How I got my step mom and her best friend


How I got my step mom and her best friendI’m looking for a guy who likes to fuck from the backside. my asshole is perfect for a pounding. Come onand give me a good hard beating. Please help if you can!if you Real Then Contact Me Now :www.miamalkova.websiteAngela was my mom’s best friend! Smoking hot, 5-09 with long blonde hair, a figure to kill for, and legs that any red blooded male would love to have wrapped around his ears! I was 18 years old when this story begins, and I was totally in lust with Angela! 38DD tits held up by nothing was another mesmerizing feature of her awesome body, and an ass that she could use to devastating effect when walking away! By the way, my name is Mark. At the time I was so in lust with Angela, she was married to Richard, who in my opinion was a total asshole! They had been married for 12 years, and Angela wanted c***dren! Richard didn’t, and he made no secret of the fact! The idiot didn’t know what he was doing in my opinion! At 34, Angela was the fantasy of my every waking hour, more so since I had caught her topless accidentally when she was changing to use our pool! I walked into the bathroom without thinking, and there she stood in her capri’s and had just taken off her t-shirt, so I knew from that moment that she didn’t need a bra! For the next year and a half I would think about Angela regularly, but never thought that anything would happen between us! But as the year progressed, I realized I was beginning to fall in love with her! In total love, as a man for a woman, not as a boy for his dream! I loved the things she did, said, and how she acted! The few moments that I stole when she came over to get a hug, and feel her in my arms made me ache so bad! I was always hoping to see more of her though, and as she lived opposite us, I was ever looking for the chance to spy on her! Then it happened! One night, I could hear a blazing row between Richard and Angela! He was obviously drunk, and it was all about c***dren again! It turns out that Richard had been having an affair with a co-worker, who was now pregnant, and not only was he happy about it, but he was throwing it in Angela’s face, and laughing about it! I heard Angela say that she would take him to the cleaners in the divorce court, and then things started to get ugly! Richard left the house and got in the car! I could hear it revving up, then as I looked out of the window to see what was going on, Angela came out of the house and threw a suitcase of Richards stuff towards him! As she turned to go back into the house Richard put the car in drive, and mashed his foot on the gas! I didn’t even have a chance to shout a warning as he mowed Angela down and drove into the house! I threw my clothes on as fast as I could and ran down and out into the street! Lights were beginning to come on up and down the road, but I got out there first! Richard was still trying to get the car in reverse in his drunken state, so I ran to the car, wrenched open the driver’s door, and punched him so hard he collapsed u*********s! I turned off the car, took the keys out for good measure, and ran bursa escort to Angela! She was in a bad way! Her right leg was smashed and appeared to have been partially torn off, and she was covered in blood! I was about to dial 911 when I heard the approaching sirens. I took off my T shirt and pressed it onto the wound that appeared to be worst in her leg, trying to stop the blood from spurting out! The next thing I really remember was my mom and dad picking me up off the floor and carrying me home to speak to a police officer about what I had seen and done! Angela was taken to Hospital so I was hopeful that she was going to be ok, despite the injuries I had seen! I relaxed a little, and told the officer what I had seen and done, made a formal statement, and was left with my parents! The next 2 months were a blur. Mom went to the hospital every day to see Angela and I was still at school, and had my weekend job as well, so I never got to go and see her for myself, but Mom told me she was doing ok! Then there was the trial! Richard was charged with attempted murder, and eventually convicted of it, and sent to prison for the rest of his life! One Saturday in April, Mom told me Angela was coming home! I was excited to see her back again! Then it hit me! Would she even want to see me after what had happened? I was the first one there, I got her asshole husband convicted of attempting to kill her, and in my view, limited though it was, and I had wrenched her life apart and torn it down around her ears! Still, I went off to work knowing that she would at least be home! When I got in from work, mom told me that we were going over to Angela’s to eat dinner! I went and washed and changed into clean clothes, and came downstairs! Just before we went over Mom took me to one side and told me not to stare at Angela, and that as a result of the accident, she had lost her right leg! She was very conscious about it, and didn’t like people staring! She also told me that Angela wanted to see me personally to thank me! I don’t think I have ever been so afraid and worried at the same time in my whole life! When we got to Angela’s she was sat in a chair at the dinner table, with a blanket covering her from the waist down, but looked so wonderfully beautiful that it was hard to believe that she had suffered so badly just 2 months before! After we had eaten dinner, she thanked me for saving her life. I asked what she meant, and she told me that had I not pushed my T shirt onto the injury site she would have bled out in the street and would not have been alive when the Ambulance got to her! It struck me then that I had done a lot more than I ever thought when I had lost my memory of that night! I apologized to Angela for getting her Husband arrested and for ruining her life, and to my amazement she began to laugh! She then explained about the argument and that as a result of my actions she had obtained a divorce, and also had discovered that Richard had a large inheritance that she had known nothing of which the judge had awarded to her in the divorce along with everything else! bursa escort bayan Richard had got nothing!! She also told me sadly that she had used much of the money to repair the house and pay off the mortgage as she would not be able to work again for a long time! After that evening I realized I was still in love with Angela, but that I would never be able to do anything about it! But I was glad to know that she was home and feeling fine! Little did I know, or my mom for that matter, that it was all an act! 3 months later it was my Birthday! I had been out with a few friends bowling, having a few drinks, and generally having a good time! I decided to walk home while I was still able! It was about 1am when I started to walk up the street! I was a little drunk, but I was an adult and felt I had earned it! As I walked along I casually glanced at Angela’s house and was shocked to see her sat on the porch swing, with an automatic pistol pointed at her temple! I sped up, running across her front yard as quietly as I could! I didn’t want to startle her! She didn’t even see me! She was crying her heart out and had obviously been drinking! As gently as I dared I reached out and put my thumb on the hammer of the pistol so it couldn’t go off, then I pushed it away from her head towards the street! She was shocked and hurt that she had been found like that, but she let the pistol go and really started to cry harder! I quickly made the gun safe, and took out the magazine for extra safety, then put the gun down! I sat beside her, put my arm round her, and gently said “What are you doing Angela?” She didn’t answer, but she put her arms around me and held me tight as she cried for about a half hour! The adrenaline running through me had sobered me up, and I realized she was in a very delicate state so I just held her and let her cry! Here finally was the object of my love, in my arms, and all she was doing was crying! I hated Richard for what he had done to her, but I hated myself more for the desire that ran through me, my aching cock so hard that there must have been an impression of my zipper in the underside of it! After about a half hour, Angela stopped crying! I realized she had gone to sleep! I tenderly picked her up and carried her inside, laid her on the couch, covered her with a blanket and went out to get the gun! Once I had the gun I brought it inside, stripped it down, thanking my love of action movies for knowing how to do so, and I put the pieces of it on the kitchen counter. Only then did I go and sit in the chair opposite Angela and watch her as she slept! “Oh FUCK!!” was what woke me! I had never heard Angela swear that much and it shocked me! I opened my eyes and saw her, sitting up on the couch, looking at me with horror in her eyes! I looked at her and said “Please don’t be mad at me, I know I should have gone home last night after I got you inside, but I wanted to know you were ok” I thought she was going to yell at me, scream at me, call my mom, and maybe call the cops on me, but I still sat there, waiting to see what would happen! Finally escort bursa Angela said “Why?” “Why what Angela?” “Photos”Why did you stop me from killing myself?” At this point I didn’t know what to do, but to tell her the truth! I told her how I had been out on my birthday and seen her with the gun, and stopped her because it wasn’t right. OK, I didn’t tell her the whole truth that I was in love with her, which I was now fully aware that I was! Totally, irrevocably and entirely in love with her! Not a boy’s love, but a Man’s! She then did something that I didn’t expect! She invited me to sit next to her on the couch! When I had done this, she asked me not to tell my mother what she had tried to do! I really didn’t know what to do, but she said that she would explain it all to me, if I would come over that afternoon with my mother, so that she could tell her! Reluctantly I agreed! I went home and found my mom and dad up and about! They asked if I had had a good night, to which I replied that it was unusual and not what I expected! Dad just laughed and said it was the alcohol, and he left for work! When I was alone with mom, I asked her if she was free that afternoon, and when she asked why, I told her that Angela wanted to see us both! I didn’t tell her how I knew that, and she didn’t ask! Midafternoon we went over the road to see Angela! When we were sat in the living room Angela started off by telling mom that I had saved her life twice. Mom was confused, but Angela went on to tell her everything! Mom was shocked, and fell silent for a while, but eventually got up and went to the kitchen to make some coffee! When she came back, she told Angela that she must never do anything like that ever again! She was so angry that I was shocked! Then mom told her “Angela, you have been through hell, but I can’t lose you now!” I got up and left at this point, and told them that I wanted to leave them to talk things out! 2 hours later mom came home! She hugged me so hard and told me that I was wonderful for saving Angela twice, and she was so happy! She also told me that Angela wanted to see me alone! I asked when, and she told me now was a good time! I walked across the street, and saw Angela sat on her porch swing! The breeze was gently blowing and her hair was flowing with it. Her figure looked so beautiful, except for the void under the blanket where her leg should have been! I fixed the image in my mind, knowing that it would be one of many I saved in there with my private thoughts, and I walked up the porch steps!Hi, Mom said you wanted to see me! I guess I owe you my life again, and this time an explanation! Will you sit down? I sat, next to her on the swing, and asked her if she was ok talking here or did she want to go inside! She said “here is more appropriate as it was here you saved my life, and we are far enough away from the road that no-one will overhear! OK, do you want a drink? I can get you something? She was oddly touched by that simple offer, and asked if I would get 2 bottles from the fridge! Raspberry tea for her and whatever I would like! Once we were again sat on the swing together, there was silence for about 10 minutes. Then Angela started to talk! A little over 2 months ago, you saved my life when that asshole tried to kill me! You didn’t know then that I

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