Honeymoon Stringalong

Honeymoon StringalongJessica’s Wedding Night Cheating Game.”One more week, Jerry. In another week I’ll be your wife, and I’ll submitto you whenever you want me. But you’ve got to hold off until then.””Oh God, Jessica! I don’t know if I can take it!””You’ve got to, Jerry. If you want me to submit to your cock, if youwant me to take it whenever and however you want it, you have to show methat you can keep from ejaculating for another week.”Jessica’s pussy was tingling and creaming with arousal. She liked therush of power from telling her future husband that he had to controlhimself until the wedding night – along with her being a subtle andrelentless cock tease.Jerry panted. “I feel like I could cum if you just touched it. I needto cum, Jessica!”She giggled. “No, sweetheart, you don’t need to cum. You just want tocum. You want to do now what you’re not supposed to do until we’remarried! Try not to think about it. Now kiss me and say that you’llcontrol yourself. Oh, and I’ll know if you give in before you’re supposedto.”He groaned as their lips met for tender kisses. “Okay, Jessica, I’ll doit. I’ll control myself. Oh God, it’s hard.””I know, honey, but it’ll be worth it. You want to fuck me ’till myhead spins on our wedding night, don’t you?””Yes. Yes, Jessica!” he sighed.”You want me to surrender to you in any position you want, don’t you?””Oh God, Jessica!”She giggled. “I’d better go home now. Remember, no ejaculating beforethe wedding night!” She kissed him again and was on her way.She pulled into a driveway. Ned was waiting and got into her car. Thenshe drove to her place, and they both went to her room.”Oh God, I’m so hot!” she panted. “He’s in such a state, he almostspurted in his pants! Get your clothes off!”They hurriedly undressed, and she pulled him on top of her. Hisengorged member easily slid inside her. “Oh, you ARE hot!” he exclaimed.”You always did get aroused from teasing!”Jessica giggled. “I got him to agree to hold off until the weddingnight. It’s already been ten days since I gave him a hand job. He’ll haveblue balls by then!”As much self control as Ned had, Jessica was always a challenge to hiswell practiced bahis şirketleri training. She loved intercourse with him, because he almostalways held back from ejaculating until she was ready. There was anotherreason she liked his throbbing cock inside her.They fucked vigorously in different positions while she moaned and toldNed how much she loved his cock inside her.”Jessica -“”Not yet, Ned. A few more minutes, okay?”Ned did his best to hold back under Jessica’s intense stimulation. Sheloved that about him. She vigorously rode him until she was about to crestinto orgasm.”Okay, Ned. You may cum.”As soon as he began to spurt, she surrendered to her orgasm, making theexperience sweeter for both of them. He bucked under her like a wild horseas his ejaculation went on and on. She knew she was getting a pussy fullof sperm.”That felt good, Ned. Are you ready?” she panted.He reached forward and grasped her hips and helped her straddle hismouth. He licked and kissed her pussy, swallowing several times and givingher three intense orgasms. Then she collapsed on top of him and they bothslept.The next morning she dropped Ned off at his place. “I’ve booked theroom next to where Jerry and I will spend our honeymoon,” she told him. “Don’t ejaculate before then, okay? I’ll make it worth your while.”Ned sighed. “Okay, Jessica.””You won’t back out, will you?””I won’t back out. Sucking on your cum-filled snatch after you’remarried is too nasty to pass up.”She giggled.On the day of the wedding, Jessica was consumed with anticipation. Sowere two males – Jerry and Ned. Jerry was about to go crazy from thedenial of ejaculation for more than two weeks. He could scarcely think ofanything but the forthcoming moment of consummation in the bridal bed. Nedtried to conceal his erection thinking about Jessica’s plan, when she wouldslip into his room and settle her sperm-filled pussy on his mouth. Andwhat did she mean when she said it would be worth my while, he mused. Andwhy did she tell me not to ejaculate for a week? Is she still going to letme fuck her married pussy?The ceremony was dreamlike to Jessica and Jerry. She knew he wasstruggling youwin with his arousal. I hope he doesn’t cum in his pants before weget to the hotel, she thought to herself as she smiled brightly.Ned’s anticipation was fueled by the sight of Jessica in her weddingdress. He knew how ardent Jerry’s desire must be after waiting, andwaiting. He was also keenly aware of his own desire, having abstained fora week at Jessica’s direction.Several hours later, Jerry anxiously led Jessica into their hotel room.She wiggled out of her wedding dress and got completely naked. He shed hisclothes in record time. His purple cock was more than ready, and Jessica’spussy was lubricating heavily.”Now tell me the truth, Jerry. Did you refrain from cumming as I askedyou to?””Yes, Jessica, yes. It almost killed me, but I want to please you.”She smiled. “Good.” Then she got on the bed and spread her arms andlegs. She grasped the headboard and said, “I’m your wife now. Fuck me!”She kept her arms and legs spread as Jerry impatiently entered her andbrusquely pumped. She made sexy sounds with each of his penetratingthrusts, and in short order he spurted inside her. Oh, the sweet feelingof hot jets of sperm forcefully ejected into the depths of her innergrotto.Jessica giggled. “Feel better?””Oh my God, Jessica! That was so intense!””I want more. Just handle me and I’ll get into any position you want.”Jerry was ecstatic at his good fortune. The girl that insisted that henot ejaculate for over two weeks prior to the wedding was now a submissiveand yielding bride. He nudged her over on her tummy and entered her pussyfrom behind. He got down on top of her in full body contact and lustilypumped his hips. The inside of her pussy was slippery from his earlierprofuse ejaculation and he thrust for a while before the feeling in hiscock intensified and he shot another series of hot spurts inside her.”Oh, Jerry, I love this!” she exclaimed. She poured two glasses of wineand they leisurely sipped it while basking in the glow of their new status.When they finished, Jessica said, “I need more cock, Jerry. Here, just lieback and I’ll get on top and I’ll youwin giriş do the work.”Jessica inserted his hardening member inside her and steadily pumpedwhile giggling. This went on for some time before she felt his cockexpanding within her. “My husband is going to give his wife anotherserving,” she teased. Not long afterward, her relentless pumping got himto spurt forth. Jerry got drowsy and was soon soundly sleeping.She put on a robe and quickly went to the room next door. Ned had allhis clothes off and had been anxiously awaiting her.”Three times, Ned! Lay back now.”Ned eagerly licked and kissed Jessica’s well spermed pussy and gave herthree orgasms over a twenty minute span. Then she accepted his ragingmember inside her and lay on top of him, face to face. She pumped her hipsas she had when she was atop he new husband in the next room.”How do you like licking another man’s cum from his new bride?” shegiggled. “And how do you like having your cock inside a newlywed wife onher wedding night?””Jessica -“She giggled. “I thought you’d be excited about that. Can you keep fromcumming until I’m ready?””I’m trying, Jessica. Slow down. Please.””Uh-uh-uh, Ned. This is my wedding night, remember? I want to rideyour hard cock for a while before you spurt.””But Jessica,” he panted, “You didn’t want me to cum for a week!””I know,” she giggled. “I want a lot of sperm on my wedding night. That’s why I wanted Jerry to have blue balls!”The stimulation in addition to her naughty talk was too much. “Uhhhh! Ican’t help it!” he exclaimed, and vigorously bucked as he spurted a week’sworth of lust inside her. Jessica had known that Ned would not last verylong inside her in the charged setting. She straddled Ned’s mouth and hadhim lick his profuse spent sperm from her newlywed pussy.When she had calmed down from her second orgasm, she noticed that Ned’scock was hard again. She lay on her back and pulled him on top of her andinserted his willing member. “Fuck me, Ned. Nice and deep.””What about your husband?” Jerry asked.”I made sure he’ll be asleep for a while.”They had long, slow, tender intercourse in varying positions. FinallyJessica whispered, “Ned – would you like to give me your cum?” That was allit took, and he helplessly spurted inside her.”I’ve got to get back now. Expect to eat some pie every night thisweek.” Then she stealthily went back to her marriage bed.

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