I got what I wanted from the wrong man 4


I got what I wanted from the wrong man 4After getting some sun I headed in to have a lite lunch and a hot bubble bath so I would be ready for my lover and his friend. Once I my room I first turned my cell phone on and called my husband. When he answered, he was full of questions, which I answered by tell him I was having a very relaxing holiday and that my sister had booked me into a very nice Hotel in Havana Cuba.The first thing he said was “What the fuck did she send you there for? That’s a rat infested hell hole! Honey how about flying to maybe to the Keyes and I’ll meet you there sweetheart, What ya think honey?”I said “Well, that would take away from all the relaxing am getting in here plus this maybe my only chance to ever see this country. You aren’t exactly to hot on ever coming here so how about I look around for a few days, and then come home to my handsome hubby?”I could hear it in his voice that he wasn’t to happy about it but, he did give in asking when I would be flying home and should he pick me up or is my sister taking care of that too? I knew he was more then a little pissed at my sister right now but I didn’t give a rats ass to tell the truth. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I turned my phone off again in case my husband came up with any more questions as I’m getting the fucking of my life.Just thinking of what was coming had my juices flowing and my mind a buzzing. I didn’t have to strip to climb into my bubble bath as I never put my bikini bottom back on after being on the beach. As I washed my body I just couldn’t keep my fingers away from my clit or my nipples. As I felt a nice orgasm coming on I did something I never, never, did before I my life, I pushed a finger up my ass. Dam it made my orgasm just that much stronger.I had one pair of sexy panties with me which I put on, and bakırköy escort kind of wished I had some hosiery to put on as well for my lover but, I didn’t bring any and didn’t think of it early enough to buy any. I did my hair up, and did my make up cause I wanted Harry to want me just as much as I wanted him. I sat in a chair waiting for my lover wondering what would happen when I did go home. I wondered if I could make do with just my husband as a lover or, if I would end up finding a replacement for Harry at home, when a knock came to my door.My heart jumped knowing that Harry was there and my body was in for some more fantastic love making. I said for him to come in as I sat there with one leg of each of the arms of the chair as I pushed a couple fingers inside myself. Can you imagine my shock when a tall white guy walked in with Harry coming in behind him? Well I snapped my legs closed and sat straight up with Harry laughing at my shock. I was expecting two black men, not some white guy, and not a white guy who had to be in his 50s.I pulled my hand out of my panties as I stood up trying to cover my tits looking around for a towel or anything to cover up with. Harry between laughs said “Ma, not to worry this is Tony ma. He’s the guy I told you about yesterday ma.” I stood there with my arms over my tits as I realize Harry never said Tony would be black, I just took it for granted.Harry walked over taking my hands in his as he kissed me and then kissed both my nipples. Tony walked over to the other chair sitting down watching as Harry began to make love to me. Harry soon had me on my back with my legs wide open eating me into heaven. Harry then slipped a blindfold over my eyes saying that I would love it. I wasn’t so sure of that but soon I had one mouth going beşiktaş escort back and forth between my nipples as the other was doing things between my legs I have never felt before. I wish I could say just what it was but the words just aren’t enough to describe it.When I came, it was like the whole world exploded in my head and my body. As I started catching my breathe I felt something different being pushed in my pussy. Ok, I knew it was a cock but it felt, it felt, weird. Its not that it was huge or big around but it was touching me in places no cock had ever touched before. It was like have a hands with very long fingers, like maybe 8 inches long but rubbing the top I guess I would call it. It felt like this cock had to be bent in a half circle so when hard it would poke the guy in his own belly. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. Harry told me later that I had been G spot fucked. I had never heard of such a thing, but if what I though of as the fucking of my life the day before, well it didn’t hold a candle to this. I’m not sure how many mind blowing orgasms I had before they lifted me up, sitting me down on that wonderful weird cock with Harry pushing himself deep in my ass. I don’t care for anal but with that cock in me well, I began to orgasm and just didn’t stop. It got to the point I didn’t know what was happening. I began to realize I was on my back with a cock coming in my open mouth and I was swallowing the cum filling my mouth. I don’t remember any cock being removed from my openings.After a break which I fell asleep for a bit with leftover cum in my mouth and running out of my ass, I felt the blindfold being removed. That’s when I got a look at the cock that drove me out of my mind. And I was very close to what I had said I thought it beylikdüzü escort was shaped like but the only different was it wasn’t round like a normal cock it was kind of oval or flat I guess you could say. I do have to say it did make it easier to suck on due to the shape of my mouth.We did round two with the only change was I sucked Harry off to climax as Tony had coming over and over again. I think I told you that when my husband came in my mouth I threw up on him but with Harry I was doing my best to make him cum not only in my mouth but down my throat.I was sure it had to be around midnight but was shocked to see it was only 6pm after our second and last love making of the night. When I told Tony my sister’s name and that she was coming the next day he said he would have to rest up for her cause she could go all day and most of the night as well. I was barely able to walk to the door to see my lovers out. Once they were gone I flopped down on the bed falling asleep in seconds.I heard a knock on the door and I thought Harry had come back I walked to the door in the same way he had last seen me naked as the day I was born. I opened the door only to see the young guy who I offered a tip to earlier that morning. I just stood there in all my naked glory with this young man’s eyes drinking in ever inch of me and me not caring.He stammered out that I had offered him a tip. That’s when it actually came to me where I had seen him before. I said “Oh ya, I owe you your tip don’t I?” And with that I sank to my knees unzipping his pants pulling out a cock that was quickly growing to the size of Harry’s cock. I took him in my mouth right there in the doorway sucking this young man’s cock and doing my level best to get him to come quickly. I guess I was doing a good job cause in only minutes he was coating the inside of my mouth with what had to be the best tasting cum I ever tasted. I mean like my husband it was like acid and Harry’s was a little bit bitter but this guys wasn’t sweet but there was no bitter taste at all to it. He thanked me for his tip and once the door was closed I made to bed and passed out.

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