How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 3)

How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 3)I zipped up my trousers, as we were heading for the door and said, am I finally going to have a regular sex life from now on then.Listen baby she said I know you want to fuck me real bad right?, but I am not quite ready for that yet ok, and you couldn’t`t do it right now anyway.Well that is true of course I do want to fuck you Pauline, but I really, really above anything else want to eat your pussy, It would be my favorite pleasure.Well I`ve just showered, so I suppose that this would be a good time to let you have a go she said.No you don`t understand me, I don’t want to eat your pussy after you have showered, I want to eat it before you shower. Really, so there`s no point in doing it now then, she said, that suits me because I would have had to show you my tattoo, and I`m not sure you are ready for that yet. You have a tattoo I said, yes it`s on my pussy, my first boyfriend suggested I have it as an eighteenth birthday present, we had been together since I was 15, and I loved him dearly, your gonna flip when I show you, it`s so sexy, and exactly right for me.I can hardly wait I thought, if it`s just right for Pauline, then I would have to guess that it was a queen of spades tattoo?, could it be anything else?Well we have learned a few things about each other today she said, which quite excite me, and that I like very much, our relationship may well be about to change for the better.As we exited her apartment she got a txt message, which made her smile and dash back into the apartment, and cancel the house alarm before it armed it self, Pauline ran upstairs saying she had decided to change her cloths for the club tonight. in the rush she left her phone on a side table, and I managed to touch the screen before it locked, so I was now able to read that last message and see what all the fuss is about.The txt was from a guy named Eddy, he was black of course, not a fantastic looker in my opinion, about 30 years old at a guess, and the message read, Hi sugar I will be at the club tonight, could you wear the blue dress I gave you. There was a PS, it read, panties are optional.I when back a step, in the phones memory history thinking I could read a few more messages, there were many of course, the same would apply to any young girl in this digital age, but apart from the avatar pic of my face in the list, every other avatar picture was of a black guy, some were even cock pics, which made me think of trying her photo gallery, there was some hot stuff in their for sure, lots of shots of Pauline with various black cocks deep down her throat and in her pussy.I then switched to movie mode and clicked on the first icon, she was on her hands and knees in this very room, a black guy in her mouth and another in her pussy, both guys giving it to her nice and slow, the phone cam was not static however, it was moving around for close ups, a third black cock then came into view as she grabbed the camera mans cock and started to rub that also, the date of the recording was just 3 days ago.I heard foot steps upstairs, she had changed and was about to return, I pressed back – back – back on her keypad in an effort to cover my tracks, I placed the phone screen side down in an effort to hide the light from it and hoped it would turn itself off before she picked it up.I met her on the stairs as a delaying tactic, wow that dress, she was almost naked, it was basically a very short skirt that had material looped around her neck that kept the whole thing on and barely covered her breasts, I also realized for the first time that both her breasts had nipple rings. From my viewpoint at the base of the stairs I could see she had taken the pantie option, which were a good color match with the dress and small hand bag she was carrying. Pauline looked very fuckable indeed, so much in fact that I was just wandering if someone who was not aware she was a black cock slut could work it out for themselves. as tonight she was wearing black nail polish on her toes and fingers, which to be honest is the only color she has ever worn since konya escort we met, a toe ring on her right middle toe and a tiny silver chain on her right ankle with black markings on it. her earrings and tummy piercings each had a black stone of some description set in them and the ring on her right hand also had a black stone in it.Somehow I don’t think you needed to be a detective to work that one out.We decided to stop at a pub on the way to the city, because the drinks would be cheaper their. Pauline said she has never paid for a drink in the nightclub anyway, but I needed an excuse to leave our town, as she was dressed far to hot to go in my local, as the lads would have twigged it right away, and I would never hear the last of it.She never noticed that I had been checking her phone so I made a mental note to try and spy the unlock code, so I could maybe take another look in the future. The pub we decided on was reasonably full, as we walked through the doors a weird silence seemed noticeable to me, it reminded me of an old western movie when the good guy bursts through the double swinging doors of the saloon looking for the bad guy, the first thing that happens is the piano player stops, then everybody in the room has a look at who`s entered the. Well the music didn`t stop, because it was a juke box, but I am sure you get the jist of it, if there had been a piano player their he would be looking at Pauline along with everyone else.She was not so talkative in the bar, I`m not sure if it was because of the attention she was getting or not, but I saw a few guys staring at her, before they looked at me, they were probably thinking you lucky bastard.Pauline was driving us now to the club in the city we passed the entrance of the club, and took a right turn down a one way street, where luckily for us a car pulled out of a parking space and we were able to park about 60 yards from the entrance. She had said little during the journey here, she seemed to be contemplating something, and I was about to find out what it was.Pauline turned off the engine, and began to speak.As I mentioned earlier she said, a few things have come to my attention today that I like very much, so I am now going to tell you about my day helping out my friend, but just before I do please answer me honesty one question. Ok I said ask me.Since we met three weeks ago how many times have you had sex. Not even once was my reply. Ok then baby don`t interrupt now just listen, since we met I have had sex every day, with lots of different guys, they come to my apartment, I fuck them at work, I meet them online, I go back to their place and I fuck them in car parks or anywhere outside where I think we won`t get disturbed. In fact the very night we met there was a guy waiting at my apartment ready to fuck my brains out when I returned. I am not sure how much of this you may know or think you know so I am going to tell you straight, every guy I have ever had sex with has been black. I lost my virginity at 15 to a black guy who was my boyfriend for almost three years before he left me to join the fucking paratroops, from that moment on I was hooked on big black cockSo the friend I went to help out today was of course black, he is 4 years older than my father and we fuck every Saturday night, and every Monday night, when he stops at my place till about 3 am. His cock is huge, way bigger than yours and I have been doing his bidding in the bedroom for almost two years now, that is not going to change whatever happens with our relationship after tonight.He is also the owner of the club that we are going too, that`s how we met, he normally fucks me in his office, but his wife will be at the club tonight as it his is birthday tomorrow, and they intend to celebrate tonight because the club is closed Sunday and Monday.The guys name is Max we parked in a lay – bye today and fucked for the best part of an hour, before I came home and found you waiting for me there. Now listen to me, I showered and went to dry my hair in my bedroom. I new my panties were in a terrible state as Max escort konya just pulled them to the side while we fucked, and after he came in me he just re- covered my pussy with them, so I know they should have been full of his thick cum.When my hair was dry I decided I better wash out my sticky panties, but they were spotless not a drop of cum in sight, it must have been you who cleaned them, so when I kissed you to make up for being late back for our date I could taste Max`s cum on your lipsand breath. Tell me the truth now baby I am waiting.Yes it`s true I have a unstoppable fantasy to suck cum from a beautiful girls pussy and that was the closest I have ever come to doing it. I new it she said, don`t embarrassed baby this is fantastic news, I am so happy.She then hooked her thumbs into the side of her panties and pulled them off, they rolled down her legs and she asked me to fold them and put them in my shirt pocket. Pauline then twisted towards me and opened her legs exposing a delightful shaven pussy, above which was a very sexy tattoo, she was right it summed her up exactly, not a queen of spades tattoo, but the dark silhouette of a farm yard rooster about 2 inches in diameter , in other words a black cock.Pauline said that if I behaved and was cool with what would be going on in the club tonight, she would make my fantasy come true.She pushed her middle finger deep in to her pussy which was pretty wet from all the dirt talk going on, she then withdrew her finger and held it next to my mouth. Open she ordered, and stuck her soggy finger in my mouth for me to suck on, my dick was bursting for relief, but I got nothing. all she said was the next time you taste my pussy it will have a little more seasoning in it.We ran to the club entrance, difficult for me as I still had a raging hard on, difficult for her because she was wearing 5 inch heels, we turned the corner and I stopped running, which nearly pulled Pauline off her feet, there`s a line I said, we have to wait our turn to get in. No Baby she said there is no line for us, she took me to the front of the queue, where we were spotted at once by the doorman who called us straight in. Wow that’s good service I Said, we didn`t even pay to get in. Pauline said she would be taking care of that bill later, and maybe so will you. We got drinks, again no money changed hands, Pauline said Max always took care of her bar bill. like a good sugar daddy.I noticed him when Pauline gave a discreet wave towards the VIP area sitting with his wife, and family I presume.As we leaned on the bar a guy about 6`4″ stood between us with his back to me, his left hand went straight onto Pauline`s pussyI see you decided to go without pantie`s tonight then sugar, and it`s so wet already, I guess you were expecting me he said. This was obviously Eddy the guy in her last txt. Do you finally have a boyfriend he said, Maybe was her reply, we will have to see what the night holds for us. Come dance with me Pauline Esddy said, and with no short measure she was escorted to the dance floor where I lost sight of her, Eddy was still in view though as he towered above most of the guy their.They came back after a couple of tunes and Eddy waited by the corridor that led to the toilets, Pauline said she would be going with Eddy to a room near the toilets, he told me he wants to be first tonight, so your fantasy will be coming true in about 20 minutes if you can be cool. Well are you cool or not, I`m cool I said, just a little nervous that’s all, it seems like every one knows what`s about to happen. Not every one knows baby, I have to be a little discreet for Max`s sake.She took out her phone and typed, I need the key, she was looking in the direction of the VIP section again and I saw Max pick up his phone and then entered another txt, but not to Pauline, it must have been to a barmen, as a single key was slid under a closed palm into Pauline`s hand, the barmen was looking at me the whole time and gave me a look that said I know exactly what`s going to happen next.Pauline gave me a kiss and said have another drink konya escort bayan and stay right here until I return. Pauline walked to the corridor entrance where Eddy was waiting and I watched them walk down the corridor until they were out of site.I saw Max the owner of the club giving me the once over several times while Pauline was getting fucked, but I spoke to no one and enjoyed my drink while watching the crowed on the dance floor.They were gone 30 minutes, he must have missed her more than he thought, Eddy went his separate way with a very large grin on his face, and Pauline seemed hot and flushed with a little nervousness in her walk. Did you enjoy yourself I said. It was fantastic was her reply, I am squeezing my pussy muscles really tight at the moment so follow me quickly before your treat runs all down my leg, I did as asked, she led me to a room marked private, and when everyone else in the corridor had their backs to us we let ourselves into the room. It was a cleaners cupboard about 10ft by 10ft, but who cares if you are about to fuck a red hot slut like Pauline, does it really matter..?Pauline stepped out of her dress and was now completely naked, Neel she ordered, open your mouth as wide as possible and place in on my hole, she then held the back of my head firmly against her soaked pussy, drink baby she said and pushed a huge load into my open mouth, drink and swallow baby there`s a lot more where that came from.At last a fantasy fulfilled, made possible by a girl I was fast falling in love with, she was perfect for me and I intended to do my best to be perfect for her because it was so obvious she was looking for a cuckold white boy like me to care for her, and let her do her own thing. I licked and sucked her pussy while she stood before me until my neck ached and I could stand the pain no more, we kissed and cuddled a while before she asked me if I wanted more. Of course I said, I am going to make it my mission to keep your pussy spotless.I`m so glad you said that baby, Max is going to love it when I tell him, I think he may have plans for you, so make yourself available Monday night won`t you.Lets go and find some more black cock to fuck, this time you come into the room about five minutes after I go in and watch me, and take a few pictures.Pauline returned to the dance floor looking for more black cock, I needed a piss so I went to the toilet while she was looking, as I left the toilet she was already standing by the cleaners cupboard door, she spotted me leaving the toilet and put five finger in the air, and whispered five minutes.Her five minutes were up I stood by the cupboard door, waiting my chance, it was so noisy in there, even above the loud Reggie music, she was making noises I have never heard her make before much louder than when I listened to her fuck at the hospital nursing quarters, or the back of Max`s car .I entered the cupboard when the coast was clear, she was being held in the air by one guy who was standing against the wall with his weapon deep in her pussy, while a second guy was pumping into her asshole, all three were naked and took no notice of me except to shout lock the door man we ain`t expecting anyone else.. She was kissing one guy while the other played with her lovely tits, but kissing was proving to difficult, she had to scream with pleasure I thought it would never end, her feet never touched the ground the whole time I was there. they agreed a switch and just lifted her off their cocks turned her around and went straight back at it. Cum in my holes now fellas, not in my mouth this guys gonna eat me clean while you get dressed, and that is exactly what happened, her ass and pussy were full of hot sticky cum and she pushed the lot into my mouth, while my audience looked on. Dirty mother fucker !! was spoken by one of the guys, as the cupboard door was unlocked they left. I was left alone to lick a well stretched out pussy and a gapping asshole. Pauline screamed, now that`s what I call a good night out. It wasn`t over of course the doorman came over on his break requiring payment for our free entry into the club, so Pauline entered the cupboard one last time, she asked for her panties, you`re staying at my place tonight she said and I`m bringing a little something home for you`re supper later.more in part 4

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