How Cocktease Heidi Fucked The School Janitor

How Cocktease Heidi Fucked The School JanitorHeidi worked out later than usual for track practice. She was in no hurry for the long walk home today.She had finished track practice and she went into the gym to start her shower.She began to undress as she peeled the sweaty clothes from her body. Track practice was one hell of a work out and she wanted to feel the hot water cleansing her body. She slowly turned on the shower and let the water beat down her face and all over her body. Down the hallway there was Max the janitor. He was an older man in his late 50’s just trying to make ends meet. Max walked down the hall with his broom at a steady pace. He was sweaping and emptying out the garbage cans throughout the school. In a distance he could hear the faint sound of water running. He was a little puzzled because the school should have been emptied by now. Max decided that he needed to go investigate the situation. He walked down the hall,getting closer to the sound of the water. He looked around the corner, only to find Heidi the beautiful red head track star. He stared as he admired Heidi’s curves and lusted over her gorgeous body. Heidi was a true red head. She had a slight olive complexion with just a hint of freckles around her nose. Her beautiful long red hair relaxed down her back and over her full 36C breast. She was lathering her body and daydreaming about a boy she had talked to earlier that day. Max watched in delite as she soaped her long curvy legs and fire red pubic area. He could feel a large lump develope in his Dickey’s. He stood back in awe as she shampooed her hair and let the streams of hot water run down her body. Max was rubbing his cock and licking his lips. How he wished to be young again. He would love to be throwing his cock inside a hot little cunt like Heidi. He could feel the wetness from his precum start to soak through his pants. Max leaned back and totally missed the wall. He stumbled in embarrassment as he tried to recover from the incident.”Who’s there?” Heidi asked.Max was terrified. The last thing he needed was to lose his job over his horniness. He tried to back away slowly but it was way too late for that. Heidi called out again,”Hey,is that you Max?” iskenderun escort Max had to admit to himself that the jig was up.”I’m so sorry,he cried.I didn’t know anyone was back here.” He held his breath as he waited for her response.”How long have you been standing there?” she inquired.”Have you been watching me shower Max?” Max just nodded his head yes and kept his eyes straight a head.He really couldn’t help himself. She was standing there butt naked. The water trickling down her tits and thighs.It was all he could do not to whip out his cock and start jacking off right in front of her.”Max did you watch the water run down my hot little body and over my ass and pussy?” she said ever so sexy. “Do you like what you see Max?” she asked “How long has it been since you’ve seen a young cunt like mine?” Heidi was being quite the prick tease and was enjoying every minute of it.Max started walking closer until he stood directly in front of her inside the shower.He reaked of sweat and the smell was enough to make her want to gag. Heidi wasn’t interested in his hygiene,she wanted what was making his hugebulge inside his uniform. She looked him in the eye and slowly unzipped his pants. Max was so nervous. He really didn’t know what to think at this point. She reached inside his pants and pulled out Max’s monster size cock.Her jaw dropped as it popped out to stand upright and curve slightly to the right. His cock must have been ten inches long and the width of a soda can. She gasped as she viewed and inspected the massive cock that was before her. her hands began to shake as she started to stroke it. She slowly moved her small hands up and down the shaft of his cock. She soon realized that one hand wasn’t going to do the trick,so she used both of them. She looked up at Max,only to see his head reared back and moans echo from his mouth.”Do you like the way I am stroking your big cock Max?” she whispered. In her head she couldn’t believe what she was doing. She wasn’t about to stop now. She knew that she wanted to feel this filthy janitor’s cock deep inside her tight teen pussy.She had never seen anything like this in her life and she wasn’t about to spoil the opportunity.Max escort iskenderun looked down as she started to lower her mouth upon the fat mushroom head of his dick. That was a tantalizing sight for him to see. Max got a little anxious and gave his cock one big thrust inside her mouth.Heidi fell back on her hands and pushed herself back up. She smiled at Max and began sucking his cock. This was too much for him to take. Her mouth soaking his cock with her spit and her full lips holding it tight like a vise grip. She gagged and tried to breath as his cock took over her hot awaiting mouth.Max was so determined not to blow his load inside her mouth. He sat back on the bench inside the locker room with lust in his eyes. He beckoned for her to straddle his face. Max looked at her dripping hot pink pussy. The clit was already swollen from excitement and anxiousness. He slowly ran his tongue along the lips of her cunt. Heidi let out a whimper of sensual joy as he continued to run it along to her clit. Max took her tiny dick inside his mouth and sucked it until it grew larger inside his mouth. Then he stuck his dirty nailed fingers in her tight little twat. She screamed out in pleasure as he moved them in and out to get her pussy juicy and ready for his giant prick. He lapped her pussy juice up as it dripped down on his thighs. He knew she was ready as he heard her moan loader from his cunt sucking lips.”I want you to squat and be very still.” he commanded.Heidi looked deep into his eyes and did what she was told. Max took the head of his cock and glided it all around the hole of her pussy.He was making sure his cock head was wet enough to slide right into her tight cunt.”Listen Heidi, I am going to fuck you like a man fucks a woman.” he told her. “I think my cock is too much for your little puss to handle,but I really don’t give a fuck at this point.” With that he shoved her hips down on that fat soda can he calls a cock. Heidi screamed out in pain.She thought for sure he had split her little pussy wide open. She held her breath as he gave her a little of his cock at a time. “Just sit on it for a minute,to get adjusted.” Max yelled. “You’re acting like a fucking baby.” “The iskenderun escort bayan difference is that you wanted to get fucked by my bigass cock and that’s exactly what you’re going to get!”Heidi’s pussy lips were swelling as trickles of blood smeared on his cock.Getting adjusted was easier said than done. He was too massive for her.Heidi didn’t want to be a baby about it. She finally pulled herself together.Slowly Heidi started to recover from the shock of his big rod. She began to rotate her phat round ass up and down his cock. She moved with a steady rhythm and Max began to fuck her back.”Mmmm yes!That’s it babygirl. he moaned.Ride this big cock.” “Shit your fuckin pussy is so tight!” he cussed. Max was living out his dream with the treat of a fresh cunt.Soon the pace of her hips began to pick up. She was throwing that cunt all over his cock and it was almost more than he could endure. Soon they were bucking and fucking. They both began to fuck like wild a****ls. Their grunts and moans echoed throughout the locker room.”You fuckin nasty little fuck whore!” he screamed.”I knew you wanted my cock!””Tell me you love this big fucking prick filling up your cunt and belly!” “That’s it baby keep that fucking cunt wrapped around my fucking huge ass dick!” The whole time he talked dirty to her,the more it turned her on. She loved having that huge ass dick suffercating the inside of her pussy. Heidi bucked and screamed in sensual pleasure.”Fuck me Max!You fucking filthy ass motherfucker!” She cried out.”Fill my fuckhole with that huge cock of yours” Max shoved more of his cock deep inside her hot cunt.Her ass was rolling and bouncing all over his big rod. Heidi started to convulse all over his cock. She held him close inhaling his funky stench. She didn’t give a fuck anymore. He was some good ass big cocked janitor that was making her cum over and over again. Finally Heidi collapsed in Max’s arms. She pulled away and tried to catch her breath. Today was a lesson for the both of them.They both understood that they had one hell of a fuck session.Heidi was a bit dazed after all that incredible sex. Her mind began to wonder as she walked over to turn the shower on. I think that I may need an extra long workout tomorrow. “Hey Max!”she tells him.”I have to workout late tomorrow.Will you leave the gym door open for me to shower?””Yes and I will be here waiting……with my cock out.He answered.And with thatMax turned around and finished up his work for the day.

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