“I can’t believe that you sprained your damn ankle, Trina,” said Beth.

Yeah, it all happened pretty fast. I traveled all the way to friend’s small town to visit her, and then I trip over a cord at her house, and now I’m in a hospital bed.

“Well, I can’t believe it got so bad that I had to the hospital,” I responded, staring at my left foot.

Beth was kind enough to set me up with her own doctor. Hopefully that’ll help with the bill not being killer. Plus, she’s talked about him before. He was supposed to be cute.

“Don’t worry,” Beth tried to reassure me. “You’ll be out of here in a week or so.”

“I hope,” I said cynically.

“But shit, you got lucky. A whole room to yourself!”

“I know! I don’t have to listen to old people!”

As we laughed together, the nurse opened the door. “The doctor will be seeing you now,” she said. And then he walked in. He was a black giant! He stood at 6’8″ and was built like a truck. He kind of looked like Michael Clarke Duncan.

He walked to the edge of my bed and held out his huge hand. “Trina, is it?” he asked.

“Y-yes,” I stammered as I shook his hand. Mine were dwarfed compared to his.

“Excellent,” he said. “I’m Dr. Moore. Beth told me about your unfortunate accident. However, a few days rest will cure your ankle.”

I was enthralled. It was as if this guy crawled out of my dreams. I had a thing for black guys, body builders, and intelligence. This guy had it all. I could barely keep my eyes off of him.

Beth looked at her watch. “Shit! I’m going to be late for work. I’ll see you tomorrow, Trina! Bye Mr. Moore.” She walked out of the room, leaving me and Dr. Moore alone. But that didn’t last long.

“I have to go and straighten some things out,” he said. “I’ll return in an hour or so. If you need anything, just ask.” When he got up he accidently hit the nightstand, but laughed it off and left.

When I was sure he was gone, I took off my leg brace and got up. That’s right. I faked it! I wanted to meet Dr. Moore ever since Beth first started talking about him, and now I was going to fuck him. I sifted through all the patient gowns they had, and put on the smallest one I could find. The cloth barely covered my pussy. I was ready to seduce him.

I hid on the blind side of the door. As promised, Dr. Moore walked in and stopped, seeing that the room looked empty. He walked behind him. “Hey, Dr. Moore,” I cooed.

Without being startled, he turned around and looked down at me. “You shouldn’t be walking on your foot.”

“I faked it,” I replied. “I came here…” I pushed my tiny body against him, his mega bulge pressed against my upper belly.

He didn’t back away, which was a good sign for me. “I didn’t know you were a crazy slut.”

“Super crazy and super slutty!” I put my finger between my lips. “Won’t you treat me, doctor?”

He bent down and whispered in my ear. “Tonight. On your bed. Be ready, because you’re in for way more than you bargained for.”

After that he left. I started jumping around like a little girl. I was going to fuck Dr. Moore!

Nightfall came fast. I sat in my bed, my pussy tingling about what was about to happen. Based on his bulge, I could tell that he was at least eleven inches long, and I couldn’t even guess how thick!

At around nine o’clock, Dr. Moore finally entered my room. He closed the door, locked it, and blacked the door window with a piece of black paper.

I started asking questions, trying to keep up my pendik escort personality for him. “What if someone hears us?

“The rooms are sound proof,” he said as he walked across the room to the windows.

“What if a nurse walks in?”

“Your nurse is officially off duty. You need something, you ask only me. Anyways, I own this hospital from the inside out. I’d could bang you in front of all the staff and nobody would report a thing.” He closed the curtains, then started walking over to my bed.

I smiled. “Are you going to abuse me, Dr. Moore?”

He disabled the nurse calling button and pulled a camera out of his lab coat. “Just you see.”

He pointed the camera at me and started recording. “Today’s patient is Trina Fark. She is eighteen, 5’0″, and has a tramp stamp on her back saying ‘Built for Blacks.'” I didn’t know how he knew that. I assumed that Beth told him once. “Now,” he continued. “Our patient today suffers. From a terrible condition, one that I simply will not allow in my hospital: Anal Virginity.” My eyes popped open and my pussy twitched. I couldn’t believe it. He was going to fuck my virgin ass, and I had no problem with it.

“Please, cure me doctor!” I said, playing along with the role-play.

“You asked and you shall receive,” he replied. “Now, get on all fours. The audience needs to see how bad your condition is.”

I obeyed without question. I got on my hands and knees, displaying my ass. My dress rode up, revealing my wet pussy.

He pushed the gown up and showed my tattoo off before pointing the camera at my anus. “As you can see folks, this is a class-A case. I bet that I would have a hard time fitting a pencil in there. Good thing I have the right tool for the job.” He undid his pants and flopped out his cock, making my mouth drop. It was eighteen inches long, and was as thick as a wine bottle! Not to mention his huge, orange-sized balls.

He smiled. “Treatment will consist of a full, forceful insertion in the anal cavity. Lube is not going to be used.”

He climbed on the bed behind me. “Do you want to be treated, slut?” he asked.

I bit my lip. Although I was scared I reached back and spread my butthole apart as far as possible. “Cure me doctor!”

With that he forced his head against my asshole. I groaned in pain as he probed me, trying to fit. I honestly did not believe that he could actually do it. It was simply too big. But if he wanted it, I wanted it. Even if it did hurt like a motherfucker. I was turned on by sexual violence anyway.

Dr. Moore finally got the head in my no longer virgin ass. “Beginning treatment now,” he said right before thrusting hard inside me. I cried out in pain. I felt like I was tearing apart. Yet I wanted more.

As more inches were forced into me I began to wonder if I made a mistake sleeping with this guy. At this rate, I’d be ruined for life. But then I remembered all of the cocks I’ve seen. Some were small and tiny, while others were average. The biggest she had seen in the past was seven inches, and this monster was packing another eleven. “I’d be a mistake to NOT sleep with him,” I thought to myself.

He got his cock halfway inside me before changing things up a little. He pulled a tripod out from under the bed and set the camera on it, with the view focused on our side. I guessed that this just happened to be the room where he fucked patients. Then he reached around and grabbed my neck with huge hand, choking me as he deflowered my ass. Then his pace quickened, escort pendik forcing more of himself into me. I could feel it. A strong climax was building.

When I finally felt his heavy balls slap against my drenched pussy I orgasmed instantly. My whole body convulsed and spasmed, my ass tightening around his thick pole which was still fucking me. As I was lost in the most blissful orgasm of my life, his hand squeezed my neck harder, not only choking me but nearly crushed my windpipe.

After half an hour of brutal sex that looked like hate fucking, he finally pulled out of me when I was close to orgasming again. I was irritated about that, but I couldn’t stay mad at him. I knew he had other plans for me.

He got off the bed and took the camera in his hand again, pointing it at me and my gaping ass. “I have good news,” he said. “You are officially cured of Anal Virginity. But your treatment is not done yet.”

He positioned me on my back with my head hanging of the bed. He pointed his cock at my face. I stared at it in disbelief that I took it all in my ass.

“The second part of your treatment,” he began. “It will consist of an insertion in the throat to dispense medicine into your stomach.” My pussy twitched again, and I smiled. This man gave me the anal orgasm of a lifetime. It was only fair for me to suck him off.

I opened my mouth as wide I could. I stared at the cock as it entered my mouth, glimmering from the juices in my ass. I started gagging once the head was in, but he didn’t stop there. He began face fucking me as hard as he ass fucked me, until he finally slipped into my throat. I could hear him grunt as he rammed more of his cock in me. I couldn’t breathe!

He didn’t seem to care though, and forced more and more in my throat, until his fat balls were slapping my nose. His pace quickened, and he starting thrusting harder. I reached around and grabbed his ass. I could tell he was going to cum, and I wanted every drop.

After four powerful strokes he gave a mighty groan as he shot a pint of hot cum straight into my stomach. His cock seemed to pump for ages before stopping. He kept his cock in my throat. “Treatment complete,” he said.

Right when I was going to faint from the lack of air, Dr. Moore pulled his cock out of my throat, letting gasp for air. I coughed up a mix of saliva and cum, which spilled on the tiled floor. He smiled and placed his cock on my shoulder, still recording. “Will you be visiting us again?” he asked me.

Through teary eyes and a damaged throat I managed to say “Yes.”

I sat there, kind of embarrassed. Beth stared at me in my new condition. She left thinking that I had a sprained ankle, and now she finds me here with huge bruises on my neck, a bruised pelvis, and anal and intestinal trauma. Twelve hours ago I earned all these, and forgot to consider how Beth would feel about it.

Yet she didn’t look mad at all. “I take it you had fun last night?” she asked.

I smiled and tried to speak. I sounded like I lost my voice after screaming over a rave. “Dr. Moore is a monster!”

She smiled back. “Oh believe me, I know. I rather enjoy coming in for my flu shots, if you catch my meaning.”

I giggled. Beth knew the glory of her doctor’s cock, and I wasn’t surprised. Who knew how many times they’ve fucked. I bet God didn’t even know.

“Hey,” I said. “Did you happen to see my phone anywhere? I can’t find it.”

Before she could answer, the door opened, and Dr. Moore walked in. When I pendik escort bayan saw him I got glassy eyed and stared at him. I felt like a middle-schooler that had a crush on a teacher.

He walked up to Beth and handed her a wad of cash. “You’re cut,” he said.

I was confused. A cut? Like a payment? I managed to ask “for what?”

They both smiled at me. Beth walked next to me and showed me her phone. A video was playing. It was me, getting fucked by Dr. Moore! As I was in shock, the video minimized revealing that it was posted on an illegal porn site! “You’re quite the star,” she said. “Six million views. And Dr. Moore got another thousand subscribers.”

I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Moore ran a porn site? And made money off of it? But I still didn’t understand why she got a cut. “Why did you get a cut, though?” I asked.

“For bringing you here. I showed a nude of you to Dr. Moore and he wanted to cast you in a video. So I invited you to visit. It was obvious that you faked your ankle, so I took the opportunity to take you here.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, even though it hurt. The whole situation was hilarious. They set me up, and I fell for it. I wasn’t even pissed. I was thankful.

Then Dr. Moore entered the conversation. “Now about your bill. I noticed that you don’t have any insurance at all.”

“Great,” I thought to myself. He still wanted his money, even after last night. “Fine” I said. “How much do I owe you?”

“Eleven thousand dollars.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Eleven thousand? He had to be kidding. “You can’t be fucking serious!” I tried to yell.

“I’m dead serious. Plus I’m doubling it since you were such a slut last night.”

Now I was pissed. I couldn’t possibly pay that all off. After how amazing this guy was, I would have never guessed his big flaw was that he was a money-grubber. “How the fuck am I supposed to pay that?” I asked.

Beth smiled as Dr. Moore spoke. “You’ll be paying off your debt with more videos every night. You better get used to using your ass, because my viewers are demanding more. Depending on the revenue of each video, I’ll tick off a bit from your bill. But don’t expect to leave this hospital for another month.”

I should have been angry. I should have felt betrayed, but instead my pussy twitched. I was okay with this. In fact, I was quite happy about it!

Dr. Moore walked over to me and pulled his cock out, letting it land on my shoulder. “But because you sassed me, you’re also going to swallow my cock every day for breakfast, starting now.” I couldn’t stop staring at his cock. It was like seeing it for the first time again.

“Also,” he continued as he pressed his cock against my cheek. “It’s not going to help your bill. As a rule, I only record at night, so you’re gonna do it for free.”

I was so turned on. My ass and throat were going to be so tender and sore every day, and he was still going to fuck me. I already made my mind that I would do it, but I wanted to know his end game. I wanted to know what card he had up his sleeve.

“What if I refuse?” I asked innocently.

He smiled and pulled my phone out of his pocket. He was the one who took it! “If you refuse, then I’ll send all of your personal information to my subscribers. All one million of them. Address, phone number, job, even your favorite glory hole. Hell, because you had the nerve to ask, I might end up posting them anyway! But not until after I break every hole you got.”

It was all so damn hot. I was on fire. I was glad that Beth brought me here, even if it was for profit. This was going to be a good long month, and I was ready for it. I opened my mouth so that he could fuck my throat again, right in front of Beth.

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