination.

When then final bell rang I sauntered down to the room where we normally held detentions and waited for the girls to arrive. Eventually they did so, but they certainly were in no hurry to get the detention started. They were so slow in arriving I’d begun to suspect that they wouldn’t turn up at all.

They finally ambled in and I gave them the evil eye. They glowered back at me, giving me their own version of the evil eye in return. Now Marcia and Yvonne were both eighteen, intelligent, fit, and cheerleaders. They were normally followed around by a train of young men wanting to be of service to them. A smile from either of them would have young male hearts beating rapidly. The looks they were giving me were enough to scare professional wrestlers out of the ring.

“So glad you could make it,” I said, my voice oozing false charm. “I assume that you have homework you can do to keep you occupied?”

“No,” was the only reply given.

That was a bit of a surprise. Normally the detaining teacher assigned them something to do while they were in detention. Sort of putting some icing on the detention cake.

“So you’re just going to sit quietly for the entire detention?” I asked.

“We are allowed to converse with each other, aren’t we?” asked Marcia.

“Depends on the teacher running the detention,” I pointed out. “Making you stay quiet is an effective punishment at times. Impossible at other times. Might I ask why you both have landed here this lovely afternoon?”

“You can ask,” snipped Yvonne, and that was all she said.

“OK. Why have you both been given detention today?”

“For being smarter than Mrs Anders,” Marcia stated.

I was about to point out that if that was a reason for detention then the room would be very crowded, but teacher solidarity prevented me.

“More information, please,” I requested.

Yvonne sighed.

“Mrs Anders decided to give the class a lecture on the evils of climate change,” she said. “She was full of it. Marcia and I started putting up our hands and correcting her whenever she made a statement about climate change that was false or unproven. We’d done some research on the subject and we were citing facts and figures that contradicted nearly everything she said. We were perfectly polite about it. We even told her what sites to go to on the ‘net to get the proper facts.”

“She really didn’t like it when we pointed out that politicians and film stars weren’t scientists and anything they said was just personal opinion or a paid announcement,” Marcia added. “That’s when she gave us detention.”

Let me add a word to my description of the two young ladies. Sceptical. They wanted facts and figures and they wanted to know where those facts and figures came from.

I could sympathize with them but still, they probably hadn’t been as diplomatic as they could have been when rebutting Mrs Anders.

“I suspect that you could have been a touch more diplomatic about how you made your arguments,” I suggested. “You know how Mrs Anders feels on that subject.”

“We were perfectly polite,” snapped Yvonne. “She just didn’t like being told she was wrong.”

“Again,” added Marcia.

“Tell me, did you perhaps suggest that there were alternate explanations for the statements she made or did you flat out tell her she was wrong?”

The girls looked quickly at each other but didn’t reply. That was answer enough.

“Idiots,” I told them. “I should make you write an essay on the advantages of using diplomacy to tell a person they’re in error. You don’t tell a teacher that they’re wrong. You tell them that the statement they made is not quite right.”

“Well, we were right,” defended Marcia. “Can we go?”

“I would love to have you leave, because then I could go home as well. However the penalty has been given and must be served.”

“Can’t you change it to another penalty? You have that right as the teacher on charge.”

She was right. She probably knew the rule book by heart. If you know the rules it’s bursa escort easier to bend them. Bend them until they’re under great stress at times, but not actually breaking them.

“So what do you suggest as an alternate punishment?” I asked. “Sit here and write an essay, perhaps. That could take even longer than the detention.”

“There must be some penalties that are over faster,” grumbled Yvonne.

“Suspension from the squad?” I suggested, smiling as they went pale and shook their heads. “No? Any suggestions?”

I suddenly thought of one and smirked briefly. Marcia spotted the smirk.

“You’ve though of something. What is it?”

“Inappropriate,” I told her quickly.

I could see her running through possible permitted penalties, finally zeroing in on what I might consider inappropriate.

“Corporal punishment,” she said triumphantly. “Oh. Right. Inappropriate, as you say.”

“Why is it inappropriate?” demanded Yvonne.

“Do you want him to spank you? I thought not.”

“No. Not really. It wouldn’t be proper,” admitted Yvonne. “Anyway, he can’t. Rules say the same sex.”

“The rules also say I can delegate,” I pointed out.

“What do you mean?” asked Marcia.

“If you were agreeable I could delegate Yvonne to spank you and you to spank Yvonne,” I explained. “Corporal punishment applied and you’re free to leave.”

They looked at each other and I could practically see little light bulbs above their heads.

“Catch is they would have to be proper spankings so I would have to stay to supervise. And I would have to insist on a bare bottom for the action.” I smiled at the girls, confident they would be resigned to the detention. “Don’t let it worry you. Detention is only an hour, anyway. By the time the spankings were complete most of that time would be gone anyway.”

Marcia lent over and muttered something to Yvonne that I couldn’t hear. From the smirk on Yvonne’s face I suspected that I didn’t want to hear and didn’t want the discussing it. Both girls turned to me with big smiles on their faces.

“The rules say we can waive having a member of the opposite sex administer corporal punishment,” Marcia said, her smile seeming to grow bigger than ever. “Even if we spank each other you’d still see our, ah, privates, so what difference does it make?”

She’d been about to use a much cruder word than privates, just to try and shock me, but the look in my eye stopped her. Daring, but not stupid with it.

Were they bluffing or not? Damned if I could tell. Only way to find out would be to call them on it.

“You just finished saying you wouldn’t want me to spank you,” I pointed out.

“We’ve changed our minds,” said Marcia airily. “It gets us out of this place.”

“If that’s the way you feel then who am I to object? Feel free to drop your panties and bend over the desk,” I said, keeping a straight face.

It was a lot harder to keep a straight face when both girls hitched up their dresses, tucking them into their belts, and dropped their panties. Not just pushing them down a bit but dropping them right down and stepping out of them. Giggling all the while. They were still giggling when they turned and bent over the desk, standing next to each other with their legs parted a little more than the circumstances called for. Bitches, the pair of them. That was OK. I was a bit of a bastard, myself.

“As you have requested corporal punishment instead of staying for detention I’ll accede to your request,” I told them formally. “The beating will be confined to your bottoms,” my hands ran very lightly over a pair of very nice bottoms, touching with my fingertips only, “and will not impact other areas.”

My hands drifted between their legs, cupping the ‘other area’ so they knew what I was referring to. Two heads jerked higher when I did that with a funny noise coming from both of them. They both turned to look at each other, faces flushed, but they didn’t say anything.

I started spanking them, delivering a sharp spank to each cheek in turn, leaving a red handprint on each one. After a couple of spanks each I started to talk.

“It’s odd, you know,” I said in a friendly manner, “but some girls find this sort of thing quite stimulating.”

Both girls were shaking their heads, which I took to mean disagreement. I continued spanking while continuing to chat.

“It’s true, you know. I guess it has something to do with a man mastering them, punishing them. They feel helpless, and helplessness is quite stimulating in its own right. When you add that to the mastery, the man spanking them, the knowledge that he’s looking at them, well, some girls find it exciting. I suppose knowing that his hand might stray and touch them here has its own suspenseful anticipation factor.”

I demonstrated where by sliding my hands down from their bottoms and between their legs, rubbing against their mounds. There were a couple of shocked squeaks, I say squeaks because they weren’t loud enough to be called squeals or screams, and Marcia protested.

“You bursa escort bayan just did!” she exclaimed.

“Did I? Oh, sorry. I did say I wouldn’t, didn’t I? Sorry.”

I gave them both a friendly pat to emphasize the apology, although from the squeaks maybe I shouldn’t have put that friendly pat where I did.

Neither girl made any attempt to move their feet closer together. As far as I was concerned this meant that if their pussies got a little attention it was because they wanted it. After a few more spanks I dropped a couple of quick slaps in an inappropriate place. Neither girl said boo, probably hoping that the other didn’t know where they’d just been spanked.

Did I mention that among the girls who found a man spanking them to be stimulating you could add the names Marcia and Yvonne? Both of them had flushed and swollen labia, their outer lips parting to let the inner lips emerge, all puffy and wrinkled.

I dropped one last spank on each little bottom and let my hands drop down and cover two little mounds. I started rubbing them.

“I think that will suffice as far as the spanking goes,” I said, rubbing them both quite firmly.

“Can we get up now?” asked Yvonne, her voice sounding rather strained.

“If you insist,” I granted. “Ah, how about you, Marcia. Standing up or just waiting a little longer?”

“Getting up, of course,” she muttered, not making any attempt to do so.

Come to think of it, Yvonne didn’t seem in a great hurry either. A couple of fingers eased between some lips, carrying my exploration deeper. The girls were looking at each other and they were a little flushed. (I mean their faces at this point.)

“Um, will you remove your hand, please?” Marcia asked and I of course obliged, letting them go and stepping back.

They both straightened up and turned to face me. They were both flushed, breathing hard, and forgetful. Apparently they’d forgotten that they’d tucked their dresses into their belts and were now flashing me front on.

“So are you going to tidy your clothes and run along home or should I advance this penalty to the next phase?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” asked Yvonne, which was silly, in a way. I was quite sure they both knew what I meant.

“What I mean,” I told her, unzipping, “is that if you care to bend over the desk again I’ll let you test out the start of the next phase. Better yet, just lean back against the desk and you can observe each other being tested.”

“You wouldn’t really fuck us, would you?” asked Marcia with a gasp.

“Certainly not,” I told her. “I will just let you try out the equipment and then you can make up your minds.”

“Oh, really?” said Yvonne with a bit of a snigger. “And what would you do if we both said yes?”

I just smiled at her. She looked startled and then looked at Marcia.

“I’m game if you are,” she said softly, apparently assuming that I wouldn’t hear.

Marcia bit her lip, considering, and then nodded.

“We can always say no before things go too far,” she said, speaking equally as softly.

They both backed up against the desk, leaning back and watching me. I adjusted my trousers, bringing my equipment into the light. I won’t say I was over-endowed, equipment-wise, but I certainly wasn’t under-endowed. From the way the girls looked at me they weren’t going to complain. Well, they might have, but not because there wasn’t enough of me.

I moved closer to Yvonne. The way I saw it Marcia was the leader of the pair. If I tested Marcia first Yvonne could easily back off. However, Yvonne first meant Marcia would consider it a loss of face to back off. I reached down and started lightly rubbing Yvonne. I didn’t really need to, she was already somewhat aroused, but it’s wiser to check and find you’re right than it is to not check and find you’re wrong.

I took hold of her hands, wrapping one around my erection and pressing the other against her pussy.

“Steer me in,” I told her, speaking softly, coaxingly.

Her face flushed and she darted a quick look at Marcia who was watching. Marcia gave a quick nod and Yvonne swallowed nervously and adjusted the position of my cock. Her fingers parted, spreading her lips slightly, and she directed me between them. With that done she snatched her hands away, just watching to see what happened. Marcia was also watching, both of the girls seeming to hold their breath.

I pushed forward slowly. Yvonne made an odd noise low in her throat as I steadily sank into her, eyes wide as she watched me disappear. I kept moving, in no rush, feeling her passage stretch and cling, adjusting to take me. Once I was fully inside her I paused, just holding myself there, my groin rubbing against hers.

What I wanted to do was to start pumping her, and pumping her hard. What I did do was slowly withdraw, finally coming free and moving back a step. Yvonne was breathing harder and looking a little disappointed. I suspect that if I’d kept going I would have met a token protest at the most. Now I turned to escort bursa Marcia.

I had no need to tell Marcia what to do. She had hold of my cock and was steering it home as soon as I was within reach. The main difference between her and Yvonne was that I sank fully home a lot faster, assisted in this by Marcia pushing firmly towards me, helping me take her.

Cock in place, my groin pressing against hers, I asked the all-important question.

“Do I continue or withdraw? Mm?”

“Do it,” was the quick answer from Yvonne.

“My decision,” grumbled Marcia. “Ah, if I say go ahead, what about Yvonne?”

“She’ll have to wait her turn,” I replied, turning my head to look inquiringly at her. She gave a nod, which I assumed meant that she wanted to do it as well.

I looked back at Marcia and she was nodding. “Do it,” she told me, pushing toward me as she said it, grinding herself against me.

Ever willing to help a student I did it. I pulled back and thrust in hard and fast. Marcia gave a cry as I drove in this time, possibly because I just slammed into her, hot and heavy, my groin slapping against her. It wasn’t a cry of protest, though, more a cry of excitement. It changed to an eager, “Ah, ah, ah,” with every thrust, with her pushing hard to meet me. She knew exactly what she wanted and she wanted it right now.

I didn’t hold back. I just drove into her, moving fast, wanting to get her aroused and ready for a climax without wasting too much time. After all, I had another appointment immediately after her. For all that urgency I didn’t rush too much, not wanting to find myself climaxing before I’d even attended to one young lady, let alone two.

Sliding in, pulling back, the rasp of flesh against flesh exciting, rousing me to new heights. I’ll swear I was getting bigger with every stroke, not that Marcia was complaining. A fiery little thing, twisting about under me, pressing towards me, wanting more, demanding more. It wasn’t all that long and I could tell she was near a climax.

“Now?” I suggested, being answered by a frantic, “Oh, please.”

I gave a little more oomph and Marcia went up in flames, hands covering her mouth to stop herself screaming. I held on by the skin of my teeth, letting her go and saving myself for the encore.

Marcia just leant back against the desk, breathing hard, while I separated and turned to Yvonne. She was flushed and breathing hard. I suspected she’d come close to climaxing herself, just watching us. I pressed her back against the desk and then I was pressing against her, into her, driving firmly home.

She looked at me, seeming rather shocked and nervous. I just pressed against her, not moving just yet.

“Yes?” I asked, letting her consider what she wanted.

She glanced at Marcia who was now taking an interest in what was going on, and then looked back at me.

“I guess,” she said feebly, but I didn’t moved, just waited a little longer.

“I said yes,” she muttered when I didn’t do anything. I suspected that having a length of hard cock inside you concentrates your thinking, on one subject, anyway.

“Oh, god, yes, do it,” she said after another couple of moments, starting to sound a lot more interested.

I started on her, drawing slowly back and returning just as slowly. Her eyes widened and she started moving with me, not trying to push the pace but just matching what I was doing. After a few moments her eyes went sort of dreamy and she just lost herself in the gentle rocking motion.

Without changing the pace I reached up and started undoing the buttons on the front of her dress. Pulling the top apart I lifted her bra up, pushing it up and over her breasts, letting them spill free. Now my hands were on her breasts, stroking them to the pace being set by my cock.

I relinquished her breasts, turning to look at Marcia. She was watching everything we were doing, her face flushed. I nodded to her and then indicated Yvonne’s breasts. She looked confused for a moment and then caught on. She blushed and then reached for them, giggling slightly.

Marcia played with Yvonne’s breasts, touching, massaging, and kissing them, while I continued my slow thrusting, building up Yvonne’s excitement as slowly as I could. Not for her sake, for mine. After playing with Marcia I’d have exploded if I’d tried to move with any urgency. The slow pace allowed me to settle down while still letting me build up a head of steam for the subsequent explosion.

Seeing Marcia was bent over Yvonne and I had a free hand I reached for her, starting to rub her mound again. She lifted her head away from Yvonne for a moment, seeming to freeze, and then she continued playing.

Yvonne was still in a blissful state, eyes closed, moving with me and in no hurry. Yet. I could see the signs that her excitement was taking hold of her. It wasn’t going to be long before she wanted a more dynamic approach, especially with Marcia teasing her breasts.

When I did increase the pace Yvonne’s eyes popped open and she stared at me, adjusting her own pace to suit. She was breathing hard, making excited little noises, eager for completion. She also gave Marcia a surprised look. Hadn’t she realised that it was her playing with her breasts? Maybe not.

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