Homophobe schooled

Homophobe schooledWhen I was a young man I had a thing about teasing gays, I’d laugh at them, tease them about having cum on the heels of their shoes, shit like that. Just being mean telling them I was an “exit only” kind of guy. I was mercyless and I paid a big price for a few years later. I was in another town only a few hundred miles from my home town just checking it out after landing a new job there. I went into sports bar there to have a couple drinks. This guy came up to me and asked ” are you Spike?” I said “yes” and he proceded to tell me his name and where he went to school. Turns out he was one of the fags I was always giving a hard time to. He also said it was payback time. I laughed in his face, finished my drink and left.The next morning, my first day, at my new job I run into, Yeap you guessed it, Peter, the guy I ran into at the bar. We didn’t say anything more than “good morning” and went our seperate ways. Around lunch I was heading to a near by cafe and saw Peter with several other guys who looked as “lite in the lofers” as he did. They all turned my way and stared at me, I just laughed at them and went on my way. All week I kept getting these stares and an occasional note mysteriously appearing on my desk or car saying “Your time is cumming” spelt just that way.About a week later I was walking home from the bar near my house when a van pulled up in front of me and stopped. Out jumped four guys in ski masks and a gun and told to “get in your time is here”. I had no choice but ot comply I wasn’t looking to get shot. They gaged, blindfolded me and tied my hands and feet. We drove for about an hour. When we stopped and they untied my feet so I could walk they led my to a house. I could tell we were in the woods somewhere from the smell of the pine trees and how quiet it was. There wasn’t a man made sound anywhere close.?9/?18/?19They took me inside what I figured was a cabin. There were others already inside, it sounded like several. With the six guys from the van, four who confronted me the driver and lookout in the passenger seat, I was guessing about at least a dozen guys. They were sivas escort all laughing and talking about getting some payback for all the shit they had taken all their life because they were different, they were all gay and I was going to get 100% of their anger and revenge.Several grabed me tight so I could move. The blindfold stayed on and my hands tied but all my clothing was cut off. There were cat calls a crude remarks about how tasty my ass and above average cock looked. Bets were taken on how tight my asshole was and how loose it was going to be before the weekend was up. I wasn’t sure what was happening or what was going until then. I started sweating and strugging with all I had but I was gripped tight. They were laughing about me sucking their cocks and I spit at them and said “never would I suck any cock, I’d bite off the first one forced in my mouth” this got me a swift, very hard punch to stomach and folded over trying to catch my breath. Several of them lifted me up and put my feet in some sort of stirrup, they tied my hand above my head. There I was spread eagle on my back with my ass exposed. I was off the ground held by straps and a short bed of leather that supported my back. There was a strap behind my head holding it even with my back. They were all havind a good laughing, rubbing my ass, balls and cock. I heard them taking bets on how much cum my mouth would hid before I swallowd it all.The blind fold was removed, they placed a clamp of some sort that could force my jaws open it hurt at first and they closd my jaw a little. Then their fun started, they introduced themselves to me one by one slowly spinning around in the sling I was tied to. Each one slapped me in the face with their semi hard cocks and told me his name and where he worked. I couldn’t believe we all worked together me and the 15 of them. Peter was first to play with my asshole he inserted something like a caliper and spread and rectum as wide as he could and said “7/8 of an inch”. He then poured some warm thick liquid on my balls and rubbed it around as it flowed down to my asshole. When it got there so did his escort sivas finger soon to be fingers. He didn’t spend much time trying to loosen my hole he just removed them and started bubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. Suddenly he pressed his average but rock hard cock on my rosebud and pushed it in. I couldn’t screem because of the clamp but wanted to not so much from the pain as from the fact that I had a dick in my ass. He slowly pumped his cock in and out til he was balls deep and my guts felt full. The others were cheering him on rubbing their percum ozzing cocks on face or roughly pulling on my balls. Peter kept pumping ass an sounded like he was getting close to loosing his nut When suddenly he said “NOW” and lots of things happened at once his cock came out of my freshly fuck asshole quickly, the clamp forced my mouth open, my head was layed back so it was like I was looking up and I was spun 180 degress so Peter didn’t even move he just shot his hot nutload into my mouth and on my face all the time yelling ” take my hot spunk form you ass to your mouth tough guy”. No sooner had he got out of my asshole and another cock was in me. I couldn’t spit out Peters spunk because of the possion my head was in, so it just sat in my mouth. Several guys rubber their cocks on my face getting Peters dripping on their cocks as lube. I could see 4 big cock right in front of my face all stroking together racing to see who would the next load in my mouth. The cock in my ass wasn’t as big as Peters but felt longer. I didn’t take him long and I felt thrust hard and hold, I could feel his cock jerk deep in me. He pumped a big load, two of the masterbaiting foresome came at the same time shooting more jizz in my mouth and on my face. I was so helpless I didn’t know to do. Another hard cock was rubbed up and down my ass crack. This got my attention as it felt huge, I forced my head up to look and the three loads of cum slide down my throat before I could spit. This got a hugh laugh and comments about how it looked like I liked it. The big cock at my ass had my attention it was at least as long as the sivas escort bayan last one but looked twice as big around, I started shaking my head no but he just laughed and slide it right in, the load of cum from the last guy must have lubed my new mancunt up pretty good because it didn’t hust as much as I was expecting. I couldn’t keep my head up any longer and as it fell back the clamp forced my jaws wider. The guys stroking their cock were ready and both shoved the heads of their throbbing cock in my mouth and shot loads that hit the back of my throat and followed the first three loads to my stomach. There were cocks placed in my mouth and I couldn’t bite them because of the clamp and because I was moaning to much from the fucking my ass was getting. This guy knew how to fuck a mans pussy he hit my prostrate so often my cock was rock hard and dripping precum by the spoonfull. Th e next four hard, hot cocks in my mouth just shoved them deep down my throat til their ball were at my lips covering my nose. The only way to breat was to keep swallowing and trying to get a breath between their deep driving thrusts. I didn’t worrying about swallowing more cum it was shot right down my throat. I couldn’t help it I came all over myself without ever having my cock touched, everyone cheered. I was so turned on I didn’t notice the clamp was loosened and the cock was still in my mouth my tongue washing over the head as a hot load shot into my mouth and I just swallowed it, I was starting to enjoy this. The load from huge cock in my was shot into my mouth like first one. And on it went all night I was never without a cock or two in my mouth and ass, I was loving it. They untired my hands but I didn’t care I was staying all weekend and fucking and sucking them all. Thay came in my ass at least once and I greedily suck each cock till it was dry. I loved socking cock to get their sperm in me I swallowed them all at least once that weekendBy Sunday we were all buds, they had fucked me good and I fucked some of them. We all licked each others balls and cocks promising to do this adain. Peter had one more thing he wanted to do. He had me drop my pants, spread my legs and bend over. He stuck his caliper in my freashly fucked mancunt and spread it “1 1/2 inches” he said with a grin, “you’ll have to give it a rest or we’ll only touch one side next”end 

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