House of Cards – Part 1


House of Cards – Part 1The three body guards, dressed in polo shirts, shorts, deck shoes and sunglasses, discretely escorted the three couples aboard the yacht. No one was smiling or laughing as if they were having a great time and looking forward to their adventure. The couples had been instructed not to talk to each other until they arrived at their destination, the location of which was not revealed. They had each received letters two weeks earlier with an invitation they could not refuse. The letter informed them that they had been discovered and refusal to attend the invitation would result in serious consequences. Each couple was met at the airport and delivered to the port and now, escorted aboard the yacht for their ultimate destination. All three couples were in their early thirties, attractive, and appeared to have, based on their wardrobes, the typical modest, middle American lifestyle. But just beneath the surface, their faces revealed fear and guilt. The boat sailed for several hours, changing course multiple times. As much as they each privately tried to get a sense of where they might be, none of them could figure it out. By late afternoon, the yacht pulled into a secluded port on what appeared to be a remote island. In the distance, they could see what looked like a resort and as they walked closer, they discovered it was a large mansion with several security people circulating around the grounds. They were escorted inside, walked down a long corridor, down a set of stairs and into what can best be described as an inner chamber. There was inside the chamber a semicircular conference table and each couple was invited to sit down. There was a folder for each couple with instructions not to open the folder until they were given a brief “presentation”. None of them felt any more comfortable now than they had when they received the invitation and all of them felt some regret for having accepted it instead of running away and hiding somewhere.From the time they were escorted on the boat until now, they noticed an abundance of security cameras as if they were under constant and total surveillance. Now was no exception. Finally, after waiting about 20 minutes, a distinguished man, well groomed, dressed in a fine suit and with graying temples in otherwise salt and pepper hair entered the room and began to address the guests. His tone was congenial, but serious. He was objective in his presentation, but very clear that he was not used to taking no for an answer and expected their full cooperation.He began, “Thank you all for being here. I trust that your flights and other transportation met your full satisfaction. You are all here for the same reason. One of you in each couple works for a privately held corporation that I happen to own. I have many of them. You are each very loyal to your spouses and are very open with each other. Yes, I have been studying you for some time. Both of you in each couple knows full well what you have done and have fully supported what you have done. In fact, each of you has embezzled large sums of money from my companies for your personal gain – paying the mortgage you can’t afford, the vacations that are not in the budget, whatever. You have been very careful and sly in your efforts. It took awhile to find you and figure out your strategies. But I did and here you are. Now, of all the people who have stolen from me over the years, I choose three couples like yourselves to indulge me for a long weekend. And I choose carefully. I choose based on the amount stolen, the loyalty and conspiracy of the couple, and your general age and attractiveness. Despite what you might think, having been chosen is very much a good sign for you. You see, if you agree to the contents of the folders in front of you and you both sign the agreements, I will forgive the crime and the debt and you are free to pursue your lives – working for someone else of course, because you are fired. On the other hand, if you refuse, you will be delivered from here directly to the police with the charges ready and you can spend the next several years in jail separated from one another. I will be back in about 45 minutes. Those who sign will spend from now, Friday afternoon, until Monday noon, enjoying what I have in store for you. Those who haven’t signed when I return already know your fate. Behind each of you is a private room for you to talk, read the agreement and decide what you are going to do. I will not answer questions. You know all you need to know to make your decision.”He turned and walked out the door. Their escorts led each couple to their own private room. The rooms were comfortable and much like a hotel room. There was a desk, chairs and king bed. No television or phone, however. They would have no contact with the outside world for the next three days. Each couple opened their folders and read the relatively brief content.”You agree that you will follow every instruction by your host to the best of your ability and to the letter. Three failures to perform will result in the nullification of the contract and you will be turned over to the authorities as already described in the presentation. These instructions will require you to perform various sex acts over the next three days in the presence of the host and the other guests…”The document was four pages long, mostly filled with the charges and highly detailed findings of the investigation of the specific couple. The last page was the signature page. The couples were somewhat relieved that if they agreed to have sex in public for the next three days, they would actually be able to make a fresh start. Without exception, all three couples signed sarıyer escort the agreement. The men, as would be expected, were a little more open to the idea of public sex than the women were, but it was unanimous that this was the better path to take.The couples were escorted back to the conference table right on schedule. And right on schedule, their host returned with a smile on his face, knowing that they had all signed.”I cannot tell you how delighted I am that you have all signed the agreement. I only get four weekends like this a year and I have gone to great lengths and financial cost to indulge in my “fetish”. I have several sets, almost like a movie sound stage to keep it all interesting for everyone. I will supply everything you need, including Viagra for you men if you find that you need it. Inability to get it up will not be an excuse. It will be treated as one of your three failures, so don’t be proud.” The men laughed nervously.”Alright then. We will start at 7:00 pm and close for the day at 11:00 pm. In the meantime, you will return to your rooms to relax, have dinner, and change into your designated colors. At five minutes before the hour, you will be escorted from your rooms to our first setting. For the remainder of the weekend, your names will be as follows, starting with the first couple, to make it easier for me and maintain your anonymity. Ally, Andy; Betty, Bill; and Cindy, Carl. Short, easy to remember and to the point. See you at 7.”Each couple was served sandwiches and a fruit tray as well as luxurious robes with notes. “You are to wear the robes and nothing else underneath. Be dressed in them and ready at 6:55.” Each couple was assigned colors. Ally had pink and Andy red; Betty and Bill had powder blue and royal blue; and Cindy and Carl had mint green and forest green.At precisely 6:55, the couples were escorted from their rooms, through the conference room and to the left down a long corridor. They were steered into a dark room on their right, guided only by floor lights until they reached an open area of unknown size. There were six comfortable chairs lined up in a row and another off to one side, presumably for their host.Just as they sat down, their host walked in and welcomed them. “There are not a lot of formalities from here on, so let’s have some fun, shall we? Carl, Cindy, stand up in front of the group and remove your robes.”Nervously, the couple stood up and untied their robes, letting them fall to the floor. Carl was definitely not yet excited and Cindy looked like she might get sick. “Okay, I want the two of you to French kiss each other. Carl, you squeeze a tit and Cindy, you rub his cock.” The couple did as instructed. “Now, Cindy, suck his cock until he is not only hard, but about to cum, then stop. Carl, if you cum, that will be the first of your three allowed failures. Give her warning if you have to.”Cindy covered her face with her hands, but then knelt to the floor and took her husband’s cock into her mouth and started sucking. Carl tried to concentrate so she didn’t have to go at it in front of everyone longer than necessary. Cindy could tell Carl was struggling. He wasn’t getting hard as quick as he normally did when she blew him, so she redoubled her efforts until only a dead man couldn’t get hard. Carl soon got fully erect and a few minutes later he was getting close enough he tapped her on the shoulder, hinting it was time to stop. She pulled away.”Okay, now for the other two couples to follow the same exact instructions I gave to Carl and Cindy.”The other two couples stood up, French kissed while feeling a tit and rubbing a cock. Andy and Bill were already hard from the show by Carl and Cindy, so Betty and Ally didn’t have to work as hard at sucking their men. Within a few minutes, bot men were on the verge of cumming and pulled out of their wive’s mouths. “Very good. I think this makes for a good ice breaker, don’t you?” the host said with a satisfied smile on his face. “Now ladies, finish them off. Men, when you are ready to cum, pull out and shoot your wad on their tits.”The three couples resumed the activity, the men standing and the women on their knees. Over the span of 10 minutes, each man pulled from their wive’s mouths and came on their tits as instructed. Andy left a thick glob and Ally’s tits, while Carl and Bill shot a larger, more liquid load on their respective brides that threatened to run down their abdomens.”Excellent!” said the host. “Now ladies, rotate one couple and clean the cum from the next lady by licking it up and swallowing it. If you want to take some time for a little girlfriend foreplay in the process, feel free to do so. But you only have five minutes before we move to our next activity.””Just a fucking minute,” said Andy, “these women don’t know where the other cocks have been and shouldn’t have to take any chances!””Careful,” warned the host, “it’s early and you don’t want a failure so soon. I told you that my investigation revealed you were each fiercely loyal to each other, so now you will have to prove I am right and your loyalty will now be tested. Remember, loyalty is one thing, fidelity is another. Of course, you are free to go to jail if you like.”Ally squeezed her husband’s hand as if to say he should stop and it would all be okay. Andy withdrew his complaint and the three women took their turns licking up and swallowing the cum from that woman’s husband. Each man had to admit to himself that it was an erotic sight and the evidence showed as they began to regain an erection. The women seemed to bond together a little as they took their allotted esenyurt escort time to play with each other’s tits and even rub each other’s clits a little while they indulged in the cum licking.”Alright everyone, time for the next round, please follow me.”He led them to another room. This one had a three queen beds, all side by side. The room was fixed up as a Victorian bedroom with all the decor for the period.”Each of you take a bed and fuck your spouses in your favorite position. I want proof of your climax, men, so when you cum, pull out and shoot it on your ladies wherever you choose. Feel free to take your time and watch the others if you want to, but if you don’t cum before the time is up, you will be charged with a failure. No pressure.”Ally climbed on top of Andy and took his rod into her now wet pussy. She was actually finding all of this quite a turn-on and she started fucking him hard and fast. Bill laid Betty down for an old fashioned missionary fuck and he also found this to erotic. Cindy liked it doggy style and got on her hands and knees as Carl took her from behind. The women were watching each other getting nailed by their men and were playing with their nipples as they got into the action. They could hear Carl’s balls and thighs slapping up against Cindy’s body as he fucked her on all fours. He had his hands on her hips and pouring the meat to her. Ally’s head was rolling around on her shoulders as she cupped her tits while she rode Andy’s cock. Betty had her legs wrapped around Bill’s back as he did push ups on her. Ally could see the continued in and out motion of Bill’s hard cock pounding his wife’s pussy. Bill was the first to shoot. When Betty knew he was getting close, she told him, “Honey, do everyone a favor and come up here and cum on my face.” Bill obliged, pulled out, crawled up to her and shot his cream on her cheek from her nose down to her jaw line. Not to be outdone, Cindy instructed Carl to pull out and shoot it on her asshole with her cheeks spread. Ally instructed Andy to cum on her shaved pubic mound area. Carl creamed Cindy’s asshole and crack with another somewhat runny load and shortly thereafter, Andy lifted Ally up and came on her mound like she wanted.””Well done, everyone. Now, men, it is your turn to lick up the cum from your wives wherever you left it.” They couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit at Carl’s situation, since it meant he was going to be eating some ass. It was not the first time for any of them to eat their own cum, since all three couples had a kinky streak in them. But none of them had eaten cum directly off the asshole before. But they all took it in stride, including Carl, who took the occasion to shove his tongue up his wife’s ass while he was already there. She squealed with surprise and delight. “Hey, I would say we are all pretty good fucks. What do you say?”Almost simultaneously, all three women responded the same way. “Yeah? If you are so fucking good, why is it that you have cum twice and we haven’t cum at all yet?”The host laughed heartily at the put down and said that he thought that was about to change. “Now ladies, the men need a little time to recharge, so you are going to enjoy each other’s pleasures. For the next hour or so, you will take turns pleasuring each other in any way you choose. In the nightstand you will find vibrators or you can perform your oral magic on each other. It is up to the recipient of the pleasure what is used to make her climax.””I’m old fashioned in that sense,” said Betty. “I want my pussy licked. Any takers?”Ally volunteered. “I love to eat pussy. Cindy, would you eat mine while I eat hers?””Sure,” said Cindy as she still felt the arousal of having her husband’s tongue suddenly shoved up her ass.Betty lay across the bed and spread her legs so that Ally could get a clear line to her pussy and so that the men could watch the show. Ally got into a position of her head down and her ass up, almost like a cat stretching. She slowly teased Betty’s cunt, tasting both Betty and Bill, who had just been fucking the shit out of her. She lapped at it and tongue fucked her and slid a finger in her, alternating all of the stimulants. In less than two minutes, Betty, already primed by the public fucking, came hard, coating Ally’s face with her love juices. Cindy had barely gotten in position to eat Ally before Betty had her first climax. Cindy had laid down on the bed face up between Ally’s legs. Ally then lowered herself onto Cindy’s face for what turned out to be a toe curling orgasm of her own once Betty finished her first one. Ally made sure Betty got off twice before she stopped, allowing Betty to move to Cindy. Cindy chose the vibrator and Betty retrieved a large black one from the drawer and began fucking Cindy with it. Cindy cried out at the size of it and the sound waves from her mouth heightened the stimulation on Ally’s clit enough to send her over the top. Ally was not normally a squirter, but her level of arousal put her at new heights and she gushed all over Cindy, soaking her face, neck and tits. The men were watching and rubbing their cocks at the same time without even realizing it. Betty was fucking Cindy with the vibrator and wobbling it around in her cunt, driving Cindy crazy. Cindy came multiple times and began to beg Betty to stop. She couldn’t take any more. Betty laughed and stopped and asked Ally to use it on her while Cindy licked Ally to another cum.Each woman had managed to get at least two orgasms out of the girl play and collapsed on the bed exhausted. The host was rubbing his own cock through his suit at the sheer erotic beauty of women fucking avrupa yakası escort each other. “Now, everyone, the next session will be the last one for the day. This one will test all of you in some way. Your fidelity, your sexual limits possibly, and the unknown. Follow me.”He led them to another set that was set up like a game show stage. There was a panel decorated on the boarders with glitter and lights and roughly waist high were three holes three feet apart. This was the glory hole game, the host called it. Each hole was covered by a black curtain split in the middle.”Ladies, you will each go around to the other side and you will be randomly assigned to one of the holes. Your name will be on the “saddle” with instructions. You do not swap. Your saddle has been assigned specifically to you and the height adjusted accordingly. Follow the instructions. I will inspect each of you before the round begins. The women did as instructed. The note said they were to lube their asses if they used lube for anal sex. They were to put the gags in their mouths so they could not communicate with each other or with the men in any way. When the host checked, he was pleased with their compliance and proceeded to tie their hands together under the saddle so they could not get away. Only one of the women had routinely engaged in anal sex with her husband. One had never done it and the other only a couple of times. The host returned to the men. “Gentlemen, you will draw a number from the bucket. Do not reveal your number to anyone. Simply take your place at the glory hole, and fuck the ass on the other side. There are only two things you can stick through the curtain – your index finger to make sure you know where you are, and your cock to finish the job. None of you will know who’s ass you fucked. It may be that your wife is taking your cock or it may be that it the wife of another. This time, you will cum inside them and I will make sure that you did actually cum when you are through. Lube up and I suggest you decide your strategy. You have all cum twice, so you will probably last a while and you are fucking someone in the ass. You can go slow and take it easy on them or you can fuck like a teenager in hopes that you cum more quickly and bring it to a quick end for them. They make like it or they may not. But is up to you to decide how you are going to make it as pleasurable for them as possible.”Each man was handed a bottle of lube and the coated their hard cocks. They were aroused at the thought of anonymous glory hole fucking and ass fucking at that. Each one probed with their finger getting an idea of where they needed to position their cocks. Handles were installed above their heads so they could hang on to them and fuck as deep as they dared. Each slid their cocks through the hole and the curtain, felt their cock heads begin to sink into the asshole on the other side. Carl chose to pump fast and didn’t wait to give them time to adjust. He started humping the wall as fast as he could. Andy went at it slow and easy as did Bill. All sighed a little as soon as it was clear they were as deep as they were going to get. While the two men went at it slowly, Carl continued to buck into his partner like a jackhammer. Eventually, he slowed down to a more steady pace once he realized he was not going to cum as quickly as he thought. The other two continued their slow and steady pace. Ally had never taken a cock up the ass before and Betty only a couple of times. Both wanted to scream initially from the pain of the intrusion, but both finally relaxed and began to enjoy it just a little. They looked at each other encouragingly and even with admiration that both had stuck it out this far. Cindy was used to getting her ass fucked and she was enjoying herself immensely. She was pretty sure from the approach being taken to her ass that it was not Carl. Plus, the cock felt different. The thought of it being one of the other attractive hubby’s pounding her ass made it all the more pleasurable to her. She learned the timing and was actually fucking back on the cock up her ass. Carl came before the other two, gritting his teeth to avoid giving away his position and shot one stream after another into one of the ladies’ asses. He stopped, keeping his cock inside her until he went limp and then pulled away. Andy and Bill came at roughly the same time and took Carl’s approach. After shooting their hot loads into the unknown asses, they stopped inside their partners until they too went limp and backed away.The host went to the ladies, saw that from each of them a stream of cum was running out of their assholes, and gave them each a gentle smack of approval on their ass cheeks. Then he pulled his cock out, removed their gags and told them they would take turns sucking his cock until the lucky girl got a load pumped down her throat. Still tied to their saddle, they had no choice. The host went from woman to woman, sliding his cock in and out of their mouths for a couple of minutes each. Finally, when he got the Cindy the second time, he grunted and shot a huge load into the back of her throat and kept his cock there until it was drained. They learned that their host was hung, more than their husbands, and that they could expect to see more of his cock over the weekend. Maybe that wouldn’t be all bad.The six invitees were escorted back to their rooms. On the way, the host remarked at how cooperative they all were and that now, because the barrier of anonymity had been broken, they could really begin to have fun tomorrow. The fun would start at 7 am, run to 11 am, a two hour break for lunch, then 1 pm to 5 pm, and then again from 7 pm to 11 pm. He suggested they get showered and rested for the long day ahead of them. A new crew of security personnel were stationed outside their rooms, and they were left alone to sort through the events or just collapse and sleep until breakfast at 6 am. Mostly they chose to sleep. They had no idea what was in store tomorrow, but at least the first session was done.

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