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hotel viewI was a bit insomniac, and looking out a hotel window at the city beyond. The trip was worthwhile, I was doing good work during the day, but the nights were just dull as hell. I’d been leaving it all in the office, hadn’t really had the energy to go out and do much, but I was still bored looking out over the town.My eyes wandered across the hotel itself. It was L-shaped, so part of my city view was obstructed by it. Mostly blank windows with shades drawn, but the occasional light on in an apparently empty room. I sat down on the windowsill in my darkened room, idly scanning the lit rooms. I was that bored, and so ready to leave town.A couple of floors below me, right at the near end of the opposite wing, movement drew my eye. A girl, hair wet, in a bathrobe, had just come to sit on the edge of her bed. She seemed bored as well, just looking at the city, as I was. Doing her hair up in a towel to dry, fresh from the shower.I had a remarkably good angle from where I sat, and I realized she couldn’t really see me there in the dark. I realized it was arousing halkalı escort to have her there, some dozens of feet away, completely unaware of me. I just watched her for a few minutes, and she just sat, scanning the horizon.I couldn’t believe it when her hand slipped into her robe, obviously stroking her nipple.She brought the hand across, robe falling open as she tweaked her other nip. I could see it clearly, standing out from her breast as she tugged it between thumb and forefinger. Suddenly my dick was as hard as a rock.I couldn’t even blink as she massaged herself. Unhurriedly, as if she’d given up on the night too, and decided she’d just play with herself. Both hands on her tits now, feeling herself up, robe off her shoulders giving me a perfect view. I didn’t dare move for fear of breaking the spell.Her hand wandered down… I saw the red nail polish. I was noticing every detail as she untied the knot still belting her robe to her.She laid back on the bed, robe now wide. Legs spread, taksim escort heels of her bare feet now on the side of the bed to either side of her ass. Once she reclined, her face left my view, but I could see her body perfectly from the neck down. Nipples erect, and her pink pussy on display.I realized I could move and not interrupt her – I’d been wearing just pajama bottoms, but I quickly got rid of even those, so I could enjoy her show that much better. Her middle finger traced her slit, feeling her wetness… my hand cupped my balls.She began rubbing circles around her clit, hips moving back and forth… I began rubbing the precum I was dripping down my shaft.She lifted her hips clear of the bed and began pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt… I began furiously jacking off.We masturbated together, for minutes that seemed like hours. I tried to radiate my lust across the intervening space to her, hoping to drive her lust higher as well, without her really knowing why. I tried to gauge how close she was, and match şişli escort her pace.Soon her hand and hips froze with her fingers plunged deep, buttocks clenched and raised from the bed, knees as far apart as possible. I saw the shivers take her body as she came. I let loose as well, from an erection that felt larger and harder than any I remembered ever having.She collapsed back onto the bed and just lay there, breathing deeply, fingers once again gently rubbing her slit. I coaxed the last drops of cum from my cock, still semihard despite having just spurted what felt like gallons of juice.Eventually, she put her feet back on the floor and belted her robe again. She stood and walked to the window, and turned her face in profile to me to look out over the city, thinking whatever she was thinking.I had to let her know. I reached out from my position on the windowsill, and flipped on the lamp in front of me.The sudden illumination drew her eye – she looked my way and froze. I remained still as well, wondering if the semen coating me from the neck down was as clearly visible to her as her nail polish was to me.We were both very intent for some seconds. I feel sure that she knew, then, why she’d just peaked a little higher than ordinary, about our little connection from far away.Without changing expression, she drew the curtain across her window.I still wonder exactly when she had realized I was there.

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