How to Be Cross-Examined Ch. 01


I went to court as usual to testify in an arson/murder case for work. I did a lot of testifying as an Arson Investigator for the County. The case was fairly cut and dry. The accused was found standing on the front lawn of his burning house with a gas can in his hand as his wife and mother in law died inside. He told the Firefighters and Police that he did it.

I stood in the hallway of the courthouse talking to the District Attorney going over my testimony for the case as the Defense team arrived with the accused. The Lawyer handling the case was tall and built. He probably spent time in the Military by the way he walked and stood. He had really sexy eyes and a great smile. I couldn’t help but stare at him from across the hallway. I must have gotten lost in the fantasy because I suddenly realized that the D.A. had been talking to me and I completely ignored him.

We went inside and I watched the sexy young attorney do his dance before the Judge and Jury. He was amazing to watch. He had me mesmerized. He didn’t try to defend his client’s innocence but he did try to prove that his Wife and Mother-in-law drove him to insanity. He claimed their constant nagging drove him to it.

I gave my expert testimony and explained that the accused got into an argument with his wife, poured gasoline in every room of the house and lit the couch with a lighter before he left the house and blocked the doors from the outside. He then stood on the lawn to watch the house burn down. I showed the court pictures of the burn pattern on the floor where the gasoline had poured. I showed them pictures of the charred remains of his asyalı porno victims. I explained about 4 hours worth of technical information to the court audience.

When we were done for the day and the judge and jury made the conviction, the sexy lawyer stopped me in the parking deck on my way to my car. He introduced himself to me and I told him I’d introduce myself but he already knew my name well from using it in his cross-examination quite a few times. I was playing it cool with this guy. He was sexy and defiantly the kind of guy I could see myself going to bed with.

He asked me if I did a lot of expert testimony and I told him yes, that it was part of my job as a Fire Official and that I enjoyed this part of the job so I also did expert witness testimony for the defense if the pay was right. A girl’s gotta make a buck if she can. I smiled at him and realized how sexy his eyes were.

“I’ve never met a female Arson Expert before,” he said. “What made you get into that line of work?”

“My Father was a firefighter and so were just about everyone I knew growing up. It was a likely career choice for me. I liked science and forensics and wound up doing this.” I said.

“Do you have any plans for this evening? I’d love to take you to dinner and find out more about you. You interest me a great deal, Ms McLin. “

The hot young lawyer was asking me to dinner. Standing there in my uniform, I didn’t feel that much up to going out on a date so I asked him if I could meet him somewhere later that evening. He agreed to it and I was to meet him at a quiet little bar/restaurant castajans porno a few towns away from where I worked just in case anyone saw us. I didn’t like to mix business and pleasure and I really didn’t want anyone to see me with the lawyer I was up against that very day in court.

Dinner was nice. He ordered a bottle of wine and we discussed our jobs and our lack of intimate relationships because of them. He liked to work late hours like I did and also had no time for a social life except when family members forced us to on holidays.

We left the restaurant and he walked me to my car. He told me that he wished the night didn’t have to end and that he would love to go somewhere else to talk some more. I invited him back to my place and was glad I straightened up before I left to meet him for dinner. He followed me in his truck and I knew he was a guy I could fall for. He was perfect. Smart, funny, caring.

We got to my place and I made coffee while he put on the stereo. We sat on the couch talking then he moved in and kissed me. I wasn’t expecting it so I did not kiss back at first. After all, was this even a date? I recovered from the initial shock and kissed him back. The more we kissed, the more I wanted him in my bed. His hands explored my body as he kissed me and I let my hand slip to his crotch. I could feel his excitement underneath that expensive suit. He unzipped the back of my dress and started to peel me out of my clothes. He undid my bra with one hand then pulled my dress off so that it was around my waist. He grabbed my breast and started caressing my nipples. bangbros porno They stood out like arrows from excitement and I begged him to suck them. He used one hand to hold my breast as he sucked it and his other hand slid up my dress and the sensation of him sucking my breasts and toying with my clit was enough to prime me for the orgasm of my life. He left a trail of kisses down my stomach and he made his way to my other set of lips. He ate pussy like a pro and I must have cum three or four times before I begged him to fuck me.

He stripped out of the expensive suit he was wearing and it formed a puddle of fine silk on my living room floor. I was enthralled with his huge cock and took it in my hands to fondle. I had never seen one so big and I wanted to know every inch of it in detail. It was glorious.

He made me turn over and lean over the back of the couch. He was huge and he didn’t want to hurt me so he took me from behind. As wet and as stretched out from my orgasms as I was, I still felt like a virgin as he slid into me. It was so tight and I could feel the veins of his rock hard cock pressing against my pussy walls. A few thrusts and I was ready to cum again and did I cum. Juice was pouring out of me and I was really grateful for buying a leather couch. We were making a huge mess. I could feel him getting harder and I knew he was getting close so I reached back and started to play with his balls. They were like small boulders slamming against my clit, driving me even crazier. I made him pull out and I finished him off in my mouth. The volcanic wads of cum hit the back of my throat and I thought I was going to gag but I kept taking it all.

He slumped down on the couch and he pulled me close to him. I pulled an afghan over us and we fell asleep. The next morning he woke me up by eating me out. I hoped this was going to last for a while because he was fun to wake up with.

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