How it started, nobody gets married and says, &quo


How it started, nobody gets married and says, &quoI have to admit, I never married my wife and thought back then, “I’d love to see this beautiful woman of mine be taken in the arms of another man, especially a Black man and be fucked soo good and soo long that she’d forget I was even in the room!”That just doesn’t happen when you are standing there placing the ring on her finger, as she looks up at you smiling and says. “I do!” So, how does it go from that wedding day, to the point where your wife is being pumped full of hot,pulsating cum while laying on her back, with her legs pinned over the shoulders of her Black lover while you are taking pics?! If you have time, I will be happy to tell you….I met my wife when she was just 20, and I was only 21, she was Filipino and had a body that just dripped with sex appeal, ( still does, but she’s not 20 anymore, but I have to say, she can still hold her own against these young k**s of today! ) She has these thick curvy legs with thighs that were built to wrap around you, her breasts were not large, but her nipples are the size of Silver-Dollars! (Not those Susan B Anthony or Pocohantus ones of today, but the original Eisenhower coins of the past!) She was soo proud of her body when she was young, it made me fucking jealous as all Hell! Funny how that turned out, we talk about that a lot almost 30 years later, she’d say, “I wish you were like this when we were younger, it would’ve been a lot more fun, especially when I had the body to handle this lifestyle.”So here I am with a beautiful and sexy little wife and being an ex Marine right out of the service, I had to find a job that would pay, so I took on a retail lumber yard job back in the early 90’s and it was exhausting, I worked harder there than I did in the service! I would come home exhausted and fall right to sleep, then wake up and go back to work the next day. It was a typical routine, and my days off were never the same. So, my wife would get frustrated as all Hell with me. So, in our first few years of marriage, it was not very pleasant for either of us. Again, when we were together I would get jealous if she was talking to someone or if she was hanging out with other people, it was not good, in fact after the “Epiphany” of me wanting to see my wife with other men, did she finally confess some of her extra curricular activities as told to me by her…You have to understand, you were an asshole back then, you worked constantly, you were always coming home late from drinking with your coworkers in the parking lot. Then you’d be too tired to have sex, what was I to think?! Here I was in my prime and wasting it with a guy who went to work, hung out with his friends and then fell asleep on me! So when I would take a ride to my friends in Virginia I would party with them, get high and have fun, and then there was this this one guy I met at a club who we hit it off and he gave me what you weren’t SEX! ( He was a white guy and I’m jumping ahead of the point of this story, but just to reiterate, my wife was a sexual machine back then! If we were not doing it every night, she thought there was something wrong with us,) So, unknown to me at that time, my wife was hanging out with friends out of state on the weekends and getting fucked pretty damn good in the process. Looking back I could only imagine how amazing it would’ve been to see that young wife of mine with that firm body being fucked by these guys, cause she was an a****l back then! The sad thing back then was, when she would bursa escort leave for Virginia, I would take advantage of the away time and go visit my favorite far off hidden, Adult-Video Store! (Remember those?!) Oh yeah, I would indulge in some good ole fashion VHS porn! This is how it all started…You see, I’m watching the usual scenes of your beautiful sexy woman being seduced out of her clothes by your typical dude and she’s doing things that you wish your wife or girl would do for you. ( My wife was not a big oral fan at the time, so getting head was not in the forecast! ) As I am watching the scenes unfold, and the next one takes place, there it was! A beautiful White blonde wife was walking upstairs during a party when out walks this strong good looking Black man, he whispers to her and she immediately refuses and resists his invite, throwing out the, “It’s not right, being you’re Black and I’m White, besides, I’m Married!” line, then with some more cheap persuasion and silly “Porn-Lines” she surrenders to him and is quickly undressed and on her back as he gently parts her legs and buries his manhood into this sexy white wife! The whole taboo thing was electrifying for me, as was seeing their Contrasting skin tones as he pumped her body back and forth. The expressions on her face and the loudness of her moans was much more elevated than just the white on white scenes or even black on black as I had watched them all, but never the Interracial scenes. I found myself soo intrigued that I began specifically looking for the interracial series of videos, for some reason it was just a complete turn on to see these women resist their taboo fears but eventually let there inhibitions down and fully enjoy being taken by a Black man. A couple of years go by and we are both settling down with better jobs, at least for her as she is now working in an office environment and I am traveling on the road as a sales rep. As I am glued to listening to the radio shows to keep awake early in the mornings, I started listening to Howard Stern, and back then he was on early in the mornings so I had all day to think about the things and topics they shared on his show. One time he was interviewing this couple who wanted to become porn stars, and he asked them, “How the Hell does a couple wake up one day and decide to want to do Porn, I mean Dude, it doesn’t bother you to watch some other guy do your wife?!” and the guy said, “Well, I’ve always been a Voyeur so seeing her with other men always turned me on!” I almost wrecked my car, just then I thought about seeing my wife with someone else and I started to get turned on by it! I thought there was no way in Hell that I could handle seeing my wife fuck another guy in front of me, right?! Then on my next Video adventure, I noticed a new section in the Interracial and Wife screwing video selections, there was the series, “Please, Screw my Wife!” and “Do My Wife” videos along with countless others, So I began looking at the pics on the back and began renting only the ones that had Black guys doing Asian wives. and as I started to watch these series, I began to picture the wife as mine doing all those erotic and wonderful things to those Black guys, I have to say, it was a great way to find out that I could enjoy seeing her like this.So, one morning a few years later, while were both recovering from an all morning fuck marathon, (things sexually got better as our jobs stabilized and I kept thinking about her doing other guys now, as her loyalty was genuine, bursa escort bayan yes she fucked around earlier on, but she always came back to me, and that is what this “Lifestyle” is built and founded on, you can fuck anyone as long as you know the limits and that you all know when it is time to go home, you go home!) So, while recuperating from one of our morning romps, She tells me about these guys who are hitting on her at work, and she says, “It wouldn’t be soo bad if they weren’t Black, I hate Black guys!” I was crushed, “Really, why do you hate Black guys?!” I asked, she said, ” It was the way I was raised, my family always said, never date Black guys, you will never be respected or taken seriously, besides they look soo dirty, like they never take a shower, ugh!” I told her that her family was wrong, that not all Black people are bad, but in her defense, and living in the city at that time, she only saw the bad types. like the stereotype guys. I assured her now that she was working in a professional environment, she would see a different caliber of Black males. Not wanting to push her completely off, I did mention that after being married for the last five or six years that I began to fantasize about seeing her with other guys, since hearing about it on the radio. I’ll never forget her reaction, “Ohhhh, you’re one of them?!” I looked at her and asked. “What do you mean?’ She said, ” How do you know you could handle it, seeing me with someone else?! What happens if you get mad, then what?! So weeks and then months went buy and I would bring up the conversation again and continue to discuss it, along with the exploits and failed attempts by her two Black male coworkers who wanted my wife in the most excruciating ways! I think she was enjoying their attempts and looked forward to seeing what they would say, or how they would dress to try and gain her favor and attention at work. She was not really aware of it at first until one of her Black female friends took her in to the women’s room and said, “Look girl, you need to pick a time and place, and let one or the other, or both have you and fuck that booty good, cause the rest of us are getting tired of this little game that is going on, cause these two clowns can’t see any other woman in this office but your Filipino ass!” She busted out laughing and asked, “What do you mean?!” her coworker told her how these two guys were going nuts over her Asian ass and wanted her bad! They were actually nice guys who finally woke her up to realize that Black men are just as professional and intellectual as any White guy. Besides, I was finally wearing her down and freeing her mind to explore the option of being with a Black man, as well, when in bed and having sex, I’d tell her to think of one of them while I was doing something to her, and she’d begin to picture them, and say how nice it felt, and I’d ask her, “Would you let them do this to you?” and she’d whisper, “Yes…” But, we had to explore and push the bounders before we could even take the, “Interracial” step, you see, I had to ensure I could handle seeing her with another man! So, while hanging out with a buddy, about a year or two later we get to talking about a lot of shit, which leads to acknowledging that when a man looks at another man’s wife, it should not be taken as an insult, but as a compliment to the husband! Think about it, If nobody has eyes for your woman, chances are you don’t either, but if you have a beautiful and sexy wife and another man is checking her escort bursa out, you should take it as a compliment, besides, she enjoys the compliment as well! Women, or wives want and need to know they are still sexy, and beautiful, they still love and desire the attention. I have found that true about my wife as well. So as my friend and I are talking, we make arrangements to come over and hang out at his pool, as my wife (who is a fan of natural herbs) enjoys some of my friends stash, I ask my wife, “So, how would you feel about experimenting with our host?” she smiled and said, “You both want to do me?! OK!!” as I give him the signal, he dives naked in the pool, heads straight towards my wife, and approaches her from behind. I’ll never forget her reaction, She gasps as she looks at me and says, “He’s in!” with a smile on her face, she leans back in to his arms as he holds her and gently pumps her back and forth. I was finally seeing another man fucking my wife right in front of me, it was amazing! We hung out in the pool and then brought it in side and took turns on my wife, she would be sucking his cock while I was fucking her and then we would switch off, it was a great time. I had to take a breather and chill out while they went at it by themselves for a while, it was really erotic to see her on her back, legs wrapped around him, hold him tight as he kept fucking her over and over. Her moans and comments were better than any porn flick I had ever seen! We had such as good time that night, that we invited another friend that I knew my wife liked physically, he was built bigger than me or my other friend and I knew he liked my wife as well, so we knew it would be cool if he showed up. What my wife did not expect was to see another woman there, as my friend with the pool invited her. What we did not know was my wife could not handle seeing me with another woman! How about that for some shit?! She didn’t mind having two or three guys work her over but she had a hard time seeing me with this other woman. So after watching my two friends tag team my wife and everyone go there separate ways we had a long, long talk in the car on the way home, that is when she told me about her trips to Virginia and how she would let off her sexual frustration with some of her friends down there, I was cool with it at this point, I knew at the time I would not have been able to handle it, but now I was kind of turned on by it!But, she said she wanted to cool off from doing anymore of these, “Pool-Parties” as we called them, as she so eloquently said, “Hey, I’m not a voyeur like you, I don’t watch porn, and I don’t want to watch you fuck someone else either!” with that I cooled off on pushing her in to doing anything outside of our marriage. I knew I had started a good thing, and I didn’t want to ruin it by being forceful. Take note guys, if you have to force your wife into doing this she will not be happy nor a willing participant, and the whole point of this is for both to enjoy this lifestyle together.After seeing her with my friends, (albeit White) I knew I didn’t care to see her with any more White guys, as that is why she has me, my next step was to finally get her to tear down her inhibitions and experience a Black man, I knew this would be a challenge, but so far I was proud of my accomplishments as well as hers. So, this is how we went from sharing our vows, to sharing my wife, in case you ever wondered how a couple gets in to this in the first place.If you read the story about her Black boss, then you know the “Interracial” conquest already happened but what you don’t know is of her first time, with a Black man, that was an incredible adventure to say the least…. I’ll share it if there is any interest.

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