How it all started pt.2


How it all started pt.2After that summer have sex with my friends grandfather I wanted more action.I didn’t have any guys in school that seemed to like other boys where still in to toys I was also a year some older then everyone because of english not being my native language. Everyday after school I would go to the beach. weather it was to surf or fish smoke out w/e. Next to My Dads place at the beach there is a public park with a trail of exercises I decided to go and smoke out there. The Park had thick areas of trees and shrubs with little narrow walk ways I thought to be for homeless living in there. I walk in one after a couple of min in I get to A open spot with grass and a broken tree stump.I sat there rolled a black wood with weed and I started to smoke. I couldn’t see throu the trees no canlı bahis where just at the little opening i came throu and an other that was on the other side. Out of in the wood am looking around and there are two guys, one stand in front(late 40yrs) of the other(30’s) an the other was sucking his dick, they where into what they where doing they didn’t see me. I wanted to see more so i walk closer. I guess they smelled the weed cause they stopped for a min, then i heard little loud laughing and they continued. I was halfway done smoking out I get hard from seeing these two men enjoy each other so much. I open my shorts up and let my hard dick out. I just squat down and jerked some precum out i got it and i tasted it of my blunt tip. After a few more jerks i was ready to cum as a position my self I made bahis siteleri noise and both guys look right over to me and saw me. I saw them make a sign for me to go over there ,. I walked right over. I walk over and the frist man the oldest looking one He was getting fuck in the ass just grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth. Aww that felt so good to feel again.I other guy just reached over and grabbed the other part of the blunt. He smoked most of it all, after he pull his dick out of the other guy and asked me if i want to suck his dick. I was so horny that i agreed. I suck his cock. It was alot bigger then my friends grandpa I licked up and down his shaft and i ran my tounge all the way around cock cleaning it all . The guy that was blowing me want me to give him a bj also. so they both stood güvenilir bahis in fornt of me and suck and jerked them off.all full of precum all over my face i did everything i saw that old man do to my dick i did it to theres. I grabed there nuts and jiggled them. I was having so much fun with there dicks The least oldest one started to twitched his legs and i new he was gonna cum so instead of just suck on one and one like i was doing i just keep him in my mouth. I sucked all the nut out of his cock When the oldest one was about to nut so i just changed overand let him explode in my mouth. I was so hot there cums in my mouth I had to swallow the frist guys load, cause wow the old guy can sure cum he was like to mouth fulls.That was so good. we all got our cloths on and left.Niether of themspoke a word to me.again, I figure that they saw i was just a teen so they left. I took a few more hits of the rouch and I left too. But I figure this was the place i was gonna come smoke out everyday know. more to cum..

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