I became an Exhibitionist

I became an ExhibitionistThis started when I was 19. I got home late that night and the rest of the family was asleep. I took my shower and dried off and noticed that my toe nails needed a trim.I got the toe nail clippers out of the medicine cabinet and sat on the closed toilet to trim my nails. As I bent over I noticed a little glow from under the corner of the bathroom door. It looked like a silver coin. As I continued to clip my nails the thing moved and I could see the reflection of the bottom of the door. It was a little mirror. Some one was spying on me. I have two younger sister so it had to be one of them, but which one? I finished trimming my toe nails and went and put the clipper back in the medicine cabinet. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was not a bahis şirketleri bad looking guy and when my dick was hard it was a pretty good 7 inches long. Knowing that my dick is what one of my sister was wanting to see, I decided to give which ever one it was, a little show. I sat back down on the toilet seat and started to play with my dick. It did not take long for it to get hard, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that the little mirror was still there. I was sitting 90 degrees to the door, so I turned a little bit to give little s*s a better show. The way I was sitting she had a perfect view of my hard dick and me stroking it. I imagined her rubbing her little pussy as she watched me.I continued on for a bit and the more horny I got the more mobilbahis I wanted my little s*s to see more. I got off the toilet and knelt down on the floor facing the door with my legs spread apart. I was about two feet from the door stroking my dick for my little sister. I was so horny and so excited. In a low voice I asked her “Do you like seeing my dick?” Now she knew that I knew she was there but the mirror did not leave. She must have liked what she was seeing. Then I said “If you want to see it better, come in here.” I stood up and unlocked the door and opened it a crack and waited. It did not take long for the door to start to open. My youngest sister walked into the bathroom with me. I can not tell you her age, but she was the baby of the mobilbahis giriş family and in Jr. High School. She closed the door while staring at my hard dick. I asked her if she liked it and she nodded yes. I stroked it a few tomes for her to keep it hard, tho not like it was going to get soft. I took her hand and put it on my dick and said “Do it like this” and I moved her hand up and down on my dick. It was so exciting to have my little sisters hand on my dick and stroking it. I put my hand on her chest through her night gown. I could feel her small boob and the hard nipple. She was excited also. I took a step towards the counter top so I would not shoot all over her. I said “Gail, you are going to make me cum, keep rubbing my dick.”Just as I said that I shot four great loads of white cum all over the counter top. I put my hand on hers that was on my dick and told her how good that way and how great she was.”I think we will be having more fun together, don’t you?” With a big smile on her face she nodded yes.

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