How I lost my virginity for Lisa


How I lost my virginity for LisaI had my virginity taken by a woman a lot like you. I wanted to date her daughter Becky so bad I could taste it. Becky had long sandy colored hair D cups and only 15 years old. Her mom knew I wanted Becky BAD, and that she was not interested in me. I called her house one day to see if I could come by and her mom said she was in the bathroom but to come on over. When I got to the door and Jean (Becky’s mom) was in her white pool cover, she had a great tan and body. She told me to come in and we sat on the couch. Jean was as a MILF before the term existed. All woman with long dark hair, big tits, and as I found out in a few minutes she had thick pussy lips with a big clit. She started to tell me that Becky was not there and that she wanted to talk with me. She told me that Becky was only interested in getting high and running with the “wrong crowd”. But then she surprised me by saying that she had someone halkalı escort in mind that was much better for me and that she wanted me to meet her…she opened her pool cover and showed me her naked body. I was hard immediately. Big hanging tits with tan lines. The white and tan contrast still gets me hard to this day. The tent in my pants told me that she knew I was ready, I could not speak…she kissed me and grabbed my dick I was leaking precum so fast that my under wear and jeans were wet. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my hard dick then climbed up on me putting here tits in my face I was sucking her nipples when I realized that she was rubbing her pussy on my dick. I thrust up and was in her all the way. I could not stop I just started to fuck her hard, her tits swaying in my face. I think I came in 30 seconds. A huge load that flooded her pussy. taksim escort I was mortified that I came that fast, but Jean had done this before. She told me that I was great and not to worry. She would take care of it. She slid down on me and took me in her mouth. Using her tongue to lick me clean and her hands on my balls. I was hard in moments. This time she told me to lay back and let her take care of it. She rubbed her clit on my dick and started to moan, it was all I could do not to try and get it in her again. I grabbed her swaying tits and played with them, she was still moaning. to my surprise she moved up me and placed her pussy over my mouth, I had no clue…lol. She told me what to do and I went to town, and she started to scream and moan. I made her cum and she immediately rolled on her back and told me to fuck her HARD. She wanted to feel my big young in her hole again. This time I was şişli escort able to give her what she wanted and did not cum for a while. I rolled off her after I came again, got up on my knees and looked at her. Sweaty, dripping cum from her pussy, and looking like she was in heaven. I was starting to get hard again and told her I wanted more. She smiled and told me to lay back again. This time she got me hard with her hands. She got on her hands and knees in front of me and told me to fuck her like I wanted to fuck her daughter. I got in behind her and started to ram my dick into her. she told me to slow down and build up to it. I did, with in minutes she was grunting and moaning, my dick slipped out and I accidently tried to put it in her ass! She let out a little scream and told me “next time”. At that moment I knew I was going to get to fuck her agian and I went back to work on her pussy fucking her faster and harder. She came cussing and telling me that I was fucking mommy sooooo gooood. That was it i came for the third time that day, forgot about Becky, started “mowing her lawn” every week and we fucked until my 20th birthday when she told me I was to old….my heart is pounding now…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I still remeber how she smelled that first time

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