I had sex with my Uncle’s Wife.


I had sex with my Uncle’s Wife.I’m not really good in writing but this is my true story. I was 17 at that time when I stayed with my uncle’s family in the Manila so I can study. My uncle owns and operate 5 cargo trucks to haul products from the provinces to the city under contract with some stores. Some of the time he drive a truck himself and would be gone for 3 days. His wife Aunt D was 29 and is very beautiful she resembles a nationally known actress. She was a Beauty Pageant runner up in her student days. They have a 3 yrs old daughter. Aunt D run the accounting of their business and their stores. She had two lady helpers at the store. They paid for my schooling and I help aunt D in the business. I sleep in the store while the two ladies sleep in the room in the house. Aunt D has been a neglected wife sine Unlce has always been a busy man. One time Aunt D was in the kitchen fixing a thermose. She was wearing a sandu, which is a white sleeveless undershirt similar to a tank top that is very thin and almost transparent. She had no bra underneath and I took a glance at her tits and nipples. I was so aroused I almost cannot control myself. I pretended to help and as if unintentionally I brush her tits. At first she thought it was unintentional and went aheahd working. I did it again and she stopped and looked at me. I turned red in shame. She didn’t say a word and we proceeded canlı bahis fixing the thermose as if nothing happened. About 3 days after that on a Saturday I went with Aunt D, uncle and one lady helper to the market. Uncle was driving. On the way back we were so full. The lady helper sat in the front so she can carry in her lap some item. Aunt D sat in the back with me. Some items for their store was in the side so she was squeezed into me as I was on the other side and she at the middle seat. I extended my elbow and intentionally rub her tits. This time I didn’t pretend, I rubbed her tits with my elbow as much as I can. She didn’t resist. I was very horny. My dick almost tore my pants in attention. She saw it and she didn’t say anything. I couldn’t control myself. I held her hand and put it on my cotch. I would have wanted to slide it underneath my pants but I was concerned if Uncle might have a view from the rear mirror. We haven’t speak but I can see that she was aroused too. It was obvious that something was going on between us.The week after that uncle went to the province. When it was 2:00 and the lady helpers were asleep I went to Aunt D’s room and knocked softly. She asked what I want and I said I want to come in. She said her daughter was with her and I was so disappointed. That Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon they closed the store as usual. The lady helpers bahis siteleri got their off and went to down town. Aunt D’s daughter was taken to the grandma’s house. Uncle was out to see some fighting cock and won’t be back till 6:00. After the store close I went to the house. Aunt D was inside the room. I knocked and she said it’s open. I went in and she asked what I want. I said I just want to be with her. She ask me to go out as she will change her clothes to pick up her daughter. I said I’ll stay and I watch. She took off her shirt and jeans and strip to her bra and panty as if teasing me. Finally I couldn’t control myself and I charge on her like a hungry lion. I was kissing and licking her face and body and I almost tore her bra as I squeez and sucked her nipples. I can feel that she was aroused too. I inserted my hand underneath her panty and she moaned. I stroke her clits which admittedly I don’t know since it was my first time. My girl friend never let me touch her becasue her parents were very strict. Aunt D moan as I manuever my fingers to find her clits. She even tried to guide me with her hands. She told me to pull her pants and I saw her beautiful pussy with soft hair so arranged it looks like it was combed. I immediately mounted on her on bed and tried to penetrate her but my inexperience, I couldn’t get in. Then as I was trying We heard my uncle’s car pull güvenilir bahis over. We heard hims telling his assistant to get down to vehicle to open the Gates. Aunt D said still have about a minute. I tried hard until I penetrated her. I started pumping her penetrating her so deeply. I hear my uncle and his assistant trying to open the door with keys thinkging that no one is in the house as usual on Saturday late noons. I continued to pump Aunt D. The thrill of them coming even made us both more aroused. We tried to control our breathing and voice. Finally my whole body vibrated like an engine in a way I never felt before. I stiffened and finally shoot my load. Aunt D pushed me afraid of getting pregnant and I shoot my load on her thigh. It was a lot. Just then we heard uncle walking towards the room. I immidiately stood and wiped myself and put on my pants. I couldn’t find my shirt. Aunt D put on her bra and panty and jeans. The door opened and I managed to get behind. Uncle saw Aunt D who did a very good job acting normal with no fear. Uncle asked why is she sweating too much. Aunt D said she was trying to clean up the floor underneath the bed. That’s why she took off her shirt because it’s so hot as she works. I was so scared if Uncle will notice my shirt in the bed but he didn’t. He went to the kitchen and I sneaked out. I was tip toeing till I got to my room. I pretend to sleep. Uncle didn’t look for me so it slide. After that I’ve been regularly fucking Aunt D whenver we have the chance. Our affair went on for 5 years. After I left their home I fucked her two more times.

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