How to orgasm in a crowded environment (updated)


How to orgasm in a crowded environment (updated)I was working in a town called Leicester. My girlfriend Christina had just finished a degree in French and Italian so went I decided to go off on an adventure and teach English abroad, I only looked in France and Italy and when I found a job in Sicily she came with me. She was fearless in the bedroom, very sensual, completely at ease with her sexuality and moaned and screamed uncontrollably when she came which was frequently, intensely, repeatedly (we’d even got complaints from our neighbours) and with much gusto.So once when we were living in Sicily I had to cross the island to Palermo to pick up Christina from the airport. I didn’t have a car at the time but 3 friends of mine ( Franco, Pierro, and Giuseppina – Giusy for short – I k** you not) thought it’d be a hoot to engage in a “road trip” and off we went. It was about a six hour trip there. Her plane came in around midnight which is why you had to drive – no public transport, and so the journey back to took place during the night.I sat in the back with Guisy on my left. Franco and Pierro shared the driving in the front. Christina was on my right. I sat in the middle on the back seat with my right arm around Christina’s shoulders, my hand stroking her hair – at first. When we started back everyone was chatting and joking with each other but as the night wore on Giusy fell asleep her head against my shoulder but the two boys continued to chat quietly to each other to keep themselves awake. Their cigarettes glowing in the dark: we were travelling through the countryside and as it was after midnight there was nobody on the roads. And no street lights. Occasionally I’d chip in with a comment. After a while I noticed that Christina had closed her eyes but wasn’t actually sleeping as I stroked her hair. I also noticed that her hips were gently moving in time with my hair strokes and I knew she was getting turned on. As I mentioned earlier Christina was a highly sexed person (like perhaps yourself?). While she had been in England we had had some highly charged phone calls, me doing all the provocating and Christina doing all the listening but unable to reply directly or react because she was staying in her parent’s home and using their phone in the living room. She had also had to share her old room with her sister so I knew she hadn’t been able to relieve herself in any way. She had told me on the phone that she had even tried masturbating in the bathroom but being disturbed , or the thought of being disturbed by her mum and dad had put her off.I knew by the way we had embraced at the airport and the look she had given me that she was extremely horny, as was I, and we had exchanged some banter indicating that in a few short hours at home we’d be able to do something about it. I decided to change sarıyer escort tact and instead of stroking the back of her head, I took a bunch of her hair in my fist and pulled her head back slightly. She reacted by settling slightly deeper into the back seat but opening and closing her thighs slightly, and I heard an almost imperceptible exhalation of air as she sighed which made me hard because I knew it was the sound she made when I had done something which had her aroused her sexually. But she couldn’t really open her legs much because three of us were crammed onto the back seat and she was wedged in between me on her left and the car door on her right. All and all it was quite a tight fit.After gently grasping and realising the hair bunched in my fist many times over several minutes, or what felt like several minutes, with out thinking or planning, but with evil intentions, I lowered my arm till it was just below her shoulder blades and nudged her back forward with my arm, and let it slip downwards so my arm was now around her waist. I should say that Christina was/is an attractive blond with small breasts (but pert nipples) and an hour glass figure. Luckily for me that night she was only wearing a loose fitting t-shirt tucked into blue jeans. While my left arm lay innocently sandwiched between Giusy’s sleeping body and my own body, I stretched my right arm as far as I could, pressing my body against hers. She leaned into me and slightly more forward simultaneously, and by these means I was able I was able to reach around her waist and just about get my fingers on her waist band and then with a bit more squeezing together finally reach on the buttons of her jeans. I was feeling a little nervous what with someone asleep on my left and two people chatting in low tones in the front, and my arm was being crushed between the small of Christina’s back and the seat but I thought my efforts might be rewardedMy right index finger was just about able to stroke her jeans along the zip and I could feel that she was pulling herself into a more upright seating position, her ass moving backwards and then flush against the seat so my hand would have greater access to her. But there was no way I could undo the jeans buttons with one hand but very slowly she moved her own hands into her lap and undid her jeans and then stayed resting on her lap. I then pulled down the zip very slowly as each unzipped tooth sounded very loud. It was awkward but I managed to slip my fingers under the waist band of her panties moving them slowly downwards, the palm of my hand pressing first on her lower belly and then on her mons. Her panties were already soaked and as my finger slipped smoothly into her cleft she had to stifle a little moan and the sensation of creamy wetness sent fucking ecstasy esenyurt escort through my reptilian brain. Of course, it was at that moment the driver then suddenly asked me if I knew which highway to take so I leaned forward between the seats (my head scr****g the roof of that little Fiat.) but pushing back on my right hand and although the jeans were tight my finger slipped deep into her. Luckily, Guisy was still sleeping, or rather I hoped she was still sleeping. As none of us were quite sure of the turning I sat there peering out through the windscreen, making jokes about Italian driving and elated easy targets. It was hard to concentrate because most of my attention was focused on the sensations of moving my finger in Christina’s sopping quim, luxuriating in its texture, flashes of unbridled sexual activity corus**ting through my mind. Pierro finally noticed the right sign and we turned off onto another motorway. After a few seconds of conversation I leaned back again squashing myself between Giusy and Christina, who I hadn’t even dared look at and once I was wedged in between them, I started to rhythmically finger fuck Christina slowly but firmly. .It wasn’t easy because as much as she might try she didn’t have space to open her legs any wider and her jeans were tight constricting my finger movements but the frustration of this lack of movement made whatever minute jerks and thrusts I was able to manage even more frantic and that eagerness transmitted itself to Christina who (she said later) was getting even more turned on. I glanced to my right and while maintaining the less than satisfactory (in my opinion) motions s of my finger watched her face for a while. She was staring straight ahead, eyes open which was unusual as when she was aroused normally her eyes stayed shut. She was concentrating on getting the maximum pleasure with the minimum of sound and movement. Her hips were thrusting out in time with my finger movements and she was breathing in small rapid breaths. I was getting incredibly turned on myself but here was nothing we could do about that. She told me later than when I had begun she had thought I was crazy but the thought of being surrounded by people turned her on. And the more it became necessary for her to control her normal moans and motions as she became more and more aroused, the more aroused she became. A perfect feedback loop. Then it entered my head to do my damnest to make her come. The whole situation was turning me on but it was also the kind of sexual challenge I like to find solutions to. How can I make a woman have an orgasm in a crowded car? Her specific challenge to resist it or hide it so nobody notices (which naturally would be a very embarrassing outcome, although I knew Franco and Pierro would fuck her given avrupa yakası escort half a chance –blonds are a rare sight in dark-haired Sicily). Mine to achieve this while making the occasional quip or joke in a completely natural way so the only thing that would stay unaroused would be suspicion. Then suddenly, and disappointingly, Christina must have decided this was neither the time or the place for an orgasm and clenched her thighs around my hand to prevent me from masturbating her. There was a lot of pressure on my hand from the jeans and the muscles of her thighs. But I thought to myself “It’s going to happen whether you like it or not.” I started fingering her again with renewed vigour. Although it was a tight fit her cunt was extremely wet and I had enough space to draw my finger back thereby spreading some of her juices out and up and smearing them on her clit. I started combining circular motions around her clit with deep thrust inside her. Again she pressed her thighs closed trapping my hand, putting excruciating pressure on it, trying to prevent any movement but by that point even the slightest movement caused a delicious sensation in her cunt or my hand was pressed down and my finger went in deeper. So she decided (she told me later) on a different tract. She tried to distract me by engaging ME and the two boys in conversation: had she missed anything while she had been gone? How had the weather been? Completely trivial shit, anything to get me to lose my determined focus and generate worry in me that one of our fellow travellers might become alerted to the fact something was amiss. (she certainly was a Missy)It became a battle of wills but I was determined to win so I sat forward and leaned between the seats as I had before and introduced the topic of football or films, I don’t remember which now, which as I mentioned earlier allowed me to brace my arm backward resulting in my middle finger, already deep in her cunt now crooked almost parallel with my wrist, pressing firmly against the roof of her pussy. Press, release. Press, release. The lips on her face now clenched together in a grimace as she tried to prevent any sound, moan, squeak escaping. I increased the rhythm of my finger pressing into her flesh. At this point she was losing it and had moved her right foot so it was resting on a ridge on the car door, to open up access to her crotch. With this increase in the freedom of movement I was once again able to draw my finger out and go to work on her clit again. Her breathing was really speeding up, her pelvis thrusting slightly forward rhythmically in time with my finger as it delved once more into the recess of her cunt and then suddenly she came! I felt her whole body tense, she clenched her jaws, and only the long slow never ending exhalation of her breath told me that she was having an orgasm. After it had finished I let her sit quietly for a few minutes but then had to removed my finger and she discreetly did up her jeans again. I couldn’t resist lifting my finger to my face and smelling her sweet perfume. And nobody in that little car had realised anything.

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