Hottest Times At the Adult Bookstores & Theate


Hottest Times At the Adult Bookstores & TheateThese are just some of the most fun times I have had at the various adult bookstores and theaters I used to go to. I have written stories about some of them but thought I would write just some brief descriptions of some of the hottest times I have had.First time I sucked cock in nylons:I wrote a story about it but the first time I sucked cock at an adult bookstore while wearing women’s hose was when I sucked off the clerk in the backroom while wearing tan thigh highs.First facial in an adult bookstore:It was the night before Thanksgiving and I went to a different bookstore than I usually go to. I got face pumped by an older gent while wearing black thigh highs. When he came he didn’t even ask, he just pumped his load all over my face. Ass fucked like a sissy fag:Not the best ass fuck I have ever had but one of the hottest if you istanbul escort know what I mean. Was at the booths at he adult theater I used to go to. There are no doors on the booths but they are shaped like an L so you can’t really see straight in. I had this guy who was proably in his 50’s that had one of the biggest an nicest cocks I have ever had. I had sucked him a couple times before but could never get him to let me finish. For whatever reason this time was different. I sucked him and he said he wanted my ass. He fucked me so deep and hard I had to take my shirt off and put it in my mouth so everyone wouldn’t hear me screaming. I was bent over grabbing the chair in just black lacetop thigh highs while this 5’2″ guy with a huge dick mauled me. He kept calling me a queer and a fag until he unloaded avcılar escort into the condom up my ass. I can cum right now thinking about it.Cock slapped and face fucked like a cunt:At the booths at the adult theater, had an older sorta heavier set guy walk in my booth. When I saw him I turned around so he could see I was wearing tan thigh highs and my shirt. He took out his cock and I got on my knees and started sucking him. He started grabbing my hair tight and slapping his cock on my face. “You like that you little cunt?!” I actually came before he did. He tried to get me to go home with him which after running into him a couple more times I did but that’s another story.Jacked on by the panty perv:This was in the theater. It was the middle of the day and there were about 12 guys in the theater. 3 of us were sitting in the back row şirinevler escort with an oldger gent standing. We were all watching 2 guys going at it a few rows in front of us. I pulled my pants down exposing my tan thigh highs when the older gent that was standing pulled his down and showed me he had on some silk panties. I went to suck him but he wouldn’t let me. Instead we watched the guys and stroked off until he stood closer to me and started shooting off all over me. My face, chest, hair. It was a alot of cum and he didn’t even ask me. He quickly pulled his pants back up and left. I was so mad that I didn’t get his cock. Saw him several times after that and he did it to me one other time but that time I knew it was “cuming”Sucking cock while watching a couple fuck:One of the few times I watched a couple in the theater. It was just after work hours and she was riding her hub in reverse cowgirl with her skirt hiked up over some nude thigh highs. To be honest they were a little boring to watch. I was in the row across the isle with another guy stroking and watching. I didn’t want her to see I had on hose but eventually I took my pants down and sucked the guy next to me while we watched. More to come….

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