I Dream of David


Dave, dear David. I have longed to have your sweet meat all to myself for as long as I can remember, and now I have you. We are in a cave in the Sierra Nevada watching the sun rise. You don’t know I want you to drive your stake into my willing soil, but I won’t let a minute go by without you finding out.

You wake up disoriented; you just had a strange dream you wanted to tell me about, only to find out it’s coming true. You moan in appreciation for my talents. I am devouring your cock, sucking it with all my might. My tongue ring twists your mind in knots when I use it to probe along the ridge of your dick head, and when I deep throat you almost blow your wad. But you stay in control as I always knew you would. I love it when you grab my head and fuck my mouth like it’s a ripe, wet pussy and love to feel your johnson test, touch, and tease the back of my throat. I work my magic to make you cum faster and pollinate my oral orifice with your seed.

Fully awake now, you feel it’s time for you to taste my sweet, juicy womanhood. You stand me up and put fake hospital porno one of my legs on your shoulders and dig in like a man starved. I simply cannot help but moan as I run my fingers through your sandy brown hair while you flick your tongue masterfully across my clit and invades my inner spaces. Heavy breathing greets your ears when you mate your lips to my lower lips. Then your finger collects some of the nectar from my drenched vagina to lubricate my asshole I lose all control, my legs turning to water. That doesn’t slow you down in the least; you are supporting my full weight with one arm and you have a finger in my most forbidden place all the way up to the third knuckle, all the while your tongue still working as if it has a mind of it’s own. Cumming was a forgone conclusion. And boy do I cum!

I am caught up in the ecstasy. I want you to fuck me like the dirty slut I am. I tell you exactly how much I want it and it sets your ears to burning and your heart to racing. You rise from your knees to kiss me, letting fake taxi porno me taste my own essence on your tongue Not wasting any time, you enter my slick opening. The moment etches itself in time, the world goes in slow motion. You take me to another dimension and it’s more than I ever could have imagined. And your power! You fuck me so hard it’s as if you are trying to ram your cock up through my mouth from the wrong direction. It’s all I can do to grip your hips with my legs in a scissor lock and hold on for dear life. You evoke every gutter-mouthed phrase I have ever spoken; I’m a wild woman and you make me wilder. As you plunge deep into me I cum while screaming your name.

I must ride you! I must ride as high as the mountain you are nailing me to. I place my hands on your chest to steady myself and with my feet on the ground I bounce up and down on a cock that is harder than the cave floor. You fill me up completely and it feels great. The longer we go the more vigorous my movements on your huge cock. The muscles of my honey family stroke porno pot jack you off as I slide down your fireman’s pole, giving me orgasm after orgasm, climax after climax.

I try to slow but you’ll have none of that. You have me stand again, turn me around like you are frisking me, grab my hips and slam it home. You pull my hair as I throw my body back at you. When I don’t scream loud enough for your taste you redden my ass with the palm of your hand, making it jiggle. Whenever you reach around and rub my clit it sends an electric shock I feel down to my bones. I swear I am carving grooves into the cave wall with my nails from the pleasure of it all. Your name is my talisman, I say it over and over, lost in pleasure and never wanting to be found. When you are close to cumming I am ready to take it all. I tell you to cum on my ass. I demand you do it ASAP. I want it, I need it, I have to have it, and you give me what I desire. Your jism is hot lava slowly creeping down the crack of the ass you splattered buckets upon. I’m all set to clean off the tool that up has given me so much pleasure and to reward David for his hard work. I’m on my knees in front of him, his body my altar. I take his cock in my hands and move toward it, mouth open wide when I’m interrupted by a hand on my shoulder, rudely shaking me.

“Did you have a nice dream??”

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