Holiday Erotic Ch. 1


Dominica checked her reflection in the mirror, satisfied with the short, skin tight red velvet gown she’d bought for this occasion.

Jason would be there with his new girlfriend, the boyfriend-stealing tramp, and she wanted him to see EXACTLY what he was missing.

Smiling happily to her reflection in the mirror she smoothed the soft fabric over her thighs. The short skirt ended barely an inch below her round ass, showing off the fact that she was nude underneath with every movement. Her long blonde hair was pinned to the top of her head in an exotic tumbling waterfall of waves, designed to fall seductively over her shoulders when she…or more hopefully Jason, removed the ruby-studded clip.

The doorbell rang, and she slid her feet into a pair of sexy red high-heeled sandals and went to the door. Her date, a nice man who worked in her office named Alex stood at the door, clad in an all white tux and clutching a single red rose stood, leaning against the doorway.

“Domi.” he said in a silky voice, leaning over to kiss her cheek and handed her the rose.

“Hello Alex!” She purred, knowing that he was turned on by her dress. “Just let me put this in water and then we can go.”

She turned from him and walked to bursa escort the kitchenette, deliberately swinging her hips to give him a peek at her bare bottom. Quickly, she found a slender crystal vase, filled it and turned toward the door, placing the rose inside and setting the vase on the table.

Alex’s lips were parted, and he ran a nervous hand through his jet-black hair, obviously growing more aroused by the second. He turned toward the door, giving Dominica a clear view of his hardened package inside his pants.

Glancing at the wall clock, she decided she had enough time to play with Alex without being too late. Anyways, he was hot, and although he’d never compare to Jason, she’d definitely been attracted to his dark good looks for some time. She slid between him and the door to her apartment and closed it, pulling the chain. Her body brushed up against his, his hardness pressing into her belly as she slithered away.

“I thought maybe we’d have a drink before we left.” She said innocently, walking over to the bar and gesturing for him to sit on the plush white couch. “What would you like?”

Gulping audibly, he murmured “Anything” and sat on the arm of the couch looking uncomfortable.

She poured two tall goblets bursa escort bayan of champagne and sauntered over to him. “You look soooo tense.” she purred handing him the goblet, and sipping from her own. Placing her drink on a table she slid her hands up his chest, bending over in front of him to give him a glimpse of her cleavage.

His body tensed at her touch, his breathing becoming rapid. Cooing gently at him, she straddled the arm of the couch in front of him, her dress riding up her opened legs and exposing the soft pale curve of her ass and her cunt which was dripping and rubbing on the fabric of the couch.

“You want me don’t you Alex?” she moaned, riding herself back and forth over the arm of the couch, her bared clit brushing against the throbbing rock in his pants

“Oh god yes!” he exclaimed pulling her up to straddle his waist and grinding his sheathed cock into her crotch. “God Domi, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Ohhhh” she moaned as her lips spread over his cock, feeling it’s heat through his pants. “Ohhh Alex I want you to fuck me now…right now!” she screamed, unzipping his tuxedo pants and sliding his thick rod out of the opening.

“Not yet baby, we still have time to play” he said, gently pushing escort bursa her head down to his lap. Her soft lips closed around his cock, taking just the head into her warm, wet mouth and sucking it gently, her tongue caressing the sensitive area just under the helmet.

Alex groaned, his dick throbbing between Dominica’s lips and thrusted his cock all the way into her mouth. It felt soo good, she took it all and sucked fiercely until she sensed he was about to cum, and then slid it out of her mouth with a noisy slurping sound.

“Fuck me Alex, oh please fuck me” She moaned, sitting back up and sliding her tongue over his lips. “I want to feel you cum inside me” she said desperately, rubbing her pussy lips over his cock.

Growling low in the back of his throat, he shoved his hips violently upward, slamming his throbbing rod full force up into her dripping cunt.

She bucked wildly on top of him, his cock stretching her inside and rubbing against her g-spot in ways that she’d never experienced before. She slammed herself down into him, fucking him wildly as he fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked in her life until both of their bodies tensed, screaming and biting and cumming in unison.

Sated…for now, Dominica climbed off of Alex and straightened her dress. A quick run to the bathroom and she was ready to go. Alex, looking a little rumpled but good overall took her arm and led her out of her apartment.

To Be Continued…

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